ASZ Caryl Headcanon:

Since arriving at ASZ, Daryl has only ever slept on the porch, or on a downstairs sofa, but after time has passed and he has settled into his new role, he decides it’s about time to “try”, and integrate himself into the more domesticated life, by making use of his room and begining to sleep there. This room is adjacent to Carols,, and on the first night, in those last few minutes in between a soft peaceful slumber and finally being in deep sleep, he could have sworn he heard someone crying, but the exhaustion of the day defeats him & takes over. 

It’s not until a few nights later after returning from a run he realises it IS Carol who has been crying, and must have been crying herself to sleep every night since she arrived. He can’t sleep, and can’t bear to lie there any longer hearing her muffle her sobs into pillows whilst later pretending to the rest of the house she’s okay WHEN SHE’S NOT. So, he quietly gets up and slips into her room, on tiptoes so as not to creak the floorboards and wake Rick and Judith across the hall, and slides under the blankets, to find her immediately turning around in a distressed state of startle and a little embarrassment ,quickly responding to his presence by lowering her face to hide the tears pooling around her eyes (with the pretense of fortitude and no emotion but more alive and blue than he’s ever seen) and redness blotching her milky skin before attempting to speak, but he tells her to “Sssshh” and links his one arm underneath her neck, and the other over her side, cradling and holding her to him until she’s calm enough that the sobs have subsided and she can for once be enveloped by both physical and emotional warmth, falling asleep in comfort and the knowledge that not just SOMEONE cares. 


I gave you parts of me that I never even gave myself.
—  r.s.

Hiya my fellow simmers! I’ve decided to emerge from my dark cave and build something for the sims 4 using some lovely cc that I’ve found! Lately I’ve been feeling really un-creative (especially when it came to building homes in the sims) but last night in one of my fits to rambling to myself I had and idea for a loft-y styled home… it mostly started with the desk and computer area… *not shown in picture.

It’s still a work in progress (still gotta place some floor in the living room and repaint the walls) but I wanted to thank all the lovely cc makers for they’re content making this home really come together!

I might post finished pictures later… maybe….

CC List!!!! ♥

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OKAY SO i realise that there is a lot of myu and tho i love all of it i figure sometimes you just want the lesbians right, so this is a harumichi myu recommendation post

as w most stuff in myu, there isn’t a great deal of just haruka/michiru in any musical, bc they’re only around two hours long, but these are the ones i think are the best:

1997 eien densetsu

1999 kaguya shima densetsu kaiteiban

the dracul arc: (these need to be watched in order)

2000 last dracul jyokyoku

2001 transylvania no mori kaiteiban

2001 chou wakusei death vulcan no fuuin


My video from 2.8.15: Louis mostly ;)

being really trusting but also having anxiety is wild because your natural instinct is to believe that people are honest and good and kind but then your brain is like “but have you considered this: no” and you’re like “ok well you have me there”

“You what?!” Zelena Owen yelled at her mum, the first time she’d come close to actually raising her own voice in two and a half weeks. “I- I told you I didn’t want to- I didn’t want to talk to Cecilia. She- you can’t- Mum!” She’d never been a whiner as a child, but this was as close as she’d gotten in a while. And all her mother did was raise an eyebrow, as the doorbell rang. “That’ll be Cecilia now,” she said. Zee ran a hand through her hair, considering bolting upstairs and locking herself in her room, but she could see her father drifting by the bottom of them, clearly in tune to what she wanted to do. Taking a deep breath, Zee went and dumped herself at the dining table as her mother opened the door. 

anonymous asked:

You said you're picky. What makes you unfollow/not follow?

  • excess negativity/drama - i am quite chill and try and keep a chill dash
  • immaturity - nothing to do with age, some of my fave mutuals and blogs i love are quite young so thats absolutely not the issue, whether you’re 15 or 50 you can still be my mate!! it more stems back to the chill thing
  • weirdly sexually explicit posts/tags - i dont like posts that are like ‘put harry’s nut into my milkshake so i can get my vitamins’ ‘i want louis’ ball sweat in my earholes’ ‘i want to swim in a river of zayns cum’ etc… haha you know the ones!!! they just arent my style of humour personally
  • people who add useless stuff onto a post instead of using tags eg tagging someone, saying lol or reblogging to say you disagree

im dying my hair pink on friday but im actually like really nervous? because like what if people dont like it? what if it looks bad? what if my band conductor gets mad that i dyed it because itll look out of place on stage for concerts? 

[[Finally got to doing a rp tracker, hope I can keep this going so it’s a bit easier to tell also about the unsure list, just tell me if you want to continue them or not? Because well as it says I’m unsure what’s going on with those //// (You don’t have to message me but it’s just there since I really do’t know what’s going on with them)]]

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I saw a guy who obviously didn’t have ADHD explain that ‘people with ADHD throw fits and tantrums for attention’ on YouTube. Excuse me, sir, I’m not a whiney kid looking for my parents attention, so please shut up.