MS-17 Galbaldy α

One of Zeon’s last mobile suits, the MS-17 Galbaldy α was originally intended to be a successor to the YMS-15 Gyan. However, Zeon’s higher ranks rejected the Gyan as their new front-line mobile suit in favor of the more versatile MS-14A Gelgoog. As a result, the Galbaldy’s production lines were hastily refitted to suit this change, essentially making the Galbaldy a combination of the two designs.

Constructed at the asteroid base Pezun, the Galbaldy α’s main equipment consisted of the Gelgoog’s beam rifle and a beam saber with output somewhere between the Gelgoog’s beam naginata and the Gyan’s beam sword. It also carried a shield modeled after the Gelgoog’s large Zulu-style shield, but scaled down.


‘Atta Girl  (Dean Winchester/Daughter)

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Imagine your dad comforting your after a break up…

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Dean’s heart was somewhere between rage and ache…

He’d never seen you so hurt before and you’d been through a lot. He’d enlisted some help from Sam to keep an eye on you while he ran to the store. 

He glanced down at the tray in his hands with all of your favorites on it. Candy, ice cream, drinks and of course your favorite movies. He knocked on your door only to hear, “Go away…I don’t want to see you…”

“Baby girl…”

“Dad just don’t!” He heard you shout through the heavy door.

“Don’t…” His eyes narrowed on the door, “Y/N…I just…”

The door swung open, “I know what you’re doing and I don’t want it!…is that…Superswirl Ice Cream…”

“Yes.” He smiled as he watched your anger subside, “And everything else you like that I could think of…I was thinking we could finally watch the last Mockingjay movie, since we missed it in the theater and just chill. No talking…no crying…just daddy daughter night.”

You eyed him for a moment, “Just…a movie night? No talking?”

“No talking…not from me.” He reassured you with a smile, “I just wanted to cheer you up and spend some time with you.”

You chewed on your lip for a moment before nodding slowly taking the ice cream, “Fine…daddy daughter night sounds good.”

“Perfect.” He smiled walking into your room setting everything up on the bed before as the movie got started. He had to admit he was pretty impressed with this Katniss chick.

That was until he heard the inevitable sniffle. He looked over at you as a tear slid down you your cheek. He wanted to find that kid and smash his ass into the next century, but he knew you’d never let him. 

So all he could do it just put his arm around you and let you cry. Then the words came that broke his heart, “Why doesn’t anyone want me?”

He shut his eyes pulling you to him tightly, “Baby girl…that’s not true…there’s someone out there for you. High just…well, boys in high school are dumb…I know I was.”

“I really…” You sniffed putting your arms around him, “I really liked him…”

“I know…I know you did.” He kissed your head, “I can still scare the piss outta him if you want.”

You laughed a little but shook your head, “I just…I thought…I found something…”

“Hey…” He pulled away looking at you, “When I found your mom…20 years ago…I was 36…angry and not looking for THE woman…but there she was…and she was something. She was everything and I mean everything.”

You smiled as you listened to him gush and love about your mom. How you consumed his every thought and moment. How it almost got him killed on a hunt. He loved you and that was something…

“So until you feel like…you haven’t found anything yet.” He told you with a smile as he brushed your hair from your face.

“I love you daddy.” You hugged him again.

He smiled kissing your head again, “I love you too baby. I love you too.” 

“Maybe…a little scare couldn’t hurt…” You whispered.

He smirked, “ ‘atta girl.”

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Do you know the ages of the other B-Project boys?

The ages for the bpro cast isn’t actually in any of their official profiles but THRIVE members talk about their ages during their audio drama track! The confirmed ages for THRIVE members at the least are: Kento (20), Goushi (19), and Yuuta (17).

I’m pretty sure Yuuta and Ryuuji are the same age. Kento is one of the oldest of the whole bpro cast (Killer King included) iirc. Everyone is basically scattered somewhere between 17-20. Tomo and Kazuna are probably close to Kento in age, if not the same since they’re sort of the De Facto Leader Trio.

Head canon ages for kitakore is: Tomohisa (20) and Ryuuji (17). For MooNs is: Kazuna (19/20), Mikado (19), Hikaru (18), Tatsuhiro (18/17), and Momotaro (17 bc they lump him w Yuuta and Ryuuji a lot).

This is all ignoring the fact that bpro has been out for over a year and everyone has celebrated a birthday since release lol

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i'm confused, you know how team rocket saw shaw dying with several bullets, we know shaw lived but they wouldn't know that cause they literally saw her "dead", why they were looking for her if they thought she was dead? it doesn't have much logic

Good question. Let’s see…. Well technically they didn’t know she died, they all just heard a gunshot after the gate closed and more than likely assumed Martine had shot her. But somewhere between ITE & Ctrl Alt Delete they must’ve found out that she was still alive because then they started looking for her. I don’t think we ever found out how THEY found out, at least I don’t recall. The Machine probably, I mean she’s the answer to most things lol

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I noticed on IC that Jiyong was treated somewhere in the middle between the cast and professional actors. Since he showed up the show rather followed him a little like they did with the cast, editing in more of what he said, whereas with the other actor(ess) guests they did there parts and mostly left, GD even sat and ate with them at the end. I noticed how they joked both PMS and Kwanghee were using GD for screen time. In other related news I like GD's voice when he was teasing Kwanghee and-

-(2) I noticed the makeup Kwanghee took was moonshot. (Also had to laugh when he asked for a touch up before taking a picture with Kwanghee- like really?) I thought it was cute and cruel how they must have tricked him, although did they give him a different script to hide the actors because in the reading their names were all revealed? they were all so kind and I liked the actor who gave him advice and how attentively GD listened.I am looking forward to next week ^.^

Yeah, GD is a pretty good friend of the IC cast, having appeared atleast once a year for the last few, so it was nice to see them welcoming him back so easily :3

LOL at that product placement hahahaha. I have a hard time imagining Jiyong ever asking for a makeup touch up in the middle of a conversation with someone, it was really awkward xD

I think with the whole tricking thing, they probably asked him before they had the script if he wanted to be a part of the special, and then he only found out how big it was after recieving the script. At least that’s how I took it. 

I’m so excited to see the finished product! Jiyong mentioned he had a big part and I’m anxious to see if it really is big or Jiyong just thinks it’s big because he’s acting lmfao. Also, I’m super excited to see the Signal cast again too, I just finished the drama and my feels for them are still strong T_T

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WHOA! These are seriously AMAZING!

Aren’t they?  :D  I was really impressed with the in-progress pics I got, but the actual final result in person was A M A Z I N G.

Part of why I commissioned them was that maybe, if I’m lucky, Bioware will put out an official Cassandra figure, but the chances of a Josie one are somewhere between ‘slim’ and ‘none.’  But even apart from that, the commission was completely worthwhile. They look fantastic.

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Hi, you're from Canada right? West coast east coast or somewheres in between? I'm closer to the east coast so I'm just curious, sorry if it seems too personal or creepy I'm not trying to be.

((OOC: I am! I’m more in between, I’m in Southern Ontario! Although I’ll probably be moving out to the East Coast for university not THIS September but NEXT September :D))

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You. Got disqualified??? XD for age inappropriate subjects??? Gold! And here I was, 16, when I wrote my English language essay about Angel Sanctuary…

Apparently it’s not normal for 12 years olds to be writing about two men parting ways in the morning after a one night stand. I mean, all they did was have coffees together, not talk, while snow was coming down outside, and the other asked the other if he wanted him to see him downstairs, and the other man said he can find the door on his own, and everything was slightly melancholic but completely gen-rated…

… and between there somewhere were vague flashbacks to two men having sex together, but also in a very gen-rated manner.

I’ve never really made up my mind if that was homophobia on part of the male teacher or just that nobody expected a sixth grader to come up with that shit.

Blue was always my favorite color. Cold yet soft, beautiful yet stark and severe. But I could never pick a favorite shade of blue until I met you. Your eyes didn’t have a name; too dark to be the sky, too bright to be the ocean, and too full of life to be the infinite pinpricks of light in the night sky that we call stars. They fell somewhere in between it all, a brand new shade of blue that was cold and warm and soft and firm and everything and nothing all in one, yet always, always beautiful. It’s my favorite shade of blue now, but I can’t find it anywhere except in your eyes, and they don’t look at me anymore.
—  blue was always my favorite color.

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 Rule: Answer and tag 10 followers you want to know better.  

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          Somewhere between a scoff and a sigh, he
          adjusts his glasses and opens a can of worms
          he know he shouldn’t. ❛ Ricky— Have ya ever
          noticed that gelapeno and HAL-uh-pea-no taste
          just exactly the same? It’s ‘cuz they ARE the 
          same, Ricky, you’re just sayin’ it wrong. ❜

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Sorry I'm being pedantic, I haven't slept, but there's a line in 'Lollipop Love' that implies Freddie and Roger were together around Smile era. During this time Roger would've been underage as the age of consent was 21 (he would've been 19 or 20 in 1969 as stated). I should probably go to sleep now, I'm complaining about gay porn. I seriously love your writing and I'm looking forward to this dungeon of yours. Keep it up!

Hey there! You’re right, the age for what was said to be ‘‘homosexual intercourse’‘ was set at 21 in the United Kingdom in 1967, then lowered to 18 in 1994, so Roger would indeed have been underaged in this situation. Though I’m aware of this, I’m afraid didn’t really think about it when I wrote it; it was just quickly mentioned somewhere in between the lines of the story, and I’ve never really thought about whether it would have been legal or not. Then again… I’m not entirely sure if people like Freddie and Roger cared about that! ;)

But ahw, I’m glad you enjoy my writing, and oh goodness, the Dungeon… ‘Part one is almost finished, but I don’t know if I have the courage to upload it! D:


“Somewhere Between” is a documentary by Linda Goldstein Knowlton about the story of four teenage girls who were adopted from different parts of China. According to the documentary’s trailer, about 80,000 girls have been adopted from China since 1999, due to factors such as the one-child policy and a cultural preference to having male children. The four girls, Haley, Jenna, Ann, and Fang, go through a journey of self-identity of belonging, race, and gender through different means. Some go back to China they were born in to delve in deeper to their Chinese culture; they all meet and bond with other adoptees. Through this documentary, they try to answer the universal question of “Who am I?”

For more information on this documentary, read their website.

Somewhere Between, Pt. 5

Bad news: I lost my Wednesday writing night this week due to life being, y’know, life.  Had to do some other stuff. So the midweek chapter of The Last Four Years is probably not happening, or at the least will be late. It’s just not quite ready for primetime yet.

Good news: Instead I wrote y’all the next bit of The Postshower Fic, since that one comes quick and easy.  I mean, except for how they were supposed to be doing smutty stuff by now but they’re STILL KISSING, jesus, boys, must we do so much processing?  Oh, well.  Enjoy anyway. They are.

Parts One, Two, Three , and Four

Hannibal forgets sometimes that Will can be gentle.  That it was part of his appeal, long ago at the start.  How he’d appreciated the duality, enjoying that the same man who snapped so angrily at Hannibal and slipped so readily into the darkest spaces of killers’ minds could also care so deeply for his little family of strays, and buy Christmas gifts for Abigail, and apologize so sweetly and so unnecessarily for dragging Hannibal into darkness.

Those memories sometimes seem so long ago, and so overwritten by everything that happened since, that Hannibal simply and perhaps unforgivably forgets. He pictures Will snarling and blood-soaked, he thinks of Will at his dining table spinning him beautiful lies, he remembers Will promising him a reckoning.

He forgets that Will can also be this.  

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