317) I feel that we, vegans, should be more united and more strategic about how to influence brands to be more ethical. I've read that veganism has increased in the last two years and that usa has at least 2 million vegans and I wonder if a collective and organized effort to campaign pressuring brands to respect animal and human rights done globally not only would put us on the map but also show others that our ethical concerns don't exclude people. Rebranding veganism if you want to call it that.

Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell me that I should wear makeup all the time.
Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell people that you wanted a girl but got me instead.
Yes mother, it hurts every time you tell me to go to the gym because I “could lose like ten pounds.”
Yes mother, it hurts that each time I stand up for myself, you get hurt in the process.
And yes mother, I love you so much, and that’s why this hurts.

Forever baffled by reposters. 

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you shouldn't tag your twenty one pilots posts as '21p' just saying



Sorry if I bother you

Guys if I ever tag you or message you and it bugs you please let me know. There are a few people I’ll message or tag (usually snake related) and I don’t want to be a bother to everyone. If you ever want me to stop tagging you in something or stop sending you messages/ talking to you just let me know. 

I don’t want to bother anybody and I know I probably fit the Boa Constrictor type more than anybody. 

Sometimes it’s when I have a huge list of ideas to crochet…that I don’t want to sit down and actually do the thing with the yarn and the hook.

But when I’m bored and really wish I had a project to start, then I have ZERO ideas.

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Why does misha 'have a right to be bitter'? This is an honest question because I don't really know that much about his private life, could you please explain? Thank you :)

okay so sometimes i like just type and i don’t really look at what i’m typing but what i really meant was that misha has been through a lot in his life (being bullied, being homeless, etc.) and he could’ve chosen to be angry at the world, for what he’s gone through, but he isn’t. 

I still dunno if I just feel bad bc I haven’t eaten enough, or if I started feeling bad so eating was the first to go so now I feel worse…. they definitely correlate & feed into each other but which Starts it??

questions i wish i had the courage to ask you:
1. are you proud of me now
2. do you believe what they say on the news
3. is it getting bad again
4. who do you miss when the night is clear and the moon is out
5. did you ever wish you had stayed
6. what are you most afraid of
7. how much do i owe you, really
8. are you pretending to be fine for me
9. are you happy with your life now
10. did you ever regret all those sacrifices you made out of love for me
11. was it worth it at all
12. did you want grandchildren to hold, to call your own
13. what else are you protecting me from
14. do you wish i was louder and bolder and braver than this
15. would you do it the same if you were given another chance
16. do you believe me when i say i love you?
—  winter is coming. but thank you. thank you. thank you.
(to my mother)

I get so anxious too easily. It’s not like anything is going to happen with us. I’ve kinda lost hope in that… but it’s understandable.

how do i want to look today?