Fall TV Spoilers: Andy Samberg talks about Bill Hader on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

What to Expect: If you’re anything like us, the news that Bill Hader would be joining Brooklyn Nine-Nine made you literally jump for joy, even if his role does mean that Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) is stepping down as precinct captain. “It’s gonna be somewhere between Laser Cats and Bill and I in real life, which is to say…funny,” Andy Samberg told us of his on-screen dynamic with Bill. “He’s coming in as the new captain, so I have to—or Jake, I should say—Jake has to sort of get in line with his way of doing things.”

August Visual Puns

All 15 visual puns I made in August put together. I’ll try to make this a thing where I make somewhere between 10-15 at the end of each month.

If you wish to see each of them individually:

  1. Peach
  2. & Knuckles
  3. Princess Bubblegums
  4. Grannondorf
  5. Fin the Human Boy
  6. Princess Cellda
  7. Toed
  8. Pearl
  9. Gengarfield
  10. John Arbokle
  11. Isabelle
  12. A Hole in the Ground
  13. Scrooge the Bat
  14. Tenchinhan
  15. Peppy Hair

“Installation of works by Andy Warhol in The Broad’s third floor gallery.” 

“Tom Rosenquist, one of the art handlers assisting with the move, says the job requires ‘good hands,’ which he defines as 'somewhere between strength and gentleness’.” (

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Open for any requests? Sam/Josh: "Well, compared to the rest of the night... I think I can forgive you."

It happens somewhere between finding him in the mines and making their way back out, slow and careful, dripping wet from the lake in the cavern.  Sam is shivering, clenching her teeth so that they don’t chatter, and there is a loud, shattering screech from somewhere behind them when they are nearly at the entrance. 

“Fuck,” Mike spits and gestures with his good hand; Sam tugs Josh out of sight as Mike ducks behind the wooden slats opposite them. 

Josh is shaking, whimpering, and Sam puts a finger to her lips, eyes wide and pleading.  He stares down at her for a long second and then nods with a sharp, jerked movement, like a marionette having its strings tugged.  

The wendigo screams by.  Sam’s brows pinch together as she watches it disappear into the dark tunnels of the mines.  Her lips thin and she cannot help but pray that Chris, Ashley, and Emily had made it back to the lodge.  Shuffling closer to Josh, she waits, hovering in hesitation for Mike’s signal.  

Josh’s hand lands careful on her hip.  She glances up sharply, worried he’d seen something, but when she meets his gaze he leans down and presses his lips, chaste and hardly there at all, to hers.  It lasts for hardly a second before he’s pulling back, eyes wide and frantic, expression pinched in a grim state that Sam wishes she could ease. 

“Sorry,” he breathes.  “I didn’t want to die and not get to do that.” 

“Well,” Sam blinks, tone dry and voice hushed.  “Compared to everything else, I think I can forgive you.” 

His smile is weak but grateful.  

There is a sharp little whistle, just loud enough for them to hear.  Sam takes Josh by the wrist and pulls him out from their spot, meeting Mike halfway.  

“Let’s get out of here,” Sam mutters.  

The boys are quick to follow after her as she begins heading for the exit. 

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Chaos Rolls On: Fluxx Dice Preview

Somewhere between the world of order and chaos, Fluxx teeters on the razor’s edge with every new rule thrown down on the table. Draw 5, play 2, discard your hand after every turn; the rules behind every pull of the deck can twist the experience in unique and unusual ways. Novice players…

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i m sorry if it's been asked before but whats your pen settings / what program do you use to draw?? ;a;

nono its cool! I use sai and here are my pen settings :’> I usually have the stabilizer/ smoothing somewhere between 7-13 so play around with that and see what works best for you!


by Joyce Sutphen

In the afternoon of summer, sounds
come through the window: a tractor
muttering to itself as it

pivots at the corner of the
hay field, stalled for a moment
as the green row feeds into the baler.

The wind slips a whisper behind
an ear; the noise of the highway
is like the dark green stem of a rose.

From the kitchen the blunt banging
of cupboard doors and wooden chairs
makes a lonely echo in the floor.

Somewhere, between the breeze
and the faraway sound of a train,
comes a line of birdsong, lightly
threading the heavy cloth of dream. 

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I thought pheromones didn't work for humans.

There are many things about pheromones that are still being worked out (unfortunately a lot of science requires significant funding, and you don’t have a lot of large entities (government, corporations, etc) paying for studies on human sexuality on that level, most advertising and products concerning sexuality gear toward behaviors rather than biological processes). It is known, however, that sexual development is critical during prenatal development, so hormones and various other conditions you’re exposed to in the womb will determine if your brain will develop sexually like someone of the female sex or the male sex (or somewhere in between, or lacking altogether…it boils mostly down to prenatal development). Your sexual brain develops heavily according to hormones it grows with in the womb and then responds to hormones you encounter in the world (beyond what your own brain releases) which is why I bring up pheromones, because they are critical when looking into human sexuality concerning interaction between two different people. It’s a good starting point when you want to look more into human sexuality, which still has a lot to be explained sadly


another edit, oh dear lord I’m a monster

a/n I’m back :) so this little doozy is three things: a prequel to ‘come through’ (which was requested by a lovely anon a while back), another thing I wrote on the airplane, and the beginning of a bitney fic that I’m writing for the lovely peerpressuredtoblog <333

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Doctor Who - Colepaldi RPF - The meaning of Biscuits
No. 47 of the Colepaldi Collection

There is this trailer for S9 they know by heart and Jenna gets lost in her thoughts about her friendship with Peter. Will they ever be able to sort things out? Oh, and of course.. somewhere in this fic, biscuits play a role ;).

Also we look back on things and words that have happened while Comic Con and when Peter attended DW Experience this year in April.

Remember this is RPF, don’t like, don’t read. This is a fictional happening. When you usually read my fics, you’ll realize that I make slight references to old fics.
Thanks to my new Beta rad-braybury​, for helping me out! I can’t thank you enough!

Jenna sits on a table, her IPad flat in front of her, slowly dimming down. Her chin rests on her left hand, her teeth nibble at her third finger, while she stares into the middle distance, lost in thought.

It’s somewhere between the last take and ‘let’s call it a day’, she’s not sure — she has lost track of time. She can hear a few people still pacing around the set, shoving props and boxes around. In her subconscious she knows she is not alone on set, has not missed knocking-off time — again. Not that she would care at the moment.

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(Originally written back in 2004)


This is one of those listening “projects” of mine that lie in a netherworld somewhere between pure entertainment enjoyment and painstaking scholarly research. It’s one that I’ve been eager to “tackle” for some time. I finally got around to active listening of all three of the heralded VELVET UNDERGROUND “Quine Tapes” discs in their entirety this past week, and like just about everyone else who’s heard them, I am very, very impressed. The Velvet Underground come away from the experience sitting in the fabled catbird seat for all-time great rock bands, right where they were perched a week ago.

The word on the street was that these were the very best of the Velvet Underground live tapes out there, far too good to only circulate on bootlegs, and deserving of a proper release. In October 2001, Polydor Records did just that. I have to agree that they’re among the best I’ve ever heard, up there with “Sweet Sister Ray” and “The Legendary Guitar Amp Tape” and some of the great rehearsal material that surfaced on the “Peel Slowly And See” box set. What makes these CDs special is that this is truly the Velvet Underground at their unadorned, most rocking best, not subject to anyone’s agenda for track listing or to shoddy recording techniques (though Robert Quine’s tapes are a bit RAW). It’s really just one young law student and a tape recorder, taping up his #1 favorite band like the seer, visionary and public servant he was.

In researching this collection on the World Wide Web, I read a couple of instructive reviews that capture some good insights on the set. This is from Jonathan Moscowitz in the New York Press:

“Quine’s tapes were made right before the Velvets went into the studio to record Loaded, an experience so negative it made Reed quit the band and move back home to Long Island. You can hear that sound foreshadowed in the versions of “It’s Just Too Much,” “Ride into the Sun” and “Follow the Leader” offered here. Good-natured and bouncy, they show off Reed’s love of old-school rock ’n’ roll and Sterling Morrison’s effortless rhythm work. At the other end of the spectrum sit the old Factory-era chestnuts “Venus in Furs” and “The Black Angel’s Death Song.” In their original incarnations both these songs were built around Cale’s heavily droning viola, and it’s instructive to hear how well the band evokes the junky creepiness of their first album without him.”

These shows were recorded in late 1969 at a large hall (The Family Dog) and a small club (The Matrix) in San Francisco, as well as the basketball gym at Washington University in St. Louis, thus illuminating the band in both spacious and intimate environs. There appear to be some extremely small, uninterested crowds in attendance, and the sets, as Moscovitz says, lean heavily to “Loaded” and third album material. There’s also a few big eye-openers: “Follow The Leader”, long considered a “lost” and highly sought-after VU song, is probably not worth much further hype as it’s a middling chugger that goes on about 10 minutes too long, clocking in at a robust 17:05. Yet nothing compares to the not one, not two, but THREE wholly unique versions of “Sister Ray”, one sitting on each disc.

You really think the Velvet Underground were the antithesis of the hippie scene? This set gives one pause. Rather than coming in blazing with posturing and standoffish black-leather New York hipster ‘tude, the Velvets instead adapted to their San Francisco environs quite well, and cranked out lengthy instrumental passages that sound like any typical free- form band of the period (just better). Quine says of the November 7-9th 1969 shows, “The first weekend, at the Family Dog, it was basically just a bunch of hippies there. They brought their tambourines, harmonicas, and were playing along. I made tapes of that stuff that came out very well. It was a large place, so they could really turn up the amps. The versions of “Sister Ray” are especially terrific if you’re willing to smoke a fat doob and sit back and feeeeeel them. Built around one of the all-time great riffs, the song has so many different piece parts that it’s really 12 songs in one – now multiply that by 3 different versions (one slow, one hard, one that morphs into an excellent “Foggy Notion”) and, well, 12 cubed = 1,728 different combinations and ways of playing “Sister Ray” on any given night. Quine captured three of them, and they’re fantastic.

There’s also a brilliant distorted version of “What Goes On” and two incredible “I’m Waiting For The Man”s – one gentle and jaunty, one dark and mean. The banana really does peel down to the base once you’ve tackled all 3 discs here, and I’m left with a much better picture of the Velvet Underground live experience than previously captured on various bootlegs. I’m confident that no two shows were identical, and that this was a band well worth slavishly following the way Quine obviously did. In sum, this small box set is essential for those who feel it important to dig deep into Velvet Underground arcana beyond the 4 LPs, the 2 posthumous LPs and the “Peel Slowly” box set. We are a limited crew, granted, but we make up in fanaticism what we lack in self-restraint – an endearing quality for Agony Shorthand readers and those few people who love them. 

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What are some very recent events that have happened that also applies to biological anthropology?

Any new findings in human biology, genetics, evolution, paleoanthropology…

“Neuroscientists understand that the left hemisphere of the brain is what generally governs most forms of speech, says Nijhuis, from atonal to tonal languages and even sign language.

“But since whistling language also has some characteristics of music and neuroscientists know that most things about music are processed by the right hemisphere, Güntürkün was curious about how the brain would handle this language that was somewhere between speech and music,” Nijhuis says.

What he found out, according to Nijhuis, is when villagers spoke Turkish, it predictably engaged the left hemisphere of their brains. When they whistled, both sides of the brain showed activity.

“This [phenomenon] hasn’t been observed in any other form of speech,” says Nijhuis. Güntürkün’s discovery may have powerful implications, he adds.”

imyovna said: [text] t.t
                       [text] it did, thank you cutie
                       [text] somewhere..between the bar and home???
                       [text] i’m sober enough to type so i’m good..i think 

[ SMSKody ] : well you’re not sending me weird stuff yet-
[ SMSKody ] : are you sure you’re near home? I could pick you up
[ SMSKody ] : I’ll probably get in huge trouble for taking a van out at this
                           time, but you’re worth it, noona !!

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Ugh I don't think you're getting my animal submissions!

oh no nonny don’t worry I probably got it. It’s just that I have somewhere around 140 total between my queue and my askbox right now, plus what’s it my tag, so they are taking a while to publish. I will get to all of them, though, I promise :)

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What's asexual mean? I figured I should ask an actual asexual person.

oh hey there! so asexual could mean something slightly different depending on the person you ask, but the basic gist of it is that asexual people just aren’t actively interested in having sex.
there are some asexual people who are sex-tolerant, some sex-neutral, and some sex-repulsed. I myself fall somewhere on the spectrum between neutral and repulsed.
additionally, those who are asexual can also choose, if they want, to identify as a certain romantic orientation (e.g. heteroromantic, biromantic), or also call themselves aromantic, which means they are unattracted to others romantically as well as sexually. I myself am panromantic.
there’s also this thing called being grey-asexual (as well as grey-romantic), but that’s a bit difficult to explain, so I’ll just link you to more info on that here and here.
so, yeah! that’s probably way more of an answer than you expected, but hopefully that cleared things up for you~

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Teen memories: I don’t want to look as a tough guy, I want to be somewhere in between, the boy and the angel, I want to be a Narcissus who would not die and would be loved by someone else than himself…