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Why does Dick sound British in your voiceovers?

Because he is, but don’t worry - he hasn’t forgotten where he came from.

Dick Grayson was born in Leeds to Mihai and Rahela Grayson (previously Gabor). There was a time (and still is in certain communities) where Gabor was slang for G*psy (pejorative, I know, but it plays a huge part in some backstory shaping) [and would often draw an incredibly negative response] - Mihai and Rahela grew tired of this, feeling it was holding them back as performers (and rather incredible performers at that). They changed their names, and within a year they were offered a spot with The Gallivants - a travelling circus based in Manchester (Mihai believed the luck to come from the name change, Rahela knew it was just a fluke).

Together, the Amazing Graysons performed exceptional high wire acts and trapeze stunts - even while pregnant with Dick, Rahela walked the tight-rope, shocking hundreds when she completed it without the aid of a net.

Eventually, the circus reached Leeds, where Mihai and Rahela decided to leave the big top to raise their bouncing baby boy, Richard Mihai Grayson. Mihai wanted the best schools for Dick (a luxury he was never afforded), and in time, he would choose his own path. However, much to a combination of delight and dismay, Dick showed an incredible acrobatic skill at a young age, and after finding clippings of his parents’ amazing stunts, he demanded that they become a trio. Reluctantly, Mihai agreed - insisting that studies were to be done first.

(Dick was also fascinated by his family’s history - The Gabors, while being known as impressive tradesmen, had also been performing acrobatic stunts since the 1700′s)

At only eight years old, Dick was performing with his parents as The Flying Graysons. They were adored - people would come from all over Europe to see their death-defying stunts. Their feats caught the eye of Bartram & Topps, another travelling circus from the US who offered a great deal of money for them to join them for their tour of the US. They agreed, after managing to transfer Dick to a school in Gotham City.

While with B&T, Dick met Waylon Jones (”The Crocodile Man”) and the two became fast friends. Dick helped Croc learn his ABC’s (saving Edward Nygma a great deal of work later in life), and would often sit with him just to talk. He didn’t care about Waylon’s appearance - he used to swing off Waylon’s arm and that was WAY MORE interesting.

Sadly, Dick’s world came crashing to a halt on the eve of his 10th birthday.

“It’ll do ya no good t’see y’folks like that.”

TL:DR - Romanian parents, born in Leeds, moved to Gotham City at 8, orphaned at 10.

Tutors were English, visits Leeds when he gets the chance to try and hold on to the accent, it’s not easy.

Was going to post with a bunch of doodles of Peach and Mira, and some siblings, but got a lil too busy, so deciding to just post this finished thing of Mira! A lil redesign thing, though  not by much-

Also changed how his BLESSING magic looks as well! Making the CURSE magic a bit more jagged and sharp as well!

Mira belongs to me!!  (❁´◡`❁)

Update - My stupid friends and I did a thing

So here we are, me and my friends ( @tokyoblack @taitarin @anraptor @chessireneko and @ellrouxx ) sitting in my living room, having a good time. And then @anraptor proposes something. So we all end up writing for one another with different biases, different genres, and different prompts. 

Let’s just say you’re gonna die laughing with most of the things that were written. So I’m gonna be the start of this and post one of those fics that were written yesterday. They’re all really small (wow I’ve written something small? unbelievable) so they’re really easy to read. 

And you fuckers! @tokyoblack @taitarin @chessireneko @anraptor @ellrouxx !! Don’t think you’re off the hook! I’m gonna be waiting for yours xD

Let the games begin!

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I can’t stop thinking about that anon who asked about the early years of Alaska and Sharon in In Ten Years Time so I just wanted to ask do you have any headcanons for like what their early interactions were like? Like how they got together?

answering this ask 17873085 years later!!! i know it’s long overdue, i’m sorry anon <3 

so i thought about this a lot, & one particular headcanon that i love dearly is alaska asking sharon to homecoming. they’re not officially dating yet, but they’ve been spending a lot of time together hehehe

alaska invites sharon back to her house after cheer practice, where she promptly drags sharon up to her bedroom and attempts to ask her to homecoming with a lil sexy dance in her cheerleading uniform. she’s all lanky and cute and clearly trying so hard to impress sharon and it’d be embarrassing if it weren’t so damn endearing & they laugh their way through it, and when alaska gets around to finally asking it’s not really a question at all :’) 

and as we already know, sharon can’t say no to alaska asdfghjkldfgs


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