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My first reaction to the newest update: I let out a weird sound 'cos the pupper was cute. Who cares about Sans?(I don't mean that Meebs. I just really love doges) I'm sure Sans is okay. Right? *nervous laughter*

Yas, doge still cute and ex machina XD it can appear anywhere…

Of course Sans is okay, i mean, why everybody thinks something happened to him…

HDM month | week 3: favourite relationship

Lyra & Will

“She could see from his eyes that he knew at once what she meant, and that he was too joyful to speak. Her fingers were still at his lips, and he felt them tremble, and he put his own hand up to hold hers there, and then neither of them could look; they were confused; they were brimming with happiness.”

“...the writers have definitely given up trying to make sense at this point.”

Ted the Animator: “…what happened this time?”

Carl the Animator: “Take a look at the script. Up until this point, the boys have been trying to get their volleyball back from a dragon in the spooky woods. Right?”

Ted the Animator: “Right. And the scene goes on, and on, and on, and on….”

Carl the Animator: “Yup. Now, out of nowhere, it suddenly says they’re in a pumpkin patch.

Ted the Animator: “…are they supposed to have moved at all?”

Carl the Animator: “Nope.”

Ted the Animator: “…is there any explanation given for the sudden change?”

Carl the Animator: “Nope.”

Ted the Animator: “…so, we need to make them just magically appear somewhere new all of a sudden?”

Carl the Animator: “Yup.”

Ted the Animator: “…and we’ll be the ones that get in trouble with the boss if it looks weird?”

Carl the Animator: “Yup.”

Ted the Animator: “…I’ve got an idea.

Carl the Animator: “Wait, why’re you making it dark?”

Ted the Animator: “Fading to black for the commercials.”

Carl the Animator: “…so… wait… when it comes back….”

Ted the Animator: “You got it.”

Carl the Animator: “That’s genius.”

Ted the Animator: “After 3 minutes of breakfast cereal commercials, who’s gonna remember where the scene was taking place, anyway?”

Carl the Animator: “Nefarious, but elegant. I like it.”

Ted the Animator: *bows*

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repeat x7 years with the worst people they can find

For a swoosh and a slide this Christmas, visit these 'cool' ice-skating spots

Whatever your age, take to the ice this festive season. Here are some of the best and most beautiful ice-skating spots from all over the UK… perfect for burning off a few post-pud calories!

Natural History Museum Ice Rink, London

Against the enchanting backdrop of trees, fairy lights and London’s Natural History Museum, this superb spot has 1,000 square metres of glistening excitement… which is why budding Torvills & Deans have been gracing this location for over 12 years!

Adult tickets: from £12.65; Child tickets: from £8.80

Princes Street Gardens Ice Rink, Edinburgh

Nestled beneath the iconic Edinburgh Castle, Princes Street Garden’s Ice Rink is hard to beat when it comes to spectacular locations! Found in the city’s Winter Wonderland, the festive music and Christmas tree maze will transport you to somewhere magical.

Adult tickets: from £9.00; Child tickets: from £5.00

Ice Skate, Birmingham

With over 600 square metres to glide around, Ice Skate is the perfect spot for those that want to follow their icy action with a spot of Bratwurst & Glühwein, which can be found at the nearby Frankfurt Christmas market!

Adult tickets: from £9.25; Child tickets: from £7.25

Royal Pavilion Ice Rink, Brighton

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is a must-visit for skaters requiring child-friendly facilities, with penguin stabilisers and a designated learner’s area. The scenic backdrop of the former Royal Pleasure Palace along with a huge bar and restaurant, make this spot a real festive gem!

Adult tickets: from £10.00; Child tickets: from £7.00

Winter Wonderland, Cardiff

Whatever the weather, there’s no excuse not to get your skates on at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. With a clear covered roof, you can still see the twinkling night sky as you slip and slide around the ice rink!

Adult tickets: from £9.50; Childs tickets: from £7.50

Luminocity Ice Rink, Canary Wharf

With its Manhattan-esque skyscraper backdrop, the Ice Rink located in Canada Square Park, is an ideal spot for some city centre skating. With an on-site bar and viewing terrace, there’s no reason not to swoosh down after a busy day at the office!

Adult tickets: from £14.50; Child tickets: from £10.50

Ice Factor, York

Located at the heart of York’s Winter Wonderland, the Ice Factor is the North of England’s biggest outdoor rink. With dodgems, a traditional carousel, and rides for all ages, it’s the perfect place for some festive family fun!

Adult tickets: from £10.45; Child tickets: from £9.45

I Don’t Care What’s In Your Hair//Josh Dun


You smiled softly to yourself, despite having to maneuver up to the venue with bags full of equipment. Though the title “professional tour hairstylist” gives your job no justice. It’s a lot more than brushing hair and applying hairspray (especially when working with Josh and Tyler. Twenty One Princesses would’ve been a more suitable band name. The way they fuss and care for their precious locks made you wonder if there was magic hidden somewhere deep inside the roots).
“What. Did. You. Do?!?” You stopped dead, jaw falling as you saw Tyler. His once messy hair was now just stubble. You tried to form words; ask why the sudden change? Why so short? Did you want it? Who did this? But the most you could manage was little heartbroken sounds passing your lips as you stared in fear and heartbreak. You loved your job, it meant bonding with the guys (even though it was totally professional on tour), and making the fans go wild whenever you helped one of them change up their hair. On or off of tour (one of them “coincidentally ” came across your salon and they’ve been frequenting ever since.
“Josh let me down. He didn’t watch my haircut closely enough.” Tyler smiled at you, shrugging playfully as he grabbed a couple of your bags. “It was a heat of the moment decision. Go in and get my hair cut. Why bother you? It was your time off anyway.” He sent you a soft smile, obviously trying to make you feel better about him going to someone else. “You’re still my favorite hairstylist. This appointment was awkward and my hair got cut a little shorter than planned.” You merely nodded, thanking him for helping you before he scurried off to sound check.
“Why so blue, chicky poo?” A voice spoke up from behind you, causing you to smile widely. You strived to keep things professional; but you couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when Josh was around. “If this is about Tyler’s hair, I told him he should’ve waited for you.” The drummer laughed, sitting in the chair in front of you. Taking off his hat to mess with the hair underneath.
“Your hair is faded.” You fluffed at his pink locks with your fingers. His hair was always so soft. “And the sides are growing out again.” You moved your fingertips to rub lightly against the sides of his head. His eyes closing slowly as you continued—he told you that he liked these silly habits of yours when you first got hired. Something about relaxing him. “We don’t have the time today; but I wouldn’t mind doing a cut and dye for you—if you’d want anyway. So you don’t accidentally turn out like Tyler.” You giggled softly. Removing your fingers from his hair—much to the drummers dismay.
“I’d like that. I think we have a day off in the next city.” Josh grinned at you; the silly lopsided grin. It made your heart melt. “It’ll even give my time to think of my next colour.” With that, Josh stood from his chair and made his way out of the room. Stopping at the doorway. “Thank you, Y/N. For everything.” He smiled back at you, before finally leaving the room. Leaving you confused. The guys and crew thanked you before; but never randomly like that. You decided to leave it be, you’d ask Josh later on.
“Tyler!” You laughed. Watching as Tyler sat in your chair, gesturing for you to get working. “There’s like nothing here. What do you want me to do? Shine your head?” Your laughter grew harder when he began pretending to fix his hair (like he used to), mumbling something about “when your hair stylist refuses to do her work”. The singer finally gave up, sending you a lighthearted smile before walking over to finish off his stage look.
“Y/N. Make me the prettiest drummer of them all.” Josh flopped onto the chair, taking off his hat and shaking the mop out. You are the prettiest drummer of them all…
“That’s a tough one. I’m a hair stylist, not a miracle worker.” You giggled softly; cursing at yourself for your prior thought. He is my employer. Employees can’t simply fall for the employer! You held back a sigh as you began attempting to comb through the mess of knots that took over his hair. (It isn’t just naturally fluffy—that’s where your magic came in).
The next couple days were slow. Turns out Josh was a bit wrong with dates—it was a week until the guys got a day off, and 4 cities later. You were currently setting up the bathroom for hair dying to take place. Ensuring that the housekeepers wouldn’t get too angry when they came into your bathroom.
“Y/N?” Josh called, stepping into the room. Since everyone got 2 keys; Mark took one just in case. Which is why Josh was able to let himself in. “Anything you need help with?” He asked leaning against the doorframe. Watching you intently.
“Um yeah; I’ve been meaning to ask. Which colour do you want? I have a bunch in my black bag. The boxes should say which colour is which.” You saw him walk out, as you sighed softly. Why won’t these feelings just go away?
“How would yellow look?” Josh popped his head in; holding what had to be the only box of yellow dye in your collection. You never expected anyone to actually want pure yellow hair. But hey,this is Josh. He can work anything. Before you could mentally yell at yourself he was sitting in front of you, opening the box of dye.
“You’re going to look like a lemon head. Or banana head. I thought you didn’t like bananas.” Your words coming out at least 3 timed faster than before. You felt your heart beat inside your chest as he began stripping himself of his shirt. It was because he cherished it, and didn’t feel like ruining it with dye. But damn. Stop. Y/N…we talked about this.
“You’re awesome though. I know you’ll make me look awesome Y/N. Look at yourself for example.” You arched an eyebrow. Looking down at your outfit. Nothing special; a pair of jeans and a simple shirt. Rather than questioning it, you began doing the drummers hair. The two of you sitting in comfortable silence.
“Hey Josh.” You began, stomach tying itself in knots. You couldn’t figure out why you were so nervous. “Earlier; you thanked me. I didn’t do anything for you.” You silently waited for a response—wishing you didn’t come off so awkward.
“I thanked you, because you need to hear those words more often. Thank you for everything. The way you refuse to take full payment at home when you do our hair. The way you joke around and calm us down before shows. The way you brought the crew together more closely. Everything you’ve done in the 2 years you’ve worked with us have been amazing. Except one thing.” He sighed. Something obviously tearing his mind apart. When you stopped applying the dye to his hair, heart breaking by the second. You had done one thing that hurt him this much. “You made me fall hopelessly in love with you.” Josh sighed. You bit your lip, unsure of how to respond. So you stayed quiet—feeling horrible for breaking the drummers heart. I’m a monster..

“Y/N!” Tyler called—you were currently walking down to the local Taco bell to grab lunch for everyone. “What happened to Josh? He was fine until the day you two hung out.” You knew he was less than impressed for what you evoked in Josh. He was less excited for shows, putting less energy in—and the fans were slowly noticing. You had gotten tweets asking what happened, and you knew everyone else did too. “Hey. Are you paying attention?” You could hear the agitation in his voice, even through how hard he tried to hide it. You hurt his best friend in unexplainable ways.
“When we were doing his hair he said he loved me.” You mumbled. Opening the restaurant door. You followed Tyler to the counter; listening as he placed the group order. Obviously trying to decipher what you said. The two of you waited in thought-filled silence. Walked most of the way back in a resentful silence. “I didn’t say it back. I don’t want to damage the business relationship over emotions.” You sighed. Holding back tears as the two of you stood in front of the venue. “This is the best job I’ve ever had; I can’t risk it.” You whimpered. Watching in hurt as Tyler let out a sharp sigh.
“Then maybe you shouldn’t be here. You ruined him Y/N; and for what? To feel professional.” You felt the tears run down your cheeks as Tyler walked inside. It took a lot to make him agitated; and you managed to go above and beyond that. Which is why you stayed outside. Sitting against the back of the venue softly sobbing. You lost your dream job because you tried to save it. How ironic?
A month and a half had passed since you were laid off the Twenty One Pilots tour. You wiped your tears, stood up and continued on though. Leaving the heartbreak of the situation in the past. Leaving the drummer that you loved so much there too. Nobody from the crew spoke a word to you after you left.
“Hi, I have an appointment with Y/N.” A blonde woman walked up to the counter, giving you a soft smile. “My boyfriend and his friend recommended you by name.” You arched an eyebrow. Quietly wondering who would recommend you? Specifically you? The only people who would left you when you got fired.
“Well I hope I live up to what they say.” You softly chuckled, getting to work on cutting the woman’s hair. It went by quite quickly; casual conversation the whole time until:
“They regret it. Both of them do. Tyler feels horrible for what he said and Josh just isn’t the same. He refuses to let anyone touch his hair.” You held back a sigh. “I’m Jenna by the way. Tyler’s girlfriend. And uh this is for you.” She handed you a paper before paying. Saying she would definitely be back next time she needed her hair done.
You wish you could say that the paper Jenna gave you was out of sight out of mind for the remainder of your work day—but sadly that was not the case. It never left your mind. So right when you got to your car—you read it over. Part of it was an apology from Tyler—it looked almost like a song. He was always poetic. Then on the bottom of the page, in messy writing read:
I miss you—let’s catch up sometime. -J
It was followed by his phone number. You pulled your phone out, saving his number and trying to get the courage to type him a message. You pushed your fears aside and quickly typed. An answer came almost immediately. He was in town so you would be meeting him at Taco bell for supper.
“Y/N.” Josh stood from the table, smiling at you as you walked in. “It’s been a while.” He commented, looking you up and down as you did the same. His hair was a reasonable amount longer. His brown roots poking out. The two of you ended up in tight embrace. Both holding on for dear life.
“I know you probably forgot about the feelings…but I love you. I love you.” You softly whispered. Fighting tears as he held you tight.
“I’ve never stopped loving you. Give it a chance, please?” Josh whispered, looking down at you. You nodded excitedly. Maybe the world was on your side after all. “I’m not screwing up this time. I need you Y/N.” You softly started giggling, confusing a very nervous Josh.
“We just had a romantic moment in the middle of Taco Bell.”

It’s October

y’know what that means Strange Magic fans?! 

There were only a few principles I knew I had to keep to—principles, not Rules—and the first of these was and is:  you have to be responsible.  By that I don’t mean not having kids strike matches.  I mean that somewhere, somewhen, someone is going to read your book at a time when such things stick for life.  And you have to make it the kind of book that is worth remembering that vividly for that long.  You have to make it an experience in its own right.  That’s the first principle.
—  Reflections:
On the Magic of Writing
by Diana Wynne Jones