I’ve always been a Nikon guy. Not because I think Nikon is better but it’s just because it’s what I’ve always used. My name is Luke Michael - I’m an amateur landscape/street photographer living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been a photography fan for a long time but have only recently tried to get serious about making better pics. I love street and landscape photography and I guess my style sort of falls in between somewhere? Maybe cityscape is more my thing. Right now I’m using 2nd hand Nikon D7000 with a Nikon VR 18-200 lens. I’m trying to decide whether to go full frame or go with one of the new Fuji or Sony mirrorless with a prime lens for my next camera.

Emergency commissions.

Okay, so I’ve posted about this before. I’m seriously not the best at keeping up reblogging my own stuff but shit is really going down over here and I’m scared.

I was called today by my staffing recruiter about the job I’m supposed to be starting next week. The person I was supposed to report to had emailed them about my placement.

My production/performance wasn’t good enough for them to want to extend the placement again.

What this means is that I don’t have a job to go to next week.
What this means is that I don’t have an income coming in two weeks.
What this means is that I can’t pay my rent like I really need to do.

My anxiety is hitting really hard hard and I am free-falling somewhere between dark thoughts of suicide and complete apathy/numbness thanks to my depression.

I promise I will NOT go through with anything stupid. I have people who love me and I know that it’s not an option. But right now my options are severely limited on what I can do to support myself. Jobs here are increasingly difficult to both find and be hired for.

What this means to you is that I am turning to anyone who can help and offering “pay what you want” commissions. Pay as much or as little as you want for these and ignore the prices in my art shop.

For both commission discussions and PayPal, my email address is but please title the email “Tumblr Emergency Commissions.”

i love everyone in this fandom.

i love the straight directioners, i love the gay directioners. i love the trans directioners, the gender fluid directioners. i love you no matter where you fall on the lgbt+ spectrum, and i love you if you’re completely off it. i love you if you’re white, and i love you if you aren’t. i love you if you’re mentally ill or have a learning disability. i love you if you have a chronic or terminal illness. i also love you if you have a common cold. i love you if you’re male, female, or somewhere in between. i love you if you’re neither.

i love you if you ship larry. i love you if you don’t. i love you if you ship narry, lilo, niam, ziam, xarry, elounor, haylor, haroline. i love you if you ship anything else, or nothing at all.

i love you. no matter what. because even if we’re completely different, we both love 1d. and that is absolutely enough for me.

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I know the show isn't supposed to be grounded in reality but actually transferring Hannibal instead of just going through the motions...Jack and Alana are not THAT stupid. They've realized that trying to control Hannibal was impossible and have decided to go through with this "escape" to give a Will an opportunity to kill him, since death row isn't an option anymore. It's just...have Alana and Jack given up on Will then? They've returned to the "rational world" leaving Will behind...?

Well, nothing Jack and Alana did seems like the rational world to me in this episode. Even Will and Hannibal were competing for “saner decision making.” 

The thing about Alana is that her care for those around her has narrowed into that of her family, not broadly and freely offered like it use to be. I think she worries and cares for Will still, but–somewhere between recognizing that she can’t understand Will and Hannibal enough to successfully intervene with them, and realizing that when she had tried previously, she only made things worse–she seems to have decided that her best option is just to go along with the insanity. 

As for Jack, in his mind, Will killing Hannibal is putting Hannibal behind him and freeing himself. (Also what Chiyoh helped Will figure out about himself. And it’s essentially presented as true: the only way Will could have freed himself from Hannibal completely was to have killed either one or the other or both of them.) In Jack’s case, the psychology at work is the same as it’s always been: he has to push. Even if he knows it’s a bad idea and has a hundred ways to go wrong, he can’t just sit around and wait for someone else to make a move. 

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“I saw that. You just checked me out.” + V/C

She doesn’t mean to do it. At first it’s only because she does not quite trust the dwarf to have her back. It’s important to always know where he is. Just in case.

Then, she looks because somehow this man produces the books she loves, the stories that soothe her aching heart. Behind that sarcastic, mocking exterior there is something she can’t quite catch hold of.

Somewhere in between, Cassandra realizes she’s been watching him for no other reason than the pleasure of it.

It is embarrassing. But it isn’t. And she can’t bring herself to stop.

“I saw that. You just checked me out,” Varric says in her ear.

His voice is low, and she can hear the smirk in it.

Maker, he’s standing so close to her. She can feel the heat of his body, smell his soap and-

Cassandra ignores the way her breath wavers.

“I did no such-” she starts.

“I didn’t say I minded, Seeker,” Varric interrupts. “If you like, you can have a closer look?”

Cassandra swallows past the sudden thickness in her throat. Leans back a little against him.

“I would like that,” she says.

Varric’s laugh reverberates in her chest.

Exo Reaction, when you can’t sleep at night

Hey guys, hope you enjoy this one! Remember that requests are open :)—Admin M


*Tries to calm you down* “How about I sing you a lullaby Jagi?”


*You hear him sleep talk, somewhere between a moan and groan* “Y/N…”


*Wakes up when he hears you leave the bed* “Y/N come back I miss you!”


*Heats up some calming tea for you* “I thought this would help, I hope you feel sleep soon”


*No matter how many times you shake him he won’t wake up*


*He was keeping you up the whole night trying to get you to pay attention to him* “Baobei just kiss me already”


*He’s too sleepy to be of any help* “You do you Y/N, I’m just gonna rest my eyes for a second…”


*Can’t believe you’re still awake at 3 AM* “Y/N what am I going to do with you?”


*Just stays up with you, listening to you ramble on and on about various ideas you have* “You know Jagi, you and I both can be creative…*


*You and him have been up all night together as part of who can turn the other person on more*


*You sent him out with a list of snack foods, drinks, and other items that would make you feel better* “Tsk, you really have a long list Baobei…”


*You wake him up and keep him awake as you tell him the weird dreams you’ve been having* “Righttt Y/N, cotton candy clouds like in your dream would be great…”

Okay, so something that bothers me. 

I use somewhere between 3-4 computers in any given day to access FR (my phone, my laptop, and my work computer plus another desktop if I have a class with a computer lab.) 

When I first go to a computer, I’m still logged in because I never log out of anything. Totally safe, I know. 

But then I can do like two things before fr is like “WOAH. WAIT JUST A MINUTE YA LITTLE FUCK. LOG IN.” and it’s like, man I just answered someone’s message, put a thing in the cauldron, grabbed something from ol’ Pink here and now you won’t let me go to my hatchery page because I’m not logged in????

And I don’t think anyone is going to hack my dragon stuff because I’m an adult and everyone around me ever is an adult and we’re all mature people here, but why???? 

Why is the system set up this way? 

Obviously it knows it’s me because after I logged in, the thing I grabbed from Pink was in my hoard. Did they just not anticipate people using multiple computers ever bc that’s a riot. 

I guess it’s not that big of a deal. More mildly annoying than anything. 

The Sturgeon Moon; The Red Moon

Enrapt, enraptured

Rapt, attentive, fascinated, awestruck, but

Somewhere between cocooned and trapped, entrapped,

Sweat and blankets, deny the existence of Monday

Ear-rapt, words sweeter than late summer figs,

Delight beyond measure; see? Light

Heart-beam and stratosphere bent

Cumulus set alight

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Ohhhhh and Agar x Iron Bull with “I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.” :'D

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any smallclothes.”

Iron Bull’s head snapped up, hunting around the tavern with his one good eye for the owner of the voice. There was a flash, a wobbly flash, of red hair at one of the nearby tables. Iron Bull snorted loudly, stifling a strong guffaw with his hand as he rose.

Agarwaenor was leaned over a table, half-drained mug of ale in one hand and a suggestive leer on his face. A leer that was being returned with a look mixed somewhere between disgust and horror from Dalish. Iron Bull sauntered up behind the drunk elf, clapping him on the back and finally letting out his hearty laugh.

“I don’t know about Dalish, but I sure am happy to hear that.”

Flashing a grin, Agarwaenor slurped down another gulp of ale before twisting around to look up at Iron Bull.

“S’that so?” he asked, tapping his chin with his free hand. His eyes darted up and down the large qunari’s body, drunken grin still plastered over his face. “Let’s,” he drawled out, voice lingering on the s in the process. “Go to my room an’,” he hiccuped. “Maybe you can show me.”

“Sounds like a great idea,” Iron Bull agreed.

Dalish snapped her gaze up to him, a startled look on her face. Iron Bull gave her a wink and a knowing smile, to which she nodded and went back to her drink. The qunari helped heft Agarwaenor up and over one shoulder with a chuckle. He swiped the mug from the elf’s hands in the process, downing the last bit of the drink before dumping the empty mug on the table.

“Let’s get you to your room to rest, kadan,” he murmured on the way out of the tavern.

uggghhhh my worst experience with men (idk why i just remembered) but it was at school there was this guy who had really, really bad opinions (he was basically a neo-nazi) and several times i just got really angry at him over his views on WWII and race (he was also very stupid) but then he got weirdly obsessed with me and he kept staring at me and followed me around at some point and i think he was somewhere between fascination and hate and at some point he left a note in my bag that read ‘fuck you commie bitch’ and that was just 😷😷😷

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ok so i swear i saw a buffy comic that was more realistic looking then comic book looking (the ilustrations i mean).. is this a real thing or am i just imagining things? the comics were illustrated like the covers of the library editions, more realistic looking. i might be wrong but was just curious!!

It’s a real thing! And it’s here.

During Season 8, there was a free e-comic anthology (MySpace Dark Horse Presents #24) that included this Buffy short story, written by Joss Whedon and illustrated by Jo Chen (the main illustrator for S8 covers). Despite it was originally published just after #26 Retreat (in which the Scoobies seek refuge in Tibet), the story was included in the first library edition volume (issues #01–10) – probably to reinforce the foreshadows in #10 Anywhere but Here. So it isn’t known for certain when and where the breakfast scene takes place, only that it’s somewhere between Chosen and Twilight (when its prophetic signals start to take form). Also, the dream is mentioned in issues #39 (”I liked it better when you were kissing”) and #40 (”Is this the one where Angel and Spike get it awwn?”).

my face is too expressive and apparently rests somewhere between boredom and disgust and like that’s pretty spot on


“Somewhere Between” is a documentary by Linda Goldstein Knowlton about the story of four teenage girls who were adopted from different parts of China. According to the documentary’s trailer, about 80,000 girls have been adopted from China since 1999, due to factors such as the one-child policy and a cultural preference to having male children. The four girls, Haley, Jenna, Ann, and Fang, go through a journey of self-identity of belonging, race, and gender through different means. Some go back to China they were born in to delve in deeper to their Chinese culture; they all meet and bond with other adoptees. Through this documentary, they try to answer the universal question of “Who am I?”

For more information on this documentary, read their website.