somewhere in 2002 12 year old me is crying


this isn’t sometimes; yeah, it’s for always
if I’m gonna love you with all of my heart
and if there is no more time, this always remains
even as the world spins itself apart
cause I remember them days, I waited so patiently
for god to bring someone who’s gonna be good to me

and then he blessed my soul


It’s like watching porn.

I found everything that I'd ever been looking for my whole life.

But when I saw you walking down that aisle I realized how simple
it was. I love you.

penis jokes! + friends bloopers ; pt. 3
↳ david schwimmer


As a way to recovery, Dr. Blaine thought it a good idea to email me cognitive exercises I could practice outside our sessions.

First assignment: monitor my daily negative thoughts.


remember when you used to be a rascal?