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You mentioned Batman's age and Hal's age before. Can you list all the League member's age and how that would all work out? And at what age did Bruce adopt Dick?

Aaaaaah, I am not actually clear on, like… most of them? I kind of make things up as I go and retcon things as necessary when I’ve given them more though (because sometimes I just throw things out there and then later they become relevant and I have to fix them, lmao)

Anyway here are some ages that I know for sure circa Third Wheel, though obvs they are higher in basically every other fic (since Third Wheel is one of the first fics in the proper-superheroes timeline):

  • Bruce: 26
  • Clark: 24
  • Diana: 356
  • Lois: 25
  • Dick: 14
  • Barbara: 13
  • Zatanna: 26
  • Oliver: 25
  • Laurel and Sara: 26
  • Hal: 30
  • Barry: 23

Everyone else is up in the air. J’onn is probably a couple hundred years because I’m into that, Arthur is… I haven’t decided what his deal is, age-wise.

Anyway everyone thinks of Barry as a babby and they also assume Bruce and Clark are much older than they are, because Authority. Except for the people who are aware of their identities, which is a pretty small group (Diana, J’onn, Zatanna).

When Dick got adopted, he was 12 and Bruce was 24. Dick did not realize until he was much older that this was way too fucking young to be adopting twelve year olds, because when you are 12 anything above 20 seems Old As Balls.

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do you think they should have kept in the part at the end of who lives who dies who tells your story where both eliza and ham sing 'its only a matter of time' ? sometimes i wish they did bc i love them but i also like that its just eliza's moment

If they’d kept Ten Things One Thing, yes because his last line in the show is “God I can’t wait to see her again.” So “it’s only a matter of time” follows really naturally, and makes it clear that this is the first thing they both think upon death.

But I’m actually really happy, now that there isn’t Ham’s side of the duel in the show, that they have it just be Eliza’s moment. To me, it’s like Hamilton (by not getting to say a word and by stepping back so she can have her moment at the end alone) is acknowledging just how amazing this woman is, how lucky he was to be her husband. “Bow down, bitches, because I got to marry that woman!”

And to see all these people considered some of America’s greatest men (debatable) step back for her, for ELIZA, tells you that Eliza is the one worthy of praise, that it’s Eliza we’re really supposed to be watching for, and that what she accomplished was astonishing.

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Hey there. I definitely relate to that "bdp makes you fall in love with people you just met" . But I was wondering, does that still happen to you even though you have a boyfriend? I don't mean to pry, it's just that I feel really gulty when it happens to me.

hm no but i dont experience it like that. it’s not like i actually fall in love. whenever i meet someone new i’ll mostly (not always) be a little too obsessed or invested with them, i’ll idolize/obsess over their thoughts, opinions, behaviour, and even their looks sometimes… all sorts of things, but it’s not in a romantic way. just a little too interested i guess… or now that i think about it it’s probably more like i’m (unconciously) scoping out how to act around them, what personality to adopt, things to copy and adopt from them etc… being a little too obsessed with making just anyone like me regardless. my memory is shit atm but i do recall that i used to “fall in love with people i just met” when i was much younger. i’d meet someone new and then i’d fancy myself in love for a day or two, and then it’d be completely over. however at some point, i think when i was around 14 years old, i just sort of started to rationalize those fleeting fancies because it didnt make sense to me… and well.. i haven’t had any romantic fancies for so many years now.. ever since i became aware of it that whole bit has just faded from me. so… first of all don’t feel so guilty because it just happens to you.. you cant do anything about that… however, when it happens do try and be aware of it, and then rationalize it for yourself. put yourself in the moment, the “here and now”, and start analyzing what you’re feeling exactly. don’t tell beat yourself up about it and say that you’re doing something wrong, but just kindly analyze and through that rationalize it for yourself. i don’t know if you’ve ever had to do those, but i’d think mindfulness exercises might be helpful… ask yourself what you’re feeling, and how come, is it rational, is it even a true feeling at all.. etc.. and maybe think about who you really love, and think of a bunch of reasons why you love them and all that sort. well i hope you can settle it a bit for yourself.. goodluck dear… and honestly, as long as you dont act on it, dont beat yourself up about it!

Follow up to my last post about my autistic headcanon and functioning labels : the person who reblogged my headcanon kindly answered me and decided to take it away from their tumblr. I’m actually discussing with them and i’m very happy to do so. They’re super nice !

[gif of the Crystal gems from the cartoon Steven Universe. Garnet, shaping her hands like a heart, smiles and say “I love you”]

It’s nice to see understanding people, willing to accommodate your needs and to answer to your worries. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes, but being willing to acknowledge them and to act to repair them is a great thing and should be a more common behavior.

If only there were more people like that… 

I was feeling really sad but talking to friends helped.

I’m gonna do my best to take every shot presented to me. It’s really hard sometimes, I work so much and feel like people don’t appreciate the true weight of what goes into me making costumes or things. I know you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take but it’s hard to keep taking shots when you miss them anyways. But I gotta keep going and I need to try.

Also I’m really happy this ice skating anime came out, people want to go ice skating with me now and I love ice skating. It’s something beautiful that I’ve always loved watching and I’m actually fairly decent at it.

i’m just sitting here thinking about how good taylor swift is to her fans and getting overwhelmed like she is so… good to us……. every single one of us….

and a lot of celebrities are amazing to their fans and i don’t want to make it a case of ‘my fave is better’ but i just am genuinely so grateful that i happen to adore someone who continuously goes above and beyond for their fans and i think sometimes i take it for granted

like she literally spends hours going through instagram and tumblr looking at things fans have written to her or made for her and likes a bunch of them because she knows how happy it will make people, and she also comments on SO MANY OF THEM, and personalises the comments and gives people advice so they know that she actually cares about them on an individual level, and she does this multiple times a week

and the fact that you can’t pay for meet and greets, you have to win them, and the competitions are usually based on how big of a fan you are, and then she has additional meet and greets AFTER most of her shows based on who acted the enthusiastic DURING her shows so she gets to meet as many hardcore fans as possible, like that is so incredible and she doesn’t have to do any of that, it seems like she does these things because she genuinely cares about us and wants to meet us

and just the fact that in my 7+ years of being a fan i have never once heard a story of her being rude to a fan, EVER in 7 YEARS!!!!! NOT ONCE!!!! everyone who meets her says the same thing, that she treats you like she’s your long lost best friend

she’s one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now and she still manages to treat her fans as if we’re her friends like she did back in 2007 when she used to go and comment on people’s myspaces and i’M JUST SO GRATEFUL I’M HAVING A MOMENT ok i’m fine it’s fien

if any of y’all are interested in some cheap drugstore makeup that’s actually worth buying here’s a few things i use that honestly really impress me and i would totally recommend

-revlon colorstay liquid eyeliner, like 6 bucks, its dark and easy to apply and stays on 4ever

-nyx bb cream, $11.99, really good coverage for a bb cream sometimes i dont even bother with foundation when i use it, makes your skin soft. (only complaint is that i dont think it comes in darker shades which… is… really frustrating)

-elf HD blush, literally 3 dollars and its the best blush i own

-maybelline colossal cat eyes mascara, $6, theres no need to spend 30 bucks on mascara bc this one is the best ??

-the nudes eyeshadow pallete by maybelline (there’s a set for blush tones too), it’s $9 and comparable to the urban decay naked pallete i mean the shades are a little less pigmented but still really impressive and ur saving like 40 dollars so

-elf professional matte lip color, $3, comparable to mac 

-revlon photoready concealer, $7, if you have acne scars this is ur bff

-simple cleansing micellar water, $7, this isnt makeup but its like a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer all in one, great for sensitive skin. SO easy to use its perfect for lazy people 


Love is not always easy, sometimes it’s challenging and sometimes it’s really difficult, and sometimes you’re like ‘why do i like this person?’ but, at the end of the day, when you work through those things and you actually put in the effort, it makes that long lasting feeling of love, i think pretty worth it. 

I had a friend who claimed to be Jewish. He wasn’t, and isn’t, and never will be. For him, it was a fasionable alienation, a thing that he could use to make himself an outlier without actually putting himself at risk. I tolerated this, because there’s a certain amount of smiling and thinking this too shall pass when you’re Jewish.

Sometimes, it surprises people to learn that anti-Semitism is alive and well. It flies under the radar. We don’t like to think about it, as a society: there’s a very real sense of “we’re sorry we used you as our scapegoat and murdered tens of thousands of your people per year for two thousand years, and then let a madman wipe out one third of your population, but that’s in the past. Why aren’t you smiling? You’re rich, right? You control all the money and banks and movies…”

Back in the Medieval Ages, Europe took that whole Christian thing pretty seriously. Jesus was against lending money and charging interest, so royalty lent their money to Jewish communities and had them charge interest, then took it all. Jews were given the worst land to live on and forced to be tax collectors, and if the nobility charged people too much and they rebelled? “Well, it’s the fault of the Jews. Blame them. Kill them. They’re only Jews.”

I disagree with the Zionists and what they’ve done to the Palestinians, but I understand their fervor. A large reason why all these atrocities happened was because there was no Jewish homeland - if you were, say, a Frenchman visiting Spain and the Spanish were mean to you, France would step up to protect you. The Jews had no homeland. No one stood for us, and for two thousand years people took advantage of that.

Have you heard of Yiddish? Of course you have. It’s that funny sounding language that Jews sometimes speak in sitcoms or movies. It’s a real language, a sort of ‘pig-Hebrew’ that was developed in the East Roman Empire. There was another language just like it spoken by Jews living in Western Europe called Sephardic. No one speaks it anymore. Everyone that did was burned to ashes to satisfy the misplaced religious bloodlust of a death cult.

I’ve had pennies thrown at my feet. I try and talk about it and people say that doesn’t happen or you don’t look Jewish, or any one of a dozen other things. I explain that most Jewish holidays boil down to they tried to kill us and failed… let’s get drunk. Smile. Laugh. It’s funny.

1941 was before Pearl Harbor. The United States was still very isolationist. When Hitler put Jews on boats and told the world what he wanted to do to them, the United States didn’t take them. The Jews at that point were allowed to do one of two things by the people that, for two thousand years, had done little more than murder and kill them whenever they felt like it.

In 1941, two Jews invented the character of Captain America. The concept was two-fold; on one hand, Steve Rogers was to be the Aryan Ideal turned in on itself, the Superman made someone who was inherently decent, the conscience of his world. The second was a plea; by calling the character Captain America, these two Jews were asking America to remember its dream and live up to that ideal.

The creators of Captain America had family that the Nazis murdered. They went and fought in that war to save the Jews that the world left to die.

Jokingly, I’ve written a column called God of Comics. I know how comics work, and in regards to this there will be a separate article about how this storyline is a symptom of a larger problem that is choking that industry. So, yes: the Captain America that is now a Nazi will be explained away as being a Skrull, or a clone, or from a different time line, or any one of a hundred different outs. It will be retconned; the company that has allowed this to happen will hope that it will be forgotten.   

It won’t be.

It took Marvel ten years to salvage something of Iron Man from Civil War. Without the movies, I do not think they would have had any idea of where to start. Now, we’re hollowing out an icon that was meant to stand against a thing by making him a part of that thing.

Yes, this too shall pass. It’s comics, another form of fiction, and people that don’t understand the power of fiction will dismiss it as such. It will be fixed, you think, when it gets retconned out of existence for being the idiot idea that it is.

And it is an idiot idea. It’s click-bait built on the deaths of eleven million people, over half of which were just the latest atrocity committed against the Jewish people.

I don’t know how to end this. I try not to quote other people, mostly, as I think that as a writer I should be able to speak for myself. Yet, in this instance, I’m bowing out to Sigrid Ellis, the Jew that does the panels for a comic called Pretty Deadly:

“And knowing that this wound is temporary, that it’s for the sake of sales and money and a story beat, that just makes it hurt more, not less. How little we must matter, the people who needed Steve to be the defender of the underdog and the weak, how little we must matter if betraying us for a story beat is so easy.

"How little must we matter. The people who created Captain America, and Superman, and countless other heroes like them. The people who need him. The people whose history and suffering and hope, as we stood on the brink of annihilation, gave you your weekly entertainment and your fun thought experiment, 75 years later.

"I hope it was worth it, Marvel.”

Smile, everyone. This too shall pass.

The fact that Burr actually said those words sort of astounds me… The level of research Lin must have done for this show is just… Well done.. I know there are some historical inaccuracies but things like this. I’m actually speechless because that lyric always blew me away and I just can’t believe Burr went from saying he should’ve shot him in the heart, to the world was wide enough.

Who knew history could be this interesting?

This illustration represents two of my favorite things: fashion, and Hamilton.

Actually, it’s been a pretty long time that I wanted to draw a Hamilton piece. I’ve been obsessed with this musical for months, I almost felt like being a teenager again.
It sometimes makes me regret not to live in NYC.

I’m living in Paris, and even if it’s where Les Misérables were born, well, musicals are not really… trendy here. Or as good as Broadway’s.

I felt like my contribution would be pointless. 
But whatever happens, I just have to create whatever the heck makes me happy (and well, if it makes you happy too, then I would be blessed).

How perfect were these three in their gowns performing this iconic song at the Tonys ?

Hamilton, @linmanuel , thank you to infinity and beyond for bringing so much joy, inclusiveness and positivity into this world.
I’ll always do my best to do so.
(Even if it’s with scrappy drawings).

Thank you ! 💖


People like this make me sick. Notice how it isn’t a lighthearted joke made by people in the fandom. It’s an actual expression of hatred toward people based only on what makes them happy when that thing is as innocent as a show. This is disgusting. Do you really think you have some sort of right to give these people extra shit just for what they enjoy? Without even knowing them, you’ve written them off entirely. This is so childish. I don’t care if you don’t like how the fandom behaves sometimes, newsflash: that’s ALL fandoms for you. I would defend them even if I weren’t one of them. I’m not into homestuck, but I won’t put up with people giving them hell for enjoying that either. This is so upsetting it needs to stop. recentgooglesearches and everyone else who gives fandoms a hard time. You don’t know these people’s lives and you have no right to give them an extra dosage of hell to death with and brush off, especially for something they enjoy.

Sometimes I just get really emotional about my love for Got7. Like. Really random stuff.
Like the way Jaebum tries to act like he’s cool sometimes, but then he does things like stick his face in the camera for no reason or makes someone touch his foot and laughs so hard he almost falls over.
Or how Mark smiles so bright that it’s almost blinding and giggles - actually giggles - over the most ridiculous things and makes everyone else happier just by being there.
And the way Jackson acts like such a macho-man sometimes but he’s the biggest cuddle bug and he spent forever lying on the dirty floor with a smelly dog just because he wanted its love.
Or how Jinyoung’s eyes crinkle up when he smiles and squint closed when he’s judging someone and how he’s salty af and acts like such a perv but he’s really a giant book nerd.
And then the way Youngjae laughs with his full body and it’s so loud and dramatic and he doesn’t seem to know how to control his expressions as well as the others so it feels so easy to read his emotions and tell how happy he really is with his members and how lost without them.
Or the way Bambam tries so hard to be funny and cool and keep up with memes because he knows his fans like it and he’s not afraid to look ridiculous or get bashed on by anti-fans because it’s for the ahgases.
And also how Yugyeom acts like such a sassy brat to the hyungs sometimes but he has a heart of absolute gold and when things get stressful for him his first thought is always about the group and his members.
I just think about these things sometimes and have to try not to cry because how are we blessed with these boys? What has the world done to deserve them?

sometimes I say self depriciating stuff just as a joke or to cope with stress and shit but I forget that taking it too far and saying things like “I want to die” actually makes people who love me worry lol

How A Pisces Sees the Signs

Aries: you’re a good friend, but I’m always worried you don’t like me


Gemini: YOURE REALLY SMART and i am really attracted to you, platonically or otherwise, please talk to me about your issues i want tO HELP PLEASE

Cancer: relatable and emotional friend. THE best friend. hug me pls

Leo: you have a good sense of humor but you overreact sometimes. you REALLY like getting compliments and im totally in for that

Virgo: my sister sign!! you’re really smart and cool but i like to make fun of you for little things because it’s really funny im sorry i love you

Libra: have mercy on me pls. you are either very annoying or very attractive. probably both. you make me laugh though. oh god leave me alone

Scorpio: i like you and you aren’t scary. you’re actually really cool and i want to be your friend…

Sagittarius: ha.. hhah.. you have a super great sense of humor but you’re really loud…. pls tone it down… i love u..

Capricorn: holy SHIT shut the fuck up you’re not better than anyone! stop acting like you know everything!

Aquarius: holy SHIT shut the fuck up you’re not better than anyone! stop acting like you know everything!

Pisces: hush…… shhhhhshhshhshhHHHHH.. we can cry together it’s ok