“[I]f your tampon burst while you are in space, the entire spacecraft will be spoilt.”

This is just one of the many sexist comments that Malaysian would-be astronaut Roshini Muniam Rose has had to put up with since she entered Axe Body Spray’s competition to send a Malaysian to its Florida space camp.

But if Tumblr has the final word on the subject, equality will win the day—and Rose will be heading straight to space.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Rose, who was the only woman to make the semi-finals, received a barrage of degrading remarks on her entry in the contest on Facebook. Rose, who is currently a post-graduate student in Kuala Lumpur, stated in her competition entry that she wanted to make Malaysia proud by being the first Malaysian woman to go into space. 

“Being an astronaut is not just a man’s dream,” she said on YouTube. On her own Facebook page, she added that she’d overcome incredible hurdles to make it to the semi-finals and the public voting round:

I literally faced life-death challenges, from under-water tasks to building rockets & answering quizzes in the midst of the dramatic physical & mental marathon.



Open your eyes to the beauty that is Otoyomegatari’s artwork.

“Otoyomegatari” (translated as “A Bride’s Tale” or “A Bride’s Story”) is a historical manga by Mori Kaoru, also the author of “Emma” and “Shirley”.

I especially love the scenes above where she draws the characters at work. Sometimes you see some amazing artwork and wonder how human hands make something that beautiful and these scenes show the dedication, patient, and effort the makers put into their work.
Uninvited Guest - closed with Wandering-Gems

Labradorite stuffed her phone into her pocket and crawled up onto her feet, kicking the blanket nest to the side. She wiped her greasy fingers clean on her rear, the denim shorts stained long ago from being used as a napkin by the rather sloppy gem. Sometimes, she wondered if she was becoming a little too human, what with her slowly growing internet addiction and love for food. But that was something to worry about later. She had seen something, or rather someone, moving around outside.

She shuffled over to the entrance of her little cave, the old narrow corridor having been widened considerably to turn a boring old gem hole into a rather cozy hide away. Labs spent a lot of time in the old Kindergartner, after all, and demanded a space all her own. And from her tiny hide away, she had a perfect view of the daunting stranger. 

Now normally, when faced with a gem so massive and foreboding, Labradorite would have chosen to hide. She was weak and small, with little to no fighting ability and had, in fact, had her ass kicked twice very recently. A third ass whopping was not on the list of things she wanted to do. But the Kindergarten gave her a sense of safety. Rouge gems didn’t just wander in, not to her knowledge, so if they were there they were likely meant to be there. 

“Yo! Hey excuse me!” Labradorite called up, walking casually over to the massive gem, hands stuffed into her pocket just in time to feel her phone vibrate. “Hey yeah, you lost or something? Because I don’t totally think I know you and I assume you’re supposed to be here but you look a little- hold on.” She looked back to her phone, glancing away just in time to miss a hard glare the stranger had thrown down at her, too busy with her social media notifications to notice the possibility of eminent danger. 

“Do not…uhh…” The warning message she had received after making mention of the stranger made her wish that perhaps she’d waited for a reply before venturing from her hiding place. Slowly, calmly as she could, she slid the phone back into her pocket before lifting her eye to meet those of the stranger. “You know what, forget I said anything.”

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Rivetra - We said while we ate ice cream in the sun


They had been training outside that particular day, the sun blaring hot and burning their skin till it was tainted light red, it’s brightness blinding their eyes, as his fist met with her own, a sharp exhale escaping from her lips. Sometimes, she wonders if Levi is really human - because while she was already exhausted and dizzy, sweat running down her forehead like a water stream; he had barely broke a glance.

But that only made her look up to him more.

“Let’s take a break.” Petra says, as she slumps against the nearest brick wall, “Just ten minutes.”

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If your still doing au 5+ headcanons, could you do robot au? Zarry if it works but it doesn't matter. Love you!

  1. Zayn knows he isn’t human. He’s not skin and bones, he’s metal and polymers meant to feel like human. He’s circuits, he’s electricity. He acts human, he can think and function, but he isn’t human. Sometimes he wonders what it would be like, to be human. If it would feel different. If the emotions he feels really aren’t the same. 
  2. Harry knows he’s a robot right off, of course. No human could actually look that good, and for a while it was all the rage to make the bots look as decorative as they could. Whoever made this one is an artist, really, harry thinks. So yeah, he knows he’s a robot, when he sees him in the art gallery, staring at the painting. But he doesn’t see why that means he shouldn’t treat him the same. Harry’s no bigot. And robots have emotions too. 
  3. Zayn’s not sure what to make of Harry, when the tentative conversation they have at the gallery somehow leads to friendship. Robots and humans can be friends, of course, that’s been documented; Zayn’s made to as closely replicate a human as possible, so he has all the right impulses. But he doesn’t know why Harry would want to befriend him, when there are so many humans he could befriend. 
  4. It takes Harry very little time with Zayn to shed any lingering mechanist prejudices he once had. He’s never met anyone as human as Zayn, who makes jokes with his little sheepish smiles and touches children so gently and looks at art with such yearning Harry hurts. He’s the best friend Harry’s ever had, and he’ll insist that to anyone who asks. That’s not the problem. 
  5. The problem is the first time Zayn smiles at Harry and Harry’s stomach flips. The problem is when Zayn’s laugh becomes the thing Harry most wants to hear. The problem is when Harry’s jacking off and unbidden, he pictures Zayn as he comes. He doesn’t even know if Zayn can feel that sort of thing–he has emotions, but arousal? He’s not sure if the programming’s there, and even if it was, there are legal ramifications and, most importantly, Zayn’s never seemed to show the same emotion back at him. 
  6. Zayn’s not sure what this thing is he feels, when harry leans in, muttering about how maybe this is weird and if he’s doing something wrong stop him, when Harry presses his lips against Zayn’s. It’s warmth, and heat, and like something’s malfunctioning but not, like when he looks at artwork and thinks he almost understands. It can’t be love, because he’s not human, he can’t love. But he thinks–he hopes–it might be the closest he can get. 

Send me an AU+pairing (or one of my fics, if you want) and I’ll give you 5+ headcanons for it!

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Hi! I saw your tags about Father's Day. I think I can say the same. I dislike the day as well, and I'm practically socially harassed by social convention to "love" my dad who brought me up as an investment to continue his work without even considering my own individuality. Cheers to us.

cheers to us! i am sorry that we share sucky dads in common, but here’s to hoping that we survive until we can move on from them! good luck and i wish you the best and im sorry again that our dads are not a+ dads

I’ll never forget a tall lanky plumber in blue overalls. He seemed hesitant at first, but then said, “I’m going to make you a promise. I promise you I’m going to read this book because you said you enjoyed it.

My wife’s the reader. I’m not. But we have two young girls and we keep telling them to read because we want the very best for them. They keep saying, ‘But YOU don’t read.’

So now I’m going to go home and read so they can see me doing it and know I think it’s important.”
—  A(nother) anecdote from the 2014 World Book Night

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Look, I can send you millions of pickup lines but the bottom line is that... You're a wonderful and amazing human being. Sometimes it doesn't even feel like you're a real person. <3


Take notes y'all. This is how you convince a girl to give you her father’s number 🌚🌚

Me and K were talking about how cat meows sound like babies sometimes and wondered if tiger meows sounds like adult humans talking. We found footage of tigers meowing but it was about an octave too low.

It turns out that mountain lions meow like adult men. We found the video.

If at a time in my life there will be no one left that care about me i’ll pack my bag and go randomnly as a tramp

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Hello Aja! I feel an awkward need to share this with you. Stalking you on LJ, I happily followed you from HP to Prince of Tennis (which inspired me to study Japanese where I met my best friend, J) and eventually to Hikago. I was so enthralled by your love of HnG, that I rambled on things that you had said to J, who leaned over and kissed me to make me shut up. Today, some three years later, she proposed to me! Unknowingly, you have led me to being the happiest person in the world. THANK YOU <3



the most amazing story

of my life <333333333333

I am so, so happy your new fiancee found me such an insufferable topic of discussion, haha! <333 CONGRATULATIONS AND I HOPE YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOR THE NEXT TWO THOUSAND YEARS AND FIND THE HAND OF GOD TOGETHER <3! 

Sometimes I wonder if humans would be better off had you not been given the ability to love. Would your species be better if every spring, like other animals, you simply procreated with either the best possible mate or with the nearest available one? Does love not complicate things for you? Make it harder for you to function? Love is the ultimate distiller of reality. Your species has almost destroyed itself many times because you insist on falling in love.
—  First line springboarding #2