Today at the gym a guy started to talk to me about my socks. He mentioned he bouldered and I was like “Oh, I fence” and then he was like “Oh, I know a girl who fences she does like a slasher method” and to make a long story short I scrunched my eyebrows, he didn’t know the difference between weapons or anything about fencing at all and so anything that might of happened didn’t.

But at least I know the difference between foil, epee and sabre!


“You Don’t Really Know Me” - Jessie J

Time is a ribbon with many folds. 
Formed from our past together 
and our future yet to come.
I am angry

This is the third time I’ve tried to write this post coherently. It is, for the most part, about John Green, but also (somehow) I discuss ‘hate’ in general, the semiotics of the same, and the ~aesthetic attitude on tumblr that I think has become quite damaging.

I am enormously disappointed in this site, today. More specifically, I am disappointed by the way that call out culture or social justice has begun to be manipulated. Do not misunderstand me - I think it is of paramount importance that young people call out problematic behaviour and have informed critical and analytical discussions about issues and media and culture that have affected them. When call out culture is at its best it opens avenues for conversation and change, and can even elicit reflection and apologies from the persons involved. 

However, when we begin to use the language and terms of call out culture or social justice to mock, discredit, or otherwise abuse something that is not problematic, something that we personally just dislike, I have a problem. It is damaging and dangerous and it belittles discussion on things that actually are problematic. Recently I’ve noticed a shift, from people engaging in discourse on topics that matter to them, towards people using terms associated with real world issues to create throw away text posts - some of which are meant to be jokes, I think. There has been a rise in “hate” and a change in our attitude towards it.

I think part of it stems from what I’m going to refer to as the ~aesthetic phenomena. Obviously I don’t have an issue with blogs that focus on art or photography - hell, that’s a large part of my blog too. However, within this new wave of ~aesthetic is the rise of “cool”. Adopting an attitude of discompassion, disconnectedness, the ability to be literally so chill that we don’t react to hate and when we’re ecstatic about something, we’re careful to dilute our exuberance in a number of ways in order to maintain that aesthetic composure of cool. We’re surrounded by posts where lyrics like “The taste of your lips /// I want to die” or “Will you leave me /// Like the sunrise” are superimposed over artwork or blank colour. Photography is tending towards urban, night time, crying girls in front of out of focus neon lights, people who’ve been visibly beaten up lighting a cigarette or a tongue with pills on or whatever. This might sound like a pile of wank, but by being surrounded by these sad, uncaring images, it’s becoming less and less “cool” to be passionate or upset about things and to express that simply. In some part there’s also “I cared too much and now I will not care at all because I’m over that it’s too painful”. I think it’s (inevitably) becoming part of our language too. Some brief examples-

had a shitty day hbu


awwwwh those days where u wanna kill everyone lmao

There’s a degree of separation. Using slang abbreviations at the end of the post moves the focus and waters down any emotion because abbreviations are associated with being casual, being chill. I think they can also be used to detract from any cruel or violent language that came before them, like “i want to fucking stab [celebrity] lmao”. It’s almost like a desensitizer.

wow!! i!! i’m !! so ! happy!! wo w o   HM MG OD ! !!

I think this is like the other end of the spectrum. In order to downplay extremities of sadness we use a lack of punctuation and slang to gloss over how sad we might be, in part to maintain those discompassionate ~aesthetic vibes. In order to downplay extremities of joy or excitement we go the other way. We overpuntuate, add extra spaces and letters and generally hype the statement up so much that it becomes almost irony. Again, the ~aesthetic is undisturbed because there are detractors, no one could actually be this happy. The happiness becomes static. This way of speaking, this way of deflecting emotion or diluting hatred and sadness, this is what I mean by the ~aesthetic phenomena. This is also what I mean by the rise in “hate”: that it has become almost an aesthetic to disengage from actual problems and even post hateful things.

I don’t think that the way of speaking is that much of a problem in its own right. I think the way language and expression is evolving is fascinating, and obviously there will at some point be another shift, away from this. (It does make me sad though, that we’ve somehow ended up in a place where we don’t explicitly embrace joy and be unashamedly, unreservedly happy about something. But anyway).

When I think it is a problem is when this ~aesthetic phenomena (that thinks it’s cool to be chill and not care) collides with discourse on social issues. When people bring that attitude into conversations about things that matter, that are important, I think it’s damaging. I am not here referring to people that try to remain detached in these conversations in order to protect themselves. I am referring to people who are uninformed about the issue at hand, who extend their chill ~aesthetic into conversations they do not understand, and who then belittle people who engage them in conversation about it by responding with “lmao omg” “… i … i don’t… .. care”. It shuts down conversations. It shuts down positive discourse that could bring about change, that could help others learn. It belittles the issues at hand. And when it uses language associated with social justice and call out culture it makes people who use those same terms in real conversations easier to discredit because others can point to the posts that say “lmao john green is misogynistic paedophile trash” and say “clearly people who use this language don’t know what they’re talking about”.

It’s childish and harmful. It makes it harder for people who actually use these terms properly to be taken seriously.

With regards to John Green specifically, I woke up this morning to read this on his blog. I am very, very sad. I am sad that he had to see that stupid fucking post. I am sad that it has become a joke to make him respond to these things. Do y’all not remember when celebrities didn’t have tumblr/twitter/facebook/do AMA’s or QandA’s? Don’t you understand that we’re incredibly lucky to have the channels of communication that we do today, and that we should use them to engage celebrities in educated and informed discussion, not childish, unfounded accusations that have no basis in reality and only embarrass everybody involved? These things matter. To be able to communicate with these people isn’t a right, it’s something we’re lucky to have, and we’re lucky that they ever take the time to respond. It’s a way to start change, elicit apologies, raise awareness.

And now you’ve taken it too fucking far. And that’s a channel of communication we have lost. Because of this, because of a ridiculous conflation of real issues with personal taste, all stirred together with an abuse of language and glossed over by idioms and abbreviations that are pretty much designed to express a lack of caring, a lack of compassion. We are beginning to use this ~aesthetic language in a damaging way.

John Green is an author of YA fiction. He is the co-creator of Vlogbrothers, a channel that helped countless young people feel safe, feel better, feel like they belonged, back before as many people had tumblr and the other resources we have today. He and Hank have used this platform to create Project for Awesome, an annual charity fundraiser designed to raise money and awareness for charities. It has been running since 2007 and raised $1,279,847 for non profit organisations. This works in conjunction with their own charity, the Foundation to Decrease World Suck which also raises money for charities. He has created a group on Kiva which has, to date, loaned $4 million to entrepreneurs in the developing world. Together with Hank, he has also created Crash Course, an educational video series on Literature, World History, and a variety of other subjects. He signed every copy of the first print of The Fault in Our Stars, just for his fans. He worked with the Teenage Cancer Trust to try and raise money for them. He and his wife donated to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. They also give charitably to organisations that focus on education and equal rights for girls and women around the world, and global poverty and health.

He goes out of his way time and time again to engage young people, to treat them with the respect that most adults will not extend to them, he has worked for years to make them feel included and welcome in important discussions, has invited them to help decide which charities they should raise money for, has made them feel part of something, has helped give them a purpose, a goal, has helped to educate them and created hours upon hours of content for them. He has always replied in a kind and informed way to the absolutely horrible things people have begun to throw at him, even bullshit like this. He always tries to address problematic things he has done. He has apologised for these things. He continues to treat young people with respect even when they will not do the same in conversation with him. 

He is a good man.

This is the man you have abused, slandered, and criticised. This is the man you have mocked, ridiculed, and degraded. This is the man whom you have chosen to harass and condemn, and now you’ve succeeded! You’ve successfully driven this person off tumblr. Congratulations. You know this paedophilia shit is being covered by the papers? TIME, the Daily Mail, People magazine - they’re running headlines like “John Green launches furious attack after paedophilia accusations”.

Imagine, imagine how that feels. This is an absolute travesty, that someone can do so much good and be repaid like this. There will now always be an association between him and this issue. I hope you’re fucking proud. You’ve made jokes and made fun and mocked him and forgotten, somehow, that the shit you say has real world percussions and that tumblr does not exist in a vacuum and you’ve taken it so damn far that this man, this real life person has had to publicly defend himself against accusations founded on NOTHING.

I am disgusted. Beyond disgusted. I honestly don’t know what else to say.


Let him be everything because he is everything.


“She is better than Larry. Fuck Larry. Larry is a little shit.”

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Omg please do 26? Pretty please? 😢

“they said ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ so i’m speaking up”

Derek knows it’s Stiles’ wedding day. It’s actually Stiles’ second wedding day, but only if you count the one they had when they were kids.

The one that both Talia and Claudia were still alive for. They were the only two witnesses. Derek had absolutely refused to let Cora and Laura be at his wedding.

Even then, he had thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with Stiles. And he guesses he will as friends. Maybe. Stiles may not have room in his life for him anymore. But he’s well-aware of the fact that it’s his own fault that they aren’t anything more.

Stiles gave him plenty of chances. More than any normal person would. More than any person should.

The first was the day Stiles had met Heather. Stiles had come back to the house they shared with Scott, Boyd, and Isaac and bounded up and flopped on Derek’s bed as he had a tendency to do. There were times when Derek questioned whether or not Stiles realized that it wasn’t technically his room.

When Stiles didn’t talk right away, Derek had looked up from his book to find Stiles carefully considering him.

“Yes?” Derek asked.

“I met a girl.”

“They do account for half the population.”

Stiles sat up to hit Derek, but then laid back down. “I met a girl I’m interested in romantically.”



“Do you think you’re going to ask her out?” Derek finally forced himself to ask.

“Maybe? I don’t know.”

Derek took a deep breath. He had to have known Stiles would date eventually. He needed to play his role of the helpful best friend (even if now he realizes that that was Scott’s role all along).

“I think you should do it.”

“Really?” Stiles sounded far more surprised than Derek would’ve expected.

“Any girl would be crazy not to like you. Go for it,” Derek replied even if it hurt him to do so.

“Doesn’t hurt to try, I guess. Thanks, Der. I’ll leave you to it,” Stiles smiled at Derek. Derek can’t help, but notice it didn’t reach his eyes like normal.

Derek finished his book much sooner than normal because usually he had someone there to distract him, to spend time with, but unlike usual, Stiles actually left Derek alone when he said he would.

Derek didn’t like it.

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Meet Adachi.

He’s a pretty cool voice actor.

Yes, you!!

He gave this buddy-chump-pal a sweet singing voice (and speaking voice)

and made a lot of people really happy because of that.

And I mean a LOT of people. I’m still hearing positive input almost every day!

Ya know, life can get tangled sometimes, and you won’t be able to find the end of the string to unravel your problems.

But keep working at it. Probably no one has gone through your exact same experiences. But they all can relate and empathize from their own life perspective.

Work at it enough? You’re bound to find an answer.

And that answer is one awesome guy.

(Happy belated-by-a-day birthday, @stfuadachi!)

Title: Take Cover, Baby
Author: beyourgoodnight
Rating: NR
Fandom: One Direction
Ship: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 2227
Summary: A hand on his shoulder startles him out of his thoughts, which were dangerously close to spiraling toward full on anxiety. The man connected to the hand snorts at Harry’s reaction and Harry shoots him a look.

“Never met someone so nervous to be returning from war,” Thomas intones sarcastically.

Or, Harry Styles returns from the war and he thinks he might be more nervous to step on the train platform in his hometown than he was to step on the battlefield.

Read it here.

When a kid obviously guessed the right answer to a question and I ask them to explain how they got their answer.

You keep accidentally telling
me that everything I secretly
hate about myself is true. As
it turns out, I’m not self
conscious, I’m just a realist
and no one’s had the guts to
agree with me before.
—  Anne, too honest