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I’m desperate for a confident Stiles who charms everyone he meets.  Who winks and squeezes shoulders when he talks to people, who flirts with pretty much everyone, but he never dates. 

Then there’s Derek, who’s watched Stiles grow from awkward and bumbling to sort of charming in a goofy way, to confident and suave and somewhere between Stiles being awkward and bumbling and charmingly goofy Derek fell for him. 

And of course Stiles flirts with Derek because it’s fun to see his reactions, but at the same time, he wouldn’t be mad if Derek flirted back, but Derek doesn’t.

Derek doesn’t flirt back because Stiles flirts with everyone so he knows it doesn’t mean anything (except to Stiles it does, because he may be a flirt, but he actually puts effort into his flirtation with Derek, he gets to know him, buys him his favorite candy, and always, always, sits next to him at pack meetings, takes him out for dinner, does everything he’d like to do it they were dating except they aren’t dating).

This goes on for years, and finally Stiles is 25 and Scott asks him why he never dates anyone, he doesn’t even go on dates even though there are plenty of people who’d love to date him, and Stiles confesses that he doesn’t date because he’s already completely in love with someone but he doesn’t know how to make them see that he’s serious. 

And Derek hears them because he’s a werewolf and of course he hears them. And then Stiles walks out of the house and sees Derek standing there and he just says, “It’s you. I’m in love with you.” And then keeps walking without any bravado.

But Derek grabs his arm and tugs him back, his eyes on Stiles’ face, “You’re going to have to stop flirting with everyone and their mother.” and then he kisses him, soft and sweet. 

And Stiles is still confident and charming, but now Derek knows that Stiles isn’t flirting with anyone but him. Because Stiles only wants him, because Stiles loves him. And you know what, Derek loves him too. 

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Life Hack: after the Temple of Mythal don't talk to Solas. Never talk to him again. In fact just turn off the game and pretend that Corypheus just fell off a cliff somewhere or a giant crushed him and you and Solas live happily ever after and ride off into the sunset on a giant Nug together, and then he grabs ya booty. The end.

the cringemas charity livestream saved my life and here is why

  • ‘here’s our first guest, markiplier. no, you’re not mark- yeah’ [jack walks onscreen]
  • is felix racist? donate to the charity to find out
  • jack getting a christmas tree shape waxed into his leg
  • jack slapping felix’s ass and then ‘i’ve been kissing felix’s ass for years, might as well do it physically’
  • jack singing
  • cryaotic reading pewdiecry fanfic with felix for 5 minutes and then leaving
  • ‘shut the fuck up. it’s cooking time’
  • mark and jack nominating septiplier for the cringiest fandom
  • ‘i’ve always wanted to see you fist a cake’
  • mark doing an interpretive dance in an inflatable snowman costume
  • pj: ‘watch out for this bag of trash’ jack: ‘who, mark?’
  • jack doing both of mark’s laughs
  • ‘the stuff in this fell out somewhere. i dunno where it went.’ [camera zooms in on the piece of paper behind jack’s feet]
  • jack doing a little irish jig and kicking felix in the knees on purpose and them getting into a mock tussle
  • the kisses

The events ever since the inception of this fucking boyband can only be explained in two ways:

1) Harry and Louis fell in love and are in a relationship and have approximately 28000 complementary tattoos and are the married couple. You know the one I am talking about.

2)One Direction is a social experiment to test the mass audience’s tolerance level to bullshit and gaslighting and constantly being lied to, but somewhere along the way the two lead actors fell in love and are fighting the establishment and now I am just thinking this is a fantastic idea for an AU I lost my previous train of thought


Six selfies from 2016 

Thanks for tagging me to do this @stevielirious

This year I…

 stopped talking to my toxic family,

got a divorce, 

began therapy for PTSD,

started driving again,

fell in love,

traveled to somewhere I had never been before,   

stopped eating meat and dairy,

spent a a lot of time naked in my garden,

began DBT therapy,

smoked a lot of weed,

decided that I am worthy.

I invite any of my followers who want to do this to do so and tag me so i can get to know you better and am tagging a few specifially…

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hinata,kindaichi,daichi,kageyama's S/O is sleeping with their team sweatshirt and they need it so they unzip it, only to find their S/O isn't wearing anything underneath? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Hehehe this is cute, and low key I love Kindaichi (or rather making him horrifically uncomfortable) so this was fun! Sorry this took so long, though
~Admin Emma

Hinata will be the most likely to wake you up on accident. He’s usually OK with you borrowing his team jacket, but he needs it, and he’s usually pretty delicate with taking it off, but once he sees that bare stretch of skin he can no longer control his volume. He makes a sound somewhere between a yell and a squawk, and you likely think he just fell out of bed again. He wants to take it further, but he has practice soon and he really doesn’t have time, regretfully (you’ll end up paying for it later).  

Kindaichi just freezes, poor child. He’s not entirely sure what to do or how to go about doing it or how his limbs are supposed to work and have his hands always been this sweaty? He just stands, staring, until his “leave right now and you might be only five minutes late” alarm starts going off, waking you up. Feel free to tease him about this, because he will make it very worth it later.

Daichi usually wakes you up, but he kept you up late the night before, so he doesn’t want to disturb you. Once he gets that zipper down, he really likes what he sees, but he gets it off you and a blanket over you as quickly as possible–ogling you in your sleep isn’t cool–but he really enjoys the warm fabric against his skin, knowing it was against your skin. His teammates will occasionally catch him sniffing the collar of his jacket all day, and he’s low key thinking what he’s going to do to you later.

Kageyama has lost the ability to can. Without you to reassure him or guide him, he just gets peek and dies a little inside? He ends up going to practice without his jacket– he can’t bring himself to leave you naked. In his bed. Where he sleeps. He can’t stop thinking about it all day, either. If anyone asks him about it, he shouts something vaguely incoherent and very garbled before grabbing the nearest spiker for practice. He’s distracted most of the day.

2 gay men need somewhere to stay in NYC

their housing fell through and they are currently on the street, but they can afford to put some money toward rent and are ready to move asap

if you have any leads, please message myself or @cephalopodqueen- signal boosting is also appreciated! 

Maybe the thing that frightens me the most is that one day, you’ll just be a story I will tell my daughter when she’s in her bed all day long, wrapped up in blanket and misery and heartache with her eyes groggy and dark circles underneath it because a boy who once held her close and promised her forever bid his goodbye and broke his promise along with her heart and all she could feel is her tendons breaking every time she blinks her eyes because all she could see is the face of the man she loved the most but caused her pain. And then I’ll crack open her door, envelope her in my arms, brush away her tears and maybe everything that’s connected with him and tell her about the boy I met when I was fifteen, who I met somewhere down the road, whom I fell in love with after 38 days, who introduced me into his ocean and drowned me. I will tell her it hurt. It hurts so much I think all the veins in my body suddenly had a clot within them and my bones kept shattering and the rise and fall of my chest are pacing slowly. I’ll tell her that when I decided to move on, I still miss you and I still spend most hours of my days thinking about you. I will tell her that no matter what I do, I cannot stop missing you, that I still long for your touch and the kisses we shared are still felt on my bare skin. I’ll tell her that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be miserable because it is the only way. It is the only way.
—  s.a., of misery and fear