somewhere we both walk

when i was 11, i was in a relationship because i said “i love you” and we decided to start dating. it only lasted a month and im pretty sure he has hated me ever since we broke up.

when i was 16, i had a friend who would say “i love you guys” when all i really wanted him to say was “i love you” to me. i believed i was madly in love with him. he ended up saying “i love you” to my best friend and they are still dating to this day.

when i was 16, another friend comforted me. he said “i love you” and that he felt for me because of what had happened. he made me feel special and happy again. i said i love you too, hoping maybe this would go somewhere. we kissed in his gross garage, we were both sweaty from walking in the heat and it lasted for about 2 seconds. after that day, i never heard a word from him again.

when i was 17, i started dating a guy because he was nice, and because a guy was actually talking to me and telling me he wanted to be with me. we talked all summer and began dating in the fall. he said “i love you” after dating for about a week. December came and “i love you” turned into “what did i do to make you ignore me like this?” January came and i finally broke it off because the silence was killing me. my first true heartbreak. i still haven’t talked to him since mid December.

now I’m 18, at this point, the three words “I love you” mean absolutely nothing. for me it turned into what you say to parents and relatives. what you say because you know it will make the other person happy. its what you say because thats what you’re supposed to do in a relationship. the words had lost all meaning. my heart was broken so many times that it turned into something you say it because it feels right, not because you mean it.

and then you came along. i wasn’t expecting you to be a part of my life. you started to talk to me and i was taken aback. i was cautious. i knew that if “i love you” slipped your tongue like it had the others, you wouldn’t mean it. but for our first date, instead of meeting you somewhere, you picked me up and took me. you let me share my darkest secrets. you met my family, and i met yours. you showed me off. i was scared. i knew that if i lost you, my whole world would crash into a brick wall. i knew that you could be the one i could spend the rest of my life with. you earned my trust, something that wasn’t very easy at the time.

after 5 months, thats when i realized, i love you. i didn’t just want to say it because i felt like i had to. i genuinely love you, with every atom in my body. you bring out something in me that makes me so much happier and joyful. you are good to me. you are patient and gentle and anything i could ever ask for. so when i say this, know this is something i truly, honestly mean:

I love you.

—  n.k.//10:44
what i love you means to me

REQUEST by ANONYMOUS: Hi there, I love your writing so much! Can I maybe have a Roman smut where you find Roman talking to his ex-wife on the phone and he has her on the speaker because he was busy with something and you overheard her saying that she still loves him, which causes you to get jealous af and have a bitter argument with him? Thank you!

Warnings: smut, language
(A/N) I still have to practice when it comes to the argument part, but I did my best. And also, I have no hate or disrespect towards Galina or anyone in Roman’s family whatsoever. I adore her and everyone else, so please don’t get the wrong impression😚 And thank you guys so much for reading, liking and reblogging my works, it means the world to me♥️.


‘’Thanks for bringing Jojo Ro,’’ Galina spoke as she guided their daughter into her car. ‘’I hope you guys had a good time.’’ She smiled.

‘’Yeah the tree of us just stayed home and watched movies,’’ Roman smiled back. It was his turn to have Jojo for the weekend and since it was Sunday, Joelle had to get back to her mom . Him and Galina split up right before she found out she was pregnant again. ‘’How are you doing?’’ he asked her, ‘’With the pregnancy. I’m sorry I can’t be a part of it,’’ he quietly said. I guess he didn’t want me to hear it since he knows that I’m still cautious when it comes to Galina. Even though I was in the passenger seat, I could still hear majority of their conversation because the windows were rolled down.

‘’The pregnancy is going alright and it’s fine,’’ Galina said as she put her hand on his arm and smiled. ‘’I wish things worked out between us.’’

‘’It’s for the better,’’ Roman said, ‘’I’ll see you in a few days honey!’’ He waved at Jojo who was excitingly waving back at him.

‘’Bye dad, bye y/n!’’ Joelle smiled, making me melt. I was thrilled that the daughter of the man I’m in love with, loved me as much as I loved her. I remember the first time meeting Roman; we were both taking a walk somewhere in a park in Pensacola as we bumped into each other, both of us not paying attention where we walking. He insisted on taking me to dinner and how could I say no to a man like him? We started to meet up more and more and we could really get along. One night, he finally got the courage to tell me that he was in a divorce for a while and I felt, logically, responsible. He managed to convince me that it had nothing to do with me and that things were tensed between the two of them for a while. Once the divorce was final, he wanted me and Joelle to meet each other. Not right away of course, it was too fresh for her, but after a month or two. I was super nervous, not knowing if she’d like me or not. She was a little taken back at first, but once she found out I loved Disney movies as much as she did, she was all over me and we could talk about everything. I smiled as I was thinking back at everything.
‘’Are we going to watch more Disney movies next week, y/n?’’ Joelle yelled happily as she put on the seatbelt.

‘’Of course we are, I promise,’’ I smiled back at her. She cheered happily as Galina stepped into the car, blowing me kisses with her hand. ‘’See you next week!’’

‘’You guys are just too cute,’’ Roman chuckled as he made his way to the driver’s seat. ‘’I hope you didn’t mind, coming along.’’

‘’Of course not, are you crazy?’’

‘’I know you too well baby and I know that you still have your doubts on the relationship me and Galina have, am I right? You can kick my ass if I’m wrong.’’

‘’It’s not that I have doubts,’’ I said as I turned towards him,’’ it’s not that I’m insecure, I’m just careful.’’

‘’There’s no need to be careful babygirl, I’m not going anywhere.’’ He smiled and kissed my cheek. ‘’Now tell me, what do you want for dinner?’’

‘’Uhm I don’t know, maybe we can order something when we’re at home. I seriously need some rest after a weekend watching Disney movies. Not that I don’t love them, I adore them, but a whole weekend long is too much, even for me.’’

‘’At least the two of you enjoyed it,’’ he absently replied as he looked in the back mirror and drove backwards. ‘’I’ll call a takeout once we’re home.’’

‘’I love when you’re focused,’’ I admitted. The moment he seriously had to focus on something, he frowned, making him look angry, turning me on and he knew. He had a big smirk on his face as I playfully hitted his bicep and looked out of the window as he drove home.


‘’I need a power nap,’’ I groaned as I stumbled into the living room, throwing my shoes in the hallway.

‘’First tell me what you wanna eat Mrs. Reigns,’’ he chuckled as he grabbed my waist in one fluid motion, pulling me close to him.

‘’I’m honestly open for anything,’’ I wrapped my arms around his neck, ‘’I ain’t got a ring on my finger yet, Mr. Reigns.’’ I teased.

‘’As you said yourself, yet.’’ He winked and kissed me. ‘’So you’re fine with Italian?’’

‘’Totally fine.’’

‘’Great, then Italian it is, amore mio.’’

‘’Since when do you speak Italian?’’ I laughed as he picked me up bridal style and gently lied me down on the couch.

‘’I don’t, it just happened to be few of the words I know,’’ he smiled and tucked me in under the blanket. ‘’Now get some rest babygirl,’’ he kissed my head, ‘’By the time you wake up, the house will be filled with the smell of Italy.’’ He assured.

‘’It’d be better if I woke up in Italy tho,’’ I replied as I closed my eyes.

‘’You’re going to sleep now so dream about it.’’ Roman joked as he gave me one last kiss and walked away.


The smell of fresh pasta made me open my eyes slightly. I yawned and sat up, rubbing my eyes. I expected Roman to be somewhere near me but there was no sign of him. ‘’Roman?’’ I called out. No response. I stood up and folded up the blanket as I made my way to the kitchen, finding the whole table covered with food. Wanting to take a shower before I devour everything that’s in the kitchen, I walked upstairs. As I got closer to the bedroom I heard Roman laugh. Not knowing what he was doing, I peeked through the door that was open for a little bit, finding Roman sat on the side of the bed sorting the laundry. He always wanted to help me with the house holding, so I wasn’t surprised.

‘’So what’re you up to?’’ I heard a familiar voice asking.

‘’Nothing much, just doing the laundry, having dinner with y/n and just rest before RAW starts tomorrow.’’ Roman spoke.

‘’Can’t you come over for a bit?’’ The female voice required. It was Galina.

‘’You know I can’t do that,’’ he sighed.

‘’If you want to, you can always come back you know and I still love you despite everything that happened.’’

‘’Look,’’ Roman started. I couldn’t listen to their conversation anymore so I made my way straight to the bathroom, slamming the door shut. I usually don’t get jealous that quick, but as Roman said before, I still have my doubts when it comes to their relationship. I trust Roman, but not her. ‘’Y/n?’’ I heard Roman say, ‘’You okay?’’

‘’I’m fine,’’ I shortly replied as I made my way out of the bathroom, walking downstairs.

‘’No you’re not. Y/n what’s wrong?’’

‘’As if you don’t know,’’ I snarled.

‘’No, I don’t know, tell me.’’

‘’She is wrong,’’ I said, turning around, seeing Roman standing behind me.

‘’Who’s she? What happened?’’ He asked confused. I rolled my eyes and sighed as I walked over to the table to grab my keys. ‘’Where are you going?’’

‘’Look, before I say things that I don’t mean, I’m leaving,’’ I acknowledged.

‘’No, you’re staying and you’re going to tell me what’s wrong. Right now,’’ he demanded, grabbing my am roughly. ‘’So tell me, what’s the problem?’’

‘’Your ex-wife, she’s the problem. Can’t she just understand you’re with me now and leave you the fuck alone?’’ I angrily questioned. ‘’She constantly keeps flirting with you, telling you that she still loves you and god knows what else.’’

‘’You overheard the conversation,’’ he mumbled, kind of talking to himself. ‘’Y/n, we have kid together, soon to be two or even three, how am I supposed to ignore her? How am I going to tell her to ‘leave me the fuck alone’ while we share a history together?’’  His voice started to raise. I could tell he was frustrated but I wasn’t going to say sorry for anything.

‘’You know how much it irritates me when she acts like that towards you and you just let her get away with it, giving her the wrong signals. I maybe don’t say it, but you know damn well I can’t stand it and you keep on doing it,’’ tears started to fill my eyes.

‘’Keep doing what?’’ he almost screamed, causing me to take a step back. ‘’God y/n this frustrates the shit out of me. What the fuck do you mean with ‘you keep on doing it’?’’

‘’You keep on giving her the wrong fucking impression, Roman. If I didn’t know better, I would think you’d rather be with her than me.’’ I yelled back at him, tears falling down my face. His eyes widened and he probably didn’t know what to say since he kept quiet. ‘’I’m leaving now.’’ I quietly said and wiped my tears away. I grabbed my jacket and quickly wore my shoes as I shut the door behind me. Did this seriously happen? Roman and I never argued about anything. Sure, we had our disagreements, but who doesn’t? The cold night breeze made my cheeks feel extra cold because of the tears rolling down. I took a deep breath and started to walk.


It was probably 11 pm and I had several missed calls from Roman but I wanted to talk to him in person. Walking always succeeded to clear my mind and help me to see situations from another perspective. As I was about to unlock the door, it opened. Roman was standing in the doorway, almost bursting out in tears. Before I could say something, he pulled me in for a hug.

‘’Look Ro, before you can say anything, I’m sorry. I know you guys have kids together, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling the way I feel about you. I’m crazy about you, I really am, but you gotta tell Galina to respect that we’re in a relationship right now.’’ I quietly said and looked up at him.

‘’I know baby, I know,’’ he sighed. ‘’I’m sorry I screamed, it was not my intention.’’ He caressed my cheek softly. ‘’And I know that I’m wrong when it comes to being clear to her. I don’t want to be mean towards her, let alone you. I’ll make sure I’m more clear next time, okay? But you gotta promise me one thing.’’

‘’And that is?’’ I asked as he pulled me closer to his body so there was no space left between us. He closed the door and pushed me against it.

‘’You have to tell me when something is bothering you because how’s daddy gonna know when something is wrong with his princess?’’ His deep voice was rough and full with lust, his pupils were blown. I was quiet for a moment, just looking at him. The longer I stared, the more aroused I got. ‘’I still got no answer, princess,’’ he spoke as his hands rubbed my waist.

‘’I promise,’’ I softly replied.

‘’Good girl, now let me show you how badly I wanna be with you.’’ He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, making me laugh. I felt him chuckling as he walked up the stairs. Once we reached the bedroom, he threw me on the bed and just looked at me. He slowly got rid of his shirt and unbuckled his belt, his eyes never left mine. I sat up and crawled towards the end of the bed, stopping him from getting rid of his pants. I bit my lip and looked up at him, pulling his pants down along with his boxers. He let out a sigh and grabbed my hair as I started to stroke his length. His grip tightened I swirled my tongue against the tip, still stroking him. ‘’Fuck y/n,’’ he groaned. His hand pushing me deeper, causing me to take his whole length in my mouth. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat, almost making me gag but I kept my breathing under control. I slowly made my way back up and licked the side, making him shiver. He pulled my head back and I smirked up at him. ‘’Christ y/n, I was close, but daddy wants to please the both of us,’’ he hoarsely said. Without warning he got rid of my leggings and buried himself between my legs.

‘’Oohhh fuckk,’’ I moaned. His tongue circled my clit and dipped right into my entrance. I grabbed a fist full of his black hair and arched my back. The way he made me feel was unreal. He moaned against me, feeling the effects throughout my whole body. Two fingers found his way inside of me. ‘’Romann…baby…fuck..’’ I gasped as I felt my orgasm approaching. ‘’Don’t stop, don’t stop,’’ I squealed. He abruptly stopped and started to kiss his way back up. His hands roamed over my upper body and teared my shirt open. I raised my eyebrows, but before I could say a word, he flicked his tongue over my hard nipple. ‘’Roman,’’ I panted.

‘’I’m gonna make you feel so good babygirl,’’ he whispered in my ear as he stroked his dick slowly before I felt the tip push inside of me, ‘’So, fucking, good,’’ he grunted as he pushed all the way inside me. I couldn’t say anything because of the pleasure he was providing me with. My hands found their way around his neck as he set a pace.

‘’Daddy’s making you feel good?’’

‘’So fucking good,’’ I moaned. In a blink of an eye, I was straddling him.

‘’Ride me princess.’’ He seductively said. I nodded and started to bounce on top of him. Roman groaned and threw his head back, his hands guiding me deeper down with every movement. The friction of my clit rubbing against his pelvis made me reach my orgasm even sooner than expected.

‘’Roman I’m gonna cum,’’ I breathed. ‘’Oh my god, shit.’’

‘’That’s right babygirl, cum for me, cum for daddy,’’ he smirked as his thumb found my clit and started to rub it slowly. My vision went black as my orgasm ripped through my entire body. My walls clenched down on him, making his grip on my waist tighten. ‘’Shit, gonna cum,’’ he panted. I felt his dick jerk inside of me. He cursed and moaned my name loudly, making my body tingle. I loved the fact he wasn’t holding himself back, vocal or not. He gently pulled me off and lied me down next to him. ‘’There’s no way I would wanna go back to her, you’re all I want babygirl,’’ he said after a minute.

‘’That’s good to hear, because I wasn’t going to let you go anyways.’’ I chuckled and intertwined our hands together. I sighed and looked up at him. Despite the exercise we just had, he still looked flawless as always. I tangled my hand in his hair and played with it. ‘’I love you.’’ I whispered against his lips.

‘’I love you too, babygirl,’’ he smiled and kissed me. Minutes later, we shifted positions; he was lying between my legs, head on my chest. I continued to play with his hair and moments later, I could feel he had fallen asleep. I kissed his head and fell asleep myself, feeling confident about our relationship. 


He wasn’t coping well, and you didn’t expect him to overnight. The biggest adjustment for Kol coming back to life, once again, wasn’t seeing his family. It was having to deal with not having control.

From the sudden hunger and the abrupt anger urges, Kol’s frustration only grew between not being able to restrain his vampire side.

“How you feeling today?”, you asked Kol who was crashing at your place instead of staying at the Mikaelson compound. His reason, because he didn’t want to be around a hectic, overbearing environment.

Kol got up from the bed wearing no shirt and simple grey sweatpants. Nothing had happened between you and him, it was strictly friendship. But everyday these past few weeks, little by little a more stronger bond was starting to form.

“You don’t have to keep checking up on me, love. I feel fine, good as new even”. He plastered a grin, but you knew it was just a mask trying to hide his real emotions.

“We both know there’s a lie somewhere in there”, you paused. Kol walked closer, curious as to why you did. “Kol, the last time you were a vampire-”.

“I was a psychotic manic who had no remorse. I remember those days quite fondly. But I’m not the man anymore, I won’t allow myself to be”. Having Kol tower over you brought upon an odd feeling, along with the fact that he was standing so close without a shirt on.

“You can’t know that for sure, I mean events might occur that could send you over the edge…I don’t want that to happen to you”.

A comforting hand from Kol was placed on your left arm. “It won’t, darling. Not as long as I have you by my side”.

A small smile escaped your lips, Kol smiled back and whispered. “Are you worth being good for?”.

It was a question that sent you off guard, and your answer could possibly make or break this ever growing connection.

Mouth sightly wide, you had to stay something. The silence was becoming defending.

“Isn’t that up to you to decide?”, you finally responded.

Kol didn’t seem fazed by you answering his question with one of your own. Closing the already small gap in between the both of you, his hand on your cheek felt right, natural even.

“I believe you are, love”. Kol made the move that was building for weeks. His lips softly crushed on top of yours. And neither had a problem with finding a steady rhythm.


You & I

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Featuring: Jaewon

Genre: Fluff/One-shot

Word Count: 1,359

Request:  Anonymous sent: Hi there! Happened to come across your blog today and I absolutely love it already. ^^ :D I was wondering if you could write a scenario for Jaewon (One). Angst or fluffy or both, up to you. He wrecked my bias list so hard and I hate him for that. T_T

A/N: prelude to this scenario In this Heat ( Fluff & Smut)

You didn’t know if you were dreaming or just going insane… Why were you hearing Jaewon’s voice calling your name? You must be missing him like crazy to be hearing his voice like this whispering your name in your ear. You snuggled into your bed covers, if this was a dream you didn’t want to wake up from it just yet.
“Jagi~” How could his voice sound so perfectly clear in your dream? You felt a shadow cast over your face, the sunshine that peaked through your window was longer on your face. Your eyes shot open, only to find Jaewon’s face leaning over yours smiling. You quickly ducked under your covers surprised and you were sure your hair looked like a complete mess. You lowered the blanket only to reveal your eyes, “How? When, when did you get here?”
He lightly brushed his fingers through your hair, “Hm just a couple minutes ago. It sounded like you were having a good dream…”
“Because you said my name.” He had a cheeky little smirk on his face. You weren’t sure if to believe him or not.
“No, I didn’t.”
“Yes, you did.”
He leaned in closer to you, “How would you know if you were sleeping?” Well he got you there.
“Why aren’t you at the dorm?” You quickly changed the subject.
“Because I have a “dentist” appointment today and coincidentally I have a “doctor's” appointment today.” he air quoted implying there was more to what he just said. “But that’s not important right now. Hurry up and shower, I have somewhere I want to take you. Just You & I forgot about everything else.” he continued on as he proceeded to pull down your blanket and help you up to your feet.

You showered and got yourself all ready to go out after eating breakfast with Jaewon; and catching up on his training with YG.
You were slipping on a pair of wedged boots but Jaewon was quick to disapprove of your choice, “I don’t think those are the best choice for today.”
You pointed to a pair of cute flats, he nodded his head in disagreement. He picked out a pair of sneakers, “You’ll be needing these today.”
You both headed downstairs. “So are we walking somewhere? Or taking the bus or train today?” You wondered.
Jaewon slipped his hand into yours and interlocked fingers, “Nope.” You gave him a puzzled look. He walked you over to a car parked in front of your apartment complex and gave you the cutest smile and nodded his head towards the car.
“How did you get this?”
“I borrowed it from a company hyung.”
“Just how much lying did you do today?”
He chuckled and slightly nodded his head left and right and looked down at you, “Just enough to get by and make it believable. But don’t worry I’ll repent by the end of the day.”

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french class anon: yesterday at the marching band competition, she and i and the other bi girl like could not keep our hands off each other?? like after we ate dinner we were lying on the ground draped all over each other, hands interlinked, and then when we went up in the stands to watch the last few bands perform, we sat in a row and put our arms around each other and held each other's hands when we walked somewhere and when i got up they both touched my butt?? it was all just very gay

@sappho give me a gay squad like that

Daddy Dearest

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Title: Daddy Dearest

Couple: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Reader had been dating Bucky in secret for the last 5 months. Reader is having to tell Tony, her father, that they have been dating in order to proceed with their relationship. 

A/N: Requested by samson2619 , I really hope this is something along the lines that you wanted. I tried to go at it a bit of a different way, usually its people accidentally finding out. Ummm yea I didn’t get a chance to read this over and i was to excited to finally get something up, so if this is messed up somehow please let me know :) Also sorry it’s so long, i tried to cut it down.

You breathed in and out of a paper bag as Bucky rubbed your back while you sat in your room. “Sweetheart, it shouldn’t be this hard. If you’re not ready that’s okay, we can wait longer”, he tried to calm you down but his words only made you feel worse.

You removed the bag from you lips and looked to him. “We’ve kept us a secret for 5 months, how can I not tell him. Sooner I tell him, sooner we can tell everyone and stop hiding in the freaking dark” Your hands were waving around and you looked like a maniac, but for some reason Bucky still found you to be beyond beautiful and perfect. In fact the only fault that Bucky could ever find about you was the fact your father was Tony Stark.

“But if you’re going to have a panic attack doing it, I think that just shows how bad of timing it is” Bucky looked to the door where he could hear people coming this way. He immediately got up and walked into the bathroom. This happened so often that you didn’t even have to guess what was happening.

Wanda and Steve walked in both with huge smiles on their faces, they came over and engulfed you into a hug. They were like family to you and considering the fact you grew up with just your mom and didn’t even know Tony was your dad till you were 10, having new family was always welcomed to you.

Steve pulled away first and looked around, the super soldier knew something was different but ignored his instincts and looked back to you. “Finally moving in with us, it’s about time! Tony must be proud of his genius daughter, finishing your doctorates degree in 4 years. Heard he even has a big surprise for you” you gave a short sweet laugh and looked down to your bedding, muttering ‘not as big as mine’.

“What was that?” Wanda asked raising her eyebrow, you looked to her surprised she could hear that.

“I said I bet I already know. He’s probably going to offer me a position working for him” Wanda smiled and grabbed onto Steve’s arm; shrugging and pulling him out of the room she called out a “Who knows” in a musical tone. You laughed and waited a minute till they were gone, then Bucky came back in. He looked to you and then to the door.

“You almost got caught you know?” He pointed out what you already knew, you gave a slight glare. “Sorry, I just don’t want someone to find out and us have to worry about them keeping their mouths shut if you decide not to tell tonight” He had a point as always, but you also had no intentions of backing out this close to finally being able to be with him in public.

You got up and walked over to him, standing on your tip toes you placed your lips lightly against his. He placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer, smiling into the kiss. Though a few minutes later when the innocent kiss had escalated to a full blown makeout, he pulled away, sighed deeply and brushed his fingers against your face while looking you in the eyes before walking back into the bathroom.

This time it was Tony, he had a huge smile on his face and his normal dark brown eyes looked like they had been replaced with smiley faces. “Dinner’s going to be in 10. Do you need any help unpacking?” You shook your head. You always gave credit to him, you never thought the Tony Stark would be that much of a father figure or even would want to be one, but as soon as he found out about you he was there for everything, from parent-teacher conferences to piano recitals. The strange thing was that he loved it, he loved being a dad and even more loved being your dad, which also led to him being an extremely over protective father that terrified all your past boyfriends away.

“No, I got it covered, thank you though. But can w…” FRIDAY came over the intercom telling tony that there had been a mishaps with the bot him and Bruce had been working on earlier, hearing that your dad looked like he was going to lose his mind. He apologized and hurried out saying something about talking later.

You shut the door, locking it. “Alright Buck” he opened the door, stepping out while reading a magazine you had left in the bathroom.

“You should really get more books in there” He looked to you and gave a wicked smile. He looked over to your clock “Crap, I was suppose to meet up with Steve 10 minutes ago” He gave you a quick kiss and jogged out of the room.

You grabbed your phone and headed out to the elevator to take you to the dinning room. You were hoping to talk to Tony before all the avengers made it to the dining room, but he was no were to be found till the very last moment when the food was being brought out and everyone sat.

Tony took his glass in his hands and clinked it, bring attention to him. “I know we normally don’t do family dinners, but I wanted to properly bring y/n into the house and congratulate her on finishing college. Brilliant just like her father” He winked at you and started to laugh with everyone else. Everyone congratulated you and you couldn’t help but blush. “Also” You looked back to your dad, “Bruce and I would like to offer you a position working with us in the lab. Pay’s great and the people are spectacular”

“Only if you want to” Bruce said to you, not wanting to pressure you.

“Of course she wants to, right y/n?” Tony said looking from Bruce to you.

“Before I accept your offer I really need to talk to you, can we go somewhere else” You asked and he just nodded, you both walked out of the room to the hall. You knew that every one of the avengers was up against the door listening, but it didn’t bother you, it would save you time later. Tony’s smile started to fade, “I’ll accept the job, if you accept this… Me and Bucky are dating” you could hear gasp from the other side of the door, “We’ve been dating for the last 5 months”

Tony shook his head “Why… Why… He’s like a hundred” He didn’t give you time to respond, he opened the door, pushing past Clint and Wanda to see Bucky was sitting at the table still, just waiting. “…You’re dating my daughter? MY daughter?” Tony motioned for the suit and within seconds piece by piece the suit flew onto your father. “So really what I’m getting from this is that you’re pretty much done living” Bucky only watched as Tony walked closer to him. Tony lunged at him from across the table, Bucky tumbled and they started to throw punches, but it didn’t last long till Tony was grabbed by Thor and Bucky by Steve.

You rushed over to the two, you grabbed onto Bucky’s hand and looked at your dad. “I love both of you. You’re an amazing dad, you support me with everything and without you I couldn’t have made it to where I am or could have meant someone so special to me”

“Great, so it’s my fault my little girl is dating a dinosaur” Tony leaned against the table and shook his head, but looked back to you. “You love him?” You just nodded. “What about you metal head?” Bucky looked from him to you.

“I love her. More than I can say” You wanted to smash your lips onto his, this was the first time you guys had told each other that you love them, but you felt that would have been a little too hasty considering your dad hadn’t said anything yet. Bucky looked to him, “I promise you I will love her and protect her for as long as she will let me, and even after that.” The group all ‘awed’ as Tony made a barfing face.

“FINE! Fine! Date my daughter, but know that you will be watched. There will be rules, no kissing, no breaking her heart, no going to her bedroom or vis versa. If you disobey I will be more than happy to rip you limb from limb” Tony looked from Bucky to you. “You start work Monday, don’t be late” He quickly pointed to Bucky “And don’t you dare come visit during those hours! It’s daddy-daughter time!”

“I thought it was work hours” Bruce spoke up and Tony glared at him, “Okay, daddy-daughter and Bruce to the side time it is than”

Everyone laughed, you went to Tony and hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Thank you dad”