Ages of Leonard and Lisa Snart

Thanks to Len’s jaunt to the past, we finally have a good idea about Len and Lisa’s ages.

Len is 46-49

The actor that plays Leo was not credited on IMDb, so I couldn’t figure out his actual age.  Also, I am absolutely horrible with guessing the ages of children, but I would have to guess that Leo is about 7.  So, to be on the safe side, we can say that Leo is supposed to be somewhere between the age of 5 and 9.  So, if Len is 5-9 in 1975, that means he was born between 1966 and 1970, making him 46-49 in 2016.  

This is interesting because Wentworth Miller is only 43.  I’ve noticed that most ColdFlash tend to write Len as being younger than Miller, both because Miller looks so good for his age and to shorten the age gap between Len and Barry.

Lisa is 36 or younger

Lewis went to prison in 1975 for 5 years.  We know that Lewis’ wife was not pregnant when Lewis went to prison because the only reason that Len didn’t kill Lewis on the spot was because Lisa would never be born.

If Lewis knocked up his wife the second he got out of prison, then Lisa would be born 1980-1981, making her 36 in 2016.  Peyton List is only 29, so I vote for her being born several years after Lewis was released from prison.

Although, I guess it’s possible that Lewis could have knocked up his wife during a conjugal visit, which could make Lisa as old as 41.  However, since Len practically raised her, I doubt that Len and Lisa are that close in age.

13.7 BCM build. The barrel originally started as a 16", but was sent off to be cut somewhere between 13.7-13.9 and then get a Griffin Armament Taper flash hider pin and welded. So the overall barrel length would be 16.1". The result… a shorter but legal length rifle.

Midwest Industries keymod rail. ATPIAL-C. Surefire Scout with dual pressure pad. BCM VFG angled forwards (allowing a more aggressive grip). B5 Systems SOPMOD stock. Aimpoint T1 with ADM mount. SD3G trigger. Magpul BUIS pros. Ferro Concepts Slingster in Multicam. Rattle can paint job with Rustoleum. Forget expensive cerekote. ;)

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Mikoto's age is one thing, but what the heck is going on with the Hoshidan royal family? I mean what is the deal with Sumeragi, Ikona and Mikoto? (pls don't tell me it involved threesome lol)

Funnily enough, I was thinking about this last night. Alright, so, here’s what we know of how the timeline goes:

  1. Ryouma born of Ikona
  2. Hinoka born of Ikona
  3. Kamui born of Mikoto and Hydra*
  4. Takumi born of Ikona
  5. Sakura born of Ikona
  6. Ikona dies
  7. Sumeragi marries Mikoto*
  8. Sumeragi dies, Kamui kidnapped
  9. Mikoto becomes queen

The Invisible Kingdom was destroyed and Mikoto came to Hoshido with a child and fell in love with Sumeragi somewhere between the asterisks.

Even Sakura, the youngest sibling who has no memory of Kamui (Kamui was kidnapped when she was a baby, so events 5-8 had to happen in very quick succession. Less than a year, just for the sake of putting a number on it) knows that she and Kamui do not share a mother.

So the problem is this: Hinoka, Sakura, Takumi–none of them question the “fact” that Sumeragi fathered Kamui on another woman while their mother still lived (out of wedlock, no less!). It’s not explicitly drawn attention to, but they’re all capable of basic observations like “gosh, the middle child’s from a different woman”.

Possible solutions:

Boring, meta answer: IS is too stupid to count OR [theory about how being able to marry the Hoshido sibs was a last-minute decision and the inconsistencies created by Sumeragi not fathering Kamui were never adjusted to the new plot]

Possible, and hating IS/shitting on the plot is very in vogue right now. But meta answers are, well, boring. I like to limit how much I pull that card, especially when it just comes back to a loop of “I can baselessly conjecture the dev’s intentions better than you can!” [see also: Soleil].

Little evidence for but actually none against answer: Hoshido used concubines; Sumeragi kept Ikona as his queen while she lived and accepted Mikoto and her child as a concubine (uh, not the child as a concubine, though…)

You’re probably experiencing knee-jerk revulsion, but it explains everything rather neatly. Concubines did exist in historical Japan. Nohr shows us that concubine practices exist in the world of Fates–when most characters speak of the concubine wars, they deride the violence and manipulation rather than Garon’s drinking from multiple wells. And Fuuga mentions Sumeragi getting thrown out of red light districts as a youth, so he was definitely a…passionate man.

It’s true that no character comments on it, but would such a thing have been worth commenting on if it were assumed to be normal? There are a lot of things in Fates that reflect Japanese politics without special comment–Ashura holding no grudge towards Hoshido for not intervening in the sacking of Kouga reflecting isolationist tendencies, for example.

It also manages to partially explain Ryouma’s insistence on Kamui believing that they’re “real” family–a concubine’s child would be dependent on their royal blood for influence and importance.

What I don’t like about it is that the Hoshido royals are presented as being a more…”together”? “traditional”? family, whereas the Nohr royals appear more twisted and violent (with the ironic twist that the Nohr family actually cleaves together very tightly and there’s a wedge between the Hoshido siblings). It’s thematically weird to me that Sumeragi could keep concubines with no negative consequences when concubines are what ruined the lives of the Nohr kids.

But it’s such a weirdly straightforward idea that manages to work while being contrary to expectations that I kind of like it.


Last night’s Supernatural was awesome.  That dinner scene was A++.  Also, did anyone get the feeling that this was the most of a “sex talk” either Sam or Dean had ever gotten?  I mean, lets imagine somewhere between how to shoot a gun and how to kill a ghost John reminding his boys to “suit up”…

Also Claire was a super bad ass and I loved it.  Dean was such a proud dad lol.

Poor Jody with the leg again :<

Also I fully support a whole Wayward Daughters series,or at the very least more eps featuring these delightful ladies.

Also revisiting my idea of time traveling Claire to learn about hunting from Mary Winchester. :P

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The Force Awakens will cross $900M domestic at the box office Friday, and $2B worldwide Saturday, Disney announced.

In related news, Lionsgate said Friday that Star Wars is partially at fault for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2‘s less-than-predicted performance, lessening the November movie’s numbers by “somewhere between $50M and $100M.” Don’t blame the players, blame the game? And maybe even the ever-more-eye-rolling trend of splitting adaptions into two parts… I did see both Mockingjays in the theater, but I gotta tell you, by the second movie I was pretty much already over it.

Man I really hate how game design literature is so much “Do you need boxes here are my boxes for putting things into” and then like 50 re framings of common knowledge points. I find it weird when I hear people talk about all the game design books they’ve read (excluding weirder, focused ones like that book about Doom and stuff) because it’s like… What are they getting out of it?

Part of me wonders if it’s sorta the TED talk effect or like with conferences were most people admit they didn’t actually learn much but it FELT educational? Then part of me is like “am -I- just missing something and I’m missing out on all this knowledge?” Probably somewhere in between.

Long form game design stuff just seems inherently too self absorbed, trying to prescribe whole, complete mindsets. I feel like if they were brittle objects, I’d smash them and examine the pieces of interest.

As shallow as they are, I think I really like the Extra Credits videos (even they’re not really for me) because they focus more about planting important thoughts and giving potential tools.

Almost unrelated, but I think people put too much stock in books? Like oh it’s in a book so it has to be better/more informed/more important which seems like a load of BS?

Hero worship

The practice of hero worship is not something that has spread widely among the modern Hellenic polytheist community, and this is not surprising.

You occasionally see the honoring of “epic heroes” such as Achilles and Odysseus. And you do, of course, see the worship of those who were historically worshipped both as hero and as god (not–usually–at the same time or in the same place), most notably Heracles and Asklepios.

What is rare is hero worship that is in any sense similar to that practiced by the ancients.

Historically the worship of heroes fell somewhere between that of the gods and that of the “ordinary” dead. A hero (or heroine) was, in fact, dead. They were someone who had lived their life on earth among humans and had died. But the hero was exceptional in some way.

Traditionally the honoring of heroes was a localized thing–a hero was typically honored at his (and occasionally her) gravesite, and in return for these honors provided benefits for the community, primarily the benefit of protection, but there was also the benefit of prestige from association.

Most often a hero was a native of the community that honored them, although this was not always the case–the Athenians “adopted” the hero Theseus in the 5th century BCE by making an expedition to the isle of Skiros, finding and acquiring bones believed to be those of Theseus, and taking them back to Athens and reburying them in a place of honor. At this time, the city’s ritual calendar and mythos was amended as well to reflect the new hero and to reap the maximum benefit from his influence. In most cases, however, a hero was by definition a local hero.

So it’s not all that surprising that you don’t see a lot of it among modern polytheists. There is an understandable discomfort with installing a hero who, in life, was not a part of a religious tradition that would honor them in such a way. That is, I think, both reasonable and compassionate, and it may well be something that just won’t transfer to the modern world.

You do, however, see in our society a fair amount of secular honoring of local heroes (or national heroes). It may not have the same sort of religious component but there remains an impulse to remember those who have been important to a community, with memorials, or statues, or “George Washington slept here” signs, associating oneself with those individuals and gaining whatever benefits may be available (primarily financial in many cases as tourists come to visit these historical sites). In a way, the “hero” can be seen as helping to maintain the wellbeing of the community long after their death.

So when, a while back, I read in the news that the modern US city of Memphis was planning to exhume the bones of Confederate general (and Ku Klux Klan founder) Nathan Bedford Forrest from where they had been buried in honor for over a century, it made perfect sense to me that–no longer desiring that connection and identification with Forrest, and no longer perceiving a benefit to the community from the association–the city would take him from his public/community “hero shrine” and (presumably) “demote” him to the position of any other of the ordinary dead.

Somewhere Between Hell and Home

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by eclectickathy

After a year and a half of tearing himself to pieces, Draco Malfoy finally proposes a formal courtship to Harry.

Plenty angst, plenty fluff, no one should be OOC.
Tags and Ratings updated with story.

Words: 3007, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Death Wish: Part 2 - Domestic Assassins AU

Continued on from this. This was suggested by @hathor-aroha as a follow up to Elsa’s past unfortunate experiences with mixing Death Wish coffee into her “concoctions”, as Anna would call them. This time, we get to see what happens when being slightly out of it due to illness leads to the creation of another one of her “special” brews.

It all started with a sneeze. It then escalated quickly into a full-blown cold.

Elsa was once again trapped in her apartment, this time with a stuffed up nose, sore throat, and near constant headache. On top of that, even the thought of food made her nauseous and she couldn’t go two minutes without coughing or sneezing - sometimes both at the same time. And her ice powers were going haywire inside of her due to her high fever, leaving no part of her that wasn’t aching in some way and her mental state somewhere between sane and loopy.

Anna did her best with what they had in their medicine cabinet. Apparently when Elsa went on her Suicide Coffee bender she was paranoid about the medicine being “government created to mess with people’s heads” and had dumped most of it down the toilet. At least, that’s what they gathered based on what Anna remembered of her experience with caffeine-loaded Elsa and all of the empty pill and cough syrup bottles strewn around the toilet. Elsa apologized for the millionth time about that, while Anna just sighed and told her it was her loss.

The new cough syrup wasn’t exactly helping much, or at least, that’s what it felt like, anyway. Anna insisted it was probably because Elsa had gone so long without sleep, while Elsa complained that it wasn’t potent enough.

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“A black hole is an extraordinarily massive, improbably dense knot of spacetime that makes a living swallowing or slinging away any morsel of energy that strays too close to its dark, twisted core.”

thought this quote would go pretty well with dark!davejade… i guess they’re somewhere between grimdark and actual horrorterrors


If your front rack melts like butter, try some front rack holds at the end of your session to build dexterity and stability through your rack and midline.

For 4-6 sets of 4-6s using somewhere between 120%-160% of your 1RM front squat, focus on keeping the load spread across the lats and the bar sitting securely on top of your rib cage. The anti-melt-like-butter bullet proofing exercise.

Another great training session with @iamjwjw and his crew down @pushmorecrossfit. Always appreciate the environment these guys bring to the table even though we are half a world apart!

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On Googling the Antonym For Stoicism

Is it alright
to drink this much wine?
I ask myself this
every night.
It is usually too late
by then
to have any sobering thoughts
but still,
this much wine,
this much quiet,
is it all too much?

The radio comes on
with a hiss and a whine
and isn’t it always
the same type of song?
A lonely sax
so distant,
a foghorn,
and then a voice
velvet and deep
beckons you
to enter the song
and be as sad
as he.

Is it alright
to drink this much wine?
When it makes you fall asleep
mid sentence
and everything you had planned
is too far
to reach
because the elixir
has taken you out
and when you wake
it is too late.

It’s 11:30PM every time
and the walls, the stair rails
are your saviors
and if you make it to bed
at all, unscathed,
it’s a battle won.

You lost your clothes
somewhere between
the third and fourth glass
and when you find them
they look like
crumpled up pieces of poetry
from a wine-stained notebook.

So is it alright
to drink this much wine?
Will I die in a fiery crash
or silently, alone,
with my glass of Tempranillo?

All questions
worth cheersing to.


“Somewhere Between” is a documentary by Linda Goldstein Knowlton about the story of four teenage girls who were adopted from different parts of China. According to the documentary’s trailer, about 80,000 girls have been adopted from China since 1999, due to factors such as the one-child policy and a cultural preference to having male children. The four girls, Haley, Jenna, Ann, and Fang, go through a journey of self-identity of belonging, race, and gender through different means. Some go back to China they were born in to delve in deeper to their Chinese culture; they all meet and bond with other adoptees. Through this documentary, they try to answer the universal question of “Who am I?”

For more information on this documentary, read their website.

How to Be Single Full Movie (2016)

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There’s a right way to be single, a wrong way to be single, and then…there’s Alice. And Robin. Lucy. Meg. Tom. David. New York City is full of lonely hearts seeking the right match, be it a love connection, a hook-up, or something in the middle. And somewhere between the teasing texts and one-night stands, what these unmarrieds all have in common is the need to learn how to be single in a world filled with ever-evolving definitions of love. Sleeping around in the city that never sleeps was never so much fun.

  • Initial release: February 10, 2016 (Belgium)
  • Director: Christian Ditter
  • Music composed by: iZLER
  • Screenplay: Marc Silverstein, Dana Fox, Abby Kohn
  • Story by: Liz Tuccillo, Marc Silverstein