TV, the radio, the web, etc…. Mainstream media is probably the number one influence on our society. Everything from celebrity gossip to political debates, all of these things come funneling through to our eyes and ears with a simple connection like your phone, television, computer, car and even inside your grocery stores and markets in the form of magazines and advertisements.
What is my point?
Well growing up I hated following trends and keeping up with politics. Quite literally I used to try way to hard to dress, act and express myself in ways that were entirely different from any mainstream influence. However as I have grown into my adult form, my opinion has drastically changed.

Not that conformity is a good thing, but sometimes you have to conform just a little, to really make a statement and leave an impression on society.

My goal is to continuously spread awareness through our society about the things that matter the most to me. As a young adult I am beginning to understand the responsibility I have in changing how our society views gender identity, sexuality and individuality. These three things mean so much to me because I have had a very unusual journey finding self acceptance and confidence in who I am and how I feel.
By openly identifying as gender fluid I have already crossed that fine line of what is socially acceptable in society. However, I have begun crafting my image in a way that I think will make a lot of people stop and at least question the idea of gender variance. Now I am on my way to further tailoring my articulation to be more mindful of the immense amount of diversity in the world. I am doing this because I feel that I can be a good example of what the presence of a gender variant individual might be like for mainstream media.
Let me explain.
My goal as an artist is to plant an idea into peoples minds, water that idea with educated perspective and then nurture its growth with inspiration. The idea that sexuality, gender identity and individuality are not features of the human soul is in my opinion disgusting! When you have people all around the world, who would rather take their own life over living out a lie for societies approval, then their is something seriously wrong with how our society views individualism.
I think that people are ready for a mainstream, trendy example of a non-binary individual. I am going to be that example because I feel personally responsible for being the change that I want to see in the world.

-Elliott Alexzander

We’ll actually be talking more about this soon- (also hey if anyone wants to make an image description for me- you’d be awesome. i’m just way too sick to fuss with it right now.)

but one thing that may be helpful for you- would be to lay out the way /you/ use self care, or want to try and use self care.

So this isn’t representative of me- it’s what I consider a pretty stereotypical reflection of how most people do self care. You may want to elaborate even (for instance, Self Soothing is the type of self care we do see more of promoted on tumblr. The ‘take a bubble bath’ the ‘watch a disney movie’ whatever it is you specifically enjoy doing.).

My personal self care venn diagram would probably actually big a giant ‘Emotional’ self care bubble, with like a physical self care one mostly inside of it but slightly sticking out- and same with interpersonal. And to be completely honest, no spiritual one at all. Most of the things I do for physical and interpersonal self care? /are/ emotional self care for me. Part of this is multi-tasking. (Showers are a time I use for emptying my head and thinking only of the water- Meals are a time I take to think about my body and what it allows me to do.) Though there are things I do simply because I must and because they’re good for relationships.

You may find it helpful to split up emotional into emotional, intrapersonal, and mental self care. You may not want a spiritual bubble.  But take a moment to really think about the things you already do that add to your life, and the things that you want to do to add to your life. Taking a look at it in this manner, while also taking a mental catalogue of the areas of your life that you feel more stressed(and why. You may feel stressed at work. but is it work? is it the people? is it the conditions? sometimes what you can do is changed by what exactly is going on.)- makes it easier to see what areas you might want to see if you can find additional self care techniques for. 

In my example- I broke apart the physical self care bubble entirely because for a lot of people- the place you want to start is there. And slowly work your way into managing the others.

If I can find the gumption- I’ll do another Venn diagram chart talking about the other major sort of categorizations that you can sort self care into- the BACE model.


“She could see how tired I was and she wrote me the most beautiful email I’ve ever received, saying, ‘Sometimes the waves are going to be so big you’re going to feel like you’re drowning. And someone, that reporter, is going to publish something and make you seem like someone you’re not. And it’s going to feel really shitty, and you’re not going to be able to find air, and you’re by yourself and there’s sharks everywhere. The important thing to remember is, it’s all waves… [and eventually] it’s going to go away and you’ll be floating on your own.’” Shailene Woodley talks about the great advice she received from Kate Winslet

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Implying not playing the game makes the women less hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic so here’s a little something. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you follow this blog you’ve probably noticed how my drawing patterns depend on my mood and/or things that currently hold my interest. I haven’t played dota in a while but dotards are some of my most supportive followers (second only to fa/tg/guys, the elephants of the internet who somehow manage to never forget about stuff) so sometimes i do feel like i HAVE to draw more dota.

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how in the frig fraggin world do you pick your fantastic palettes?

(i answered a really similar question privately a while ago so i’m just going to copy and paste my answer and reuse things i drew haha.. i hope thats ok!)

tbh the way i pick colors is kind of intuitive i think? like a lot of the time when i start a drawing or painting or something i just try to visualize the lighting and colors in my mind, and then when i get to the coloring part i sort of just do my best to recreate things the way i visualized them

i definitely draw a lot of inspiration from other artists though! observing other people’s art really helped me to get a feel of the things that make certain palettes work or not work, and sometimes i would discover cool palettes and styles and techniques that i would not have found or tried if i only focused on my own work
the same goes for photos and i think observing things in real life is really helpful too, because there are a lot of things that photos and drawings don’t capture that you could pick up with your own eyes if you look carefully enough
the lighting and colors in movies and stuff are usually great reference as well imo

on a more technical note though when i pick colors i focus a lot on the color values (like making sure the colors i choose are consistent with the lighting and stuff) and the way colors fit with one another (i try to use a combination of analogous and complimentary colors at different saturations to create depth and contrast and make things more readable)

(in case the text is too small i’ve posted slightly larger versions of these images on my twitter)

ofc this isn’t exactly the way i always think and do things but its a strategy i sometimes refer to when i’m stuck!

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I have a question (it's been bugging me for awhile), when applying for the Internship, do we have to know so much about the area we have chosen, or will they just teach us what we really need to know, like the basics (even if we're not familiar with the area of choice, but would like to experience it)? I'm in a community college at the moment, and have only been taught cultural art, but not animation just yet. I wanted to apply sometime during the fall semester, that's why I was asking~

Hey @inkedalpha,

An internship is all about a fresh experience learning new things.  Having some understanding or a basic foundation of the field you’re going to intern in can certainly help a little, but it’s going to be your professionalism, attitude and overall passion that help you make the most of your internship experience! Everything else can be learned and fine-tuned during the 10 (or so) weeks that you’re here with us, so no need to worry about being a pro coming in!

Hope that helps! Good luck!

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I'm a vegetarian but sometimes I have cheat days were I will eat chicken or something these days only come around like every 2 months I still consider myself a vegetarian though???

have you considered mock meat? the bran Gardein makes the BEST. i have their pulled “pork sandwiches” and “chicken” tenders/nuggets whenever I crave them. they also make “grilled chicken” and just tons of things!! most grocery stores have them, and if not this specific brand, morning star is also good (not vegan tho). 


The thing is

Sometimes i think I shouldn’t try to do something because I might be awful at it, and it’s better not to try than to fail.

Then I have to remind myself that, if I don’t try, I will never, ever know. I remind myself of the last time I felt like this when i was pretty damn sure I couldn’t write Sherlock fanfic and would make a right hash of it, and that turned out okay.

So it will be fine.


I feel like a lot of people could do with a dose of happy today, so-

-FFXIV Tumblr, reblob this and tell me about the things that happen in-game that never fail to make you smile.

I’ll start - I love when you’re doing a fate or the same quest as someone and you have this amazing sense of camaraderie without either of you ever saying a word to the other, especially when it involves things that aren’t as obvious as healing the other or hanging back after completing a quest objective to help with the next person’s kills. It’s always touching, the consideration for other people that you see when someone is making an effort to avoid spinning the boss or pointing AOEs at other players/chocobos, or when someone attacks nearby monsters that aggro to make them stay off the lower level or more delicate players or lure them away from quest objectives that they could interrupt.

I know it sometimes feels like nobody notices those little touches, but people do, and they’re super grateful for it. It’s a lovely reminder that not only are all the other people ingame real humans, they’re real humans who have genuine empathy for the people they’re playing with and who want to make their lives easier.


It may seem weird that an old school rocker like me would like Enya. She does some traditional Celtic stuff but most of her music is pretty modern and new age. I guess it is her artistry. First her voice is incredible. I started following her back in her Clannad days. As a musician myself I marveled at some of the things she did. For example she will record not one or even ten but sometimes as many as 50 harmony vocal tracks. When played they blend together and sound like a cross between a heavenly choir and a deeply sonorous pipe organ. She will even make up words which are meaningless but are selected specifically to have the right vowels for the melody. This mysterious Irish woman lives in a castle in Ireland where she records. She has that whole Celtic ice queen thing going on. She fascinates me. In her music I hear the voice of the Mother of All.

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About his weight, I was happy to believe he had put on some weight when I saw the photos from the Attenborough thing. It is my only complain about Tom that he is sometime too skinny (especially after the ISTL shoot, it was horrible). I don't like skinny guys, slim yes, but not more than that. But maybe it is because he had no make up on, on most of the event photos he has make up and it changes his skin and complexion. Anyway, I, for one, am for chubby Tom! eh eh eh!

Just like you, I’m totally a fan of the chubbier Tom version, he looks amazing with a little extra weight! (to be fair, he always does though haha)
But as long as he is healthy, I’m okay with everything. I know everyone (including me) was a bit worried when he was looking so skinny for ISTL but I’m sure he was on a healthy diet, I think it’s safe to assume he was surrounded by professional people. But it’s good nonetheless to see him back at his healthy weight. Now let’s hope he stays a bit chubbier for a while ;)

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So I keep getting shut down by lesbians when I tell em I'm bisexual. Sometimes not even shut down, but disrespected. Or they question whether or not I actually like girls. What do I do? Is this a lesbian thing? It sucks. I can feel all the cute lesbians slipping through my fingers :(

Aghhh yeah. I know what you’re taking about and it pisses me off that girls are gonna shut you down bc of your sexuality. Isn’t that everything we stand for?? It makes me mad that there’s inequality within the gay community still, so as a lesbian, I apologize on behalf of other lesbians who need to be a bit more open-minded! Chin up, baby love. We’re not all like that xoxo

Aries: Say generic things that apply to the majority of tumblr, but with exclamation points!!!!!!!!

Taurus: Just flat our say things that a lot of tumblr can relate to

Gemini: Sometime WILL THROW capital letters AROUND for emphasis exactly where tumblr LIKES their emphasis

Cancer: Almost never make posts about signs, but when they do they’re some of the best

Leo: Are still waiting for DiCaprio to get an award of any kind

Virgo: Say things that could also apply to many users of twitter

Libra: Either do or sometimes don’t make posts about the signs, they can go either way, but the ones that do usually also reblog other posts about the signs

Scorpio: What is this I don’t even

Sagittarius: Never get any notes, except when they do, then they get notes. Like they get a lot of notes

Capricorn: Usually involve either dogs or cats if they involve household pets at all

Aquarius: Have lots of emotions, you know, like emotional people, or none, like people who don’t have emotions, really no in between for these two sides of the scale that have absolutely no space between

Pisces: Find a way to mix up the order so they’re not last

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What do kittens do when they are without a master? :O

hmm well i have actually seen a whole bunch of stray kittens around tumblr, and my impression is without a master, you can still have tons of fun being a kitten!! ^~^ for instance even though i’m owned, when i am alone sometimes i’ll still dress up and do kitty things like playing around or getting all snuggly in bed. if you wanted to do more you could also eat kittenplay foods from a bowl (like cereal or small candies to be “kibbles”) or make a cat bed out of blankets and pillows! some people also do online roleplay, and purrsonally i think just browsing kittenplay blogs is a fun way to get into kitten space as well! :3 xx

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Any tips on dealing with anxiety? Sometimes I can hardly walk around the campus of my university without wanting to run back to my room and close the door, and I get panic attacks sometimes, like when I have to make a class presentation. :(

take a few days off, go into nature for at least 30 minutes (but really do it for as many hours as you can) for a day or two or however long. you will learn some nice things and help on your path to balance. any time you experience anxiety coming on find a way to remove yourself from your environment or situation, your surroundings. Return when you feel comfortable. You don’t have to excuse your choices to do anyone. You are in charge of your life and it is 100% okay to step out of anything for a minute to regain mental stability and clarity. I wish you the best on this journey and I certainly hope this helps. :) namasté

Update: porn blog reblogging my breastfeeding picture.

I wrote to tumblr support and said that I feel that having a young child on a blog with this content (and the caption he added) was borderline paedophila and I really hope tumblr didn’t support the sexualisation of infants.
Tumblr removed the photo from their blog.
Thank god !

I won’t be posting any more breastfeeding pictures unless I can find a way to make them unable to be reblogged. I just can’t believe men sometimes, like just because they think breasts are great it means that they only exist for the sole purpose of exciting men? Fuck off, I’m just trying to feed my baby. I can’t believe a picture representing my breastfeeding journey was boiled down to ‘nursing tits’, so thanks for that you fucknut. I hope you stub your toe first thing in the morning AND burn your tongue on a delicious lunch you won’t be able to taste.

I always feel a little bad when I go on vacation and so whatever comes out of my queue is what new people see and so they follow for those posts, but then I come back and start talking and they leave ‘cause it’s not what they signed up for. Not like, feel bad that they unfollow me, that’s fine. I feel bad they didn’t see it coming and thought maybe I was just a video game blogger. 

Hahaha, I’m so not. I write things, I talk sometimes, and I make really stupid jokes. Occasionally I scream about Vikings. I’m obsessed with Kaidan Alenko, Miranda Lawson, and Cassandra Pentaghast. I’m quietly opinionated. I drink entirely too much coffee and have managed to convince Mr. Booty to purchase an espresso machine.

So hey, hi new people. If you like the things I reblog but don’t care for my ramblings, blacklist #mostly pointless text posts and that should catch most of everything. If you don’t want to see my occasional selfie post, I tag those with #hello yes this is my face. If you’re here explicitly for my love of Kaidan Alenko and don’t want to see anything else, I run fuckyeahalenko. That might be better suited for you.

So, welcome to my blog. Stay as long as you like :) and don’t feel like you can’t talk to me, or I’m too cool or something because I assure you, I most definitely am not. 

irdeadite replied to your post:Question: why does Dark have bandages on? Is it…

I’m glad I didn’t decide to include the “what one experiences the other feels” attribute after all… bcuz…*nervous laughter* lots of ow would of happened. >.>

Sometimes I forget that part of his story so when things happen to Mark like surgeries, all I can picture is Dark just standing there and then suddenly his stomach gets sliced open and yeah….

Makes you almost feel sorry for the guy. 8′D