If you miss someone, please text them and let them know – chances are they miss you too and they’re just insecure about reaching out first. Plus, it’s just nice to remind people that you’re thinking of them.

I reached out to a friend I’d been thinking about for a while and I’m so happy because I’ve truly missed them so very much. Sometimes life gets in the way but the memories you build with someone are forever <3

psa about exclusivity. from what i’ve seen, there’s a lot of people who have exclusives roleplayers and muses and to be honest, i am around for a fair amount of time to know that sometimes, you connect more with some partners than others. with this being said, i also happen to have some exclusives. this means i won’t interact with anyone else with the same muse. i know for some this doesn’t make any sense but it does for me. if we have been interacting and you want to be exclusive with me, just message me! if i don’t roleplay with any other partner with the same muse, then maybe i can say yes. i say maybe because i need to have a connection with you, there has to be that click between the two of us. look under the cut to know who and which muses i’m talking about.

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You know I reblogged that Playboy article about Black Widow and as I lay here unable to sleep I thought here is the perfect example of why text is not all or nothing. Playboy is not a feminist publication. I suppose we can fight over it but I’m feeling pretty good about that statement. Playboy has, however, been a major player in Civil Rights activism and allowed a space for some excellent journalism. It also celebrates the objectification of women. So here is a text that both disrupts and upholds the patriarchy simultaneously. Not something all that unusual.

And I’ve seen a lot of love for The Kingsmen on my dash lately. That’s fine. I obviously support people loving what they like, but The Kingsmen was a massively problematic text. It was flashy sure. Enjoyable in places absolutely. But weirdly misogynistic at the end? Strangely classist? Almost stubbornly unaware of what it wanted to say? Also all of those things.

And I guess what I’m saying here (and keep in mind I have indigestion-induced insomnia) is that every time I see Tumblr or the internet or the world go apeshit over how “awful” something is I want to run a slideshow of stuff like this. There are easy things we can all agree on (blurred lines) but texts that obvious are few and far between. Most especially because songs exist in a much different space and way than books, movies, tv shows, video games, or comic books. So why is it we sometimes turn a blind eye and sometimes pass judgment–judge, jury, and executioner–from a trailer alone?

There are few things more dangerous than righteousness and I so strongly believe when I am so very sure I am right is when I have to be most critical of what I think. Passion doesn’t negate an argument but ideologies are not simple things. Critiquing society is not a simple thing. It’s complicated and dangerous and the moment you think you’ve figured it out is the moment you become what you hate. It’s easy to tell someone why they’re wrong. It’s much more difficult to understand what they mean and why or how they came to mean it.

It’s just curious to me, is all. The way we aren’t up in arms about the porn industry. Or Grand Theft Auto. Or so many other things. Instead, like some vicious flash mob we love and hate in an instant, so thrilled with our insight we never stopped to ask where it came from. And I think what really bothers me about it is that we love or hate *people.* Not texts. Not stories. Not characters (though to be fair we hate those too) but PEOPLE. Real people we don’t know and real people we intentionally refuse to understand. What is that but the very worst the internet has to make of us?

Anyway, even this mob power we’ve amassed is great most of the time. It’s spurred education and civil rights and social justice and critiques of capitalist globalization. It’s great. Until it’s not.

Obvious bbys #12
  • Haru:He always has to have his own way..
  • Makoto:Yeah, he can be sometimes pushy, that part of him has't changed at all.. But thanks to his way of being he helped you. I was very surprised when I found out about the Australia..
  • Haru:That should be my line.
  • Makoto:Haha..
  • Haru:But I do appreciate what Rin did..
  • Makoto:Yeah..
  • Haru:Even though we're in separate places now, as long as I continue swimming, I'll definitely see Rin again, right?
  • Makoto:Yeah. I realy look forward to see you two competing together.
  • Haru:I won't lose to him!
  • ~ Characters Interview v. 7


fun story time about working in the fast food industry

now my employers are lovely to me. i have no complaints about them.  however, the CUSTOMERS are what make my life a lovely hell (always right before i go on break too)

so. i’m running orders. this basically means i take fast food food and place it into fast food bags and give it to the customer, say “have a good day” and move on.

so i see two orders on my screen. cool! one’s a cheese burger and small fries, the other is a chicken burger and something else. idk. cheese burger appears, i take it and call it out. now, i didnt take this order, so idk what this guy looks like. so im like “cheese burger and a small fry?” and this guy comes up and im pretty sure i LOOK AT HIM AND REPEAT WHAT I JUST SAID and he says “yes, thank you” takes the bag and leaves. one order down. awesome.

so i run the next order, bring it over, call it out, and the second guy comes over and stares at me with fucking knives in his eyes. and im like “(whatever the order was)” and he’s like “No.” 

so at this point i put on my best customer service face and ask him what his order was, and he says “cheeseburger and a small fry”

so actually fuck my entire life, the other guy took his order. i explain this, ask if he saw where he went, like maybe we can get it back? we cant so i say itll be right up bc a cheeseburger takes two seconds to make. this guy says VERY sternly, “GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK” then he’s YELLING at my coworker to give him his money back, and she cant, bc she’s not a manager, and eventually my manager comes over and he solved the situation idk i went on break.


thank you, rant over

Just something I’m currently working on. Wanted to do some height differences between the Strawhat ladies (including my oc, Anaya). As you can see, Anaya is a bit on the short side :’D So yeah, Gonna outline and color this by sometime tomorrow. SO HERE’S WHAT I GOT FOR NOW!!! 8D

Also, gonna watermark all of my WIP like this so yeah…just for reasons :’D

You know what’s weird? When you’re in that odd limbo where you don’t love a character as much as you used to, but you don’t really hate them either. It’s a tangled web we weave; I used to love you, but now I don’t. I don’t hate you, but I also don’t know how I feel about you anymore.

people have immediately unfollowed me after

just so you know, new followers. i thought this is something you might want to know because i’m getting new followers due to that giveaway i’m having atm.

if you have a (huge) problem with this, don’t bother following me because this happens from time to time. i don’t want you to have a false picture of me/my blog.

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