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Hi Jasmin!! I wanted to ask what is your origin ID?? Thx ilysm! <3

hi!! it used to be just pixelbbs but I just changed it to match my new username so it’s now tofusaucee !

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"If you write/draw something that abusers use to groom then you're as bad as the abuser!" Interesting. I mean, when someone possesses an illegal firearm and murders somebody, obviously we go after the gun manufacturer, right? Or if someone steals a truck and uses it in a deadly attack on pedestrians, obviously we arrest the truck makers, right? Oh wait, no, we don't do that! Because what Person A chooses to do with a product (even ones MADE to cause harm, like weapons) is Person A's fault!

actually we DO go after the gun manufacturers because they’re fucking rolling in money while violence rises, and then try to use the argument “people kill people” and saying that the right to bear arms is why we should keep our guns

because having 11,000 counts of gun violence a year, whereas australia usually has maybe 3 and the UK in the hundreds somewhere, is really something to brag about. 

but the whole gun thing isn’t for this blog so.

you’re right though. it’s the abuser’s fault for grooming. not the content.

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May my 2017 be as shiny as Yuri and Victor’s engagement rings.
—  Me while crying in the corner because of the feels. 

mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


the signs as boyfriends

aries ❤ : loves to joke with you.  you guys are always laughing together.  jumps out from behind things to scare you but picks you up and holds you when you scream.  always suddenly wants to leave the house at 2am.  human heater that always keeps you warm.  touches your butt 24/7.  he loves it when you play with his hair.

taurus ❤ : sappy traditional romantic.  would actually do the “put this on i’ll be here to pick you up at 8″ thing.  takes you out to dinner at least once a week.  loves to take you shopping and buy you things.  100% the boyfriend in sephora spending $200 dollars on his girl.  netflix and actually just chilling and napping.

gemini ❤ : always has you laughing.  you hardly ever just hang out at home because he always wants to go somewhere and do something.  has like 50000 anecdotes to tell you and just when you think he has to be out of stories he has another.  full of surprises, surprise gifts and surprise things about him.

cancer ❤ : big ‘ol whinebaby.  texts you ‘i miss you baby’ 5 minutes after you left.  will spend the entire day with you cuddling and napping and cuddling.  makes you mac’n’cheese before you come over without you even mentioning you’re hungry.  can always tell if something is wrong.

leo ❤ : super over-the-top with all the dates he takes you on.  hot air balloon rides and shit.  literally the biggest baby ever, he always wants to give you a backrub and always wants to be the little spoon.  constantly touching you, playing with your hair, holding your hand, touching your waist.  shows you off to his friends.

virgo ❤ : art museum and aquarium dates.  he makes you watch documentaries with him and won’t take no for an answer.  always well-dressed and lookin sexy and you don’t know what to do with yourself.  folds your laundry and calls you hun.

libra ❤ : literally wants to go to the grocery store with you.  he’ll call you up because he’d rather go pick up milk and bread with you than by himself.  buys you flowers and calls you pretty all the time.  constantly holding your hand everywhere you go and kisses your nose a lot.

scorpio ❤ : wants to share all his favorite things with you.  he wants you to love his favorite TV show and wants you to love his dog.  very vocal about how much he loves you, will send you paragraphs via text about how much you’ve made his life better.  loves to jokingly tease you but if anyone else does it he’ll knock them down.

sagittarius ❤ : you guys have a money jar labelled with the places you want to go together.  will honestly tell you if those pants make you look fat or not.  always up for anything, seems like he never sleeps and if you text him at any hour he’ll always offer to come pick you up.  

capricorn ❤ : buys you roses super often.  shows how much he loves you with the little things; picks up stuff that reminded him of you in the store and watches your favorite movie even if he doesn’t like it.  loves cuddling, believe it or not, and likes to lay on your chest and kiss your chin.

aquarius ❤ : takes you to the absolute best parties and doesn’t leave your side the entire time, is always standing there holding your waist and kissing your cheek.  shows you all the places he loves to go to, his favorite restaurant and his favorite park.  loves going on walks with you.

pisces ❤ : you literally receive “hey, thinking about you, you okay?” texts before you’ve even mentioned that you’re upset about something.  loves telling you about his ideas and dreams.  little spoon 100%, wants you to hold him and kiss his head.  always complimenting you and telling you how much you mean to him. 


You can take my hand and I can take the lead.


the little things i love about lee jihoon: the way he “high five” someone // insp. by: x

Now that we’re under the 24 hour mark for my deadline, I’ll be switching over to rambling text posts soon just to get this stuff out of my brain and onto my blog. I normally like adding screencaps and careful explanations, but… not today.

Buckle up for the full Anderson experience. 😉

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do you know what i want to see in season 2 of shadowhunters? 

maia being unapologetically black and loving it! 

giving absolutely zero fucks about anyone who finds her loving herself for who she’s and her blackness as ‘intimidating’ or ‘threatening’. for real like goddamnit im sick and tired of seeing how the media continuously reprimands black woman for loving themselves. hence why most narratives surrounding black woman in the media always consist of so much self-loathing and hatred.

like damn black women deserve to be happy too!


 * i can already hear all the ‘white feelings’ i have hurt by saying that oops so not sorry about it*

it would be so refreshing to see a character like maia embrace her identity as a black woman as being a positive aspect about herself. that her being black is something she’s 100% proud of and cherishes; something she takes in every stride she walks.

the fact that an unapologetic black girl is deemed a ‘threat’ by white audiences (especially white female audiences) goes to show how the media along with society try to reinforce that a black woman that is confident and assertive about herself is inferior. trust me it’s so hard to unlearn internalised misogynoir. it’s a daily process in itself

no, it shouldn’t be like that! it should be encouraged, praised even! that’s why movements like black girl magic and black girls rock are so important to the black community in the first place. but some of y’all white feminists™ always have to come along spoil it for us. hmm i wonder why? anyways i’m off topic. 

tl;dr : maia roberts being unapologetically black is a big YES!