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I watched Thor Ragnarok today for the 3rd time and it still holds up. I’ll even go on record and say this, it’s somewhere in my Top 10 Favorite movies of all time.

You’re turning scarlet, Scarlet

hey so

anyone else notice it’s fucking RAINING

in the scene where Hughes dies

…and “it’s raining” now has another layer of Maes-Hughes-related pain. Thanks, movie, I didn’t need my heart intact.


Hi everyone! A lot of people asked about my process so I thought I should answer everything on this post

I first get my inspiration from somewhere. Usually from movies or documentary. This time I revisited an old idea I did in school, an illustration inspired by Jonsi’s “Animal Arithmetic” taking reference from Dinka tribe from south Sudan mixed with some Klimt gold fanciness.

My very first sketch often looks super messy, loose and even abstract, trying to capture the mood I was going for.

I do a tighter sketch on top of the first rough. Here I try to place things differently(hopefully better) so that the whole composition looks more designed.

Using line of action for leading the eye and framing.

The stick and ox’s leg forming a triangle.

Separating the design elements. Rectangle-shaped cattle being dominant makes the boy with the round shapes stand out.

I do several more and value studies if the illustration is for some project but I will just jump into color for this one.

Please listen to some music while watching this or else you’ll get super bored haha. I will upload the final image in the morning.

Only friendship? Chris Evans x reader 3/?

Summary: You and Chris have been best friends for years now but what happens if someone catches feelings? Will it destroy your friendship and what is going to happen to your 3 year old daughter?

Pairing: Chris Evans x reader 

Warnings: There is nothing more beautiful than fluffy Chris so here he is. Next chapter will contain a few more warnings but you´ll see :)

Part 1 Part 2 

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“I´ve got a call from the estate agent and he said me and Darcy can move into the house after we´ve finished Infinity War.” You said as you and Chris were sitting on a bench in front of a playground while Darcy was being her toddler self simply running around and having fun. 

“Really? This is amazing are you going to do it?” Chris looked at you and saw the soft smile on your lips, as you breathed out deeply so that your shoulders dropped before you turned to the side so that you were facing him. “Seward and New York..quite a distance I don´t know if this is really something I want Darcy going through. She would miss my parents, her uncles and aunts and especially you Chris.” 

“Only Darcy would miss me?” Chris asked with a grin as you softly punched his shoulder which caused him to laugh. “I would miss you the most you dork.” You scooted closer and hugged his left arm so that you could put your head on his shoulder. 

“I want you to be happy Y/N. How long do we know each other now? Enough for me to know that one of your biggest dreams is a lake house somewhere in Alaska. There is always someone going to be unhappy with the decisions you make but you have to think of you first. Darcy is a brave little girl and I think some distance from all the publicity would be good for her.” 

You lifted your head and stared at Chris being surprised how much he cared for you. Of course you were best friends and this was a normal reaction but for some reason it was different this time. He was right this was your dream for so many years now and you can´t please anyone but simply looking at Chris made you feel sad and guilty only thinking about leaving him here and probably seeing him less than once a month. 

Both of your thoughts were interrupted by Darcy who ran towards the two of you and threw a bunch of leaves right into both of your faces. “Ohh you little rascal causing trouble again huh? Well wait till I catch you!” Chris exclaimed between giggles as Darcy screamed and ran away, Chris right behind her. 

You were watching them while removing the leaves from your coat, a soft smile forming on your lips. How can one single man be such a pure soul? There are no other words than “angel like” that could describe Christopher Robert Evans better than that. As both of them suddenly were no where to be seen you wanted to look around and suddenly felt  more leaves being thrown onto your head covering you completely. 

Turning around you saw Chris holding Darcy in his arms both pointing at each other trying to blame the other but judging by Chris dorky grin you knew that it could only be him. “Princess I think I have to run for my life or your mummy´s revenge will get me.” 

“Oh right you should.” Chris put Darcy onto the bench and started to run with you right behind him. Sure he was way faster than you but all of the adrenaline in your body allowed you to run a pace to easily keep up with him. 



Both of you kept running as the energy left you and you had to stop to take a deep breath. “They definitely picked the right person to play Captain America.” You said breathing heavily as Chris jogged over to you and you took the opportunity and jumped into his arms causing both of you to fall back onto the floor with you laying on top of him. 

“That was unexpected.”

“Oh really? Take that Evans!” You sat up and grabbed a bunch of leaves, throwing and smearing them all over his face. “No. Stop! Stop!” You continued and all of the sudden he grabbed your arms and turned you around so that he was the one straddling you.

“Yes of course let´s play this game unfair.” Chris laughed as you tried to wiggle out of his grip so he simply took your arms and placed them above your head, his face only inches away from his. His hot breath was touching your skin and it was like the world was completely still for a moment until s certain toddler jumped on top of you both. 

“Chris is too strong for you mummy.” She touched Chris arm causing you and Chris to laugh. “Well maybe we should get something to eat to make me strong. What do you think about that?”

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Can you imagine looking at the cast of black panther and being the most excited for the frozen white boy that’s probably not even gonna show up until the after credits scene, if at all?

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could i get some general damien headcanons please? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

-He loves romantic movies, his favorites being Tuck Everlasting and Somewhere in Time. No matter how many times he’s seen them, he always cries.

-He can’t stand fish. Not the food, the pet. He doesn’t like their cold, slippery scales, and he hates how easily and quickly they die. Lucien has a Beta fish, but it’s in his own room, so Damien doesn’t complain. 

-He HATES steampunk. He sees it as a distasteful modern modification to the beauty of Victorian ascetic, and visibly cringes whenever he sees someone in steampunk. NEVER accuse him of wearing steampunk; he will refuse to speak to you for a very, very long time. 

-He has a major sweet tooth, particularly when it comes to cake. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pumpkin, ice cream; if it’s cake, he’ll eat it. Tea cakes are his favorite, both for their Victorian feel and their modest portions.

-Every butterfly that he has pinned, he has caught himself. 

-He wrote that Naruto fanfiction in his “private collection.” In fact, he’s written every fanfiction in that collection; he sells bound copies online and at conventions.

-The regular morning ritual in the Bloodmarch household is  Damien cooking a large breakfast, then Damien and Lucien doing each other’s makeup.

i said, if she really loves someone else, why is she
still writing about you?

it’s an important question
with a kind of answer that makes my heart

marissa had told me a story about her uncle,
who loved someone but then also loved someone else.
he carried the first woman around
like a set of keys to a house he no longer lived in.
at dinner parties, he would pull them out of his pocket
and hold them to the light, tell his nephews
about this person he would never see again.

when i think about airplanes now, i have to remember my life isn’t
just an arrival gate. the last time i was flying somewhere,
i cried through the in-flight movie. my big fear
is that i will never love someone like that again.

which is a shame. which is a waste.
if there was one thing i was good at,
it was leaving my door unlocked.
—  Yena Sharma Purmasir, “two of thirty” (2016) 
Beat the Kid to Death with A Clue-by-Four

inspired by this post by agenthotdad

York likes the new kid.

He’s pretty sure they all like the new kid; it’s kind of hard not to. His grins are wide and light up the whole room, his laughter is probably the loudest on the ship, and he talks almost exclusively with his hands. The kid is almost never out of armour, but when is, he's cute, he edges on beautiful and it’s ridiculous because people shouldn’t look like that when it’s possible they’ll die at any second.

But the best thing about the new kid is also the scariest, the strangest, and the funniest.

Maine likes him.

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I like to think that Ned is such a hardcore matchmaker for Peter. If he were to find out that you guys liked each other, he would do everything in his power to do get you guys together😂

ned wanted nothing more than his best friend to find someone - especially after pining for liz, then getting her, then getting her dad arrested, only to have her leave agian. that kind of thing ruins someone’s chances at happily ever after with that certain person. so, when peter had his eyes set on you, he knew he had to help peter not fuck this up. he did some research - on you, your parents, and other family members that might be potential criminals but, you came out clean. so, it’s a go. he would invite you to study with peter only to mysteriously leave “oh, uh, my mom wanted me to stop by the store for cat food.” “you.. don’t have a cat, ned.” “shut it peter, i have a cat now.” and he’d ask peter how it went the next day “we… studied?” so, the next time he invited you somewhere, it was at a movie theater - essentially setting you and peter on a date. “you know what, i don’t even like star wars, you can have my ticket.” “ned, you own the death star.. we built it together.” ned wouldn’t even answer, just giving you the ticket after school and telling you peter couldn’t wait “he likes to kiss on the first date.” you’d laugh nervously, not knowing how to answer that. during the movie, peter would have to apologize for his phone going off, seeing a bunch of texts like, ‘have you guys kissed?’ or ‘i bet you did the popcorn trick where you guys hold hands after reaching for popcorn at the same time’ and ‘do the yawn thing, where you put your arm around her!!’ and all he’d get from peter is a ‘shut UP ned’ and he’d walk over to the theater when he knew the movie was over and watch you guys wait outside, you waiting for your mom to pick you up. he’d see peter open his mouth to ask you something, only to close it, causing him to groan and yell “JUST KISS” and he’d see you laugh while peter looked for him, confused. but, you’d lean in, giving him a small peck anyway, only because you and ned both know you’d been wanting to do it for awhile

sm:h blurb night!!

Ever been so sexuallly frustrated you burnt down Paris to get a girl ?