NPR: Grad Students Would Be Hit By Massive Tax Hike Under House GOP Plan
The plan would raise taxes on graduate students, who make very little money to begin with. Analysts say the provision could discourage students from seeking advanced degrees, hurting economic growth.

An underreported feature of the House tax bill is that it would count tuition waivers as taxable income.

It sounds benign unless you’re in higher education or know somebody in higher education, in which case it sounds cataclysmic. Most tuition waivers are modest, somewhere between $15k and $30k. Not a whole lot. Under the House bill, the tax bracket for $12k to $45k is 12%, so a student seeing $20k in taxable income would be theoretically getting somewhere around $17.6k back.

However, tuition waivers are rather large, and if they were counted as taxable income, even though graduate students don’t see a cent of that money, it would undeniably put many of them in the next tax bracket, which is 25%. So that student getting a stipend of $20k a year would only theoretically see $15k of that.

That’s thousands of dollars taken away from students that already have a hard time making ends meet. Many students would be unable to pursue higher education because of the financial burden. It’s absolutely fucking insane that the government would disincentivize higher education, setting the United States even further back behind rapidly developing superpowers like China, destroying the lives of graduate students in the process.

The House of Representatives should be ashamed for including such a punitive, cynical, destructive policy within their tax plan. 


I’ll be at AFASG next weekend 24-26th Nov at booth 6 with my usual boothmates parfait and moogle!! ヽ( ★ω★)ノ Looks like Creator’s Hub will be a separate island this year with 2 entrances and one exit?? HAHA duno how that will work out, but we are somewhere between an entrance and the exit~ (idk if we can share the map yet, probably not haha) To answer some questions–nope, i won’t be opening con reservations, and secondly, i usually bring 100% of my merch on the first day, so i don’t have a separate stock for each of the 3 days 8′D Feel free to send any other questions my way, i’ll try my best to answer them in these next hectic days~!

Really looking forward to the event this year, can’t wait to see everyone again!! MUCH LOVE, see y’all there~!! \(*^¬^*)/

From Hate to Love in record time (with a little help from Clark)

It seems to me a lot of people think that Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne having an argument in Justice League movie is proof that they are a bad match. Well … they are kind of used to start this way, neither Diana, nor Bruce, would start “impressed” by the other … not all romances start like a “teenager crush” … and the “teenager crush” is seldom of the long lasting kind … How many of you are still with their very “first love” ? not so much I guess … it often takes some experience and time to find the perfect partner.

There is this Trinity comic that I liked a lot. I think it goes back to 2003. I am not sure of that but judging by the “DC Comics” logo it has to be somewhere between 1976 and 2005.

The comics starts with Superman saving the day and meeting Bruce Wayne. They are not exactly BFFs but they know each others secret identities for some time.

Wonder Woman seeks to meet Superman for the first time because she thinks he may be responsible for a nuclear explosion near Themiscyra. Of course he isn’t, but he is amazed by the magnificent woman that he compares to Lois. As you can imagine he is charmed, who wouldn’t be ? She finds him awesome as well of course, so muscular, so large, so powerful, so heroic … So they start to work together showing off to each other how awesome they are … and some suicide bomber blasts later … the “Boy Scout” effect takes place… “such a Man”.

They fight together and again Superman shows his incredible power in front of her by taking the blow of another nuke while protecting her… That really starts like a strong “SuperWonder” story, poor Lois … Joking !, Supes only loves Lois it is written in his Kryptonian DNA and we know how resilient this DNA is …  the only lead remaining after the nukes detonation is “Gotham”, so Superman takes her to a “Friend” … 

Batman was just in the middle of an Interrogation and Diana just steps in and uses her lasso without asking … bad idea …  as usual, Bats already has a file on her, what a surprise, so he isn’t really that “charmed” … being his usual ice cold brooding dark self and Diana in noble warrior princess mode … lets just say it didn’t look like there was a lot of “WonderBat” to start with …

Of course they despise each other quickly and Superman has to run(fly) after Bruce to talk to him alone. By chance, Diana discovers the hiding place of Ras Al Guhl who’s the “bad mastermind” of the story. But Wonder Woman gets beaten down to a bloody pulp by Bizarro finding out her limits of power. Waking up in chains and in bad shape, she knows she is gonna die, her skull crushed by the powerful creature and prays for Hera.

While Superman saves the day somewhere else, Batman follows his own lead with a fully prepared utility belt. He takes out a dangerous amazon rebel (Artemis), Ras’s henchmen and blinds severely Bizarro making him flee just before the creature had a chance to kill Wonder Woman. He frees her and she follows him. He is cold and Infuriating as always but she wants to help. He saves Gotham and she saves him but she needs to dive in the Lazarus pit to avoid death.

After her revival, she kind of gets crazy and runs away, returning to Themiscyra. Superman and Batman follow her there but split up as soon as the Island is in sight. Batman gets unsettled from the magical beauty of this place and ends up in front of the most wonderful bathing beauty he ever saw : Diana. After collecting his data on her before they even met, I think he was already “charmed” by Diana pure soul (and they already saved each others lives) but now he is helplessly hooked …

Completely out of his mind in this magical paradise, his kisses her… without asking first …

Bad Idea … but I can understand the poor guy, when you think you’re in paradise it is hard to stay cool … they say if women show off more than 40% skin men’s brain switches to “primitive reptilian brain” and Diana pretty much shows 95% or more … my bossy girlfriend (turned wife) would no doubt make fun of me and say that my own reptilian brain IQ is definitely not higher than the one of Bruce Wayne here. XD … she may be right but she doesn’t really complain.

Ouch ! that did hurt ! … and not only the pride…

Clark was the smartest of both guys, … he was peeking from up in the sky, clever ;) … surely Bruce isn’t the only one who should rediscover his manners … the funny guy is nearly as fast as the Flash but didn’t stop Bruce … Clark, are you already a hardcore shipper ? or did you really want to get him killed ? … I love the Boy Scout when he is with Lois, he always is such a WonderBat fan.

After that, Batman returns to his usual Dark mood and all three have a little chat on a nearby Island. Finally after setting the next missions for him and Clark, Batman tells Diana that she can help in any way possible but she takes it the wrong way. She understands she misjudged the meaning of his words when he gives her back the magical lasso that he found back in Ras Al Guhl’s lair. Evidently she is upset and confused about Batman. She has “more or less” positive feelings about Batman (”more more or more less ?” well “probably more less !” after the bathing) but obviously Superman, for whom she feels great respect, seems to actually consider the man as his Friend. She needs to understand !

I think Superman is really awesome here. There is so much intelligence, wisdom and humility in these few words. “I often wonder if I were an ordinary man, would I show the same valor ?”. You have to admire the man. So much power but still able to question himself like that. I wish at least some of our politicians would be that good. Superman may be Batman’s “Beacon to the world”, but it looks like Batman is Superman’s “Beacon to the overpowered superheroes”.

That gives Diana the urgent need to rethink what she and her sisters really know and believe about men. I have no doubt that Diana is wise enough so that she would have figured out this all by herself but Superman helped to shorten the process. After talking to her mother about the amazonian rebel she goes to Wayne manor.

Now that she has seen Superman in action it is not hard to imagine how, with his all superpowers, he could have saved her and Gotham from the nuke and claws of Ras Al Guhl. She can imagine that Superman would still have got a hard time fighting Bizarro.

But then you have this Bruce Wayne, “Batman”, a mere human mortal man with absolutely no superpowers who finds Ras Al Guhl’s hiding place without the help of luck like herself or x-ray vision, takes down an highly trained amazon and a bunch of henchmen, hurts and drives away one of the most powerful creatures she’s ever met, a creature even the Champion and Princess of the immortal amazons couldn’t match in combat. This normal man doesn’t run away despite all his “weaknesses” but stands up against such danger, puts his live on the line for people who don’t even know his name and won’t ever be grateful to him for that. That man fights in the shadow, when Superman or herself shine in the sun and get the glory. Nonetheless he saves her, then saves the city … how can you not ask yourself the same question as Superman ? when you admire valor, truth, justice, selflessness, compassion, how can you not fall for a guy like that ?

She may have been raised on an Island with no men, but Diana is a smart girl, she knows a catch when she see’s one. And the magic of Themiscyra already showed her what Batman’s heart was set on. So when she returns to Bruce Wayne to find out where the last two nukes are … she can’t stop herself from adding :

If you remember the only time she actually hit him you know the only thing missing in this sentence to fill up the dots is the implied “If you kiss me”.

Vmin Angel/Demon AU



Park Jimin- Pure Angel (Born one) in charge of watching over the children in sectors C and K

Jung Hoseok- Turned Angel (Once Human) in charge of teens in sectors K and J

Kim Seokjin- Pure Angel (Born one) in charge of children in sector J and animals in sectors J and K


Kim Taehyung- Pure demon (Born one) in charge of corruption for select children.

Kim Namjoon- Pure Demon (Born one) in charge of death times for sectors K and C

Jeon Jungkook- Turned Demon (Once human) assistant to Namjoon, and partial nightmare demon

Somewhere In Between

Min Yoongi- Vampire (Not dead or alive) just roaming the earth looking for a spark of inspiration.

Jimin, an angel and Taehyung, a demon are both assigned to the same child, one to keep her innocent and the other to corrupt her. When they meet things start off pretty bad, as neither one will back off from their mission. Soon feeling start to get in the way, and something further than hatred blooms.

Come Join the Adventure 💕

@biwrecks yeah honestly the fandom is what ruined 21p for me more than anything they ever did. Maybe they’re good, maybe they’re evil, more likely they’re just somewhere in between like the rest of us, but personally I’m just done liking them but also Super Done fighting people about them

I’ll prob delete this but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

{ based on my synesthesia headcanon post I guess. Tw implied abuse }

Jonathan isn’t sure when exactly hanging out with Steve Harrington became a normal thing that he doesn’t think twice about, but it did and now he doesn’t and here they are, without any kicking and screaming. A miracle.

“Sorry about Billy,” Steve says, breaking the silence. They’re sitting on the front steps of the Byers home, which still remains empty since Will is at Mike’s with Lucas and Dustin for the afternoon.

Jonathan dismisses it with a shrug; it’s not as though Steve is responsible for Billy’s actions — Billy going after anyone even just barely connected to Steve is unfortunate, but not preventable. And since Nancy had already scared him away…

A dark, muddied shade lost somewhere between orange and brown — the color of the pine needles that carpet the ground in late November, the color of a pumpkin right before it rots. Familiar. Billy’s condescension had the exact same appearance as how Lonnie’s threats used to look.

Steve doesn’t say anything for a moment, making the air heavy between them, bordering on uncomfortable. “I could tell he was bad news anyway, even if you hadn’t warned me,” Jonathan says off-handedly, not sure why he’s the one trying to offer assurance.

For half a second Steve looks puzzled and then he remembers — right. Something about the colors. He understands, as much as he’s able to anyway, and nods in response. Silence again.

“What color do I sound like?” He’s thought the question before but never vocalized it, and now seems as good a time as any.

Taken aback, Jonathan stares blankly ahead for a moment, unsure of how to answer despite the simplicity of the question. “I dunno,” he offers lamely, even though he does know. “A really dark red, but a colder red? With a little bit of purple, kinda like—“

“—blood?” Steve cuts him off, trying not to laugh.

“…I was going to say raspberry.” In spite of himself, Jonathan can’t help but smile.”

Nodding again, this time with fake seriousness, Steve replies, “raspberry blood. Got it.” He pauses before adding, “that’s kinda cool.”

“I guess so.” Jonathan looks away from Steve, his eyes resting on patterns in the wood that makes up the step he’s seated on instead. “You’re kinda cool, so.”

Steve laughs. “That’s… what, the second compliment you’ve given me this week? Unbelievable.”

It saturates to candy apple red, when Steve laughs. It’s beautiful, to the point where Jonathan completely misses the actual content of Steve’s words. He just sits there for a moment, speechless and struck with awe.

He must have been staring because Steve looks at him with a mixture of concern and amusement. “Uh… you okay?” He reaches out to touch Jonathan’s shoulder for a brief second.

The physical contact brings with it fireworks of red and purple, bright enough to blind and large enough to block out all of Jonathan’s surroundings.

“Yeah,” he says after a momentary silence, shaking his head dismissively. “I’m just fine.”

SWTOR Fic: Time and Tides (Pt. 1)

Summary: An unexpected arrival provides for a potentially awkward reunion. (Emrys Legacy - Theron Shan/Female JK – Annya x Theron)

Notes: A very definite “what if” that I’ve been playing with for almost a year now. The muses were finally willing to cooperate. At least for the beginning. I don’t know yet if this is canon for “Between the Lines.” I’ll get back to you on that. If it were, it would fall somewhere between Chapter 7 (”Holding Pattern”) and Chapter 8 (”Clue-By-Four”).

More to come.

Posted without beta and with minimal revision.

Sighing, Lana Beniko lowered herself into her desk chair, blowing away the steam billowing from her cup of caf. She was just reaching for her first datapad when she sensed a familiar presence lurking in her doorframe. “Good morning, Kaliyo,” she said. She didn’t bother to look up as she booted up the datapad.

“You Force sensitives are all so creepy when you do that,” the arsonist groused. She folded her arms across her chest, leaning against the bulkhead.

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ID #79820

Name: Roni
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’m in college, majoring in journalism and minoring in psychology. I’ve been in television production for 9 years, and I’ve been doing photography for 5 years. I love to sit down and watch TV or play with my pup, Sammi. I work two jobs and im a very organized person. My favorite class this semester is creative writing.

Preferences: No gender preference, no country preference, somewhere between 16 and 22. No one homo phobic or against any religion or race or talk of politics.

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¥ for @askvintageludwig if its alright with you, please!~ Thank you! ^^

I don’t know when to stop, Luckily i ship these two hard so i wanted to do this

Looks: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Personality: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 (somewhere in between)
Attraction: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Would they date them: yes | no
Favorite thing about them: His entire existence 
Least favorite thing about them: He could be a bit more self.conscious about himself 

“Eh… I mean… Have you seen him?!” His cheeks have an ever so slightly shade of pink on them. @askvintageludwig