Manipulated Memories #Landscape from nowhere 016

Somewhere in Between.

Midnight Bus Going Anywhere

Yuri Plisetsky gets on a bus to get to the airport and ends up somewhere between ‘buttfuck’ and ‘nowhere’, Kyushu, Japan; and to make matters worse, his phone is dead. But sometimes people can lend a helping hand. Especially people with big brown eyes and the demeanor of a puppy.

Pairing: Plinami; Yuri Plisetsky/Minami Kenjirou

Part: 1/?

Rating: T, may bump up in later parts :^)

Words: 2,215

People often compared Yuri Plisetsky to a kitten. Of course he objected to that, repeatedly and very vocally. He was a tiger, not a kitten—he was battle hardened with the ability and technique to get what he wanted no questions asked. He was the king of the world, the best of the best, and the only reason people didn’t realize how much of a big deal he was yet was just because he hadn’t debuted. The same way that a world revolutionary leader wasn’t acknowledged as a revolutionary leader until they stood on that podium, Yuri was waiting for his chance to stand on the big stage and bare his fangs for everyone to see, clear and dangerous.

         But if Yuri Plisetsky was a kitten, then Minami Kenjirou was a puppy. Eager and loving with so much energy that he didn’t know where it should go half the time, and as such spent days inefficiently chasing its tail in circles until it falls over from dizziness or exhaustion. He was a puppy that could do no evil, think no evil, see no evil, and that was the problem: Minami was a puppy who loved, who could run up to you after you accidentally kicked it and it’d pant excitedly like you’d never done a single thing wrong to it a single day in its life. And again, that was the problem.

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