“The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home. In a Cosmic perspective, most human concerns seem insignificant, even petty. And yet our species is young and curious and brave and shows much promise. In the last few millennia we have made the most astonishing and unexpected discoveries about the Cosmos and our place within it, explorations that are exhilarating to consider. They remind us that humans have evolved to wonder, that understanding is a joy, that knowledge is prerequisite to survival. I believe our future depends on how well we know this Cosmos in which we float like a mote of dust in the morning sky.” - Carl Sagan

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Can u give me your list of favourite fanfics?

Sure ^^




Between Sleeping and Waking

Nectarine Sunset

stumbling down a winding road

SM Boarding School

Ship O’hoy!

Rediscovering Us

You Found Me

Heaven and Hell


The Unseen

What Love Does

When Destiny Calls

Eunhyuk, Ghost Detective

The Stray Dog

Prince Alarming

80 Days with Donghae

Lunacy Fringe

All Of The Lights


Forest Lights

Engraved Destiny

Summer Love Story

The P0rn Business

My S.e.x.(y) Babysitter / Hunting my S.e.x.(y) Babysitter

Amazing Disappointment


The Rising Gods Of The East


The Company of Ourselves

Love Like Chocolate

My Wife Is A Man

remember the first day

Somewhere Between the Lines

Tonight is Just One Night

Even Though Love Is Blind, It Can Still Last Forever

Lust Or Love


Flying Mile High and a Mile Far

The First Person I Always Think About Is You

Build a City That Dreams for Two

Unyielding Rainstorm

Forgive Me Not

Gracing Summer Etiquettes

Analysis Paralysis

Free Falling

Brothers Against Brothers Dating


The Homewrecker

Strawberry Fields

Fandom Opinions


Worse Than A Fairy Tale

Indulgence in Luxury

Bits And Pieces

My A+

Perfecting our Imperfections

The Letters from That Boy

The City of Black Lights 


Our Long Love’s Day 

 All Things Bright And Beautiful

and you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town

one heart;

you will always be a part of me

You’re My Favourite Book

Naughty Mouth

Looking At You From Afar


Running Blind With Eyes Wide Open



You who was sent to me

.:: T A K E N ::.

Camouflage Contract

The Curse

The (After)Life of the Party

Beautiful Wolf 

The Cabin


“Why is it when rain comes, all things from the past come from the depths of ourselves and we feel compelled to speak of them? Almost like the Heavens cry to us because they want to hear us remember what once there was. What was once beautiful. What was once upon a time–when things were worth remembering. Things we wish to forget under the cover of all that now is as dark and dreary as the stormy skies. What dreams we had and what promise lay before us long before we were swept away by all material things that stole away the soul; the part of us that got lost somewhere between what was and what we thought would be.”–Excerpt from Memory JMM (7-6-15)

I think today was rather a pleasant one considering things that broke my heart to hear. I take my leave for the night. May the Heavens have you in their hearts and minds and may you rise with the dawn and face the evils of this world with strength and courage.

Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
  • Fall Down, Never Get Back Up Again
  • La Dispute
  • Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair

Said, understand that if you’re cold I’ll keep you warm
And besides, there’s so much beauty in a storm,”

Pet peeve #858

When people say “WHY ISNT ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS” and someone responds “you know why”
Yeah I know why
Because the article takes place somewhere between 3 months and 10 years ago, it’s not news. The media also only says things in order to keep people angry or afraid. Also, nobody on tumblr gets news on places other than tumblr and assume if they don’t hear it here then no other media is reporting on it.
But no, please continue on how everyone is actually a racist.

I finally realised who Rythian’s character reminded me of

Let me introduce to you, Jonothon “Chamber” Starsmore, a Marvel mutant who can cast energy blasts from his chest, although it often looks like it comes from somewhere between his mouth and his neck.

Yeah, okay, so possibly the only thing he and Rythian’s character have in common is the mask thing, possibly also the hair, but ever since I started watching the Yogscast on Youtube I’ve been wondering who Rythian’s character reminded me of, and it finally struck.

1Thing about Småland, Sweden

I’m from a province in Sweden called “Småland”, which directly translated means “land of the little people”. It’s a province that has a lot of deep forests and a lot of tiny, black lakes with waterlilies growing in them. This is also one of the provinces most deeply seeped in folklore, with lots and lots of old stories about fairies, trolls and forest fae of all kind.

One of my favourite things is being out in the woods in Småland in June. It’s not far enough north for the sun to stay up through the night, but it never truly gets dark either. The nights in June are somewhere between night and day, in a way that’s neither twilight nor dawn, but a mix of both and, at the same time, neither–amazing to experience and nearly impossible to explain. One of my all-time favourite Swedish poets comes quite close, though:

Now the sun barely sets,
Only dims its light.
Twilight-edge turns dawning hour,
Not quite early, not quite late.

The lake holds the evening light,
Floats it on the water mirror,
or has it trip on waves
which long before they grow dark
reflect the flames of the morning sun.

Night of June never happens,
looks at most like a dewey day.
Like a veil its twilight lightens,
and is carried off on light-filled seas.

(Harry Martinsson, Juninatten, my translation)

In short, summer nights in Småland feel like a little bit of fairy tale magic. :)

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Maya arrives to the clinic unusually early, looking somewhere between embarrassed and concerned. " are you up, zed?"

He was up, but he wasn’t happy about it. The old doctor muttered a response from his couch, obviously not wanting to be awake. Dark circles hung under his eyes and he looked a bit paler than normal, definitely from lack of sleep. “Somethin’ wrong, kid?” He asked quietly.
South Carolina Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Flag
Will finally remove offensive symbol from State House.

The Confederate flag will no longer fly above the State House in Charleston, South Carolina. The South Carolina Senate voted overwhelmingly on Monday to remove the battle flag from the grounds of the State House, favoring the motion 37-to-3.

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Parade of the Mysterious Hooded Figures



So im looking for a guy with a sort of deep voice. Somewhere between tenor and baritone (????? Idk how do u music). To voice Will Solace in this fic I wrote and planned on making an audio version of. Hit me up if you’re interested or if you know anyone who is willing to act for free and have their voice on youtube for anyone to hear. As payment I will give you my first born.

part one: Walked down the main road today with mothers of every shade grasping their babies tightly in one hand as they deftly rode a bike with the other. Old trucks ambling down the road with sun baked boys leaning out the back. We are walking at the very edge of this road, somewhere between asphalt, grass and stones and then it all opens up to this luscious opening of trees with this beautiful horse tucked away in the corner. This place was so interesting, I have to explain what was directly beside this place. If you want to see all the pictures, you can head to my IG @theladymilan #puravida #CostaRica #PuertoViejoDeTalamanca

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Many Unhappy Small Children Learn Exciting Bulking Advice By Yelling (seriously though what is the origin of this joke?)


“musclebaby” started in a conversation i had with my cousin, back when she was pregnant. i offered her a protein drink, and was suddenly struck by one of my genius shitblogging moments. i was like “what if you drank 10 protein shakes a day and did push ups and you give birth and your baby is like fucking RIPPED.” and i retold the story to Finn, and somewhere along the line, they decided to message me “musclebaby.” i forgot about it for a while, and every time i forget, they message me “musclebaby.” soon, a bunch of anons joined.

but then the joke evolved. thanks to hayden sending me a message in some foreign language. i googled it, thinking it was some cool follower from overseas trying to talk to me. and all that came up was. “muscle baby.”  and i was caught somewhere between laughing hysterically and comedic outrage. and from that point on, the joke just won’t fucking disappear.

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45 here, was tagged by ladyginoza who OBVIOUSLY thought it would be a FUN idea to provoke a member of Sibyl…but I guess I’ll do it anyway (please excuse the blurring of lines between admin and character)

name: 45, Forty Five
nickname: Four Five mostly, the rest are derived from my past name(s) so I shall not mention them
birthday: May 20th
starsign: Taurus, maybe a bit of Gemini
gender: Saa wouldn’t you like to guess :3
height: About 5′4′′ or 165cm
sexual orientation: Not quite too sure, I seem to fall somewhere between straight and asexual
favourite colour: As a general guide anything pastel is my favourite^^ But to narrow it down to one I guess it would be this one
average hours of sleep: 6-7 if I can, sometimes less
lucky numbers: 45, 13, 69 (because besties) and well I haven’t noticed any particularly lucky numbers but I like 5…oh and also any number from 36-41
last thing i googled: To quote directly, “convert cm to feet”
words that come to mind: ladyginoza, carrot juice, notebook
number of blankets i sleep under: Ah, memories…1 blanket and a bolster
favourite fictional characters: Makishima Shougo, the rest of the crew, and countless others who shall not be named for the sake of keeping this short
favourite famous people: No one comes to mind, sorry
favourite books: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer
favourite bands: SID, EGOIST
last movie i saw: Psycho Pass The Movie
dream trip: This is hard…can I just say a trip where I can do whatever I want with no monetary limit?
dream job: Singer, Writer/Author, Seiyuu…oh shit I can only pick one?? Too late, but mostly Seiyuu

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