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Stormsong sighed. Another day stuck in the Underground.

Sure, there was enough room to fly, but not really fly.

They only needed one more soul. One more until King Asgore could become a god and break the barrier.

She wondered how big the skies were. Having been born in the underground, she had never seen the skies. She had heard from an old turtle monster back in Waterfall that the sky was blue. But she didn’t know how blue.

It’s killed her every day. Just the thought bounced in her head. Freedom.

She wondered sometimes if another human would ever fall down. It had been so long since the last one. She hadn’t even been working when that happened.

When she thought about it, she wondered what she would even do if she met a fallen human. Her pride said she would capture them right away and deliver them to Asgore. But her soul said that wouldn’t be the case.

She shook the thought out of her mind, her fur rippling as the air streamed past her body. No wind made it hard to fly. So her wings worked hard. Of course, all the flying with no wind made her wings very strong, effortlessly keeping her body in the air.

She was kind of lonely. Having left Waterfall for Snowdin, she knew no one here. Of course, she had yet to visit neighbors, and she still went to Waterfall every weekend to report to Undyne, but, then again, now that’s she thought about it, she didn’t have many friends.

Again she sighed. One of these days that would change. It’s not that she lacked the friendliness, she might have been a tad bit shy though…

I’ll never forget a tall lanky plumber in blue overalls. He seemed hesitant at first, but then said, “I’m going to make you a promise. I promise you I’m going to read this book because you said you enjoyed it.

My wife’s the reader. I’m not. But we have two young girls and we keep telling them to read because we want the very best for them. They keep saying, ‘But YOU don’t read.’

So now I’m going to go home and read so they can see me doing it and know I think it’s important.”
—  A(nother) anecdote from the 2014 World Book Night

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Hello Aja! I feel an awkward need to share this with you. Stalking you on LJ, I happily followed you from HP to Prince of Tennis (which inspired me to study Japanese where I met my best friend, J) and eventually to Hikago. I was so enthralled by your love of HnG, that I rambled on things that you had said to J, who leaned over and kissed me to make me shut up. Today, some three years later, she proposed to me! Unknowingly, you have led me to being the happiest person in the world. THANK YOU <3



the most amazing story

of my life <333333333333

I am so, so happy your new fiancee found me such an insufferable topic of discussion, haha! <333 CONGRATULATIONS AND I HOPE YOU WILL BE HAPPY FOR THE NEXT TWO THOUSAND YEARS AND FIND THE HAND OF GOD TOGETHER <3! 

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Even though it wasn’t the popular thing to do, she knew it was the right thing to do. And I was never more proud of my kid than knowing that she was speaking against the vocal majority on behalf of the rights of the minority. And to me, it is incumbent upon us as legislators in this state to do that. That is why we are here. And I shudder to think that if folks who have preceded us in history did not do that–frankly, I’m not sure I would be here as a woman. I’m not sure others would be here due to their race or their creed; and to me that is what’s disconcerting. And someone made the comment that this is not about equality. Well, yes, it is about equality.

- Washington state Rep. Maureen Walsh, speaking to the House on Wednesday. Walsh was one of only two Republicans in the House to vote Wednesday in favor of the bill allowing gay couples to marry in Washington The bill passed 55-43 and will be signed by Gov. Chris Gregoire on Monday. (Source)

Jesus Gets a Standing Ovation

The Jesus Ovation:

It was near the end of the service, and the minister had worked himself up to a fever pitch. He was raising his arms, speaking forcefully but also hopefully. He reached his climax with a powerful shout of “He Is Risen,” as so many do on that most sacred of Christian holidays. 

At that moment, Jesus walked into the room. 

Not Jesus, mind you- that would have made the news. But a congoer I had seen all weekend dressed as the Messiah, right down to the robe and real hair. He walked right down the center aisle and stopped in the middle of the room. Silence fell, as the minister just stared at him. The parishioners too, with wide eyes and a few jaws dropped open. I panicked. After all, I had seen some pretty scary moments earlier in the year at Katsucon where a man dressed as Jesus earned the ire of some “religious” youths. To his credit, Jesus sort of shrugged and smiled at the reverend. I will remember what happened next for the rest of my life.

The minister applauded. Slowly at first, then faster, shaking his head as a smile crept across his lips. His momentum had been broken in the most unorthodox way possible, but he didn’t care. All he saw was a young man dressed as the Saviour, and he applauded. One by one the others churchgoers began to follow suit, and the church filled with the sound of clapping hands.

Jesus got a standing ovation. And, at least in my eyes, Anime Boston received a validation that spoke more than all the positive reviews in the world. 

- Charles Dunbar, “The Jesus Ovation,” Study of Anime

Amateur photographer helps discover new insect species on Flickr

Amateur photographer helps discover new insect species on Flickr

External image

Semachrysa jade is a beautiful insect living in the jungles of Malaysia, captured first by Flickr photographer Hock Ping Guek and named after his daughter.

This is so cool. *____*


Sitting here with a friend and we’re just losing our minds over the idea that one traditionally and systemically marginalized and abused group of people is less worthy and less worth protecting than another traditionally and systemically marginalized and abused group of people. So before I start screaming and punching things I’m going to detox courtesy of these fucking legends here and try to be a better human when I wake up in the morning.

We got a call to write a song about the war in the Gulf,
But we shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.
So we tried, and gave up, cuz there was no such song,
But the trying was very revealing:

What makes a person so poisonous righteous,
That they’d think less of anyone, who just disagrees?
She’s just a pacifist, he’s just a patriot.
If I said you were crazy, would you have to fight me?

Fighters for liberty,
Fighters for power,
Fighters for longer turns in the shower.

Don’t tell me I can’t fight ‘cause I’ll punch out your lights
And history seems to agree
That I would fight you for me.

So we read, and we watched
All the specially selected news,
And we learned so much more about the good guys.

“Won’t you stand by the flag?”
Was the question unasked,
“Won’t you join in and fight with the allies?”

What could we say? We’re only 25 years old,
With 25 sweet summers, and hot fires in the cold.
This kind of life makes that violence unthinkable.
We’d like to play hockey, have kids and grow old.

Fighters for Texaco,
Fighters for power,
Fighters for longer turns in the shower.

Don’t tell me I can’t fight 'cause I’ll punch out your lights,
And history seems to agree
That I would fight you for me,
That us would fight them for we.

He’s just a peacenik,
And she’s just a war-hawk.
That’s where the beach was,
That’s where the sea.

What could we say? We’re only 25 years old,
And history seems to agree that I would fight you for me,
That us would fight them for we.
Is that how it always will be?