((So… remember this artwork I super shyly posted? Relating to this rp? I mentioned I had some other drawings and few said they’d be interested in seeing! …Well, this is me finally getting up the nerve to post them. XD Months later. Derp.))

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Can you do a solangelo fic on a high school!AU with closeted Nico? Love you!

i love you too friend

ah yes the infamous school life au that always manages to fuck me up even though (normally) no one dies

now it’s my turn to fuck people up

it’s payback time



“When are you going to get a girlfriend, Nico?” Percy asked casually. He probably wasn’t trying to be condescending (considering his very beautiful girlfriend was sitting beside him), more like he was just concerned about me. Annabeth, Percy’s girlfriend and also my best friend, slapped Percy on the shoulder, giving me an apologetic look.

“I don’t know,” I said, shrugging a bit and giving Percy a small smile to let him know I didn’t mind, “I guess when I find the right person.”

He nodded. “Makes sense.” Right. Because I’m a heterosexual. With heterosexual thoughts. Who likes girls. One hundred percent. That’s me. Heterosexual Nico. “Oh, my gosh, you would not believe the thing that Leo did during track practice yesterday…” And just like that, the subject was dropped.


Annabeth walked next to me, on hand on her bag strap, and the other carrying a thick textbook with ease. “I’m sorry about earlier. Sometimes Percy doesn’t know the questions he’s really asking.”

“It’s cool. It’s not his fault that I never told him.” The truth: I am very truly gay with very truly gay thoughts that can always catch me one hundred percent. Also the truth: only about four people know. Those people are as follows: Annabeth (she figured it out on her own when I was crushing on Percy), Jason (he over heard me and Annabeth talking about it), Reyna (I told her myself because she’s like a sister), and my half-sister, Hazel (of course I told her).

“Still. He’s pretty stupid sometimes.” I shrugged because I had since gotten used to the hetero-normative society I had the unfortunate luck of living in and was fairly good at pretending to be straight. Which was why many of my guy friends were constantly asking me what my type of girl was so they could hook me up when they had no clue that they were closer to my type than any girl ever. Not that any of them were my type.

I looked over at Annabeth, who was chewing on her lip and looking down at the tiles of the hallway as we walked. “…What?”

“Well, I know I promised I wouldn’t get in your business about this, but I was kind of wondering if you… had a crush on anyone?” Without really meaning to, I felt my face flush, which was ridiculous because ever since I’d gotten over Percy, no other guy had really caught my attention, except… well, he doesn’t count because it would never in a billion years happen ever, and it’s just- “So you do!” Annabeth exclaimed, pulling me over to the side of the hallway where no one was so that no one would listen in. “Tell me!”

“No, Annabeth, I don’t really…” I trailed off, realizing my red face was an obvious cue that I was blatantly lying to her. “Okay, so maybe I do -” she grinned, squeezing my arm “- but not right now! We have class, remember?”

“Fine, fine, but you’re telling me and everyone else who knows about this, okay? There’s no way I’m letting this drop.” And I totally believed her, but that did not in any way make me happy.


“Hey, Will,” I said as I slid into the seat next to him, taking out my homework from last night and a pencil. He looked over at me, lifting his pencil from the doodle he’d been shading, and instant grin lighting up his face.

“Hi, Nico,” he said, flipping the notebook to another page, and placing his elbow on top of it as if to hide the drawing (even though I couldn’t see it anymore). Will was strange that way; he never let me see any of his doodles. “What’s up? You’re face is kind of red.”

I felt my face heat up even more. “Oh, well, Annabeth was bugging me about something.” That something being about a guy that I liked that just so happened to be you. Not that that’s important.

“Judging by the way your face is even more red…” He trailed off, his happy expression dropping, but quickly reappearing. “A girl? Ooh, you’ve got the hots for someone, don’t you?”

“That’s none of your business,” I said, rolling my pencil around on my desk and looking away.

“Of course it is! I’m your best friend, right?” Friends, right. I totally don’t want to, like, date you and kiss you and stuff. Because I’m one hundred percent straight. No gay thoughts in this brain.

“That doesn’t mean I have to tell you anything,” I muttered to him as class began, trying to cool off my red face.


At lunch, Annabeth, Jason, Reyna, Hazel, and I went off-campus so that no one else would hear about my crush. Because Annabeth did not forget, and she managed to tell three other people she had no classes with. Of course, Percy was pretty pissed that we said he couldn’t come, and of course, we had to remind him that there was still several people for him to eat lunch with.

As we sat at a table with our food in front of us, I immediately took a very huge bite of my burger (which kind of made me want to hurl because, while I love food very much, I also love small bites), and took a while chewing it. They stared at me, and I could feel Annabeth’s glare.

“You’re not escaping, Nico,” Reyna said, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. “We all want to know.” Reyna was in her terrifying serious-mode, which only made my stomach curl even more, and I was seriously regretting taking a huge bite.

“Take your time,” Hazel said sweetly, taking a small sip of her drink. “But, don’t take too much time,” she added, still using her sweet voice. I swallowed thickly, taking a quick swig of my drink. Saying I’m crushing on someone is almost as nerve-wracking as saying ‘I’m gay.’ But really, I had to tell them.

“Okay, so I know you guys want to know really bad, and I know you will all promise not to make a big deal about it, but…” I trailed off, imagining what they’d think of me liking Will. “You guys are all probably going to freak out because you’ll think it’s so cute, and I really don’t-”

“Get on with it,” Jason groaned.

“I think I like Will Solace.” There was a moment of complete silence, and I braced myself for impact. And then it hit. Hazel and Jason actually squealed, and Reyna and Annabeth kept saying they knew it and that they thought it was freaking adorable. I winced, covering my face. “Guys, please…”

“Sorry, Nico,” Jason said, putting a hand on my shoulder, “it’s just that, it’s really cute, you know? Since there’s a height difference, and the fact that you guys are so different.”

Annabeth nodded, leaning forward. “That’s right. Height differences are the best because of the whole hugging thing, and him having to bend down a little while you get on your tip-toes when you kiss-”

“Annabeth!” I screeched, my voice reaching two octaves above normal as my face heated up. “It’s not like Will actually likes me back, or anything, okay? There’s, like, zero chance we’ll end up dating.”

“Such a downer,” Reyna muttered, rolling her eyes. “If you really like him, you should try and hope that you’ll date and that he likes you back.”

“He’s straight.”

“There’s no proof,” Hazel pointed out, giving a small shrug.

“But he gives off the vibe.”

“No offense, Nico,” Jason said, stuffing a fry in his mouth before continuing, “but you gave off the vibe that you were straight, too, before I knew the truth. Some people are really good at pretending, including you.”

I snorted, looking away from the table, my eyes catching on a guy who had a very fine face, and since he was wearing skinny jeans… “You should hear my inner monologue,” I said, tearing my eyes away, “there’s no way that I’m straight.” I looked at the guy again, who, now that I really payed attention, was not nearly as hot as Will. An image of Will flashed into me mind, giving me a lazy and tired smile during first period when our eyes meet as he leans his chin on the palm of his hand, and I blushed. “Yeah. Definitely not straight.”


It was first period again, and the teacher had stepped out, giving the class a break for at least five minutes. I looked over at Will, who was lazily shading a doodle, and this time, he didn’t cover it as I leaned over to inspect it. It was a doodle of a face-less guy with his head turned away, and Will was shading his collar bones. “Is this what you doodle all the time?” I asked, a small smile pulling at my lips.

Will looked over at me, that tired smile on his face that always made my heart stutter (the stutter was amplified because I had leaned in closer than I thought, and neither of us ended up backing away). “Sometimes I doodle other things, but since this one doesn’t have a face, I figured it’s okay.”

“What, do you doodle some girl you have a crush on?” I questioned, wiggling my eyebrows and giving him a mischievous grin. He smiled, putting his pencil down and focusing directly on me.

“And if I do?”

“As your best friend, it’s my obligation to know who this girl is,” I said, really just wondering what kind of person Will likes, and kind of wondering if I could bend his tastes a bit.

“Would if it’s not a girl?” I opened my mouth to say something, but I found that my brain had finally caught up with the events and was refusing to say a word now that it realized that Will and I were very close. My face heated up, and I leaned back, closing my mouth. Will’s eyes widened, and he returned to his sketch, his face kind of red. “But, of course she’s a girl.”

“Right,” I said, nodding more vigorously than I probably should have, “because we’re both straight.” How the hell did anyone believe I’m straight?

“Of course.” Will’s face was red, and I really hoped that was an obvious cue that he was blatantly lying to me.


After a race during P.E. that same day, I was sweaty and hot, but triumphant. I had won the race, and I was kind of dying, but that didn’t matter. I jogged over to Will, who had bet I couldn’t win, breathing very heavily, but grinning like a mad man.

“Ha!” I wheezed, intending to shout, but failing miserably. “I won, you asshole!”

Will snorted as I grabbed his shoulder to catch my breath. “Yeah, yeah. I was wrong, I get it. But next time, try not to almost die, okay?”

“Are you kidding?” I wheezed, placing my hands on my hips as I stood back up. “I’m not dying, I feel totally alive!” Which was a total lie, but that hardly mattered. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind helping me inside so I can get water…?” I asked, still wheezing.

He laughed, wrapping his arm around my waist as I did the same. “Congratulations,” he said, giving my waist a squeeze that made my knees weaker than they already were, “I’m proud of you.”

“That’s so stupid,” I said, still kind of out of breath, “I didn’t ask for your praise.”

“I know.”

“Condescending ass,” I muttered, walking a little closer to him as he gave my waist another squeeze. You know, because that’s what friends do. Because I know I was definitely straight, and Will obviously was, too. It’s not like my face was red because he kept on squeezing my waist; it was definitely because I was still hot from the race.

I am a one hundred percent straight person who had straight thoughts about girls, definitely not a gay guy that thinks constantly about the lazy smile Will gives me during first period and the fact that his hand in on my waist even though I’m sweaty and kind of gross. It’s not like I was in love with my best friend and let the gay thoughts catch me always.

Yeah. Right.


This is probably the most sarcastic thing I’ve ever written while simultaneously being one of the gayest things I’ve ever written tbh

and it’s great i love it

btw will’s doodle notebook is filled with doodles of nico with tiny lil hearts and that’s why he never let’s nico see

and btw this is where all the sexual tension begins it only gets worse from here and hazel and jason are like constantly fangirling any time nico tells a story with will in it while annabeth and reyna are like. secretly fangirling on the inside

Thanks for the prompt!!!

Polyamory is funny sometimes! I was doodling a little thing about my relationship with my husband, which made me want to draw something for his girlfriend, and then for my own boyfriend too.


so i caught up on the abridged series today