Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell me that I should wear makeup all the time.
Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell people that you wanted a girl but got me instead.
Yes mother, it hurts every time you tell me to go to the gym because I “could lose like ten pounds.”
Yes mother, it hurts that each time I stand up for myself, you get hurt in the process.
And yes mother, I love you so much, and that’s why this hurts.

the summer package is out… u know what that means… time to blacklist 389743928 ppl who post stuff so i can try to avoid spoilers until mine in comes in several weeks RIP

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Hi. So I have a question and I know it may be personal so if you think it is too personal then don't answer it. I was just curious how did you know that you are bi? I'm asking cause i've been trying to figure out if I'm bi for some time now and I thought that maybe if someone told me how they knew it would help me figure it out.

Hey! No worries, totally fine, I’m cool with these kinda questions.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always found myself having crushes on both boys and girls. Back then, I thought it was just a phase and that it would go away (my mom even said the same thing when I used to mention it, figures cause she’s homophobic)
They were always like really small crushes, I was six and I’d see a pretty girl and I’d feel a certain way about her but I didn’t know how to identify those feelings so it lead me to believe that I was jealous of her and that the feelings I experienced towards girls were actually hate feelings. That…was not the case.

Through that time though, I was also crushing on guys, probably even harder than I crushes on girls cause I thought that I was allowed to like boys but not girls, so my feelings for them were always stronger.

At some point, I realized that my mom is wrong, being gay is not a bad thing and it’s totally okay. It’s normal and natural and there’s nothing wrong with it. And I kinda started questioning myself, I was like “Am I gay?” But I decided that, no I’m not, because I’ve liked a lot of guys and like yea there is compulsive heterosexuality but I knew that I was 100% into those guys, it wasn’t a peer pressure thing.

And then I got really into LGBT stuff. I wanted to know more about it cause I had spent most of my life thinking it was wrong. And I found out that ‘gay’ and ‘straight’ aren’t the only sexualities. There’s also pan and bi and all the others (some I learned about from my friends)

Around last year, I was super close with this one girl, she was always so supportive of me and helped me through a lot and at some point, I realized that I was actually really into her. And I was like, hold up…am I bi? And I wasn’t really sure if that was it, but I also noticed that I got really happy whenever I spoke to her and that whenever she’d compliment me or tell me she was proud of me for something, I’d find myself grinning for hours.

And then I realized that yea, I am bisexual and I was elated. I was so happy about it. I couldn’t even stop thinking about it and then I told my ex (cause we were still friends at the time) and he was even happier for me than I was, and then I told my other two friends (who later came out to me as gay) and then I came out to these two girls I know (who are straight but super supportive) and then I came out to my sister and she didn’t freak out like I thought she would. And I’ve just felt a lot happier since then.

So this was a little longer than expected…haha, sorry…

But yea, basically, I had always found myself liking both genders, but when I was younger, I didn’t think that was okay so I pushed some of my feelings away, they were never that strong anyway. Then I liked this one girl, like really, really liked her, it wasn’t just some passing crush, it was really feelings and I realized that I had been bi all along.

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Birthday: April 24

Gender/Pronouns, etc: she/her/hers but also dude/pal and any variant thereof

Zodiac sign: Taurus

Siblings: I have one sister who’s seven years older than me, but I consider best best friends siblings, too. That’s my top tier of friendship (idk why I have it but I’m glad I do) so that tacks on 3.5 bros and 1.5 sisters (the .5 people are in the middle between top tier and middle…I know)

Pets: two cats, a dog who needs to chill, a turtle that I always compare to a hamburger (she’s the size of a burg), a bull frog named after the president (but it’s also a pun!!), and five fish

Wake-up times: oh boy let me tell ya (I try for 6-ish, and on days without school, as long as I don’t sleep the morning away I’m good)

Love or lust: love?? always?? get that other shiz outta here I physically cannot

Lemonade or iced tea: Lemonade (like that fire album)

Cats or dogs: I’m good with both, but cats have no flaws and my dog threw a pinecone at me once :/

Text or call: text bc emojis 😂😜😁 (but also I used to call one of my besties all the time and used up my entire family’s minutes sooo)

Met a celebrity: I saw the guy who voiced Gollum on a jet ski once

Smile or eyes: SMILES 😍 (but eyes are neat too)

Light or dark hair: tbh give me multicolored realness (but dark I guess)

Short or tall: I am but a small bean and tall people hypnotize me

Chapstick or lipstick: chapstick if anything

City or country: all-access? is that an option??

Last song I listened to: I have no clue my dude (though Pocahontas is on tv rn and I’m currently indulging in that)

Instagram: I have one, but I’m not comfortable sharing (even though it’s public) If you find it, though, good on you!

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sometimes i think about if katara had never discovered zuko and iroh in ba sing se and if the two of them had just continued living peacefully as refugees, with their own tea shop and their apartment, if the banished prince and the disgraced general had just quietly slid from history and significance, and if they had been happy with it, to live the life nobody thought they’d live, but the one they chose for themselves, and the one that made them proud and joyful. sometimes i do get sad to think that they never got that ending.

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Can we be friends! I love Pidge too 💚 I need someone who shares my love for them

Yes, of course!! Omg, my love is endless and I’m always ready for friends. I published this in case anyone else was wondering! I’m always happy to talk and be friends!

It’s kind of a bummer to see a sign saying you don’t have the necessary IQ to enter a conversation, my almost-non-existent self esteem can’t handle this, site, if you take away from me the possibility to discuss pop culture, I become dust in the wind, like that Scorpions song. That is all that I am.