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I know most of us love Isak to another level, I do too. But hate on Sana just because she told him “that you’re alone”, you need to understand where she is coming from, she trusted a group of people and let her soft side show - all it ended up coming to bite her in the ass.

She feels betrayed and realised that being soft, only leads to her being bullied all over again.

We all love Isak, because we have seen his character development, but to Sana he is just a close friend. So keep that in mind, when you say ‘how can Sana be cruel to my baby’

A couple different takes on Kravitz! Such a handsome boy.

I couldn’t resist going the feathered-hair approach, pff, when the general fandom design of him makes it easy 2 sneak it in…

Also, a Raven-skull take on his more skeletal form :b

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So culture is fluid and changing, so why can’t we see humans adapting to alien culture? We already emmulate others, if not blend it to our traditions, so there should be a mix of alien/human traditions. Humans dress in the style of alien dress because it looks good. Humans adopting alien slang or creative new slang based on alien words. Or learning alien games and try to teach it to other humans. Or learning about alien food, then blend it with human cooking styles (Lomo saltado is Peruvian food cooked Chinese style so it happens) or just really studying alien culture and teaching it to people at home. Not for any academic reason, but because they are super interested. Like when you want to travel to your dream place you study every little bit about, or those culture clubs in schools. Aliens could be flattered, or confused, because Humans who can adapt to any place chose to adapt to their planet.


Day 5 - Are there any side characters you’re particularly fond of?: Arrille in Seyda Neen. Pretty sure he knows you’re selling him stolen crap but doesn’t really care (unless it’s his)