Hi, I am the definition of complicated but I can make really good grilled cheese and if you ever don’t know where I am find the best spot to look at the sky and I’ll be sitting there. I might be complex but I promise you I’ll let you see beauty in all things. And even when you think it couldn’t get any worse I’ll point out all the positive things, I’ll make sure you know failure doesn’t really exist because you can learn from every situation. Some days I’ll be like a labyrinth but I assure you my hugs are the best and spreading love and being happy are my only goals in life and I’ll make sure you always know how important you are, not only to me but to the whole world. Sometimes I’m really difficult to deal with but I’ll love you with all my heart. You’ll learn your future loved one to adore the sky just like I did and you’ll miss how grateful I was for the ordinary things like doing the dishes or remembering my favorite fruit. You’ll miss my hugs and on some days maybe even my complexity because our days where always full of laughter and silly games and feeling loved. You’ll miss me because I never judged your choices and I always asked how your day was. You’ll miss me because I might be complicated, but no one can love you like I did.

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You guys always seem so serious and professional, I think that's why you're so reliable, but I just wanted to ask if you guys fangirl a lot when teasers for the comebacks come out and things like that 😂

Of course!! You should see our chat room 😂😂~~!! There’s a lot of screaming, blubbering, illegible typing, teasing, etc….we have regular melt downs, too!

We like to keep things clean & to the point here. One of our goals is to provide only the facts & information, not the opinions to go along with them! This keeps us out of unnecessary fandom drama & also makes our blog valuable for all fans, no matter what their style of fandom is, you know? 

Thank you for supporting us & VIXX! ♡

Edit: I should probably mention that we do have some secret tags we use sometimes…. like ㅋㅋㅋ and   hehe…

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Hope you are having a great day~ uwu Can I get some general Junkrat and things he would do with a s/o? thanks ^^

Ah oh my gosh I hope you are having a great day too!!

- Junkrat loves making his s/o trinkets and sometimes will just spend a day working on one

- He actually really likes holding hands but is a bit self co cooks about his prosthetic hand so he prefers to have them hold his other hand

- he enjoys cooking with them but always tries to crank the heat because he wants it to cook faster and if his s/o weren’t there it would be charred/on fire

- when he has phantom limb pains he wants them to hold him to help him through it and wants to just spend the day like that

- he can be kind of protective of his s/o so if anyone looks at them funny he will keep and eye out or squeeze their hand a bit more while looking at whoever is tickin him off

- he really enjoys playin around outside with his s/o such as taking a walk, chasing them around or putting a bug on them to scare them and run away

- sometimes he will just do little things like give them a rock that reminds him of their eyes, buy ///steal/// something just because he knows they will like it, draw something for them ( he isn’t half bad )

- his s/o is the only person he would let help him take a bath even though he is self conscious about his missing limbs and doesn’t want them to think he is weak or useless without them because he is embarrassed that he has a hard time washing himself properly without his limbs

- some days he just likes to sleep in till the afternoon and won’t let his s/o go until then but even then he likes to lounge around and just tiredly crack jokes and laugh at his s/o ( also sometimes he snorts and it’s cute and he is low key embarrassed about it )

look ok tumblr has gotten into this Thing where if you want to ship something it has to be groundbreaking in ten different ways and you have to prove just how it breaks stereotypes and societal norms in a five paragraph essay (double spaced) and if you ship the obvious ship or the ship that might have some issues with it you are Supporting the System™ and look i get that groundbreaking is good like keep it up but sometimes i just want the stereotypical leads to get together and have their stereotypical happy ending and sometimes i want the shitty people to get together and lead a shitty life together and i am honestly just Tired of having to prove my ship is worthwhile when literally nothing matters and i am dead inside and sometimes i just want to ship That Thing without having to justify its importance outside of the fact that their relationship makes me feel a little bit less dead

i sit in the dark with only the light from outside shinning in and i stare at my hands - theyre shaking and my heart seems to be slowly breaking, chipping away like old paint on the wall. and eventually, it all just comes off in one peel. i am so tempted to peel it all off, to rip it out entirely, i am sick of this bloody thing inside of me always aching. i am sick of the way my hands shake like the windows rattle in the most dangerous of storms. sometimes i think tornadoes take course inside my body and i mean really, it would make sense. that would explain the way that i can’t breathe without something falling apart and the way every single breath seems to chill my bones and send them running out of my skin. it’s like I’m falling apart internally but no one can ever see, no one truly cares enough to see inside. no one looks close enough, they just see that my hair is wind blown and assume im having the time of my life but sometimes i just want someone to see past my brave face, tell me maybe that im strong, maybe even stick around and endure the wind with me. i don’t wanna hurt anyone else though, so i board up my windows and shut myself down and prepare for the next storm that’s going to come and cause even more damage to my already rundown house. but still, throughout these destructive thoughts, i sit here and i ache and ache and ache until the day where i will be able to get up and be okay again and i just hope it comes soon.

Now since Sehun said he likes men people are starting to think he’s gay. First of all in Korea being gay isn’t very well accepted and he wouldn’t just come out on stage so jokingly if he was. I’m a girl and if someone asked if I like women I would agree cause I think some are hot or I like our traits and stuff like that. Doesn’t mean I’m lesbian. Everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions because he could actually be shunned in his country if it spreads like this. You never know so be careful with what you say.


16th Roswell Anniversary Rewatch → Heart of Mine

It’s April 27th. I’m Liz Parker and I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t written in this journal in nearly a year. It’s just ironic that I would figure out something really deep from like the least deep guy in America. We try to live responsible, logical lives. But we can’t tell our hearts how to feel. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go. And sometimes our hearts can be the sweetest, gentlest things we have. Sometimes our hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused. All at once. But at least my heart is open. And I’m writing again. I’m feeling. I’m breathing.

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Okay, so I have to do summer reading and I have to read two books because I'm in English Honors. I love reading, but I don't like being told what to read so I haven't read much. I haven't gotten into it. How do I motivate myself to read the books?

Tip # 1: Try And Make It Interesting
Sometimes the information we read is not presented in a way that is aligned with our personal interests and learning styles or perhaps the writer is just plain boring (I am not suggesting that my stuff is any better, haha). One of the things I like to do is check to see if there is anyone else presenting the information on YouTube in a lecture, video or documentary format. Also doing a quick Google search can get you access to the same information presented by different authors or bloggers. Once you have checked out the supplementary material, you will find that reading the boring stuff will be a lot easer.

Tip # 2 Use A Pen Or Your Hand While Reading
Ever notice that when you are reading information before taking a test, you unconsciously use your finger or pen to guide you through the material? Well I am here to encourage it! Our eyes fixate on moving objects and by using a finger or a pen when we read, we bring focus to the task. This also helps us read faster which is a great benefit. By guiding our eyes with a finger or a pen, we are more likely to stay focused on our boring material with less distraction.

Tip # 3 The Read And Recall Method
Did you know that most readers, regress 33% of the time when reading? When I say regress, I mean going back and reading the same material over again during the reading session because our mind wandered or we did not comprehended it well the first time. This is a huge waste of time and also a sign of lack of focus. One can only imagine how much more we regress for when reading boring material. We can combat this problem by performing a little trick. After you read a paragraph of text, stop and take a quick note on what you just read. Just take a quick note one sentence long. After you do that, go and read the next paragraph and repeat this for your entire piece of boring material. Not only will this help you stay focuses but it will also help your comprehension and retention.

Tip # 4 Take Occasional Breaks
It is very important that when you read, you keep your natural rhythm of your brain and focus in mind. Most of us can only remain focused on a task for about 50 minutes. For some of us, it is a lot less. Knowing why it happens is half the battle! Staying focused requires our brain to work hard. We use mental processes to help us stay focused. Think of these mental processes like little focus muscles. Just like you would not lift weights without breaks, you should not try and read nonstop. The ideal focused chuck of reading should be 50 minutes. After 50 minutes we should take a quick 10 minute break or do something else for 10 minutes and then repeat the cycle. Reading boring material not only uses our mental processes for focus , it also needs additional mental processes to keep us motivated. Again, why make it harder on ourselves… Give yourself a well deserved break and your brain will thank you for it.

Tip # 5 Review What You Read
Reading boring material is a flavourless experience. It’s like eating food with no seasoning. While we can do it, it does not particularly stimulate us. When it comes to the core reason why we read, which is to comprehend and retain information, our brain needs “seasoning” to help us comprehend and retain the information. You can spice up your reading by reviewing your material in creative ways. Try reading your notes out loud, drawing images or my favourite, create a mind map! The more we engaged different parts of our brain, the more likely we are able to make boring reading material come alive.

Tip # 6 Create Rewards To Read
Motivation is one of those mystical areas which nobody has really figured out. We do know one thing however, most people are motivated by rewards. Just like a puppy dog who does little tricks for a treat, we are not much different than our furry friends. We are motivated by rewards. Set some rewards before you read your boring material. It does not have to be anything spectacular. Sometimes a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or 15 minutes in a hot tub can be very motivating. Be easy on yourself, you deserve it after sitting through that boring material.

Tip # 7 Find A Study Buddy
Sometimes hearing another perspective from a classmate or friend can make a dull topic come to life. Find someone you can read or study with who is creative and positive. Someone that not only motivates you to get through your reading material but also holds you accountable. They should also be able to bring about interesting conversations, theories and facts to add to the material you are reading which results in a greater level of comprehension and enjoyment.

Tip # 8 Turn Reading Into A Game
How fast can you read a page of text while still maintaining a high level of comprehension? Why not time yourself and try to beat your record one page at a time? Remember what it was like to be a kid? Everything was a game! Remember how long you used to stay focused on playing with a toy or a game that you found interesting? When we grew up, we forgot that we can turn anything into a game. Maybe we think now that we are all grown up, that games are for kids… Wrong! Games motivate us and engage parts of the brain tied into our need for entertainment and challenge. By creating little games with our boring material, we can trick our brain into thinking we are playing a game instead of reading boring material.

A lot of times we sit through boring material with diligence because it can mean the difference between a passing and a failing grade in school or not getting our job done at work. All this does is burn us out. At one point in my life, it made me hate reading in general. That being said, all we have to do is change our perspective on the material using the tips I talked about above, to mimic the joy of reading something we are actually interested in. In a perfect world, all the material we read would be exciting and fun. By using the tips I shared with you, you could create your own reading utopia where even then, most boring material around is still fun to read!


Spaghetti Bolognese from Hunter x Hunter. Hunter x Hunter is my most favourite anime! I like it more as an adult than I did as a kid. Although it features boys and adventures, it definitely has very adult themes. The Hunter x Hunter world is brutal and merciless, requiring talent, luck, and on-the-spot strategic thinking to navigate through - much like the world we currently live in. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and vice versa, sometimes the bad people have sad pasts that made them that way. Anyway, back to the spaghetti bolognese, my boyfriend’s mum taught me that it’s a good trick to make people eat their vegetables - by chopping them up finely and hiding them in the meat sauce (the vegetables, not the people).

Spaghetti Bolognese (serves ~3)

  • 300 g minced meat that’s not too lean
  • 2 bacon strips
  • Half a yellow onion, diced finely
  • 1 celery stick, diced finely
  • Half a small carrot, diced finely
  • 8 cherry tomatoes, diced finely
  • Tomato sauce
  • 1 tablespoon of mixed Italian herbs
  • ~5 tablespoons of parmesan cheese, grated
  • 3 large button mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • 3 servings of spaghetti
  • Parsley leaves, chopped


  1. Stir fry the bacon and onion till onion is transparent. Add the celery, carrot, and tomatoes and stir fry until moisture is exuded and the vegetables have shrunk.
  2. Add the minced meat and keep stirring till the mince meat turns white.
  3. Mix in the tomato sauce and herbs and bring to a boil. Season with salt an pepper, to taste. Simmer until the sauce becomes thick. Mix in the parmesan cheese, a bit at a time. 
  4. Boil the spaghetti according to instructions on the packet.
  5. Saute the mushroom slices with oil and a bit of butter. Loosely mix the mushroom slices into the meat sauce.
  6. Top the spaghetti with bolognese sauce and sprinkle with parsley leaves.
  7. Challenge people to eat it in 30 minutes!

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It’s really hard sometimes when your friends honestly don’t think they’re pretty/smart/talented/etc.

You’re all “Dude, you’re beautiful” or, “your art is amazing” or, “I love how you know so much about that thing you like” or whatever, and they’re all “thank you for being kind, I appreciate your effort to lift my spirits”, and you’re like, “No, you are actually great! If hearing it makes you feel better, awesome, but I am trying to be Captain Obvious over here”.


Rylie37 asked how I draw the Matsus and I ended up making this thing but it’s not helpful at all!! My imitation of the show is very poor though so please don’t take any of this to heart lol.

I start with three blobs which make the shape of his face and ear. Their little button nose is in the center of their face and their eye shapes are like the arches/”M” from McDonald’s honestly lol and they’re placed on the top blob; it doesn’t drop at all to the lower half of his face (but I do this anyway, sometimes). The hair is kind of whatever to me lol; you’ll notice I draw it differently every time! As long as it’s parted and has those adorable ahoges (bar Choro). And then you can pick which cute sextuplet you want to draw when you’re adding their different quirks.

Thanks so much for this question! I’m really sorry I don’t ever explain things well. ;___;

dude im so stupid about music i like i get so excited about it sometimes and i relate things VERY strongly to music like…. so many songs instantly make me think about natalie or certain weather or fall or going to the woods or weird specific shit it makes me feel so silly but i love it

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You know how around Blue Adam sometimes goes into like Hardcore Henrietta mode where he's suddenly all 'Your mama didn't raise you right sir' when that guy said something about Blue's legs, or like in TRB when he was like 'my mama says if someone gives you a compliment you should accept it.' Like can you imagine the first time that happens around Ronan. Can't you just SEE Ronan like passing out

Holy shit YES. Because you know that Adam learned all these manners because he’s lived in Henrietta his whole life, and had been RAISED to live in Henrietta his whole life, so of course he would have that “good, southern, all american boy” attitude that’s so relatable to the natives. And then there’s RONAN, who has raised in this family that has been isolated and completely different from the rest of the area his whole life. He’s always been a Lynch, which is something completely different from “someone from the Henrietta area”. So he knows his family and friends. He knows Adam Parrish. He knows Henrietta. But when Adam and Henrietta combine???? It’s this completely different department and it puts his accent kink to shame okay?

Like, imagine that scene with Adam being all noble and masculine and standing up for Blue happening with Ronan??? Because we all know that Ronan can take care of himself (who would honestly want to mess with him without a death wish) but he defends himself by being completely venomous. So imagine Adam coming to his rescue with the all american boy attitude, saving Ronan from some guy who “doesn’t like punks” and Ronan was already gone but man is he a goner now. Cuz you can bet that NOBODY has ever “defended his honor” like that and treated him like something that is worth the gentleman treatment.

Ronan can’t decide how it’s even possible to fall further in love with Adam Parrish at that point, but he manages it.

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What do you think is the biggest thing holding you back in life Caddy? Or maybe you don't know, but it's definitely not your eye

“Hey, anon… sorry I missed this ask earlier. You’re right that my eye isn’t holding me back - it’s a loss all the same, though one I’ve learned to compensate for.,. but the one thing that still feels like it’s holding me back is, heh, my pride.”

“I mean, I look at myself sometimes, and it’s hard not to see a walking disaster. PTSD, depression, anxiety… self-esteem issues… problems with food… the gaps in my memory… it’s one hell of a rap sheet, heh. And between what happened with Getter and now… I’ve kinda realized that love isn’t a magic pill you can take to make everything better.”

“That harsh truth can be a struggle, sometimes. I have my moments, where I feel like I’m walking on the edge of the abyss… like if I put a foot wrong, I’ll be back in one of those dark places again. And I wonder how I can keep going - knowing that, like the paparazzi, they’re not going away completely. That even if I am loved - and it’s a wonderful feeling - things aren’t always gonna go smoothly.”

“But I’m learning, slowly, how to cope - and I wouldn’t be learning that if I wasn’t going to therapy. I wouldn’t be going to therapy if I hadn’t opened up to G, and realized he wasn’t ashamed of me. And I wouldn’t have done that with G, if you guys hadn’t been there to give me that extra push.”

“So thanks, guys, for checking up on me when it comes to self-care stuff. Whether it’s asking how therapy’s going, asking if I need time to relax, or encouraging me to talk to my professors when I fall behind… it helps a lot more than you’d think.”

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I'm sick of people in this fandom thinking every little thing that other celebs do (not just Calvin) is shade at Taylor. It's usually not that deep, sometimes things just are what they are. Not every slight of hand someone makes revolves around Tay

LOL like when katy released rise and people were like “I THINK IT’S ABOUT TAYLOR” like it ain’t that deep, fam.

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Im not a fan of tom's sense of humor and it's obvious that CP isn't either. The rational side of me knows that they get along well and that tom doesn't mean any harm but I dunno I do get a little upset when someone tries to belittle CP and in front of the entire cast that is. I just want tom to loose that annoying side of his, but that being said this was still the best SDCC yet!

He was doing too much this SDCC. Like I get he’s being sarcastic, but he was all over the place with it and making things super awkward not just the WA questions though, like everything. Candice says he’s super funny though, so I think, for the most part, she appreciates his humor. I don’t know though, i don’t know if he was belittling her? It’s not her fault she gets all the WA questions. Like he’ll sometimes make a remark before she even answers. 

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Yeah most of the time i like being a girl but then sometimes i feel like theres so much pressure and i wonder if i would have it easier being a man. Like all this "perfect body" stuff & i feel like you should look pretty without makeup, have great hair & dress cute blah blah blah. So yes i spent a lot of time to look cute so sometimes i just wish i could be a guy because they dont do makeup and they can make even sweats look hot. Like you just wake up, get dressed, do your hair and youre done

But i actually think guys deal with lot of stuff too, so it isn’t that easy. Like most of them don’t think they are cute or hot and these females that say things like they like big dicks, yk it is difficult for some of them. I mean some of us get so judged for using makeup and when some guy uses makeup other guys judge him and call him so many things like homossexual slurs

In light of various discourses over the past months

It seems like a lot of discourse is occurring lately, it really sucks and I don’t get involved because I never know what’s the right thing to do but to throw my own penny’s worth in I just…..hate isn’t ok, alright?
I know we all share a common interest but outside of that one interest we will differ greatly and we all need to respect that, I understand things can make you angry and it’s much easier to type out a response to something than it is to say it but before you do I implore than you think that there is a person beyond the screen when you do so.

Yes, people make mistakes and may say things you disagree with and everyone’s feelings are 100% valid but with the mob mentality nature of social media and how quickly things can spread out of control, sometimes I feel like it’s best to not get involved- let things pass you by sometimes, arguments seem to spread so quickly and before you know it the person who created the original thing may have been misunderstood/made a mistake or something.

I’m not saying you have to accept everything everyone says, but just don’t make it into a witch hunt.
I’m wording everything wrong I know, I know and I’m sorry I’m just trying to say what’s on my mind- but I just feel like if you want to add on to something you disagree with, if your going to do it perhaps make it A) informative (ie points the person may not have considered or been aware of presented to them) or B) calm and unaggressive.
Not everyone sees things from everyone else’s point of view and it’s so easy to get crossed wires and conflicts but the best way to avoid that is to either never post an opinion (which is silly and practically impossible and something you shouldn’t feel the need to do) or simply react in an educational, calm and rational matter or ignore things.

Please remember it’s someone’s opinion and be it wrong or right, what you agree with or not, you can’t fully understand where it’s coming from.
It may be coming from the persons own strong feelings about something personal to them, it may be coming from not being informed or not hearing another side to it, it may simply have been worded in a way that wasn’t meant to come across the way it did.

Ugh I don’t know how to word what I want to say correctly, but just please- think twice before saying things, a calm and informative manner can go a long way in diffusing conflict and it’s just my personal way of dealing with things- I am in no way saying I’m right or that you should listen to me, I’m literally spitting into the wind because this discourse has been a little upsetting and I really wish I could make all the trouble the community has been having these past months go.
If I’ve in any way offended or come across wrong I do apologise, it’s not my intention. I only have best wishes at heart.
(Seeing all this go down makes me nervous sometimes, I have a hard time understanding and conveying emotion and it makes me worry about being misunderstood)

And I’m not trying to place blame here either, be you adding on or reacting to an opinion or posting one- calm, rational, informative ways do a lot of good in my experience.
Just keep it chill.

(Seeing all this go down makes me nervous sometimes, I have a hard time understanding and conveying emotion and it makes me worry about being misunderstood-

On another note: anon hate.
Unfortunately with the nature of the internet bullying is infinitely easier and quicker.
It’s a horrible inevitability and I wish it wouldn’t happen, I really do- nobody deserves hate.
I’m not aware if tumblr allows you to block anons or if there is an addon that would, but if there is I advise that be your first cause of action if you get hateful messages.

Block them immediately, or if that’s not an option turn off anons.
They’re rarely brave enough to send anything then and if they do you most certainly can block them.
Remember that for everyone one horrible comment that’s just one person in a sea of people who aren’t nasty- who like you and care about you.
Don’t feel alone and if you feel the need to talk to someone, I’m sure plenty of people including me would be more than willing to hear.

Sending anon hate is usually a result of someone else’s negative mood and the need to take it out on someone else, it’s rarely anything genuinely deeply personal to you and more to do with the person sending it.
It hurts I know and especially for people already suffering through other things, it’s just one more notch in the upsetting nonsense life can throw at you- but I wish you all well and hope that wherever this influx of hate is coming from, it fades away soon.

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Can I ask you about starting to write fics tips? Your writing is so nice and clear, I trust you

aw thanks

when i had just started writing, i read a lot. and like most (i think) readers, i’d go find the fics with the most reviews/hits or ask for recs and read them to get a sense of the character’s portrayal. that also helps with developing a style

reading over is really important for me because that’s where i’ll add things or take them out, sometimes realize if a sentence makes absolutely no sense. and then there are times where i delete everything and rewrite it from scratch which is the worst thing ever, but it has to be done

for clarity, that’s where the reading over helps. because when i really get into writing, i’ll forget that a 70 word sentence shouldn’t exist. but when i read over, i realize i run out of breath while reading so i know to break it up. i also try to go into a lot of depth if it’s an important scene or one i’ve been going over and over in my head; there are some things i’ll let the reader imagine on their own, but there are other things where i have a pretty clear view and i want to convey that

having a beta also helps because @loveandallthat7 will occasionally highlight something because either she can’t tell which character the pronoun refers to or what i’m saying. most recently she noticed i wrote ‘made’ when i tried to write ‘label’ and this was after i read over that chapter twice 

hopefully at least a little of that helped!