The signs as the people I actually know

ARIES: Playful. Wacky. Wants you to feel what they’re feeling. Has trouble expressing themselves sometimes. Loyal. Obnoxious. Loves deeply. Likes people and animals. Too little self-control. Blundering. Cuddly.

TAURUS: Somewhat serious, with a light playful side. Intelligent. Woeful. Enjoys connecting to the world around them. Fond of nature and exploring. Love cats. Savior and caregiver to many. Empathetic. Immerses self in interests.

GEMINI: Like water. Making things in the kitchen. Making crafts. Gardening. Always creating. Want to make others happy. Insecure but try not to be. Care deeply about the opinions of their loved ones. Bit shy until you know them well. Love dogs.

CANCER: Practice makes perfect. Want to be liked. Try hard but often disappointed. Expect too much sometimes. Think too much. Loyal until screwed over. Takes a lot to heart. Youthful attitude. Hopeful.

LEO: Very self-obsessed, self-interested. Big personality. Loud. Like parties. Love being center of attention. Good at entertaining. Obnoxious. Outgoing. Love to impress. Need to make a difference and be important. 

VIRGO: Smart. Good at research. Delve deep into interests. Good workers. Proud. Strong-willed. Stubborn. Good conscience. Loyal. Hopeful. Optimistic. Always try the hardest. 

LIBRA: Quiet until knowing someone better. Then wacky. Funny. Like a good time. Fall in love easily. Care about people. Smart. Keep a lot to themselves. Secretive. Organized. Good at keeping things in line.

SCORPIO: Perfectionists. Stress themselves out too often. Judgmental. Worry they’re not good enough. Driven towards success. Never feel highly achieved enough. Keep hold of many friends, but not a lot close.

SAGITTARIUS: Playful. Just want to have fun. Joking, but in another mood can take things too serious. Love others more than themselves. Proud of their interests. Think themselves capable of a lot.

CAPRICORN: Quiet. Especially if they don’t know you. Want to think they are better than a lot of people but simultaneously doesn’t think a lot of themselves. Feel others don’t like them. Worrying. Not enough self-control. 

AQUARIUS: Charismatic. Personable when they want to be. Can put a lot of effort into something and get a lot back. Good ideas. Think on their feet. Tend to leave negativity. 

PISCES: Sarcastic. Funny. Worry about the future. Regret the past. Like music. Love people a lot but don’t always remember to show it. Try to do too much without help. Think they have a lot to prove.

Sometimes I feel terrible and down and like the world is about to end (spoilers, this is actually me at all times) but then I remember that I have literally the coolest job in the world. I get to draw nonexistent things for a living. I worked so hard for this and I am so close to making it sustainable. 

Here’s to all the ones that told me I can’t do it   凸 (◡‿◡✿ 凸 )

night of shelby posting annoying personal things okay so like

I’ve never actually like, come out as “bisexual” or “pansexual”“ or ”“"whateversexual.” Like when I first realized it my friend told my dad and so my dad knew and my older sister knows I’ve been with girls and my best friend knows and Tumblr knows kinda since I sometimes blog about hot girls/sexual experiences with girls but I’ve never actually been like YUP I LIKE EVERYBODY. I mean, I married a man and my only serious relationships have been with males but I’m attracted to anyone who is hot no matter what parts they got in their britches. But I think the reason I’ve never come out is because so many people that are gay make coming out seem like such a gay exclusive thing. That sounds really mean but seriously like they get SO offended when people who aren’t just strictly gay make a big deal about coming out. And I guess I’ve never really felt like me coming out would be a big deal?

So I think this is my coming out post, really. I don’t know what I identify as, but I’m not straight. And that’s cool. And I feel good about saying this.

Feeling far from God? Read Proverbs

Sometimes I don’t feel like getting close to God. I don’t feel like praying or reading my Bible or having fellowship, or anything “spiritual”. I actually just feel like dwelling in myself. A non Christ Centered life. Selfishness, worldliness, sin.
There has been ONE THING that has consistently worked for me to get me back into the place of living a life of worship. Pulling myself up by my bootstraps or “faking it till you make it” has never worked for me. I think this is where Pharisees are made.

The one thing that always brings me back to YHWH is the book of Proverbs.
Whatever day it is, say July 5th. Open up Proverbs to Chapter 5 and read that Chapter. Then the next day (the 6th) read chapter six. Just keep this going. (31 days in a month, 31 Chapters of proverbs) (this is all I do. Because I’m feeling distant from God I don’t feel like doing anything else) It won’t take long.

I don’t think there is anything Magical about the book of Proverbs. I think that it is just the fact that it is so practical. It talks about things you will use in everyday life, with everyone or thing you come in contact with. I guess it reminds me that God cares about every little thing I do. And he is full of wisdom. This always gets me hungry to know him better. I start reading my Bible more because I want to know how to better live all of God’s truth. To not be a fool but wise. I want to know the Heart of God.
The Bible says that “the Fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom” but I also believe that wisdom is the beginning of the fear of The Lord.
I’m not saying this is the only way to get close to God, but reading one chapter a day of Proverbs has more consistently brought me back to intimacy than any thing else.
Grace and Peace!

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Someone actually asked Billie that? Ugh. How tasteless and tactless. Sometimes people just make me want to scream. I'm not surprised Billie handled it with class, though.


I mean it’s one thing to ask who’s a better kisser between people she’s worked with – like someone at DCC asked if Matt Smith or David Tennant was a better kisser (she chose David). But asking her to choose between anyone and her husband is just….gross, to be quite honest. First off she’s obviously going to say her husband, so way to waste a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask her a question. Second….really? Really? Why would you ever ask her to choose between her husband and anyone else? I don’t understand it. I would sell my right arm to be able to ask Billie a question, and to see people wasting such an amazing opportunity and putting her in a horribly awkward position like that is just sad.

But yes, she handled it with class because she is a star and a goddess and I bow down to her.

i was tagged by michelle northamericanelf

name: bella

time and date: 9:53 AM, july 5th, 2015

average hours of sleep: 8 is my ideal but sometimes i get less

last thing you googled: ‘how to knit a frog’ lmao

birthday: january 25th

gender: female

sexual orientation: probably demisexual & panromantic??

favorite color: green or yellow maybe???

one place that makes me happy: a river i like to swim at that has a cute little frog living there who i am friends with

what i’m wearing right now: overall dress and a white tshirt…..exciting, i know

last book i read: the last one i read was the night circus, currently working on the wind in the willows!

most used phrase: i don’t know! actually.. thats probably it. ‘i don’t know’. or ‘wonderful’

last thing i said to a family member: ‘i’ll clean the other pond later’

favorite beverage: smoothies,,, ,, mint tea, WATER

favorite food: oatmeal or sushi or pancakes or pea soup?????

last movie i watched: jane eyre (2011)

dream vacation: a magical migratory journey across europe featuring trains and art museums and flower markets

dream wedding: no

dream pets: sugar gliders!!!!!! 

dream job: novelist and also beekeeper or baker or something ridiculous! but maybe also a teacher or a children’s librarian 


tagging YOU if you want to do it!!!!

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kaibaek \( ^o^)/

yaaaaaaaaasssssssss I LOVE KAIBAEK

BE THE ROMANTIC ONE: Nini!!! The boy just screams romantic to me. He’d probably plan all these cute surprises and write baekkie gross love poems
BE THE ONE TO GIVE ALOT OF KISSES TO THE OTHER: Um I actually think they’d just both love making out a lot and like just always giving each other little pecks throughout the day awwww
BE THE ONE WHO LIKES TO CUDDLE THE MOST: Nini’s favorite pasttime is cuddling baekhyun to death, but baekhyun definitely doen’t mind it
BE THE ONE WHO’D MAKE THE OTHER FOOD: Um I think nini would like to cook and try new things but sometimes it would not turn out the way he’d expected lol
BE THE ONE WHO PAY FOR THE DATES: they both do, but sometimes one will treat the other as a special treat
BE THE ONE WHO TOPS: they switch. for sure.
BE THE ONE WHO USE TONGUE THE MOST: baekhyun. nini is more into subtle tongue like little flicks and swipes and less “let me lick your tonsils”
BE THE MOST HORNY ONE: baekhyun because i mean just look at nini
BE THE ONE WHO LIKES TO GO SHOPPING: baekhyun and he always drags a grumpy nini along with him but he tries his best to entertain him and makes up for it by pulling nini into the dressing room for a heated kiss and then buying him chicken
BE THE ONE WHO ENJOYS LONG KISSES: nini. i think he’d love to just lay there kissing baekhyun for hours
BE THE MORNING/NIGHT PERSON: lmao morning person is obviously baekhyun in this relationship but tbh nini’s not a night person, he just sleeps all the time. goes to bed early and wakes up late lol.

send me a pairing!

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i'm feeling trapped and depressed in my life right now. what tips do you have for making the change towards a happier life like you did?

There are so so so many things I could say and actually want to ask you. Here are a few things I apply to my life that I believe has helped shaped my mentality and reality to the present day.

-Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Because it’s ridiculous. You have your own set of experiences, pasts, families, instilled values, instilled behaviors, you have your own talents and your own time frame. When I was 16 and started blogging I would sometimes think I was horrible at writing/wasn’t interesting enough/my videos were hopeless.. Because I was comparing myself to people in this industry who have been going at in for over 5 years.
This goes for all comparisons “she’s smarter than me” or “I’ll never be as happy as her, her life’s perfect” “she’s way prettier than me”. Truth is THERES ALWAYS GOING TO BE SOMEONE ‘better’ than you if you make life a competition. It doesn’t have to be.

-confidence ISNT walking into a room thinking “I’m better than everyone here” it’s really believing “there is no competition”. As in, you don’t compare yourself because you know that isn’t what this experience is about. It’s more than mentally winning, it’s connections, growth, fun, passion. It’s warmth in community not hostile isolation.

-You don’t owe anyone anything. No one owes you anything. Be yourself, be kind but be realistic. I apply this now to every person I meet. They can be super great, I can form a relationship, but never to the point where I demand and expect attention/time/an ideal. Accept people for who they are, not what they can give you.

-AGE MEANS NOTHING. It’s all about life experiences. Don’t ever let that limit your potential

-there is nothing wrong with doing things for yourself. Like makeup? Cool. Don’t like it, also cool! Like doing your hair fab! Don’t like shaving, your choice! Like styling clothes, rock it! Putting others down for what they like to do for themselves is a waste of time and energy, basically just stupid. As long as it’s not harming anyone else, be you and forget about the shame/judgement of others. Life gets way bette I swear.

-travel and volunteer in a country like India. It will change you like nothing else

-be independent. 14? Get a job. Earn your money. Get a real concept of saving and spending YOUNG. Buy your own car. Work hard. Because this creates a mentality of “I can do this myself” “I can work hard for the lifestyle I desire”. Apply this independence to all things, relationships, education, work. Take responsibility for your life and your own goals.

-stop watching so much tv. Saves time and stops you from getting caught up in fake reality

-be honest with yourself and others. Don’t sugar coat things. It’s boring. Don’t change to impress people. Have an honest opinion, always. That’s how you are able to really grow.

-practice real self love. DO THINGS FOR YOU. Eat well, water, exercise, personal time. Look after yourself. That’s self love, doing real things to improve yourself, not just affirmations. Change your mentality yes BUT CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS.



There’s something heroic in a flapping coat, but at the same time, I need to get rid of it sometimes and just be a scrawny guy in a suit that doesn’t quite fit. So there was a sense of authority to him, but it’s undermined by his own carelessness. He wears a suit, but doesn’t wear it with proper shoes.
—  David Tennant (2009)

sometimes I see stuff like character criticism and whatnot that just seems to totally forget or ignore the fact that conflict and drama are necessary parts of a narrative structure in order to make a work of fiction actually interesting. In real life we try to minimize these things, since they cause stress and are often not good for us (although conflict is pretty necessary at some points in everyone’s life). In real life, ideally things would progress slowly and calmly without the need for big dramatic events (not that it ever works out like that but that’s the goal). But in fiction its the opposite, conflict and drama are how plot and character development occurs and its necessary for moving things forward. If the work is well written, conflict and drama always mean they’re moving toward something (even if it doesn’t seem that way early on) because its how plot and character development progresses - with big, splashy, interesting to watch moments.

so arguments like “Steven shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff, he’s just a kid” or “[character] needs to deal their problems in a more healthy way” are kind of silly to me. I mean, they’re not wrong, per se, they just completely ignore the fact that we’re watching a work of fiction, not real life, and we need to allow things that would probably not be OK in real life in order for the story to actually be something worth watching.

Yes, Steven is a kid and in real life I would definitely not approve of him (or Connie) being involved in some of the things he does. However, he’s the protagonist, the show revolves around him and as such he needs to actually be involved in plot and character resolution. Both because if he isn’t we wouldn’t get to see it and because in a good story the protagonist is actually an active player rather than someone who just passively watches the story happen

and yes, characters like Pearl would certainly be better off channeling her problems in a healthier way, talking them out or not involving Steven in them. But where would the show be if that happened? If Steven wasn’t involved we wouldn’t see it, if it was a calm and rational way it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting or impactful, lacking the emotional weight that usually only comes from either living it yourself or seeing a dramatic conflict centered around it.

Watching 11 minutes of Steven safely practicing swordplay in a structured environment or Pearl calmly talking out her problems with a therapist would not be nearly as interesting as watching their storyline develop with big eventful conflicts and drama. And neither alternatives would be as memorable as what the show actually does. Fiction is hyperbole, its a more extreme version of real life in order create the emotional impact you’d usually require a distinctly personal connection for. Feelings and character development are invisible so you need to write it in a way that the audience will be able to see and feel it and for that you need conflict.

If I’ve learned anything from life;

it’s that sometimes the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places.

I’ve learned that the most important lessons; that our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth

and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship and love can make room for the most wonderful people.

I’ve learned that what seems like a curse in the moment actually can be a blessing;

and that what seems like the end of the road is actually just the discovery that we are meant to travel down a different path.

I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope.

And how horrible things seem; we can’t give up.

We’ve to keep going.

Even when it’s scary;
even when all of our strength seems gone;

we’ve to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward because whatever were battling in the moment;

it will pass and we will make it through.

We’ve made it this far and we can make it through whatever comes next.

Regarding Dan’s “Accent” On The Phone

I’ve recently been informed that this has become a huge deal. Dan answering the phone in an Indian accent. People seem to still be forgetting the fact that Dan is a human, and like the rest of us, is not perfect. Now, I hope we all know that Dan did not mean to be offensive by doing this. However, that does not mean it was not offensive. Not meaning to be offensive and actually being offensive are two very different things. So Dan made a mistake, not a big deal, we all do sometimes. This does not make him a bad person. Some of us seem to be forgetting that. But the more important thing being forgotten is that if you are not Indian, your opinion is irrelevant in this situation. Part, if not all of the Indian community has claimed Dan’s actions were offensive. You are allowed to have an opinion, no matter which way it goes, but you cannot place it above that of whoever the situation is limited to. In this case, it is the Indian community’s.

That is all I have to say.

Tyler Joseph talking about trees:

the main part of the song is only three chords. it starts in a minor. I love starting things in a minor because it’s sad and I like to be sad. I don’t know. It just makes life more bearable sometimes, I like to be sad. I mean, I like putting headphones in and looking about the window and pretending I’m this sad little main character of some movie. So I write songs that help that. I don’t know why we listen to sad music, it’s weird, you know? It helps sometimes. But even though the song starts off in a minor it’s actually not a very sad song. It started out slower but I decided to pick it up a little bit. It’s about searching for something, really searching for truth and literally traveling around trying to find it. I remember- I do some weird stuff when I’m alone. I wouldn’t tell you half of it. I would like, go out into the woods by myself and look for something. I don’t know if I was waiting for someone to talk to me or for an idea to pop into my head or see something you know that was either scary or amazing or what but I felt like if I was alone and just yelled out you know, prove something to me that I’m not nuts. It would help. So, this song is about a time where I went and searched for something. Obviously these trees were all around me. and there aren’t many lyrics to the song. So I think musically I’m trying to communicate a lot more than lyrically in this particular one. It’s one of my favorite songs to play live because its usually towards the end of a set where I’m exhausted but for some reason this song gives me an extra wind. Always. Every single time. and it’s the one song that doesn’t have a resolution. It’s the one song that doesn’t have that hopeful of an ending. it’s like, you never know if I heard whatever it is I went out into the woods to hear. It’s still just nothing, but I still feel good about it.

half-white, half-Chinese. 

I’ve spent so long trying to be white (I don’t even know what it means) because I wanted it so badly, then Chinese because I felt it would be easier, and nothing worked. It’s only recently that I’ve decided it was okay to be in the middle. It’s still weird sometimes feeling like you don’t fit in but I’m getting better at it and this blog makes me very happy to see all of your gorgeous and strong faces, to see that they are actually people like me. 

To make things worse, I can’t speak my Chinese family’s dialect, and I’m fluent in Japanese (my major at univ). My most asked question “Why do you know Japanese? I thought you hated each other." 

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hiiii may i request for gom+himuro+takao+nijimura finally making a move on this person who they like for years already but the only thing that stopped them in the past was because the person they like is soooo smart like really really smart (intimidating-kind) but she's actually kind and funny (it's just that people are afraid to talk to her because she has this smart mouth and sometimes sarcastic which can shut people up instantly) i hope this isn't too much for you >.<

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi asks for you to meet him after school, under the guise of wanting to talk you home when in all honesty he had planned to finally stop being a coward, and to admit his feelings for you before it’s too late. His delivery is awkward and blunt, but his genuine feelings shine through, caressing your hand as he hopes you’ll forgive him suddenly springing his feelings on you.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine didn’t know why he hadn’t admitted to you his feelings before, seeing as he wasn’t one to beat around the bush, and he knew his feelings weren’t fleeting. The moment was quick, to the point so that he could gauge how they could feel before

Kise Ryouta: Kise approaches you with a bright smile and hands you a photo of him in a particularity classy outfit; at first you’re confused but he lets you know it’s an exclusive photo, just for you, that he had taken after his official photoshoot, and that he had even signed it for you. When you take the photo but say nothing back he asks if you’d like to see him in a suit like that in person, looking away when you finally get what the autographed photo meant.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko knows that he can’t hold back his feelings for you any longer, writing down everything on a note and struggling for a few days with the courage to give it to you. He eventually does but doesn’t stick around to see your reaction, too nervous to speak as he waits for your response.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima can’t directly tell you his feelings but asks for you to listen to a musical piece that he had written, having you sit comfortably while he plays away while his confidence is still there. By the end, he admits he named the song after you, as the only way to cure his sleepless nights was to write music, and since you were the one on his mind, he had written quite a few.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara’s mother had always told him that simple was the way to go, but he wanted to display his talents and what other way could he do that other than showing you a dessert? Writing out the quick “I Heart You” on the small cupcake, he shyly presents it to you, cheeks darkened as he considers heading for the hills before you register what it says.


Himuro Tatsuya: Himuro takes many hints from the American drama’s that he watches and decides to write you a love letter, neatly slipping it into his locker and hoping none of the awkward shenanigans follow; when you approach him with a smile, he feels at ease because at least you had enjoyed his heartfelt letter.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami hates the fact his thoughts can’t just be translated automatically to you so that you could know how highly he thought of you; eventually, he convinces a close friend to approach you and admit it for him, watching around the corner the entire time as he’s too nervous to even stutter it out himself.

Nijimura Shuuzou: Nijimura realized it was, at this point, an all or nothing effort and that he couldn’t possibly embarrass himself anymore than he had by being a pansy and not just confessing to begin with. His confession is, more or less, shouted in your face as he bows his head and thanks you for the many years of friendship you had given him.

Takao Kazunari: Takao’s confession was casual and perhaps a bit too subtle, as he had been implying for years that he had feelings for you but they had all soared over your head; he’s more honest this time around, mentioning that he had thought about dating you often, and asks what your thoughts on the matter were.