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Yo. I am a vocal performance major and grew up doing musical theatre (probably more than any child should, really) and EVERYONE GIVES ME A HARD TIME FOR LIKING PHANTOM. "It's so cliche--" ITS CLICHE FOR A REASON LET ME DREAM ABOUT A RED ROSE WITH A BLACK RIBBON TIED AROUND IT IN PEACE O__o So THANK YOU FOR LIKING PHANTOM AS A THEATRE MINOR.

Dude who the heck cares if something is “cliche,” like it’s 110% okay to like what you like. Theater is meant to make you FEEL something in a new way, it’s meant to make you uncomfortable, see things in a new light, imagine the world different and SEE the world different - be it better or worse or somewhere in between. If you connect with Phantom on that level, ENJOY IT. There’s no rules or guidelines on how to enjoy theater and screw people who try to convince you otherwise.

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that waistcoat though.... (why is this on anon, i bet you know who it is)

i know exactly who this anon is

you mean the waistcoat that clung to his shoulders and his chest as though hanging on for dear life? that deep rich red and the thin pinstripes at the front, the subtle lighter pattern down the back. that waistcoat settled on a shirt dancing somewhere between dark grey and navy, hugging his arms and partially unbuttoned and open over his broad chest.

imagine him picking it out, pulling it on in the morning, settling it over one of those henleys and stepping closer to his mirror. head tipping to the side as he carefully buttons each button, pulling the whole thing tighter. it’s smart, settled on his shoulders, matching his pants. and that ritual, slowly buttoning every button, his fingers dragging down over the pinstripes, smoothing it into place

if you listen closely you can hear someone needing medical attention for a certain reoccurring issue


when escaping slavery
[in all of its forms]
it’s important to remember
that change is for gum ball machines
and wishing wells–
expecting it will have you
half way through the underground railroad
thinking you just started
playing the little engine that couldn’t–
buying into the notion that freedom
is for jive turkeys.
it isn’t.


lion’s head, lamb’s heart;
pretty words make for ugly art.
at times it feels like
you must become
what the genie has in it’s lamp;
in a way, I guess,
making art is like said genie
wishing for more wishes–


on depression:
sometime after 3 am
somewhere between two insignificant seconds,
there’s a place
where 2+2= 5
and death slowly comes alive
and all of the cliches lie in waiting,
to ambush you
with tiny clashing voices that
creep out from the corner of
unseen creatures mouths,
a voice that mumbles:
“this is it. that was it. it was that." 
then the music stops
and all your demons
are sitting in a Kumbaya circle
with mechanical smiles
watching you with unblinking eyes.
after quickly scanning the room
you realize there’s no chair for you,
so, obviously, you’re out.
depression isn’t the feeling
that blasts up from your elbows
when all your demons get up
and one of them drags a chair away
[drag, not lift, the scraping sound is excellent primer for the echoes that are already stirring]
depression is the gaping maw that opens in your stomach
the second you hear the music start up again.
[for interested parties,
my  song is a scratched up vinyl recording of Monster Mash
or on occasion, Tom’s Diner on a skipping cassette tape]

—  a freight hopper’s guide to the underground raiload

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Lorde even said Taylor can barely go a week without work when she's on a break like it's been 4 months I'd be shocked if she was just laying around watching tv all day doing nothing like that's what is the definition of lazy and unmotivated on life not the definition of a break. I'd see spending a week relaxing but months upon months doing nothing and not leaving your house while all your friends have been out living their life? Something just doesn't seem right here....

 i think she’s probably not spending all her time working 8 hours a day 7 days a week …….. and probably also not spending all her time lounging by a pool or in front of a tv. A balance somewhere in between. Not Alone. This is Taylor you guys shes super social.

She just is dead set on not letting anyone see 99.9999999999999999999999999% of what shes done since t-giving.  

Pretend this is 2001 and we dont have social media yet this is what it was like probably to be a fan. one just doesnt know shit.


After those long days that drain my soul.
Somewhere between Purgatory Mountain and the Great Valley is my hideaway.
That’s where you can find me.

I was wondering when it was that Narita decided to put his books in the same universe so I did a bit of detective work from old research. 

His debut works were the first 4 Baccano books in 2003. It’s followed by Bow Wow! for Etsusa Bridge, which doesn’t actually have any Baccano! references in it though, and we got Baccano!2001 before Durarara!!x1. I think it must’ve been somewhere between those two novels. 

Nebula first appears in Baccano!1931 as the company sponsor of the Flying Pussyfoot. Nebula reappears in x1, again a minor figure as the corporation trying to annex Yagiri Pharmaceuticals (they succeed). Nebula doesn’t really become a large antagonist figure until Baccano!1933 with the Mist Wall incident, then later in Durarara!!x3 with Shingen. It’s still a minor role, which isn’t expanded until x4 and solidified in x7/x8. 

It’s worth noting that in x1, the disciplinary chair in Mikado’s class is named Kuzuhara. This is sort of a throwaway detail though, and the timelines don’t fit for it to be Souji (he would be elementary age in 2004). Anri briefly meets an elderly police officer named Kuzuhara in x2, though Kinnosuke Kuzuhara’s debut in x3 is actually what cements the family as significant force in Ikebukuro. 

Another random detail I’m tossing in: Vamp! I was released before x4, so vampires were already established in-verse when Ruri first appears. Kujiragi comes later in x8. I can’t remember if Ruri’s/Kujiragi’s partial vampirism is made explicit or just implied in Durarara, but it’s made canon in Vamp! V with the mention of a “Hijiribe clan of vampires that has largely assimilated into human culture.”

And the Crown it weighs heavy,

‘till it’s beating on my eyelids

Retreating in covers and closing the curtains

A year like this passes so strangely

Somewhere between sorrow and bliss

Oh, who decides from where up high?

I couldn’t say I need more time

Oh, grant that I can stay the night

Or one more day inside this life (x)

Tomorrow is an abstract perception of another day- it's always today that we get stuck with

I’ve had it up to - somewhere between fed up & overwhelmed today
I think the trouble starts when I’m awake
So here’s a thought: what if I stay
Asleep until it can all just be okay?

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What would you describe your character's alignment? Is he and Io a couple? What's his relationship with the cat guy (whose name escapes me)?

1: Somewhere between Neutral and Lawful Evil, lance has his own set of morals that he adheres to, and generally shies away from cruelty. Freedom, personal and otherwise is #1.

2: They’re romantically involved, calling them a couple might be applying way too much structure to two very structure-less characters. But I mean sure kinda I GUESS.

3: I assume you mean @ffxivfisticuffs so. Lance’s relationship with koh is as a disappointed, protective big brother.


Send Yellow for some headcanons about our muses


“It’s beautiful!”. “It’s just a stupid dress, Evan, I have a hundred more.”

She lets him try it on anyway. Rolling her eyes and telling him how ridiculous he looks. “Your hair isn’t long enough, Evan, you need long hair to be a princess.” But when he begs her to keep his secret she swears on her baby sister’s life. And Evan trusts her. 


 “What if I’m not cut out for this?”

The look she gives him is somewhere in between disbelief and pity. “You are. You will be.” Evan isn’t convinced. He isn’t as brave as she is. Not as sure. His path his right there in front of him, all he needs to do is to start walking. Yet he hesitates and when he does she is right there, his guiding light. Another promise, albeit a silent one. She won’t let him go astray. So she goes ahead, and Evan follows.


“Promise me he’ll live, Bella!”

She laughs at him, calls him an idiot. “Stop being dramatic, Evan, you’re not going to die.” But she sits down with him anyway, listens as he explains the arrangements he made, the location of the safe house. She laughs again, calls him a lovesick fool, but she promises. They bury him three weeks later.

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hit me with your best Fillmore and/or Sarge headcanons, if it's still open!

YEAH MAN ITS ALWAYS OPEN although I am on mobile now so forgive me for the formatting.

-They crossed the line from “I hate you and I want you to know that” to “you’re my best friend but I’m still going to act like I hate you” somewhere between Cars 1 and 2.
-they do that sitting-under-the-stoplight-at-night thing like… all the time.
-even after the rest of the neon is restored, they still choose to sit under the yellow stoplight because that’s their thing
-Sarge secretly buys Filmore’s fuel and uses it almost exclusively, save for when the whole fam is at Flo’s.
-They very frequently argue about politics.
-the banter is constant. CONSTANT. (The rest of the townsfolk find it cute)

I once loved the transparency of the woman
who used to be my mother.
when I was five and sick she’d cover me
and i could see right through her;
how she wanted to kiss my eyelids and make me smile;
how she wanted me to feel better.

That died though somewhere between seven and twelve
which, granted is a lot of years,
but it took her a long time to fill out and become
the corpse who used to love me.

All at once she was some strange, wretched load
of heavy; all frizzy halo hair and no more eyelid kisses.
She saved that affection for
the bottles of Valium she hid from my father,
and for the wasted wonderful that was herself.

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what are your thoughts on asexuality, audrey?

this seems a lil loaded lmao 

i think its totally real and valid but overall… unhelpful as a specific identity tbh. as someone who doesnt experience sexual attraction (or what i’m gonna refer to as sexual attraction) i dont think it’s super helpful to create identities centered around personal experience with attraction. sexuality exists on a spectrum, so it makes sense that a person’s capacity for attraction also exists on a spectrum, meaning that it’s kind of useless to determine entire fields of discourse and orientation based on how you might feel toward the concept of sex. 

orientations like homosexual or bisexual aren’t inherently sexual, and i consider myself to be somewhere between bi and lesbian, but i don’t feel sexually attracted to anyone, so i could fit under the label of ace, and i used to identify that way. but then i took some women and gender studies courses and learned more about human sexuality and now i think it’s a lil unhelpful. everyone experiences sexual attraction very differently and for different reasons, so creating new binaries like ace and allo only stigmatizes the way we view sexuality as a whole. asexuality is real and you can identify with it as you want to, but it’s a very personal term that doesn’t really apply outside of identity politics tbh. the entire split attraction model is garbage and it’s entirely possible to be a lesbian ace (i am) or a bi ace (i probably am). it’s impossible to completely discern emotional attraction from sexual attraction because those are ideas that are worlds different between each person you talk to on this, so it’s pointless to try and come up with a standard. 

and i think the ace community on tumblr is really harmful and actively hurtful to both the LGBT community as well as allies and esp the younger people in those groups. i’ve had a lot of personal problems with the ace community and it’s something that has pushed me far far away from them as a whole and i’m uninterested in being a part of that discourse tbh 

sexuality is super complicated and any way you choice to deal w that is probably valid and good for you, but there’s a massive grey area (lol) when it comes to applying those same standards to other people or assuming them as truths you can apply to the entire LGBT community and history of gay rights in the US 

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1, 4, 9, 13

1. What is your instrument’s full name?
 —Jehoshaphat. Just Jehoshaphat.

4. Is it a he, she, or somewhere in between?
—He’s a he

9. Three adjectives to describe your instrument’s personality.
—Naïve, ditzy, colourful

13. Why did you name your instrument that?
—There’s a lot of things I could tell you, but honestly I saw the name and was like “sick that’s your name now”

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I used to see you as some twinky little bottom but now I definitely see your daddy top side

Hahaha OMFG this message made my day! I am neither! I am definitely the awkward vers dude who is somewhere in between. But thank you… I guess?

And btw, I the word Twink makes me cringe if I am not ‘in the mood.’ idk why, it just rubs me the wrong way, am I the only one who feels that way?