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Hope this isn't offensive, but in your opinion, how much of a difference is there between the treatment of ethnic minorities who look more "white" as opposed to those who clearly look black, asian etc. I ask because obviously you've experienced discrimination, but at the same time a lot of people look at you and think you're white. I'm quite obviously ethnic so idk what it's like to be judged on my skin color sometimes but then treated as white other times.

It’s weird I used to hate myself and wanna pass as white when I was younger because I felt ashamed of my background and my family but now that I’m older and I’ve grown up I get really offended when people think I’m white for that exact reason. Growing up hating yourself isn’t cute so now that I’ve learned to love myself I’ve learned to love every aspect of me. people still look down on me though and expect me to be subservient just because of my name and don’t really like me to speak out too much. I also have kind of an accent/lisp so idk