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Whats running through the guys head after a real good love making and they are watching their s/o just doze off.

Osomatsu: Staring at almost sleeping people seems creepy, but he couldn’t help himself. Just letting out all the past…distractions on his s/o, he took time to quietly appreciate them. Oso glazes at their lips, still bruised from the rough kisses, to the way their eyes drowsily try to keep open. It was beautiful.

Karamatsu: Couldn’t believe it, he never believes it. Each time they say their “I love you’s” is unimaginable, but to know they have his marks. Its over romanizing he knows, but just being here with them was better. Kara reaches over, gently stroking their cheek; checking if this was real. 

Choromatsu: So tired, watching them in what feels like a lucid dream. Deep breathes that go in and out lure him peacefully to the promise of rest. For a moment Choro ponders over how safe he feels, how right the world is right now.

Ichimatsu: Wonders if his s/o is okay. Its bitter sweet to see his s/o looking so relaxed after he touched them.  Ichi glares their once unmarked skin, not being able to decide if he liked them due to some possessive nature, or if he hated them cause he did them. But those thoughts calm down when he seems his s/o’s flushed cheeks .

Jyushimatsu: All he can think about it how much he loves them, how much he wants to cuddle them, how if anything were to happen to them he’d break down, and how adorable they look when they sleep! The usually things, that make you want to hold on to what you have closer.

Todomatsu: Takes a moment to see if they have any embarrassing sleeping habits like drooling. Than he could take a picture and tease them. But they looked beautiful, and he just ended up staring just for the sake of staring. Didn’t he read somewhere that somebody had to be comfortable in order to not wake up from being stared at? Its a cute thought…Todo thinks he’ll keep it and them close.

The Blackest Day | *Young* Derek Hale Imagine

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request:  If you want a derek imagine maybe you can do a young one where it’s like you’re his first love and he ends up killing you and his eyes turning blue. Essentially y/n is paige but not. Do you understand that would be great. Love your work by the way

word count: 1303

warnings: mention of blood, violence

A/N: omg good i got so sad while writing this but anyway thank you soo much for this request (first derek imagine, yay!)

“Derek, we have to be quiet”, you mumbled against your boyfriend’s lips. “My parents are downstairs” Derek smirked and continued tickling you. You wreathed yourself under his soft touch and tried not to laugh out loud. Derek and you had been dating for two weeks and this was the most beautiful time of your life. It was after midnight and he had sneaked into your house as usual. You two couldn’t stand being without each other for more than two hours which was why you would see each other kind of the whole day. But it wasn’t like one of you was clinging, both of you were totally okay with being this near to one another. “You look so beautiful, Y/N”, Derek breathed out and his hot breath touched your skin causing you to shiver. You blushed automatically like always when Derek complimented you. “I’m not kidding”, he whispered and you couldn’t help yourself but connect your lips to his. The kiss was soft and you could feel that Derek truly loved you. Suddenly Derek pulled away and turned around. “Derek? Are you okay?”, you asked suddenly scared that you did something wrong. He just nodded. After some minutes he turned around again and faced you. “Derek, you’re hiding something from me”, you mumbled. He shook his head. “Why are you acting this mysterious? Like you suddenly turn away when we kiss, one day per month you don’t want to see me and I’m not even allowed to call you and the other day you act all weird and kind of sad. I don’t know what is happening but you can tell me”, you proposed. Derek’s eyes began watering. “Come with me, I have to show you something”, he simply said and got up. “It’s middle of the night. Where are we going, Derek?”, you asked feeling a little scared. “Just trust me, Y/N. You have to trust me”, he mumbled and intertwined your hands when you had gotten up. Derek led you over the street and into the woods. You started getting cold because it was winter and you were only wearing your thin nightie. Your boyfriend stopped and turned around. “Here take this”, he said and handed you his basketball jacket. He helped you putting the jacket on before he grabbed your wrists. “I love you, Y/N”, he said and kissed you shortly before he took a few steps away from you. “I love you too”, you breathed. Derek smiled a broken smile before he put down his shirt. Suddenly his eyes turned yellow and his fingers became claws. You weren’t able to say anything, you just stood there and watched your boyfriend turning into a.. wolf. His face changed and became more hairy. He came closer to you. “Y/N, this is still me”, Derek growled. You nodded, still shocked. Derek turned around and made his claws and everything else disappear. “I’m a werewolf”, he whispered while turning around. “Do you believe that?”, he wanted to know. You nodded slowly. “Are you scared?”, he asked. You didn’t react. Not because you didn’t understand him or something, you just didn’t know if you were scared or not. You were still in love with this boy, werewolf or not, right? Derek grabbed your hands. “Y/N, please answer me. I can’t stand this silence”, he begged. You looked into his green eyes, the eyes you had fallen in love with. “I love you, Derek”, you said slowly. “No matter what you are or what you do”“, you added and softly touched his cheek. "Y/N, you have to promise me something”, he replied, still sad. “Derek”, you tried to stop him, not knowing what he was about to say. “I promise you, Y/N, that I’m never going to hurt you and if I ever do you have to kill me. Y/N, please promise me this”, he whispered and held your hands in his. You looked up, tears filling your eyes. “I can’t, Derek. I could never ever kill you”, you answered. Derek nodded. “I can’t be around you, if you can’t promise me this”, he explained, his eyes starting to water too. You tried to smile but you weren’t able to. “But Derek, I need you. I c-can’t…”, you stuttered. “I love you, Y/N. More than I ever loved anyone else”, he just said and planted a soft kiss on your forehead. Suddenly he was gone. “I love you too, Derek Hale”, you said into the wind but there was no answer. Months went by and you didn’t see Derek, well, you saw him, in your dreams. But you didn’t see him again, standing right in front of you and softly touching you. One night you couldn’t stand the thought of Derek and you decided to take a walk. It was already past midnight but you didn’t care. You left the house and walked into the woods, breathing in the fresh night air. You smiled. Sometimes this was the only way you could feel free, but you were happy that you could feel free anymore.You looked up and realized that between the clouds, the was a full moon. You couldn’t help yourself but think of your first love, Derek. Somewhere else he was turning into a werewolf right now but you had never gotten the chance to see him fully turned and it made you kind of sad. You sat down a tree trunk and studied the flowers that where about to bloom the next day. You looked at the trees and the stones, you could find something beautiful in all of it. Suddenly you heard a loud howl and you winced scared. “Is there somebody?”, you asked, aware of the fact that it was totally pointless to ask. You recognized a shadow scampering between the trees and you started to shiver. Suddenly a black wolf came out of the woods and his eyes were glowing yellow, just like Derek’s used to. You would recognize these eyes everywhere. “Derek? Is this you?”, you asked and smiled. It had to be him.You got up and went closer to him wanting to touch his soft fur. The wolf looked up and into your eyes. You saw something in these eyes, you couldn’t describe what it was, but it didn’t seem to be something good. “Derek?”, you murmured scared and stopped your actions, all of sudden you were afraid to touch him. You remembered that he said he could hurt you which was why he ran away. The black wolf sat down but only to start a huge leap right onto your body. You winced and tears started streaming down your face, when Derek’s claws drilled into your arm leaving a deep scratch along your upper arm. Blood starting dripping from your wound and it started to hurt even more. “Derek! This is me, Y/N!”, you screamed but he didn’t seem to hear a single word you said. His yellow eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and pure lust. He got down from you and after a few seconds you felt a sharp pain at the inside of your leg. Derek’s acute teeth had bored themselves into your skin, making you lose even more of you blood. The only things you could see was blood and the last thing you saw were Derek’s eyes when he sunk his teeth into your neck, ripping your head off. The life left your body and suddenly you were gone, there was only a pale, bloody body laying in the woods. What you weren’t able to see was, how Derek’s eyes turned blue and he growled into the night, before he turned back to human. He killed an innocent person and that wasn’t even the worst. He killed his first love.

A Night You Won’t Forget (Bucky x Reader)

Title: A Night You Won’t Forget

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Lots of requests for this)

Word Count: 1,058 Words (Oops, kind of short)

Warnings: Fluff, Birthday BASH

Prompt: Bucky remembers the reader’s birthday when no one else does and then they throw a party!

A/N: Ok, this is the fluffy birthday oneshot for all y’all.  I’m kind of in love with Bucky right now anyway so it’s perfect that lots of you guys wanted him! Sorry if this one sucks, I didn’t have much time to write it.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Tomorrow was Y/N’s birthday, one of the few people that Bucky felt comfortable with.  When you first met Bucky, he was scared and alone; but you managed to help him out of his shell.  One thing many people did not know about James Buchanan Barnes was that he liked to ask a LOT of questions.  

As surprising as it may be, once Bucky felt comfortable with a person, he would never shut up.  One of the first questions he asked was when your birthday was.  You were slightly taken aback by the sudden question but you happily obliged, telling him the date. 

And Bucky remembered that date, along with every other detail about you.  Thing was, James was falling in love with you, he just didn’t know it yet.  
But the other Avengers could tell.  One piece at a time, they put Bucky’s actions together like a puzzle, finally realizing what the end result was: Bucky Barnes was in love with you.  

Each of them picked up little hints; like the way Bucky would let you touch his metal arm, or the way he would touch you softly on your shoulder when you had conversations.

Steve found out first.  From the way Bucky would look at you in glances, lingering on your features for just a second too long.  From the way Bucky would look at you like you were the most important person in the world. Steve knew because that’s how he used to look at Peggy.


Bucky zoomed down the hall, nearly knocking over Clint on his way to the kitchen.

“Hey!” Clint protested, using the wall to steady himself.

Bucky ignored the archer as he sat down at the kitchen table with a notebook in hand.

“Whatcha got there, Buck?” Steve asked, peering over James’s shoulder to look at the paper in his best friend’s hands.  The other Avengers gathered around, eager to see what the Winter Soldier was so excited about.

“It’s birthday plans for Y/N,” he said, looking up when no one made a sound.  "Today’s her birthday.“

Clint rubbed his neck and stretched.  "Hate to break it to ya’ kid, but Y/N doesn’t really do birthdays.  Heck, I don’t know if she even remembers what day it is.”

“Really?” asked Bucky, hoping the disappointment wasn’t evident on his face.

 "Well, I guess it’ll be even more of a surprise than it’s supposed to be.“

Bucky had everything planned out.  He had already ordered your favorite food from a catering place across town, and he’d already bought you a perfect gift.  The only thing he had left to do was get the decorations set up.


The night was beautiful and the Avengers tower never looked better.  

Y/N’s favorite color was the theme of the night, only to be illuminated by bright yet small lights that Bucky had strung from the ceiling.  The team had helped out Bucky immensely the whole day.  

Without the other Avengers, James probably couldn’t have made it this magnificent.  Natasha even picked out a dress that matched the theme of the party.

Bucky prayed that this was going to be a night you wouldn’t forget, even if you didn’t celebrate your birthday often.

The time had almost arrived as you had been training with Wanda the whole day.  Her job was to distract you until 8pm, when the party began.
Bucky waited anxiously, hoping to confess something he’d wanted to tell you for a while now.


“Wanda! Why do I even need to get dressed up? Tony told me we’re just going out for dinner, nothing too fancy.” you said, protesting as Wanda put a diamond earring in each of your ears.

“I’m getting dressed up, too.  Tony says we’re uh, um.. meeting with somebody.” Wanda stalled, looking for a way out of this conversation.

You looked beautiful.  Your F/C dress hung loosely at your legs and tightened around your back, accenting your hips and waist.

“I think we’re ready, let’s head to the tower now.” Wanda said, offering you a hand from the chair you were seated at.

“Tower? I thought we were eating somewhere.” you asked, looking at the Maximoff with suspicion.

“Ah, yes. But, um the person we’re meeting with wants to eat at the tower.” she said, covering up her mishap.

“Ok, let’s go then. Man, I really hate heels.” you said, grimacing as you already began to feel a blister settle in.


Bucky waited quietly near the door, pulling nervously on the inside of his collar.  Y/N was going to walk through that door any moment now.  No one was hiding, everyone figured that’d be too cliche.  So instead everyone waited quietly for the moment that had yet to come.

There was the ding of the elevator door and Wanda and Y/N stepped out.

Y/N stood there in awe until she broke out into a grin.  "You guys remembered?”

“Actually. It was all terminator over here.” Tony said, as he clapped Bucky on the shoulder.

“Aw, Buck.” you said as you grabbed him in your outstretched arms and held him tightly for a hug.

The rest of the night continued smoothly with a few adult party games here and there.  Until Tony brought out the Tequila, everyone was doing fine.  But after 1am, things got a little rough.

You and Bucky found your way in the corner of the room, away from all the action on the dance floor.

“I wanted to thank you,” you said, stepping closer to Bucky.  "Usually, I don’t celebrate my birthday, but this party meant a lot to me.

Bucky gave you a genuine smile as he began to pull out the jewelry box fro his suit pocket.  "I wanted to give you something.“

You gasped as Bucky opened the dainty box to reveal a silver necklace with a mesmerizing crystal at the bottom of it.

"Oh, Bucky,” you murmured, not taking your eyes off of the necklace. “It’s beautiful.”

You looked up at him and he spoke once again, “Now you know what it’s like every time I look at you.”

You looked up into his blue eyes and pulled him in tightly for a kiss.  It was a gentle one, one that you simply melted into.  You stood there for a moment, swaying slightly to the music.  Bucky slid his metal arm onto your waist as you pulled back, a slight tingling sensation still on your lips.

“This is a night I will never forget.”

It Was Nice To See You Again (Brohm Dead By Daylight AU)

Okay, like promised, here’s my first Brohm oneshot!

@gochilad requested “ I was wondering if you’d like to make a Dead by Daylight AU where Ohm is the lonely killer who just wants somebody to love and then Bryce comes in and he’s like “oh shit a beautiful person”.” This isn’t quite what you asked for, but I think it’s relatively close, so there’s that, at least! I tried to mix in actual Dead By Daylight mythos, too, with where the killers are presumed to come from. I hope you enjoy!

Bryce raced through the woods, terror fueling his run. His breath came out of his mouth in harsh pants.

A twig snapped somewhere behind him, and he pushed himself to go faster, before crouching down behind a large tree.

He didn’t remember how long he’d been doing this. It felt like years since he’d last seen the real world. There was just the endless repetition of waking up in the forest, finding generators, and either escaping through the doors or the hatch, or dying to whatever monster was after them that time.

There was the sound of clunking boots, and then, practically right next to him, just on the other side of the tree, he heard a trap getting set. A generator banged on the opposite side of the enclosed yard, and the boots clunked away towards it.

Bryce crept out from behind the tree, and started to fiddle with the trap. He doubted that he’d be able to do anything, as he didn’t have a toolbox handy, but he always tried if he got the chance.

The bear trap remained stubbornly open. Bryce muttered angrily under his breath, and decided to give up and try and get a generator.

Before he could even start off in any direction, there was an ear-piercing shriek from the direction of the wall which encased the yard. The direction the trapper, the monster, had gone in. It was accompanied by a familiar, sickening crunch.

Someone had been hanged on a hook.

Bryce considered going towards them, helping them get off of the hook, but he was tired. He was so tired of going to save people, just to watch them die right before he got there. Someone else could save them, and he’d work on a generator.

By the time he was done, the screaming had grown. It must’ve been a new victim, someone that had only just been pulled from the real world into this horror filled reality. They were still adjusting to the torturous cycle that all the humans were stuck in.

They only needed one generator. Bryce could go get it done. But at the same time, the other human was still hanging from the hook, surely nearly dead by now. He could go save them. Or at least try to.

He started to creep ever so slowly in the direction that the screaming had come from, cautious. If the coast was clear, he’d save them. If the trapper was anywhere nearby, he was just going to go after the last generator.

He could see the victim now, struggling against the spider-like claws. The monster was nowhere in sight Bryce ran towards the other person, a woman, he thought, though in the dark it was hard to tell, and started to pull them down from the hook.

“Th-thank you. Thank you so much….” She started to sob into his shoulder. Yeah, she was definitely new to this whole thing. Only the newest victims took the time to thank those that saved them. It wasted valuable time.

“Don’t thank me yet. We have to go. Like, now. Run!” He pushed her in a random direction, then took off, heading to the left, as soon as her instincts took over and she started to leave, as fast as she could.


Oh, god, he was in so much pain. His mind went practically blank, only sensing the agony that was the bear trap around his leg. He started to struggle, desperately. As he did, lights went up around the perimeter, flashing for a minute before fading away. Someone had gotten the last generator. The victims could escape. But Bryce was stuck, trapped, all because he’d gone over to help someone. Typical.

The trapper came up behind him, and Bryce struggled all the more fiercely, even as he felt the metal grinding on his bones. But the trapper just stared for a second, before walking away towards the door. Apparently, Bryce wasn’t as much of a risk, which he was grateful for. The monster would go after the others, leaving Bryce with enough time to free himself from the bear trap, then get to the door himself.

But before he had a chance, the trapper came back, cursing loudly. The others must’ve escaped already. Bryce tried to shift back into the tall grass, but just whimpered in pain.

“Well, I guess you’re all that’s left, then.” The monster grumbled. He went to reach down for Bryce.

Bryce blinked, eyebrows furrowing in confusion, even as he tried to duck under the massive man’s arm. “H-have I heard your voice before?”

The man paused. “What?”

“Your voice sounds familiar. Like this guy I knew, back when I first showed up in this forest.” Bryce had accepted the fact that he’d lost this time, was going to die on a hook, but he couldn’t drop the question. It was important. And he didn’t know when he’d next be in this trapper’s yard, so he had to ask now. “He’d been here way longer than me. He was a cool guy. Really smart.” The trapper had stilled. Bryce couldn’t see his face under the mask, but he could see the man’s fingers flexing, like he was thinking, but also irritated. “We kinda made out once or twice. I don’t actually know how much he cared about me, but honestly, it was just nice to see a friendly face.” At this point, he wasn’t even talking for the sake of the question, just rambling, fear leading him to remember more than he had in a long time. “I stopped ever seeing him, well, a while ago. I miss him.” Suddenly, Bryce realized that the trapper, a potentially supernatural killer, was staring at him like he was insane, and he blushed. “I just- you sound like him, is all I’m saying.”

“Uh-huh.” He could sense the raised eyebrow, rather than see it. His blush grew.

“His name was Ohm. Have you at least seen him, while you’ve done your murdery things? It’d be nice to know he was still alive. Then again, you probably don’t ask people’s names much, do you?”

The trapper was silent for a moment, then spoke, sounding practically human. “When the humans in the forest lose hope, they turn into one of us, the killers. He probably doesn’t remember you.” With that, the trapper reached down and pulled the stricken Bryce out of the bear trap, and flung him over his shoulder.

No. Ohm couldn’t be a monster. He’d taught Bryce everything there was to know about the forest. He’d been so good at everything. How could he have lost hope? How could he have turned into, into one of them? The killers?

Bryce was so distracted by his thoughts, he didn’t even notice where the trapper was carrying him to. He was dropped in front of a trapdoor.

He blinked, then glanced up at the trapper. “W- what?”

“Just go. You managed to bore me with your rambling.” The trapper crossed his arms and stared at him.

“Okay.” Bryce crawled into the hatch. Once he was there, he practically instinctively started to run, well, jog, with his injured leg, down the passageway.

“And Bryce?”

Bryce froze. The only person in the entire forest he’d ever told his name to was-

“It was nice to see you again.” Ohm said, before shutting the trapdoor behind him. As soon as the threat of being killed was gone, the entire cycle reset, and Bryce woke up in a clearing by a campfire, with three people he didn’t know.

They didn’t understand why he started crying.


Will You Be Mine? - Wanda x Reader *Valentines Day Request*

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(Requested by Anon) Wanda x reader oneshot where you find out that Wanda doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is and you go all out for her on and become her first Valentine please
Warnings: Swearing, fluff with Wanda
Admins Note: A Valentines imagine or one shot will be up everyday leading up to Valentines Day, so get following us so you can see them all.We are taking requests for Valentines Day, please send them in, along with normal requests for; imagines and one shots. Hope you like this, I haven’t wrote a Wanda request in a while, I miss writing her, she is my ultimate bae. - Rosalee

“What are you guys doing for Valentine’s Day?” you asked sitting down at the breakfast table, Natasha and Clint commented on the fact they were going to the cinema, Sam and Scott had a double date. You looked at Wanda who was frowning at everyone “you okay?” you asked with a small smile. You had a crush on Wanda since you met her, she is the prettiest girl you had met, she was nice and super badass; how could you not fall in love with her?
“Yeah, fine” she mumbled and frowned some more “question: what is Valentine’s Day?” she asked, everyone around the table widens their eyes as they looked at her, how could she not know what Valentine’s Day is? You loved today, all the cuteness plus the decorations were super cute, everyone was just nice on that day; showing their love and affections for the person they love dearly.
“You don’t know what Valentine’s Day is?” Natasha asked, as shocked as everyone else.
“That means you’ve never had a Valentine’s either” Scott spoke up, she frowned even more, she had no clue what any of that meant and it was kinda cute but at the same time sad.
“Valentine’s Day is basically a day where you spoil the person or people you love” you tell her and she nods slowly “so, some people plan dinners or little vacations over the day, it’s just a day of expressing your love or even declaring it” she nods smiles and nods, thinking the whole idea sounded silly but cute at the same time.  

That conversation was three days before Valentine’s Day. Ever since then you had been planning a whole day for Wanda, she had never experienced a whole romantic day on Valentine’s Day or even had a Valentine, so you decided to give her the best experience possible. Tony helped, he got you reservations are the best restaurant in New York, you had brought her roses and chocolates; you were doing the whole works. You wanted today be perfect for her, she deserves it, especially since she is your crush you wanted to go the extra mile and make today a day she would never forget.
Wanda didn’t think anything of today, she didn’t expect a card or a gift because she didn’t really have anyone to share today with, and even Pietro had a date. Everyone had someone but she still didn’t understand fully what today was, or why it was considered an actual holiday, that everyone celebrates. Wanda was thinking about asking to do something with you, since she likes you back but she thought you may have someone else to be with, so she was just going to treat this as a normal day; like she wasn’t alone or confused still.

You pushed the card underneath her door and ran off, the card was pink with a red glittery heart, inside was the message of her to meet you at the restaurant later tonight; you also left the flowers and chocolates outside her door, so when she does open the door she would see them sitting there. You were extremely nervous about today, she could just think you are creepy and weird, or she might find this endearing and cute; hopefully it was the latter.

When you see Wanda later in the day she had a faint smile etched upon her face, you grinned as she told you about her “secret admirer”, she sounded so excited but nervous at the same time; at least you were both on the same page. She did ask if you had something to do, you mentioned you also had a date tonight, she looked a little miffed at that but you didn’t think too much on that; you have a poor judgement of faces, so getting your hopes up about her being jealous over you having a date is farfetched, well in your opinion anyway.
You started to get ready for tonight by doing light, natural make up, also dressing in (Y/F/C) dress that reached your knees. You styled your hair so it was out of your face, once done you looked at yourself in the mirror, you looked good; great even, you felt really good about tonight, hopefully Wanda was feeling the same as you. Deciding you should leave before her, so you are there when she arrives.

You sat waiting for five minutes, nervously twiddling your thumbs as you waited, you watched as she was brought to the table. Her hair was curled to perfection, her lips were painted red and she had a beautiful red dress on, she looked like an Angel. Her smile brightened once she sees you, her mouth going agape as she shakes her head, eyes shining with wonderment. You stand up and hug her gently, both sitting down as she thinks over everything, she had no idea or indication that she would be having dinner with you tonight. She honestly thought it would be somebody else, she even had a feeling Pietro and Clint were pranking her, make her show up to dinner alone whilst they laughed in the corner somewhere.
“This is seriously surprising, I had no idea who I would be meeting, thank you” you shrugged “really, thank you, I was just going to be alone and feel sorry for myself” you chuckled and nodded in agreement.
“Well, I figured since we both didn’t have anything or anyone to be with, why not spend it with each other, right?” she nodded with a smile, you both ordered (Y/F/D)’s and then looked through the menu for something to eat.

As you ate you talked about random stuff, mostly about Wanda getting used to the New York atmosphere, she seemed to be enjoying so far which is good; she talked about her childhood, along with her family before the whole disaster that happened. You talked about yourself, your family and friends back at home, how you became an Avenger. The ‘date’ was going perfectly, when it was time to go you both decided to walk back to the base, you talked as you walked back the cold New York air nipping at your face as you both laughed at some cheesy joke Scott Lang told you a couple days ago.
“(Y/N), I really appreciate tonight” Wanda tells you, you shrug with a small smile, telling her it was nothing “no, I really mean it. It means a lot to me, I never had anyone do anything like this, especially take me to a fancy place like that” she smiled lightly and you smiled back at her.
“You deserve the best experience of today, I’m glad I was the person to give it to you” she nodded, biting her lip as you both carried on walking in silence “I suppose I should declare my feelings for you now” you tell her, she looks at you a little shocked, stopping walking “I did say Valentine’s Day can also be the day you declare your love for someone” she grinned and nodded.
“Well, I guess it’s you and me both” you laugh loudly at each other.

“Can I kiss you?” Wanda asked, you nodded, and she stepped forward so you both were close together. This wasn’t how you pictured the night ending, you figured everything would go back to normal after today but turns out everything is turning out for the better, tomorrow would be a better day because Wanda would know how you feel and you knew how she felt for you.  Her lips were soft against yours, her lipstick tasted of cherries, the whole kiss felt soft and gentle much like how you imagined only this was better than your imagination.
“Will you be mine?” you asked as you pulled away, she grinned and nodded, pulling you into another kiss and if it was possible it was better than the first.

“Valentine’s Day?” Wanda started, walking and holding your hand as you walked back home, a smile gracing her face in the pale moonlight “I think it’s my favourite day” you chuckled and nodded along with her. 

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Indignation (Prompt #20)

Requested by anon:  20 w/ Scott?

#20: No, that’s what people call overprotective!

Y/N: Yay, finally another Scott one. :) Hope you’ll enjoy it!

“Y/N? Can I talk to you for a sec?”

You look up from your locker in surprise as the voice calls you. You don’t recognize it at the start, only as you see the face to it do you realize that it has been Brody Riggins. He is approaching you now, a big smile on his lips while his hands rest casually in his pockets. Displaying his cool guy look that makes him so successful with girls in school. You have been quite crushing on him once too. One or two years ago. But those times are long over.

Nevertheless, you return his smile as he stops right in front of you and close your locker before you lean against it. He’s not a bad guy. Nice and charming. There is no reason to act indifferent towards him.

“Of course. What’s up?”, you ask him.

He looks at you, squinting his eyes a little bit while he licks his lower subconsciously. Is he nervous? You have never seen Brody Riggins nervous. The sight irritates you.

“Hey…well…I just…I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you look today”, he mutters, making an awkward gesture that involves your whole body.

You look down on your with a frown. You are wearing jeans, a band shirt, All Stars and your hair in a ponytail because you were too lazy for anything else. Summed up: You look exactly like every day.

“Ehm…thank you”, you answer. “But…you know…if you want something from me, you just have to ask. No compliments needed.”

You wink at him but instead of laughing he responds with a weak smile.

“No, that’s not why I’m here. I’m sorry. What I really wanted to say: I think you look beautiful every day. I don’t really know why it took me so long to realize that but now I have and therefore I just wanted to ask you if…”

He never has the chance to end this sentence. He gets interrupted pretty rudely from somebody that suddenly appears behind your back and snaps: “Okay, that’s enough, Riggins. Don’t you have somewhere else to be?”

You turn around to stare at Scott in disbelief. His usual sunshine face is not happy at all right now. He literally glares at Brody and his whole body radiates a sense of passive aggressive danger while he protectively puts an arm around your shoulder. No wonder that Brody is absolutely intimated by this behaviour. He looks from you to him and back with an expression of utter confusion and embarrassment.

“Yeah…okay…I’m sorry, Y/N, I didn’t know…whatever.”

And with that he turns on his heels and flees the both of you with quick steps through the hallway. You shake off Scott’s arm, take a step back and still stare at him open mouthed. He, on the other hand, seems pretty satisfied.

“What was that?”, you ask him with a hint of indignation.

He just shrugs. “Only your best friend saving you from that douche. You can thank me later. I’ll see you at lunch.”

Well, that’s a new kind of crazy.

You are puzzled about the situation the whole day. There is no chance to talk to him as you are all meeting for lunch, mainly because you don’t want anybody to listen in. As you enter the library to get to work on your essay you already decide to forget about it.

You sit down on a table in the middle of the room and cram out your History book without any motivation whatsoever. Thankfully enough you don’t have to work too long until the first distraction arrives.

It’s Corey. Your classmate and kindergarten friend that had to go through so much lately. He sinks down next to you, looking somewhat exhausted. You give him a sympathetic smile.

“Are you alright, Corey?”, you ask him, leaning closer.

He sighs and rubs his tired eyes. “Yes, yeah…just a lot going on. Y/N, I know you have a lot to do yourself right now but…I could really need your help.”

“Course, what do you need?”

“Well…I have to do this math stuff and I missed so many classes the last few weeks…I am really lost there. You’ve always been pretty good at it, so…”

His voice trails off as he looks up at you, desperate and pleading. There is no way to say no to this face.

“Get your notes out, we’ll do an exclusive crash course!”, you declare enthusiastically and beam at him as he follows your order.

You discuss this and that mathematic problem with him for the next fifteen minutes. This is actually a lot better than doing your History essay. At least you carry on until Scott interrupts you for the second time today.

He just shows up, sits down on your other side and says in a provocative manner: “What are you doing here, Corey?”

“Chill, Scott, we are just studying”, you answer instead of him, shooting your ‘best friend’ a highly unnerved look.

Scott still doesn’t behave any less offensive. He keeps on staring at Corey and Corey seems more uncomfortable with every second.

“Studying, huh? He’s with Theo, Y/N, he will tell you every kind of story”, Scott claims.

“This has nothing to do with Theo”, Corey swears.

“Yeah, right. I don’t believe a word you say.”

“You know what? I’m outta here!”, you interrupt this stupid dialogue, closing your book with a loud thud and demonstratively stuffing it into your backpack. You are so angry right now that you just have to do a dramatic exit. Unfortunately, instead of being stunned and staying in his seat, Scott immediately decides to follow you.

You stomp out of the library and through the hallway with him on your heels. You would love to see his face but you stay strong and stare forward, pressing your lips together to an angry and strict line.

“Okay, I don’t get it! Are you angry at me?”, Scott asks you incredulously, softly putting a hand on your back.

You shake it off at once. “Yes, Sherlock, I am!”

“Why, what did I do wrong?”

Great, now he’s back to normal and his voice is filled with confusion and remorse. Your anger cools off a bit but you are still pissed at him.

“Seriously, Scott?”, you exhale, finally turning around to him as you reach your car. “Accusing Corey? Who is one of my oldest friends, by the way. And scaring off Brody for what reason ever without even giving me a chance to intervene? Does that ring a bell?”

He’s stunned for a second, squinting his eyes while he thinks about my words. Then he sighs and lowers his gaze to his feet. “I am just concerned about you, okay?”

“Concerned? No, that’s what people call overprotective!

He bites his lower lip and scans the parking lot uncomfortably while you plainly stare at him and wait for an answer.

“You are right. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have offended Corey”, he finally admits.

You raise your eyebrows. “What about Brody?”

“I won’t apologize for that, he was totally hitting on you!”, Scott exclaims stubbornly.

Your mouth drops open. “Ehm, yeah? What’s wrong with that?”

All of a sudden a whole new emotion appears in his brown eyes. He hurriedly tries to hide it but you notice it nevertheless. Hurt.

“I didn’t know you are into Brody Riggins”, he states bitterly.

“I’m not. That doesn’t mean that it’s not flattering. And I can reject boys myself, I don’t need someone to do that for me.”

He nods slowly and kicks on the pavement, still biting his lip. He has never acted like this in your presence. At least you can’t remember. You try to figure him out but the one possibility that would explain his behaviour and that comes into your mind is so unbelievable.

“Scott, did it bother you that someone hit on me?”, you carefully ask him because you can’t endure this weird tension anymore.

He clears his throat. “Maybe.”

“Since when?”

“Since…a long time.”

Wow. That’s new. You would’ve never guessed that somebody as kind and beautiful as Scott McCall would ever like you. In that way. Ever.

“You know…you could’ve just told me”, you remind him. Your anger is gone for good. Replaced by the rising joy that makes a small smile appear on your face. It grows even wider as he blushes.

“I am really not good at this”, he mumbles, obviously unhappy with how this all went.

You just push out an incredulous laugh. He’s so right, he’s absolutely awful in those things. Which means that you have to take this into your own hands.

“Don’t worry about it. Just pick me up on Friday at seven and stop this overprotective behaviour and we should be fine”, you tell him, stand on your tiptoes and softly kiss him on his cheek. Then you climb into your car with a big smirk on your face, feeling absolutely ecstatic.

Scott is speechless for a moment but before you can drive off he calls: “That means that we’re having a date, right?”

You laugh. “Yes, Scott. It does.”

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 heres a little playlist i threw together after just thinking of songs you and calum would sing lazily or slow dance together to when he has a day off to spend with you 

Shake It Out // Florence + The Machine

All I Want // Kodaline 

Cherry Wine-Live // Hozier 

Somewhere Only We Know // Keane 

Scene Two- Roger Rabbit // Sleeping With Sirens 

For Baltimore (Acoustic) // All Time Low 

Young and Beautiful // Lana Del Rey 

Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol 

The Only Exception // Paramore 

Yellow // Coldplay 

Wonderwall-Remastered // Oasis 

Stay With Me // Sam Smith 

Use Somebody // King of Leons 

 gif credit x

anonymous asked:

please explain to me how all girls are beautiful???

ok stop for a second. if you do not identify as female nobody gives a flying fuck about your perception of female beauty. if you identify as female take a good hard look at yourself bc you’re trying to argue that your own kind are not all beautiful wonderful creatures and that’s pretty fucking scummy of you! every single person who calls themselves a girl on this planet has something beautiful and magical about her and even if you don’t think so, somebody somewhere does. what the fuck is the point in arguing that “not all girls are pretty” like do you not think girls hear that enough? do you think the world showers women everywhere with praise and my saying that all girls are beautiful is harmful? i can’t believe you actually even sent me this i can’t believe you are really trying to argue that not all women are beautiful JUST BECAUSE I SAID NOT ALL MEN ARE. OMG WAAAAHHH :((((( YOU ARE WHINING ABOUT WHAT WAS LITERALLY PSEUDO-MISANDRY AND THAT MAKES YOU PRETTY PATHETIC. check yourself before you message me ever again

Hi guys. I couldn’t find the original blank to reblog since it apparently got deleted, so I put a new blank version from what I found in the October TC tag. These were not made by me! 

Day 1: How long have you known your TC for?

Day 2: What sets your TC apart from everyone else?

Day 3: If you were able to sing a song to your TC, what would it be and why?

Day 4: What fictional character does your TC resemble?

Day 5: If your TC called you beautiful, how would you react or respond?

Day 6: What landmark in the world best describes your TC?

Day 7: Do you think you’ll stay in contact with your TC after you leave? If you’ve already left, have you?

Day 8: Can you think of any advice for somebody currently crushing on their teacher?

Day 9: Have you ever gone somewhere with you TC non-school related?

Day 10: Has your TC ever complimented you? Either appearance or personality?

Day 11: Do you have a favourite outfit for your TC?

Day 12: Have you ever cried in front of your TC? How did they react?

Day 13: If your TC named their child after you, how would you feel?

Day 14: What has been your best moment with you TC?

Day 15: Has your TC ever flirted with you, be it playfully or seriously?

Day 16: Have you ever stalked them on social networking sites? If so, how often?

Day 17: Describe your TC in three words

Day 18: Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Day 19: Have either of your parents met your TC? If so what did they think of him/her?

Day 20: Are you or have you crushed on another teacher before? What happened?

Day 21: Have you ever met your TC’s partner/wife/husband? What was it like?

Day 22: Imagine your school is asking students to write an article on student teacher relationships and you’ve been asked to help. What sort of thing would you want to put in the article?

Day 23: How do you imagine your TC’s body to be like?

Day 24: What would you do if you found your TC blog which was devoted to you?

Day 25: Has anybody in your school (students or teachers) noticed any inappropriate or unusual behavior between the two of you?

Day 26: Has your TC ever said something to you to make you think they may like you?

Day 27: If teacher-student relationships were legalized, would you tell them how you felt?

Day 28: What do you imagine your TC doing right now?

Day 29: Do you ever see yourself dating somebody your own age? Why or why not?

Day 30: If your TC told you they were leaving, what would you do?

Day 31: Describe your perfect date with your TC?

No, everything is fine. I turn
my fingers into blunt objects to make
it easier. Gathering tulips as you pull the
red bits back and make the whole damn thing
go anther. Take it between your forefinger and
your ring. Grind that blood colored dust into the
friction ridge. Mark somebody else. Save it all
for later. Don’t pretend to think this isn’t
the hottest thing in the world. Don’t pretend
you don’t like rubbing dirt inside me. You spend
too long in the garden, get too much shit beneath
your nails and what good are they? What eyes
can they gouge out? You bleed alone. You
declaw yourself for beauty even when
there’s no one left to see.

Somewhere the earth won’t weep where you
cut it, and ‘to sow’ and 'to inter’ are different words.
Somewhere I’m still growing. Somewhere

tulips are just tulips, and
the interstate gets warmer the more
you sleep on it.

anonymous asked:

Hi babe. I need help. I know it sounds weird and it's probably something you've never handled in your life. Is there any way to get over the person who broke your heart? It happened 3 years ago and I still think of him every single day. My life became empty after he left. I'm not just lovesick, I'm literally going insane. I'm doing that "fake it till you make it" thing for 3 years, am I doing it not hard enough? I just live my life full of hate to myself for being that miserable.

Been there.
Change your circumstances. Move to another city. Go to a different university. Take cooking/dance/singing classes somewhere far away. Travel if you can. Put yourself in situations where you know you will be learning something, thinking about useful and beautiful things in life. I got over somebody I freaking was obsessed with to the bone in an instant when I moved from Toronto and that person seized to exist for me. 

Alex Gaskarth's Therapy Speech

Compilation of Alex’s Therapy speech. Listen to this while reading.
I know it has been a long time and I miss this song so i post this. And no matter how much i’ve read this, i always cry.

“This goes out to anybody who has ever been put down or called crazy, to anybody who’s ever felt like people have a free pass to walk all over them, to anybody who’s ever been made to question themselves or their beliefs or their values. It goes out to anyone who’s ever felt like they’re opinion doesn’t matter, or like the way they think is the wrong way to think. This goes out to anybody who feels like the way they feel, is the wrong way to feel. It goes out to anybody who has ever been told that they’re alone, or who has ever felt alone. It goes out to anybody who feels like they can’t live their life the way they want to live it. This goes out to anyone who’s ever been the victim of someone else’s bullshit, or been held down, or been singles out. It’s for anybody who’s ever been afraid to stand up for themselves for who they are, or for who their friends are. It’s for anybody who has ever been made to doubt themselves, about anything in their lives, by anybody else. Do not let anybody convince you otherwise about who you are, okay? It’s something that happens all the time, and it’s fucked up. This goes out to anybody who has ever been put down, or made to feel like they need help, when all they really need is a hug. To anybody… anybody who just isn’t quite sure where they belong. And it goes out to all of you. Be who you are, no matter what. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise; you are who you are, and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. . There’s no room in the world for intolerance, people. It’s 2011- lets grow the fuck up. There are some bad fucking people man and we all go through it. But, I can tell you this, I can tell you that no matter what you are fucking beautiful. You really are. Don’t take other people’s shit. Believe what you want to believe, live how you want to live, and don’t put other people through the same bullshit, be nice. This song is called Therapy, and it goes like this”

“This next song goes out to anybody who has been told the way they think or the way they feel is the wrong way to think or the wrong way to feel. Anybody who has felt betrayed by their friends or their family, always be yourselves no matter what.”

“This is for anybody who has been afraid to stand up for themselves for who they are and who their friends are. There is no room in the world for intolerance people. It’s 2011, lets grow the fuck up.”

“This goes out to anyone who feels alone, this goes out to anyone who feels they need help. Remember to always be who you are, you are the fucking shit. No one can change that. Don’t let them.”

“Anybody who has ever been made to doubt themselves about anything in their lives by anybody else. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise of who you are, ok? It’s something that happens all the time and it’s fucked up.”

“Be yourselves and fuck everything else, alright?”

“Believe whatever you wanna believe, love whoever you wanna love, fucking dance whenever you wanna dance.”

“This goes out to anyone who feels alone, anybody who feels betrayed, anybody who doesn’t feel comfortable in there own skin because of the people around them. Be who you are no matter what. I swear to god, you are the most fucking beautiful people.”

“You are the most important person in the world.”

“Always be who you are…..Do not ever let anybody change you.”

“Here’s to the kids who try their hardest to be good enough for someone who doesn’t care. Who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot. Who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it. Who give all they are to someone who doesn’t care. Who try to be someone their not just so that someone might be proud.”

“You’re stronger than they’ll ever be.”

“I’ve met a lot of people since we’ve been here…And a few of ‘em…have told me that somewhere down the line, one of our songs has helped get them through a tough time…. And I wanna say that when somebody tells me that, it feels better than anything else in the entire world…. When we started this band, we had no idea that we were gonna get where we are now… And I have to say that being half way across the fuckin’ world playing for all you beautiful people feels amazing…. But when people tell me that our songs actually affect their lives, and help them get through things….. It makes me wanna play this song, because I think when I wrote this song, it was a song that helped me get through a really tough time…. And if you know it, I need you to sing it as loud as you can… It’s called Therapy.”