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Fic: More Than You Bargained For

So now that Blaine apparently just gets underwear flung at him all the time, that gave me some inspiration. Alternate meeting where Blaine’s a rockstar, Kurt’s a fan, and Rachel’s “ingenious” plan goes a little awry, 2200 words, PG-13.

Kurt rubbed his temples in exasperation as Rachel let out yet another ear-piercing shriek next to him. She had managed to win them tickets to the Blaine Anderson concert after winning a radio contest, and Kurt couldn’t say he wasn’t thrilled to see his favorite artist perform live, but he could live without Rachel ruining his hearing.

“Rachel, he’s not even onstage yet!” he yelled over the din of the crowd. “Why are you screaming?”

“I’m just so excited, Kurt!” she screamed back at him, accidentally sloshing some of her astonishingly pink drink out of her glass. Why this venue was serving alcohol when half of the attendees were underage was beyond Kurt, but he just knocked back another slug of his vodka, hoping to get just buzzed enough that Rachel would be less annoying but still in control enough that he could drag them out of there easily at the end of the show. “Blaine’s so cute and his voice is like silk! I hope he can see us from here so he can dedicate his acoustic set to me.”

“Unless you brought your own personal spotlight, I’m not sure that that’s gonna happen, honey,” Kurt said, almost rolling his eyes out of his skull when Rachel looked away to sip her drink. They had won good tickets, surprisingly enough, but they were still a few rows back from the stage and off to the side a little. They might just be in Blaine’s eyeshot, but Kurt wasn’t holding his breath. “His ‘Acoustic Angel’ is probably going to be some ten-year-old girl in the front row wearing a birthday hat or something.”

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