Living with Peter Maximoff Headcanons

I just kept thinking about if I lived with Peter, and now here we are. Feel free to add on and remember: my request may be closed, but my headcanons are open!

Your home is a mess.

  • Peter tends to knock things over when he uses his speed
  • He also sometimes forgets he lives with someone else and will throw his clothes where ever
  • Peter also brings home the most random shit
  • “Why the fuck do we need a statue of a giraffe?”
  • “Dunno, just liked it.”
  • Surprisingly Peter actually does most of the cleaning
  • Well he makes most of the mess, and he also uses his speed

You do most all the cooking

  • Peter has no patience when it comes to making food
  • “Babe if I want something to cook faster I can just turn the temperature up right?”
  • Peter also can almost never go shopping by himself, unless you give him a super specific list, but he still ends up getting junk food galore
  • You have tried to make Peter it healthier, it never works
  • You also freak out when you have to leave for a while, because you assume Peter will die from starvation since he only eats takeout or junk food if you’re not home
  • Peter will cook if you’re super tired, or if he wants to treat you, he’s a good boyfriend

Peter has a room in your home, just like his basement

  • A ‘man cave’ of sorts
  • He only got it because he kept trying to put random stuff in your shared room
  • “Peter please no posters in here.”
  • “But they look cool.”
  • He also goes in there if he can’t sleep, doesn’t want to bother you
  • And if Peter is away and you miss him you’ll often fall asleep in there too

Peter and you have probably had sex on every single surface in your home.

  • Cute giggly sex on the couch while a movie plays.
  • Lazy early morning sex in the kitchen.
  • Heated anniversary sex on the dining room table.
  • Just everywhere.

Speaking of the dining room, you and Peter rarely eat in there.

  • You think it’s too adult-ish.
  • You and Peter often eat on the couch, or in his room
  • But you guys usually end up sitting on the floor for some reason
  • If it’s on the kitchen floor, or just a random spot
  • You both like to play cards or just talk while sitting against a wall.
  • You don’t know why you do it, but it’s something you share

Living with Peter can be very counterproductive

  • He’s very needy for attention so if you’re ever reading, or working he won’t stop bothering you
  • “Babe, babe, baaaabe that books boring I want to talk to you.”
  • If you ever have to do anything that involves being the slightest bit naked, good luck
  • You have to plan your showers for when Peter it out of the house
  • Peter has tried many times to have shower sex and it usually doesn’t work out
  • He’ll also steal your towel so you have no choice but to walk around naked, or he’ll hide your clothes

Peter’s a little shit, but you love him

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I got a request from @voltron-savior​, I hope you like it!

Here’s the request:

I have fibromyalgia and it causes a lot of pain in my joints and makes it hard for me to walk sometimes, or operate my arms. The worst part is my fingers, like tonight they’ve been acting up a lot and it makes it hard to type, to hold things (I’ve spilled food before and shit), or do any hobbies of mine because my fingers are in so much pain I can’t actually move them properly. Could you do Shiro comforting a s/o getting really frustrated and angry because they’re trying to like operate a computer or something and they can’t because their fingers are locking up from the pain of moving them?

Shiro paused at your door when he heard a steady string of curses coming from inside. He peered in to find you sitting over your computer trying to get it to operate. He wandered in when he noticed you seemed to be in a lot of pain. “Are you okay, (Y/n)”

“I’m fine.” You mumbled, trying to get your fingers to cooperate with you.

He sat down next to you and looked at you in concern. “Are you sure, you don’t look fine.”

“I just wish my fingers would stop hurting and locking up so that I can do the things I want to do.” You admitted.

“Why are they doing that?” Shiro asked, wanting to take away your pain.

You sighed and decided to tell him, it couldn’t hurt anything at this point. You explained your predicament and you honestly thought you almost made him cry. “So it’s not like it’s anything new, I’ll be fine.”

“You go through that everyday?” You nodded and went back to your computer. “I’m so sorry you have to deal with that, is there anything I can do to help?”

You thought for a while but nothing came to mind. “Could you maybe just talk to me for a while until it goes away a little. It’s hard to do the things I like when my fingers are hurting, so as long as I have something to do until then, I should be fine.”

“I wouldn’t mind it at all.” He smiled fondly at you. “What were you trying to do before they locked up?”

You shrugged. “I was just scrolling around and trying to type up some stuff. It’s really frustrating though because I just want to do the simple things that I like and I can’t.”

Shiro frowned and very gently took your hands and let them rest on top of his. “I would take away all of your pain if I could.”

You shook your head. “It doesn’t work like that. Besides, as long as I have you here I’ll be just fine. It’s hard to stay upset when you’re being this nice.”

He smiled softly and leaned forward to press a kiss to your cheek. “I do what I can.”

Shiro spent the rest of the evening with you and made sure that you were properly taken care of. You are the most precious person in the world to him and if you were ever in pain then he would always be right by your side.

sometimes i worry that i am making people nervous with my excess of strongly worded negative opinions so my disclaimer is that unless it’s about something serious i just like, think it’s fun to take stances on things & have no ill will about disagreement & am actually usually v amenable to being told/shown/convinced otherwise 

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That kinda reminds me how in the Voltron fandom, everyone draws Galra as just purple people with cat ears, when they're shown to be so much more diverse in the actual show!

i rlly appreciate that the creators of the new voltron made the galra look at least a little different from humans.  they made it a point to make each galra look different and it can rlly be seen when looking at the difference between sendack…

and zarkon…

however, as much as i appreciate the diversity in the galra in this show, i feel like they tried to make too many varieties in this case (sometimes even to the point where a galra doesn’t even look galra)

for example, there’s this guy…

now, unless the galra are able to breed with other alien species (which, when thinking about the likelihood of galra sharing enough genetic similarities with another species to actually procreate would be one of the literal most unrealistic things in the show.  think of it like a human trying to have a child with a dog.  it wouldn’t be able to happen) this guy shouldn’t evn count as a galra because he not only has the wrong ears and no fur, he also has pupils and a few very obvious horns on the top of his head.  really, the only thing that seems to put him in the same category as the galra is he’s not tan or beige or human-coloured at all.

however, the galra don’t seem to be in the business of employing non-galra people to man their ships which leads to my question: “what the hell is this guy?”

he doesn’t fit with the other galra variations you can see…

hell, even zarkon doesn’t fit with what the galra look like…

ok so, unless the galra can interbreed with other alien races, they have the most ridiculously diverse species in known universe and, honestly, the inconsistency in the galra design kinda ticks me off.

zarkon doesn’t have any kind of fur, his eyes are purple for fuck’s sake, he has no ears to speak of, and unless the top of his head is covered by a helmet, he looks like he has scales (?????)

who even are the original galra i have no idea

ANYWAY POINT IS: while the galra have a lot of variety in the show, they have accidentally been given too much to make them all look like a single race.  humans, while having different hair and skin tones and body shapes, still look like humans.  alteans (from the 3 we’ve seen) are the same way.  the arusians also have varieties but they all look like arusians.  even the balmera people all have the same basic design features.  so what the hell happened to the galra that made it possible for completely different races to be galra?????

there are absolutely contexts in which you do not have to accept accountability for someone else’s reaction, whether it be potential or actual. there are absolutely contexts in which it is the sole responsibility of that other individual to consider why they are reacting a certain way, because even if a painful emotion is valid, that doesn’t always necessitate the modification of the other party’s behavior.

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Do you ever do studies to practice your drawing? Or do kind of wing it since your work is all very stylized? :Oc

YEAH!!!!! actually I tried to draw to draw a bunch of persons, girls, boys, sometimes nswf and my nightmare, perspective shit and background, and sometimes with shapes, sometimes a style for humans!!! but ALL it’s literaly helping to make to upgrade my style in something!!!


for example eeeeehmmmm this!!! before I didn’t drew throats in my drawings (that’s something psicologic but meeeh!!!) and it was hard… until I learned xD

EVEN THE AFRO!!!! before, was like a freakin big tumor and now is more like a cloud!!!

Moving shapes, making silouettes!! and my favorite one









Ladies in Season 6:  Denise Cloyd

Do you have any clue what that was to me, what this whole thing is to me? See, I have training in this shit. I’m not making it up as I go along, like with the stitches and the surgery and the… I asked you to come with me because you’re brave like my brother and sometimes you actually make me feel safe. And I wanted you here because you’re alone. Probably for the first time in your life. And because you’re stronger than you think you are, which gives me hope that maybe I can be, too. I could’ve gone with Tara. I could’ve told her I loved her, but I didn’t because I was afraid. That’s what’s stupid. Not coming out here, not facing my shit. And it makes me sick that you guys aren’t even trying because you’re strong and you’re smart and you’re both really good people!

the thing that’s fucking me up the most about the new SU, besides like, the obvious? is probably “I DIDN’T WANT TO HURT ANYONE”

Bismuth and the Rubies? Steven was defending himself, if he didn’t he’d be dead. sometimes you just gotta make those kinds of choices

Jasper? he didn’t actually hurt Jasper at all. she corrupted, and Steven thinks failing to save her is basically the same as corrupting her himself

but jesus h christ. his mom was in the list. thinking of his mom is what tipped him over the edge, as it were. and she. looked. pissed. there’s an argument that he thinks he hurt her with his being born, and that is something that has troubled him throughout the series! but Steven’s never overtly addressed those feelings with “no, no, no” before. he’s never overtly thought Rose herself was hurt about her death, just that others are.

all Steven knows about Rose is what people tell him. and he’s heard almost nothing but praise. Rose was the best and kindest person any of the crystal gems had ever met. she changed their lives for the better, helped them to discover themselves, helped them to help others. Steven’s been told she was the best leader, and he surely has a ton of feelings about “taking her away”, and he certainly feels super pressured to be as good as she was.

and then in Back to the Moon his good perception of her, uh… shattered. 

Rose in Steven’s mind looked angry, bordering on contemptuous. does Steven think Rose feeling mad towards him, for hurting so many people? is Steven feeling mad towards Rose, for killing Pink Diamond? is Steven feeling contempt towards himself, for becoming like Rose, someone who hurts others because she “did what she had to”?

we don’t know!! and neither does Steven!!! that’s why he’s gotta sit down and let himself think about everything! when you don’t let yourself mull over anything, your brain tends to just jump to horrible conclusions. and if you ignore them too much the thoughts get overwhelming! that was Garnet’s lesson, really, and i’m so glad Steven’s gonna start working on it.

160816 SUGA

Agust D

Music can be easy and take a sudden turn into something difficult and it can also be difficult and transform into something easy and sometimes you can be stuck in one place for ten,twenty days or have music flowing out of you in ten minutes or so.Hmm I’ve been doing music for 11years now and it’s still difficult haha like life.


I started music when I was 13.The long duration in which I was making music somewhat helped me organize and sort out who I am,and what kind of person I am which was actually my biggest concern.But I was able to figure out my identity and have things sorted out now but I won’t tell you.


I picked my best beats out of all the ones I’ve made and produced this mixtape with them.I was saving them for Bangtan’s albums but well…I’ll be able to make lots of good music :) I’m going to be creating music for way longer than how long I’ve already spent creating music haha


I’ve been living life composing music for about half my lifetime.I’ve spent enough time with music to be sick of it but I’ve stuck with it for a long time.I wonder what else I’ve been so passionate about in life other than music.I’m super impatient so when I started something I don’t last long with it :)


I always wanted to become the best to someone.So I felt rushed and anxious.I compared myself to others,and I wasn’t satisfied with the parent.I was greedy.I pondered and felt sad…Greed,which can be used as a weapon,sometimes became anger.While working on this mixtape,I went back to the corner of my memories to find my 13-year-old self who had just started making music.When I first started producing I wanted to make music that comforted and deeply touched the human’s heart rather than make the ‘best’ music.


I think that the producing of this mixtape was very comforting to me.Why do I have so much on my mind when I was young. I think there’s a lot of things I worked harder at because that fellow named 'expectation’ was always so far from me.Because of that I was consistently able to show you guys beyond your expectation.It’s a relief :)


I don’t really like analyzing songs and adding explanations to them.Music belongs to the listener not the creator.This is why I always talk about the production procedure rather than explaining the songs and the lyrics in my albums reviews.Music isn’t something you can understand just from a simple explanation.Analyzation is a task given to the listener.Chew,tear,taste my mixtape to your heart’s content :)


I feel like I was going back and forth between heaven and hell thousands of times a day during the production of this mixtape.I would feel confident at one point and want to throw everything away at the next,or I would like I’d done enough and feel disappointed at it a moment later.It’s a bit of a different feeling from when I was working on Bangtan’s album.It was very chaotic because I started working on this mixtape while we set on tour but I felt like I could breathe thanks to BigHit family since they helped produce the last half of my mixtape :)


Thanks to Yankie hyung and Suran noons who delightfully helped me out with just one phone call on not even an official album but on a mixtape :)


Hope to be together at the creation and at the end of life.

Be generous wherever your position may be.

Finally be at full bloom at the end of the test.

Your beginnings will seem humble so prosperous will your future are.


It’s certain that Min Yoongi is a genius.

Sometimes I don’t undestand why nobody talks about discworld

Like sriously. I know there is a fandom but it is comparatively small and not-so-active. I know the books aren’t 100% mainstream but they SHOULD 

List of awesome things in Terry Pratchet’s books:

  • Girl becoming a wizard,
  • boy becoming a witch because he wanted to fly on a broom
  • a whole army turned out to be women dressed up as men. No one noticed it accept for one person
  • female dwarfs wearing make up and dresses made of chainmail
  • Characters like zombies, trolls and ghost behaveing like actual PEOPLE
  • Death likes cats
  • and has a granddaughter who is a teacher
  • there is a dialogue when a gueen tells the king to stay with the children

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So, for the longest time I've been ok with gay relationships because love is love but lately I've become annoyed because I feel like the community wants to make everything homosexual; Even things that don't make sense. I just feel like they find any movie or tv show and pick two characters and start to ship them even if there's no chemistry. Idk I'm just wandering does this mean I don't support the gay community? FYI, I ship homosexual characters together who have actual chemistry .

To be honest, that stuff bugs me a little too sometimes, but here’s the deal;

First things first, most people who ship two straight male characters/men together, are straight women. Not members of the LGBT community. And they far outnumber the amount of LGBT people shipping two straight women together. You can pin that on our community when straight people do it worse than we do.

Secondly, straight people make everything straight. Straight people call their four year old sons a “ladies man” when he simply speaks to a girl. You all coo and aww when a small boy and girl play together and tell them to hug each other or give the other a kiss. A four year old girl comes home from school and talks about a boy in her class and you all ask if he’s her boyfriend. These are infants. They damn well don’t have chemistry and you’re forcing them together for no reason. And let’s not overlook the fact those little children may in fact be gay; I certainly had my parents act like that throughout my life and it’s toxic. We have our parents forcing heterosexuality on us so much that we grow up so damn confused because we feel like there’s something wrong with us because we don’t look at the opposite sex that way. At least a gay girl shipping members of fifth harmony isn’t causing people to grow up so confused and sometimes unwilling to accept themselves that it seriously messes with their mental health; that sometimes they turn to suicide.

And let’s not also overlook the fact that the vast majority of media is straight. Most films with a leading male and female will have a romantic story line between them. The majority of TV show couples are straight. Most music sung by women talks about “him” and most by men about “her.” Pretty much everything is straight. That also plays in to how we grow up thinking that there is something wrong with us. But even putting that aside, maybe we want to see us represented. Maybe we want to see some women together, maybe we want to see some men in relationships. But all we are given is straight characters. Why should we be denied the chance to actually see people like us in the media that we consume? So what else is there to do but ship the straight characters. Maybe if the significantly straight producers and creators would give us some more LGBT representation, we wouldn’t be forced to create it ourselves. Don’t go kidding yourself into thinking that we just enjoy shipping straight people. We don’t. We would much rather ship actual LGBT people but we just don’t really have that much chance to.

And do you know what happens when we do get given that chance? One of them is killed off. Clarke/Lexa, Willow/Tara, Frankie/Cat, Emily/Naomi, and that’s just to name a very very small few. Just Google “Bury your gays” for more information on it; that’s right, we have our own troupe.

At the end of the day, who cares? Who cares if there are people shipping straight same sex characters with no chemistry? Who’s it hurting? No one. A lot of straight couples in film and tv have no chemistry whatsoever, and we have to actually watch that in the shows/films themselves.

And finally, when it comes to real people being shipped, celebrities, sure, most of the time they aren’t really dating. But also, sometimes they really fucking could be, because to think that celebrities aren’t still being locked in the closet by their PR is incredibly naive. To think that Hollywood doesn’t still tell people they can’t play leading roles, or won’t get a strong enough following if they come out is incredibly naive. To think that beards aren’t still a very real and all too common thing is incredibly naive. So you have absolutely no way of knowing whether we maybe on to something with certain real people ships.

I don’t think that you being annoyed by it means you don’t support LGBT people, but I think you need to try and consider the reasons why more, and have a little more empathy and respect for a group of people who are really just doing the best out of a bad situation.

Poison (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Hi! Can i request and imagine where the reader’s power is to make people trust and fall in love with her, and so everybody’s a bit weary of her because they don’t if she’s being real or not. And bucky and her fall in love but everybody warns bucky to stay away from the reader because she might just be playing with him for her own entertainment?

Words: 2,432 

Warnings: Angst 

Tags: @annadier @happelu970

Funny story; in this imagine Steve says, “Sometimes the most beautiful things are poisonous” and I actually got that from this guy I rejected like three times at the beginning of the year, he was so pissed that I wouldn’t go out with him that he said this to me. 

He also said that I would never be happy because my expectations were way too high. Guess he’s never been rejected before?? But yeah, he was kind of a huge dick. (And he sent some nasty things to my best friend like wtf man??) 

It’s a much bigger and more dramatic story than that but that’s a story for another time lol, enjoy this imagine my people! 

People warned him to stay away. 

She’s nothing but trouble.” They said. 

She can’t be trusted.” They warned. 

She’s a poison.” They shuddered.

People tried to warn him, but did he listen? 

Absolutely not. 

Ever since you were little, you’ve had a power that allows you to make people fall in love with you with a snap of your fingers. You didn’t put them under a spell and made them do whatever you said, that wasn’t how your powers worked. 

You would simply just make them fall in love with you. Whether it was a couple love, a family love, a friendship love, any kind of love and you could make them have it. It was as if they had fallen in love with you on their own. 

But ever since you were little, you’ve been known to manipulate people for your own entertainment. You could make boyfriends leave their girlfriends and girlfriends leave their boyfriends. You could make families accept you and treat you as their own. How do you think you made friends? 

Even though you’ve manipulated people for your own use, you’ve also helped people. You defeated Loki by making him fall in love with you, it was simple really. Ever since that day you became an Avenger and have become a good asset to the team. 

But that didn’t stop you from your poisonous ways. 

 First you made Steve fall for you, used him until you were bored with him. Sweet and kind Steve, now that you look back on it a few years later, you really wished you hadn’t of made him fall in love with you for those four months. 

However, towards the end of those four months, you made Tony fall in love with you too. Those two fought over you and you loved ever minute of it. You almost started a civil war. 

After you left Steve and took your love out of him, causing him to hate you, you started using Tony as your new puppet. You loved using him, all those fancy things and gifts? It was heaven. 

Six months later, you dumped Tony and he went running back to Pepper, you stopped using the Avengers as puppets. All of them became annoyed and angered with you after you used both Steve and Tony for your own uses. You made the two fight and caused Tony to leave Pepper for close to seven months. 

So you promised you would stop and would no longer use your powers on any of them, along with any other agent of SHIELD. 

And you kept that promise for nearly a whole two years, but then Sam Wilson came along and you couldn’t stop yourself. You used him for five months before breaking up with him and running along to your next “victim” as the Avengers called them. 

That’s when the Avengers had had enough of you, you had broken a promise and lost their trust in you. You stayed at the Avengers tower but stayed out of their way unless necessary. 

Your ways never changed. 

Until you met Bucky Barnes that is. 

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Owari no Seraph Ch. 48

I have to say that I really really love Yuu being this cute like this, like honestly, that’s the Yuu Chan that I want to see! I really hope we get to see more of him like this in the future chapters.

It’s also nice to see Mika fitting in with the group, it actually makes me smile to be honest, because right now, they’re all like a ‘family’ like this, and the way how Yuu is being his normal self, and how sometimes he do silly things like this is what makes his character so loveable to me. I prefer him to be like this than the serious/brooding Yuu that about to go ‘demon’ on his end. I like how we get little scenes like this to lighten up serious situation because this is really making the manga not so dark, so that’s nice.

And Manga Shinoa, LOL, trust her to ‘change the subject’ xD.  But that’s cute, that’s cute, that’s what I love about her on my end.

And the highlight of this chapter for me, is… ofcourse we get a jealous Mika confirmed. I love it! <3 Give me more of this in the future chapters please!

And on to a serious note….

^ The whole ‘Angel of Destruction’… I hope this won’t be Mika… Since I still don’t know the full extent of Mika’s Seraph gene… and how his one will be activated, but the thought of it actually kinda scares me… Eitherway, when that time comes, whatever it is, I hope Yuu-Chan will be well enough to save Mika on his end… I want to see those Yuumika scenes so badly….

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sometimes I wish the story wasn't set up in a way that Riley got so much hate. She didn't know how to fix things appropriately so she was partially responsible for Maya's regression. And then in GM TRW, she basically acts out like a menace. Everyone else is actually partially to blame for that because of their Riley Committee-ing but I really think it's over the top and unnecessary to make it seem like Riley Matthew's has to do bad in order to someday reach good.

I think it’s all about perception. People LOVE to hate on Riley and make her 100% accountable for all her actions, but forget to make Maya 100% accountable for hers. If you are going to blame Riley for Maya’s struggles, then you absolutely have to blame the Riley Committee for RIley’s. Period. 

Now I am not hating on Maya, I love the girls equally, but I see this all the time. 

Because Maya started out as a “rebel” in touch with her darker side and then learned how to hope, people get mad and say that she “regressed” when she went back to find  (and balance) her true self. But honestly, Riley is doing the same thing- just backwards

Riley has had so MUCH light/innocence/hope/naivity in her life(somewhat thanks to the Riley Committee) and now she is being thrown into reality, rebelling from it, and is going overboard. It just LOOKS WORSE than what happened to Maya because what she needs to gain is something a lot harsher then what Maya did. It’s still the same thing though- Riley has to gain an edge, a toughness in order to grow and face reality but Maya wouldn’t let her and now she’s over corrected. Maya had to gain hope in order grow and believe in humanity but Riley pushed too hard and she over corrected and lost part of who she was.

In order for Riley to grow, maybe she needs to have a bit of an attitude, she needs to see the wrong in the world and see how she can be wrong herself. Once she realizes that the light in her will always overtake the dark (just like Zay says at the end of TRW), she will learn to balance herself out. Just like Maya realized that she will always have hope inside of her, but that doesn’t over take her ability to be tough , either. 

So do you see how its the same as Maya? Just kind of backwards? Yes, it’s too bad that it puts Riley in the narrative place of having to do some bad in order to understand the world, but her character is ingrained with SO MUCH innocence the only choice is to give her a bitter taste of reality if she’s really going to make steps in the right direction. 

Every single character is 100% responsible for every single one of their actions, whether part of their “complexity” is to “be wrong”, “be a rebel”, “be bad” or not. Every character has ALSO been subject to HEAVY influence by their friends and that has been a big part of their stunts in growth and progressing. Maya/the Committee hurt Rileys growth and now its over corrected, and Riley pushing Maya SO hard to hope made her over correct her self as well. 

Now, the girls are learning to influence each other, learn from each other and then balance those complex characteristics in order to be more dynamic individuals. 

To break it down a little easier: 

Sassy Haltertop = Maya’s influence on Riley (even though she doesn’t handle it correctly right away, but will learn and get better at it)

Dorothy= Riley’s influence on Maya (even though she let it overtake her at the beginning, she learned to balance it with the rest of who she is)

(Obviously it is a bit more nuanced than that, but you get the picture.)

Riley Matthews is awesome and she is written to be awesome. A character that has hope and love and faith in people no matter what happens, especially in this world today, is an awesome character. She makes mistakes, but she learns from them, and overall, she takes those mistakes or those hard moments and becomes better for them- and I think that she deserves that credit, people just don’t choose to see it. 

DISCLAIMER: I am very aware that many people believe Mayas learning how to hope = her not actually losing herself at all, and I totally respect that opinion, but I think of everything from a writers standpoint. They have written it, to this point, that Maya lost herself a little (I wouldn’t have worded it the way they did, but that’s another story). With that, it makes narrative sense to have BOTH characters struggle with their identity, just going in opposite directions. Riley has wanted to “be Maya” since the pilot and then somewhere along the way Maya wanted to “be Riley” and things got tangled. To me, the writers main focus is to show how these girls learn to not be overly influenced by one another and instead figure out how to grow into unique individuals with the help of one another, and the other loving people around them. If you are going off of that narrative, then my explanation shows Riley in a much more understanding light. If you go off the narrative that Maya only grew and never lost herself at all, then it shows Riley to pretty  much be the reason for everything bad in the world happening, and maybe the Tot was right in GM Tell Tale Tot. Either way is possible, but it’s hard to believe that MJ would write his protagonist to be so damn unlikeable. 

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Ok so, I'm an INTJ and I want to ruin the stupid emotionless stereotype with this ask. I laugh at stupid cat videos and awful internet memes. I cry when I'm overly stressed or things get to be too much. I get irritated easily but I still have fun and FEEL things. INTJs aren't robots, we just don't rely on feelings to make logical decisions. Now everyone who only believes the stereotype can go back to taking your shitty 16personalities tests and reading what supernatural character your type is.

INFJ admin: In other words, you’re human.

That’s the problem with MBTI sometimes, if you go too far with it it’s very de-humanizing and the types become more like fictional characters and archetypes rather than actual individual people with their own likes and needs and backgrounds.

You’d think the whole “INTJs are cold robots” thing would have died by now, god forbid if there’s actually still people in the community who legitimately think this lol. It’s kinda funny if it’s used as obvious satire but when people perpetuate it as fact you get a lot of people thinking they’re either 1. not actual INTJs because they laughed once or 2. Thinking they’re INTJs because they don’t show their feelings much (which may as easily be an Fi-dom)


Week photo dump ~ late post

I’ve also been down this past week, crying almost everyday because of stress. I’m not sure what to do with life sometimes. It’s like I give so much effort but it’s never enough. I still fuck things up. It’s exhausting, but crying also makes my eyes feel tired so I’m not sure it’s the best solution. Anyway, I’ve been trying to pick up my pace this week, so that meant less tumblr. Tho might be back more regularly for inspiration and motivation.

Feel Good Friday!

Anonymous Submission:

my adhd actually helps me do things better in school sometimes, like i get finished with writing assignments faster than people and it still gets a good grade because my mind works fast on the subject im writing about!!

@tiny-changeling’s Submission:

My mind moves so fast,
I can come up with haikus
on the spot. Thanks, brain. :P

@dinocatdraws’s Submission:

My favorite positive thing about having ADHD is the way my mind jumps around making interesting connections. I will gleefully find parallels between the most disparate things. I have no issue reading up about multiple fields of study to figure out a thing, where most NT people have a weird loyalism to their specialty - like psychiatry vs. neuroscience (until recently, anyway).

For example, in art school the different departments wouldn’t even associate with each other, and mixing media was often frowned upon. But I became fascinated with the possible applications of print making and metalsmithing in ceramics, my main major. I got special permission to research creating special inks for printing on clay using a form of lithography, used my block printing carving tools to carve into clay, and carved clay to make stamps and prints. I could info dump for days about chemicals and monoprinting and proper screenprinting technique on a slab of clay, how to print on a rounded form, or the right laser printer to use to make decals. Having an interest in multiple subjects simultaneously has always served me well, and in school I regularly wrote papers that included extra research from unconventional sources that I’d stumbled upon FOR FUN and ended up realizing I could use them. I had a paper published as a sophomore because my teacher was so impressed with the connections I made to present my argument.

ADHD can be a pain in the ass, and it made school stressful and occasionally hellish. But I do enjoy the way my mind works sometimes!

Anonymous Submission:

When trying to figure something out as a group, I often am not following the discussion very well and am off on my own train of thought, but sometimes when I impulsively blurt out the weird, less obvious connections my brain makes, it is exactly what the group needs to solve the problem even if I don’t realize it when I say it :)

Anonymous Submission:

Positive ADHD things: The way your brain will spin one thing off into an entire web of patterns and connections that seem random but shows you how things link in the most unpredictable and wonderful way. My mom will sometimes ask me what I’m thinking and how it results from what we were talking about and she always seems to fascinated with what I end up explaining.

@meg-culpa’s Submission:

I feel lucky because resume writing and filling out applications are two things I hyperfocus on even though I find them unpleasant When I was out of a job after moving to a different state I was able to fill out quite a few every day, which enabled me to find a new job quickly. And now I can use that skill for my husband while he gets things I can’t focus on done around the house. Hooray for actually useful hyperfocus! 

We’ll do it again next Friday. Please feel free to reblog and discuss how you experience the things people are talking about in this post. Do you also find them helpful or at least “not horrible”? If you think of something between now and Friday, please send it in and mark it for FGF!

BTS reaction to you not liking vegetables

I ACTUALLY HATE VEGETABLES WITH MY ENTIRE SOUL. Actually, it’s not hate, but more like disgust?? Seriously, i start gagging and sometimes even puke if i try to eat vegetables. It makes my life really hard tho since i can’t eat a lot of things. I’m writing this with the idea of [Y/N]/you refusing to eat them, not just disliking them.

-Admin RJ


He would be actually a bit annoyed by that. He would think that a grown person like you should be over that “childish” behaviour and eat a healthy, balanced meal, that includes vegetables. He will actually try to slowly change your mind, like maybe trying different ways of cooking them and hiding the strong taste of them, making you whine and accuse him of trying to poison you.

“ Do you know how much that limits my cooking?”

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He would start laughing immediately when you refused to eat your lunch because it had vegetables in it and you hated them. He would switch to his silly side, trying to feed you with a spoon and making airplane noises, completely mocking you. It was rare to see this side of him, so you just pouted and kicked his leg under the table, making him laugh even harder.

“[Y/N], open your mouth and say Aaa

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Hoseok laughed when you had made the most disgusted face in the world and had spat your food in a napkin, crying for water immediately. He would be a little shocked when you confess about not liking vegetables and ask you if you even like certain vegetables or just dislike them all and he would invent a game, where he tells you a vegetable and you tell him if you like it or not.

“ What about onions? Or carrots? Do you like brocolli?”

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He will be shocked by that, immediately starting a lecture on how you need to have vegetables and all the…healthy things vegetables have in them. You would ignore him and to prove his point, he would eat all types of vegetables in front of you. Seeing that you still refuse to eat them, he would go research what kind of… important healthy thingies your body is not receiving and finding them in other types of food you like.

“ But vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet, bringing nutri-”

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He would stare at you with curiosity as you picked out the vegetables you didn’t like from the dinner he prepared. He asked it if everything was okay and you confessed a bit embarrased that you don’t like vegetables and you couldn’t eat them. He would try to remember the ones you don’t like and the ones that you can, so that he could be more careful with what he orders or cook, to make your life a bit easier.

“ Then let’s try ordering pizza with the toppings you like best.”

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Tae would probably overreact a little since he knows that vegetables are really healthy and you should eat them. He would pester you all the time, trying to make you eat vegetables and when you ignore him, he would get so sad and whiny. He was just paranoid that you are unhealthy due to lack of vegetables, just like his mama taught him when he was young. You may even have to go a nutritionist to get rid of Taehyung’s worried side.

“ But [Y/N]…you could die!”

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He will immediately start teasing you, pointing out that not liking vegetables is a “childish” thing and that he is more mature than you, smirking at you. He would feel a bit of pride from that and when you make fun of him and call him a child, he would immediately remind you that you don’t like vegetables and that you make a fuss when someone forces you to eat them. He sometimes orders food containig the vegetables you don’t like just to tease you.

“ Are you sure i am the child here or is it you?”

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I feel like I need to make things clear.

My Japanese is not perfect. I’m still learning.

SOMETIMES someone might be under wrong impression from the actual meaning I want to share it.

I mindlessly found SCM wiki and I was impressed with how quick they put things based on the new information.


I found a misleading fact in Partheno’s page.

  • He stated that he doesn’t have a favorite food because it’s too painful to have one.

I knew from where they got that fact. It was from me. Based on this post.

That fact on wiki was already erased by another person and I’m grateful they even apologized when I started to complain.


I admit it was my fault. I wrote that fact in a way people might grasp different meaning instead. What I mean by painful is just me describing his life, Partheno did not said it. He simply doesn’t have any favorite food yet.

I apologize for my mistake…… Both Japanese and English are not my first language and I usually write in my whatever way. Founding this mistake on another website makes me sad. I love Partheno. I don’t want to give misleading fact.

As much as I feel guilty about myself, I will let you guys know that I’M ALSO SUPER PISSED OFF WITH ANYONE WHO SHARE THE INFORMATION MINDLESSLY. Fine. I was wrong. But it’s WIKI goddamnit. Many people will read the information. If you guys seriously want to share information, MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION IS CORRECT.

But then again, it was my fault for making it misleading.

But then again, it was also the fact someone wrote it confidently without my permission.

So the solution?

I will improve my grammar and doing my best to prevent any misleading information.