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1. Over this past summer, what was your staple pair of shoes?
Navy blue New Balance 574 and brown leather moccasins.
2. When traveling to a new place what are the things you are most interested in? (ex. the people, the art, the architecture, the museums, the restaurants, etc.)
Museums are my first stop everywhere I go, I also love finding peaceful spots with great light to take pictures, so I’m just wandering around looking for good shots. Oh, and food. Eating is the reason I’m alive (literally).
3. What are your most used pair of sunglasses?
I break or lose sunglasses all the time so I try to buy one cheap pair at a time and wear it to death. Currently I’m wearing simple round ones from Sinsay.
4. Do you speak any other languages, is so which ones?
I’m from Poland so I speak Polish and I like to think I can speak English. I also took French for 9 years but I remember nothing, I mean I understand a lot but can’t say much.
5. Describe the weather from where you live right now and do you like that kind of weather?
Weather right now is CRAZY. It’s really hot (over 30 Celsius degrees) and stormy. I hate heat so nah, I’m not enjoying it at all.
6. What is your most affordable item you’ve purchased that you wear quite often?
That super cheap pair of sunglasses I’ve already mentioned.
7. What is the newest clothing item you’ve purchased?
White ripped boyfriend jeans and navy blue skirt with palm trees print.
8. If you could only have one book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I can’t get enough of this book.
9. Your go-to perfume over the past few months?
I don’t really use any perfume. I moisturize my body (and hair) with argan oil and it smells so good I don’t wanna cover it with anything.
10. One store you would love to purchase items from, but never have?
Madewell. I totally love their aesthetics.
11. What are three concerts you would love to attend (they don’t have to be alive or still together)?
ONLY THREE? I CAN’T CHOOSE ONLY THREE. Well, I’ve already seen Foals and Blur live but I have the best memories from that concerts so I’d love to see them again. Also I’d die to see Radiohead (!!!), Spector, The Kills, Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, The Stone Roses (but only if I could go back in time to the Spike Island gig) and Talking Heads. But if I really have to choose three, let it be Radiohead, Vampire Weekend and Blur (for the second time).

My questions:
1. Who was your first ever crush (real or fictional, or both)?
2. If you had to choose one film that everyone should watch, what would it be?
3. Where do you get your basic clothes?
4. Is there any celebrity you’d love to meet in person and just hang out for a whole day?
5. Describe your perfect uniform, something you could wear everyday for the rest of your life.
6. Favourite magazine?
7. Do you like poetry, if so, who’s your favourite poet?
8. Would you rather work as a fashion designer or a model?
9. Describe one outfit from your childhood that you’d wear today.
10. Favourite lyrics?
11. Do you know what kind of impression you give, what your friends thought of you when they’ve met you?

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mybirdsanctuary  asked:

i'm so obsessed over your blog and idek why!!! really, my top 3! let me ask u, what's your faves in tumblr? .xx

Thank you so much, this means a lot!! My faves are worthwhile and ohlevina! :) xx -Bernardita

Sorry for getting in, but you should seriously check out Gabriella’s blog (sometypeofstyle). I adore her. She’s such a sweetheart to everyone! And her style is just beautiful! Really worth it! :) - Rafa

//TAG// The 13 Questions : Remembering 2013

The loveliest Gabriella from sometypeofstyle tagged me (thank you!) so here we go:

The 13 Questions : Remembering 2013

1. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2013? : Going back in time! I’m not sure if I can call it a trend, it’s just easier to buy 90s vibe clothes now than it was two years ago. I love 90s fashion so I’m very pleased.

2. Who was your biggest fashion inspiration? : Alexa Chung all the way. She’s my style icon for over 5 years, so it’s not a surprise. And all of my favourite musicians (I bought my moccasins because of Ezra Koenig and I can’t be more grateful).

4. (If you go thrifting) What was your favorite thrift find? : Topshop coat with cheetah print collar and Jack Wills striped sweatshirt. Thrifting is my biggest fashion related hobby.

5. What was your most proud of purchase? : Leopard print coat from Reserved. Definitely.

6. How different is your style compared to the beginning of 2013? : My style changed the same way I changed – I don’t care what people say and I dress the way I want. I have more courage so I love clothes that make a statement (like my leopard coat). It’s even more tomboyish than it was before but also more feminine at the same time. It used to be more girly in a way that I’d choose ballet flats over any other flats, now I’m dedicated to my moccasins and loafers. Also I came to the point when almost everything in my closet can be mixed and matched. I know what is my style and I can stop myself from buying clothes that are absolutely pretty but anywhere near my style.

Most Worn Items Of 2013

7. Jacket/Coat : Black leather jacket, my thrifted Topshop coat, leopard print coat.

8. Knitwear/Jumper : Thrifted men sweater (it’s a greyish beige with black elbow patches).

9. Top/Shirt : Stripes. Every single striped top I own, especially the red and white long sleeve.

10. Pants/Jeans : Black jeans from Cubus, mostly because I was wearing them to work. And of course my high waisted shorts.

11. Pair Of Shoes : Black chelsea boots, converse, brown moccasins.

12. Bag/Purse : Black Alexa look-a-like, vintage black leather backpack and maroon satchel from C&A.

13. Accessories : My black watch that is slowly dying but I love it more than anything, hella lot of rings from H&M, necklace with antlers. HAAATS.

2014 Question

What are some fashion trends you hope to see in 2014? : I wish fashion will be even more unisex than it is, so I could buy beautiful men cuts in my size.