Melanie Shot by Shanna Fisher | December 2014

Somewhere Nowhere Monster Faux Fur Crop Top: sold out

American Apparel Tennis Skirt: $54, sold out in lilac

American Apparel Girly Lace Ankle Socks: $12, sold out in blue

Juju Mint Jelly Sandals: $49

Meeting The characters - Somewhere, Nowhere

  • Meet them in the three first books of the Aware Princess Series.
  • New Pop Punk band, from London. International successful.
  • With Million of followers they get everyone’s attention with their contagious energy on stage, their powerful songs and inspiring lyrics.
  • Unstoppable.
  • Worldwide phenomenon.

This is the new band I’ve made up, as I told you before, for the APS. The same faces, we changed a bit the style and the names. I’ll be showing you one by one now. Stay tuned!