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Her Defender

Jax Teller imagine, fluffy with some drama at the end :)

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Driving into TM, you park the car in one of the vacant spaces. Jumping out, you pull open the back door, unclipping Abel from his car seat and lifting him up into your arms.

Managing to shut the door, even with Abel wriggling excitedly, you lock it, placing down the energetic three year old who immediately runs off in the direction of his unsuspecting father.

“Daddy!” Your boyfriend of a year turns around, his face lighting up in a grin as he opens his arms, his son jumping into them. You smile lovingly, the image in front of you never ceasing to warm your heart.

Walking to meet them, Jax looks at you, his grin getting wider as he takes in your appearance. Abel had decided he wanted to play hair stylist this morning, your hair being tugged and tied into what is supposed to be two pony tails.

When you tried to take them out before leaving, he begged you not to, and not being able to say no to the beautiful little boy, you did as he said and left them in.

“Hey, baby.” Jax leans over as you reach him, you placing a kiss on his lips. “Eventful morning?” He teases, his gaze flickering to your hair.

“I did (Y/N)’s hair, daddy.” His face is beaming with pride as Jax holds him, his hands gripping onto his dad’s kutte.

Jax looks at Abel, sweeping a stray lock of hair out of his face. “Did you?” He fakes a gasp, his son giggling. “No wonder she looks so pretty.“ The little boy smiles even wider, hugging his dad before spotting Gemma from a few steps away.

Jax puts him down, letting him scutter off, reaching his Grandma and hugging her leg. You turn your gaze to Jax, his arms pulling you into his chest, yours slipping around his waist.

Resting your head against his chest, you breathe him in, the scent of your Old Man being your favourite, most comforting scent in the world. He places a kiss to the top of your head, lingering for a few seconds.

“You look cute today.” His chest vibrates against you, your eyebrows raising as you look up, meeting his eyes. His breathtaking smile is present, his eyes glistening.

“Jax, I have no makeup on and I have pigtail braids in my hair.“ He laughs as you scold him, your lips twitching at the sound. “I look like a five year old.”

He looks down at you, placing another kiss on your lips, teasingly pulling your bottom lip as he pulls away. Your body tingles, his touch forever having it’s effect on you.

He shakes his head, slightly tilting it to the side. “Nah. You look like the girl I’m in love with.” Your heart flutters, warmth making its way to your cheeks as you fail to hide the soft upturn of your lips.

Trying to keep your cool and not fall to pieces right then and there, you hum quietly, sliding your hands under his shirt, his broad back warm under your fingers. “Who knew you were one for romance?”

He scoffs, faking offence, your touch making his body buzz, his mind already whirring with thoughts of your hands being somewhere else.

“Hey, I’m all about the fairytale baby.” You roll your eyes, smiling, and lean up to place a lingering kiss on his pink lips.

“What time you home tonight? Gemma has offered to have Abel and it’d be nice to have some time to ourselves.” His eyes darken slightly as you lightly scratch his lower back. “I can cook if you want?”

He hums in agreement, leaning down to whisper in your ear. “Your food won’t be the only thing I’ll be eating.”

Your core tingles in excitement, his hands slipping down to squeeze your bum as he pushes himself against you. Your cheeks heat up, a wolf whistle from across the way making you bury your head in Jax’s chest, a laugh rumbling from him.

“Get it, Jackie Boy.” Chibs hollers, the laugh of Tig being audible.

“Oh, I will.” He shouts smugly, making you groan into his chest. You pull away, trying to slip out of his grip in fake annoyance, knowing you could never truly be annoyed with him. He grips you tighter, squeezing you as he picks you up and spins you around.

You squeal, laughing as you grip his jacket. He places you down, kissing your forehead. “I’ll be home by six.” He promises.

“Alright. I’m gonna go to the supermarket, so I’ll see you later.”He nods, turning you around and smacking your ass playfully. Walking away, you glare jokingly over your shoulder, his eye dropping into a wink.

After retrieving Abel from Gemma and her promising to pick him up at four, you put him in his car seat and leave the lot, heading to the supermarket.

A few hours later, it was just past five in the afternoon. Abel was in the safe hands of his Grandma, and you were getting ready. The food was cooking away, giving you some time to pamper.

Clean and smelling of strawberries, you were currently finishing your makeup, swiping the wand of the mascara through your lashes.

A huge smash of glass downstairs makes you freeze in place, blood pumping through your ears as loud, deep voices sound near the front of the house.

Jumping up, you grab your phone, looking around for somewhere to hide. You weren’t sure who would be breaking in, but they didn’t sound like they wanted a chat.

Spinning around, you move quietly to the wardrobe, squeezing inside as best as possible.

Your whole body is shaking, panic running through you as you try to be calm, think rationally. Dialing your phone, you turn the call volume down to the lowest setting, listening out with your other ear to keep track of the intruders.

“Hey darlin’, I’m leaving soon-” You cut him off, trying to keep your voice at a whisper but still trying to be audible.

“Someone’s in the house. I heard a smash and now, now I can hear voices.” You stutter, your voice shaky with fear. “They’re gonna find me, Jax. What do I do?” You cry, wishing he could somehow reach through the phone and carry you to safety.

“Babe, breathe for me. Hide somewhere, I’ll be there as quick as I can.” He tries to be confident, his body as flooded with fear. Not because of the intruders, but of the thought of anything happening to you. “Is Abel with you?”

Tears fall down your cheeks as the voices get clearer, louder, closer. “No, Gemma has him. Please hurry Jax.” You beg, your breaths fast and scared.

“I will, baby. Stay hidden. I love you.” He tells you, hoping the words will calm you as he cuts off. You make sure the phone is on silent, gripping it so hard in your hands you’re surprised it hasn’t broke.

Your heart is in your mouth as you hear the bedroom door slam open, heavy footsteps flooding into the room.

“Where is this bitch?” The Chinese accent of a man fills the room, you trying to hold your breath and only take small breaths when needed.

Through the slats in the door of the wardrobe, you can see three men, all tall and Chinese, searching the room. You look to their hands, seeing a machete in one of the men’s hands, guns big carried by the other two. You feel like screaming, but you know nobody would hear quick enough to save you.

“Check the other rooms. And see if the fucking kid is here, too. Nothing better than delivering a father chunks of his son.” The tallest man laughs, the other two men laughing as well before leaving to search the other rooms. You thank God Abel isn’t here, knowing at least if something happened to you, the precious little boy would be safe and sound.

Every second that the man scopes around in your room, just footsteps away from your hiding place, you pray to hear the roar of engines, the shouts of the MC. But, nothing.

You feel disgust crawl over your skin like a cape, as the man starts to look through your draws. He pulls out a piece of lingerie from your underwear draw and brings it up to his face, inhaling deeply. You almost gag, feeling violated in your own home.

He stuffs the panties into his pocket, your body shaking at what these men would do to you once they found you. Would they rape you? Beat you? Kill you?

A small cry leaves your lips at the thought of never seeing Jax or Abel again, the man whipping around to face the source of the noise. He slowly begins to move towards you, like a tiger closing in on his prey, as you try to back yourself into the wardrobe as far as you can. Your heart feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest, tears covering your face as you start to face the reality that you’re going to be caught, used, hurt by these men.

Just as he reaches the door, his hand hovering over the handle, you hear the rush of motorbikes from outside. You close your eyes in relief, finding some kind of hope that your saviours are here.

“Quick! They’re here!” One of the intruders shout, the man in front of you running and leaving the room.

You keep your position, not wanting to step out in case the boys mistake you for another Chinese. You hear gun shots, lots of them, before you hear footsteps by your room.

“(Y/N)?! Where are you?!” Jax shouts, panic in his voice. You throw open the doors of the wardrobe, running towards your boyfriends voice.

“Jax!” You choke, exiting the room and seeing his figure as you round the corner. You run straight into his arms, not caring if anybody else is watching. You sob uncontrollably into his chest, your mind racing with what just happened and what could’ve happened, had the boys not got here first.

He wraps his arms around you protectively, stroking your hair calmingly. “I’ve got you, you’re safe. You’re safe.”

He repeats his words, trying to reassure you and calm you down. He flicks his head to Chibs, indicating him to take Tig, Happy and the member of the Chinese that they kept alive for interrogation, away from here. He nods, leaving silently as you continue to cry, small hiccups leaving your throat.

Once he hears the door shut, he picks you up, carrying you to the living room. Sitting down on the chair, you sit in his lap, his hands rubbing soothing circles up and down your back. Your cries start to slow, your body feeling weak and empty.

You both sit there in silence, your sniffles being the only noise in the room. Jax is so conflicted. He feels angry, relieved, guilty, upset, so many different emotions.

“I’m so sorry, darlin’.” Is all he says, his heart heavy with blame. You hold onto his shirt, the material soft between your fist, as you nod, trying to tell him it’s OK.

After another ten minutes of silence, he hears your soft snores. Swooping your fringe gently to the side, he sees your eyes shut, mouth parted slightly, cheeks red and blotchy from the tears. His heart aches, the love he has for the girl in his lap so deep he can’t even comprehend it. Just the thought of living without her is enough to bring him to his knees, his world looking dark and empty without you.

Trying not to wake you, he lifts you up, carrying you bridal style to the bedroom. He manages to pull the sheet back, placing you on the bed. He pulls off your socks, leaving your shirt and sweatpants on, and covers you over with the duvet.

He takes off his clothing, leaving himself in just his boxers, before slipping into bed next to you, pulling you into his chest. Your body subconsciously locks his legs with yours, a tangle of limbs forming.

He places a long kiss to the exposed skin on your neck, his arms tightening around your waist, thinking that if he holds you close enough, tight enough, then no bad or harm can ever come to you.

Closing his eyes, he breathes the scent of you in, the smell being what he would call home. He can rest like this, knowing that as long as you’re in his arms, he will make sure he protects you with his life.

A/N - Hey guys! I hope you like this :) I got inspiration from a prompt about the “you look like the girl I’m in love with” part and then just went with the flow lol :) I hope you liked it! I’ll probably do a smut one shot next, maybe a Happy Lowman one? I want to keep my uploads quite varied with members and with themes. Thank you for reading, feel free to request! Xxx

The Scars You Can’t See And The Ones You Can’t Hide

Request by @depressedandoverexpressed : Could you please write an imagine where before the reader started to hunt with the Winchesters she was captured and held by (choose any monster) and tortured for a really long time. The boys bring up one of her scars and she panics and Dean calms her down

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: blood, death, angst, somewhat of a panic attack, torture and abuse

Words: 2231

A/N: I chose the Wendigo as a monster for this, even though I had to break its habits a bit in order to make it work in this imagine. And whilst it seems like there are plot holes, I swear everything is planned out in my head but i didn’t include every single detail in the imagine. Also I wanted to include the (well deserved) Dean fluff at the end.
If you have any requests feel free to put them in my inbox. Other than that enjoy :)

As much as you loved hunting, you absolutely hated the dirt. Being a hunter wasn’t pretty, not by any means, it was hard and filthy. Not only in the emotional and human aspect it was like this, but in the physical sense too. Especially hunts in the woods or on farms would leave you dripping with mud, not to mention the blood that often added to the mix.

This hunt hadn’t gone any different. Werewolves were the targets this time; with a whole pack living on an abandoned farm you already knew it’d get dirty. Oh boy you’ve had no idea how right you actually were. By the time you got back to the motel with Sam and Dean, all three of you were sweaty, smelly and covered with blood, mud and something you didn’t even want to know what it was.

Sam and Dean were the first to take a shower, for some reason you rather collapsed on the bed whilst they were taking their showers. Sam laid down on the other bed whist Dean was showering, as soon though as Dean was dressed they both got up.

“Where are you two headin’?” a yawn escaped you, as you got up and walked towards the bathroom. Sam was already standing in the open door, jacket on and the doorknob in hand, whilst Dean picked up the impala keys.

“We’re grabbing some dinner for us, whilst you shower. You did most of the work today so we’ll get you some food.” Dean smirked briefly and added in a lowered voice: “Don’t worry I’ll get you a real meal, not the stuff Sam considers addible.”

“Dude!” Sam slapped Dean on the back of his head, whilst Dean just chuckled. You slightly rolled your eyes at the two brothers, not bothering to hold back the smile on your lips as you saw the boy teasing one other. “Okay, go.” You simply said, already half in the bathroom.

As soon as you heard the door close behind them, you started shedding out of your clothes. The bathroom mirror was huge, a sight escaped your lips and your heart sped up at the thought of what you could see in there and why you’d see it. Even though the mirror was clouded by steam from the previous two showers, you still turned around for good measure.

Making sure to not look at yourself for too long, you quickly shed your clothes and got into the shower. The water was hot, almost burning and probably too hot for most people, but just right for you. It served two purposes, the first being that the hot water would calm you down and ground you; making you realize you were alive and finally somewhere better. The other purpose being that the steam prevented you from seeing yourself too clearly.

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