sometimes... there's so much beauty in the world

things i learned in 2014:
1. spontaneous trips to buy flowers is always a good idea
2. the boy you loved a year ago might not be the boy you love in a few months and thats okay. don’t let the idea of falling in love disguise the true beauty of love
3. sometimes, people will take advantage of you no matter what you do for them. learn to love them anyways, but let them go
4. friends will come and go but having one to stick by your side through it all is enough
5. traveling is the best medicine for your soul. do it often to see what greater things the world has to offer
6. mistakes are okay to make, but make sure they dont become habits
7. dont mistake lust for love
8. get off your phone. theres so much more to experience when you look up
9. saving your money is good but sometimes all a girl needs is a shopping spree
10. an open mind will get you farther than a closed one
11. lastly, at the end of the day God always has the best intentions for you no matter how long it takes you to realize it