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I'm always confused with this people that say Alec was not affected by the break up. If anything it looked like Magnus was the lease affected and I hate myself for thinking Magnus was ok with letting Alec go

Okay so I just saw this? Even though it says it was from five days ago?

But to the first point, same. I do not understand people who think Alec was not effected by their fighting/break up. Like they literally show that it’s affecting his work, Izzy at least, was worried enough to ask. And I’m not sure how anyone can look at Alec as Magnus walks away- holding his hands out as if he were still holding Magnus, and looking as if he couldn’t breath and with tears in eyes and be like oh yeah, he’s totally fine.

As to the second, it’s just not true. The difference is that Magnus is the one making the decision. He has to be strong in it. He has to appear, to Alec at least, as if it’s something he has zero doubts about. If he cracks, if he shows it hurts, if Alec has the smallest sense that he can convince Magnus not to do this, Magnus knows Alec wouldn’t let it go. And he needed Alec to let it go. Not for himself, because his entire people are facing annihilation. I feel like somehow people don’t grasp this?!?! 










Dead. All of them. Gone. Extinct. Wished out of existence by a fucking genocidal shadowhunter. And Magnus is a leader among his people. He can’t have a weakness right then. And Alec is his weakness. Add to that the personal betrayal of having opened up to Alec and having Alec keep something as completely enormous as the Clave not having the soulsword safely in it’s possession? Like. Fuck.

So no. Magnus is not unnaffected. Magnus is probably a hot fucking mess inside. But he can’t afford to show it. Just like Alec can’t afford to drop everything he’s doing and try to pursue Magnus and save their relationship. They are not just two men in love. They are leaders of their people. And at this moment? They still have to put that first.

That may change later, the more this relationship grows. They’re already so in love, they’re in so deep, but it’s going to go further. The way it does when you’re with the person you’re going to spend your life with. They’ll have a family- more than likely- and that will start to take a certain kind of priority. But right now? They have to worry about their people. Especially Magnus. Especially. Magnus. 

The moments you see how much it hurts Magnus are never in front of Alec. As opposed to Alec who is a fucking bleeding wound whenever Magnus is in front of him. Magnus’ face in the elevator once the doors closed. The way he looks at those photobooth pictures. He hurts. He aches. There’s no doubt about that.

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Mmmhm. I wonder... I think it's pretty annoying when you make a harmless post about ship hate and ant1s immediately jump at you screaming 'pedophilia!!1' when that wasn't the topic at hand at all. But also, I think... at the end of the day you need to apply your moral philosophy to extreme circumstances in order to check whether it is logically consistent or not, right? So, it's mostly ant1s saying that stuff, but I think sometimes people really don't know what to think about this, you know? (1)

I think there are some people that genuinely don’t know what to think about the topic of fictional content and censorship because -within purity culture- the response to the claim “fictional content shouldn’t be censored” is always going to be “then /what/ can be censored?”. And that question does, indeed, bring up extremely dark and questionable topics, such as children being sexualized in media for merely sexual purposes. (2)

But I guess what I’m trying to say is all this moral panic arises from the fact that “fictional content, no matter how squicky or distasteful, remains fictional and shouldn’t be censored on that basis” is very difficult to understand for people that grew up with more traditionalist/authoritarian values? I think behind every ant1 post lies one perpetually unsaid question: “When is censorship okay?” And the fact that there isn’t one simple, easy answer can be scary to some. I guess. (3)

I do believe some of the points antis raise are interesting and worth discussing, because in the end we’re all asking ourselves the same thing: “when is it okay to censor fictional content, and under which criteria”. The difference is that factors such as cultural/religious/political background and how we are raised make us react differently to that question… thus the split between anti shippers and pro shippers. (At leats that’s my hypothesis) What do you think? (4)

A lot of good thoughts here, imo.

I strongly agree that anti-shippers make a lot of points that are worth a debate. The principles on which anti-shipping takes a theoretical stand are principles that should be listened to and considered! But when they are enforced with harassment and abuse, it’s hard to have an honest discussion. :(

Similarly, I agree that there’s value to taking a position to its extreme and seeing if you are willing to uphold it even when dealing with things you personally find horrifying or disgusting. I’d like to talk about that briefly later in this post.

But I’m particularly thinking about this part:

I think behind every ant1 post lies one perpetually unsaid question: “When is censorship okay?”

Your hypothesis is that anti-shippers are trying to locate and lay hard boundaries, essentially: they want rules - rules that cater to their personal comfort - to exist. And honestly … I get that.

Once again, I feel like it comes back to tumblr/twitter/web 2.0 being awful. These sites have ‘rules’, but they are broad and poorly enforced. (In fact, because the profit model is geared to user participation, some moderate strife is good for business - angry people tweet/tumbl/update their status more and spend more time interacting with others, which means more sweet advertiser money.) The boundaries that used to exist between people with conflicting interests are gone.  and some people really struggle with knowing they share internet space with others whose interests disrupt their personal comfort/allowing others to be different and not evil incarnate. Some people can’t tolerate moral ambiguity or cultural differences or anything that causes them discomfort.

A certain kind of person decides that if they cannot have a space that is entirely separate from somebody they disagree with, the person they disagree with isn’t allowed to have any space at all. They will make and enforce rules that exclude the person they disagree with. That is the kind of person who becomes an anti. (and the hands-off behavior of abuse teams on web 2.0 social media means that anyone who wants to set some rules and enforce them via harassment and intimidation has free reign to try to do it.)

(When the world fails to provide a clear-cut answer to ‘when is censorship okay?’ anti-shippers decide the answer is ‘censorship is okay when I say it is.’)

on the subject of taking a position to its extreme and deciding if you would enforce it, please go under the cut:

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Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell me that I should wear makeup all the time.
Yes mother, it does hurt when you tell people that you wanted a girl but got me instead.
Yes mother, it hurts every time you tell me to go to the gym because I “could lose like ten pounds.”
Yes mother, it hurts that each time I stand up for myself, you get hurt in the process.
And yes mother, I love you so much, and that’s why this hurts.

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Hi! I'm new to theater stuff, and I was wondering if you or anyone else could explain how the stage door works? I'm flying out from Houston to see Hamilton soon and I don't really know when stage door stuff happens or if there's anything considered acceptable/unacceptable that I should/shouldn't do that's not super obvious. Like, I gather that some of the actors might come out for autographs and pics sometimes, but I don't really know how it works.

after each show, some members of the production will exit through the stage door, which is right next to the main entrance of the Richard Rodgers Theatre (toward 8th Avenue/Les Mis). this is after they’ve finished getting out of costume, greeting any backstage guests they may have, etc., so while swings & others who weren’t onstage for that performance may exit the stage door pretty quickly after the end of the performance, others may take a while.

outside of the obvious standards of being a decent human being, I think the most courteous thing that one can do is to be prepared. have the item you want signed ready, have your pen ready (if you’re using something other than a standard black sharpie, which the performers usually have themselves), have your phone/camera ready, know if someone else is taking your picture or if you want a selfie (some actors like having the phone-owner do the selfie, while others like Zachary Quinto who has touched my phone which is still blessed are better at taking the phone & doing it themselves), etc.. the stage door is what stands between these fine people working their asses off at their jobs & being able to go home, & there’s generally a pretty good-sized crowd for them to get through, so it’s just nice for everyone involved to make the process as easy as possible for all.

also, when lining up, I’d recommend going for length rather then depth – i.e., going farther down the line rather than gathering behind people. it’s just more difficult to try to reach over people & tends to be awkward when you have to semi-push your way past others to try to get someone’s attention. the people who are exiting go all the way down to the line, so you won’t miss someone because of that.

as you’ve implied, not every performer will exit through the stage door for every show. the staff will just start putting away the crowd barriers & closing up shop when the stage door is done for the night. speaking of which: there is, in fact, stage door staff, who may seem more or less happy to be there, but they’re just decent folks doing their job, so if they give instructions, listen up.

have a wonderful time at the show!

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Sometimes I think we don't really know how much they really love each other. Not even close. It's crazy to put things into perspective. Wth is verse 4? The whole song? And this is just an example. There's so much MORE.

YES ITS SO TRUE. Everything we see is just a small snippet of how they feel and act towards each other. But the fact that they can be around each other so often for so long and still be THAT in love (even just judging from the small fraction we see) is incredible and a real testament to their strength and potential to last

uh… so. I reached 300+ followers so… uh. wow. that’s amazing. I don’t really know what to say… thank you? I honestly never would have thought this would have happened only months before so… wow.