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do you have an idea of what Jasp!Steven would look like grown up?

aaa i think i answered this before? but i can’t find the ask so pretty much the same as i usually draw older steven (see here) except his hair is straight like jasper’s and he’s a bit more slim-muscular rather than chubby-muscular. i haven’t set his design in stone but maybe i’ll sketch him sometime.


Sometimes I don’t appreciate his choices, sometimes I can’t live without stalking him, other times I feel like ‘’I am a terrible fan’’.
This time here’s a little citation of a Pewds quote from ‘This Book loves you”.. I’ve completed it thinking about him. I will change my mind more than a hundred times .. but I’ll always appreciate his efforts to make original videos everyday.

…3 a.m.. wtf… I’m hungry..
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On the contrary I don't think Jimin's rising popularity has gone to his head. People mature and there's an especially big shift between being in your teens (when he debuted) and being an adult in your 20s (which he is now). I also think he might have started with a 'concept' like many idols do to help the group gain fans, but now he can show other sides now that more people like him. I actually worry about him because he still seems so self-conscious and insecure sometimes. And tired.

I agree. I think maybe the Jimin we saw in the beginning is actually the more “fake” version of himself. He probably was under a lot of pressure to stand out and be funny and draw in new fans. Whereas now that pressure to become popular is gone. But now I think he’s filled with a different kind of pressure and yes he’s very self conscious so I think that can come across like he’s full of himself but in reality he’s just very aware of what the fans want from him and what he needs to do as an idol. Jimin is such a genuine person. But they are all under so much pressure. And I feel like compared to the other members Jimin probably feels like he doesn’t have much to offer. So he works extra hard on what he knows which is dancing and performing and his stage presence.

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What do you think about Papyrus x Chara? They would be such a funny couple like Papyrus would be excited by their relationship and Chara would be fascinated by his kindness so they humor Papyrus's shenanigans loving how unexpected he can be sometimes

That´s is SO true! Can u imagine someone making a manga or comic about them??? Gosh <3333 

I unfortnatly can´t draw papy very well so i preffer watching others ppl art, expecially  @hno3syo her/his papyxchara drawings are SOO amazing!!!! If you din´t know her/him…I tell you, u better sheck her out ;D (i apologie for my poor english…) Good day! 


Did you think I’d forgotten you? Perhaps you hoped I had. Don’t waste a breath mourning Miss Barnes—every kitten grows up to be a cat. They seem so harmless at first—small, quiet, lapping up their saucer of milk—but once their claws get long enough, they draw blood. Sometimes from the hand that feeds them. For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted. Welcome back.

Oh no. I did the creepy creeper artist thing.

I’m so sorry. I haven’t done that in like…years.

Hopefully you aren’t offended by my terrible attempt at drawing your face.

I’m sorry

But your profile

it beckoned me


I could not capture it’s awesome. But I tried. But I failed. DDDD:

my fucking brain at 5am, for some reason: saintly shepard outlived his entire family


YJ DOODLE MASTER POST (click for full-size)

aka what i did in english this quarter. haaaa, i hope i don’t fail.

A bunch of these were actually done in the opposite order I uploaded them (like…pics 3-8 were all in reverse order), but hey. 

But when I rp a character, like I do Artemis, I try and draw them so I can a) experiment with facial expressions and shit and b) make sure I have their costume/mannerisms/ect. down. 


  1. Mirror/Snow thing. I posted this earlier, but I wanted to keep all my english doodles in one place. |D
  2. This one was actually from French and I’m pretty sure it’s been on here as well, but I for some reason still had the file on my computer so hey.
  3. OT3 WEEEEW. This started as Wally and Artemis height studies and I added Robin for good measure, although I didn’t spend as much time on him as I wanted (aka before class ended)
  4. …Yup. It’s a torso. Torso practice, I guess.
  5. HALF A FACE. 
  6. …I dunno, I wanted Artemis with her hair blown back, but she ended up looking way older than in the show.
  7. This was just to get her proportions right, although I made her head too small, ahhhhh. Artemis has some hella long legs, guys. 
  8. WAITRESS ARTEMIS. I had this whole scenario in my head I would love to write out, but alas, I can’t write fanfic. It’s basically some undercover mission in a fancy resturaunt.
  9. THIS IS WHERE MY ATTENTION IN CLASS DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY. aka one of the first ones i drew. when i basically used an entire page as a doodle. Yeahhhh, I started a copy of this in another class, but didn’t have the notebook, so I just drew another one. Artemis looking bored as hell in Gotham Academy.
  10. fffft, personal fav of mine. I tried to get a little more realism in there than in the show’s animation.



No background ‘cause I seriously am just so lazy and bleeeh.


This was stuck in my head for a while, woooo. I just have this headcanon of Artemis doing spring cleaning or something because man was her closet getting messy and she stumbles upon this old teddy bear. It’s just memory lane all of a sudden, and it’s one of the few moment when Artemis simply breaks down because she’s remembering the times she had held that bear as a child. She’s remembering her sister (please tell me we all know it’s Cheshire at this point) leaving, and she’s remember her family pretty much being ripped apart, all thanks to her dad.


Yeah, in my headcanon, it’s the same bear we all saw in Homefront.

Artemis © Young Justice

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Before and After: from Rough Sketch to Shaded Art

In case people were curious about my process, I’ve put up, side by side, the Before sketches and After artwork for the most recent art pieces I’ve done.

Sometimes the early sketch’s design will make it through almost all the way to final art, and other times I may really change up something somewhere down the line if I think it improves the drawing.

(If people like, I can post more of these from past artworks as well)