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Hey hey! So I really DO want to draw more skater!MatsuIwa, but it got me thinking, could you maybe share some of your MatsuIwa (within HanaMatsuIwaOi) headcanons (if that makes sense)? For inspiration! :3c

Ooh yes I can :0

•When Mattsun is sitting down and Iwa is standing in front of him, he’ll wrap his arms around Iwa’s waist and bury his face in Iwa’s stomach

•Iwa hates wearing his own clothes so he will always borrow the other’s clothes, but his favorite thing to wear is Mattsun’s hoodie

•Sometimes he’ll only wear Mattsun’s hoodie and it kills Matsukawa

•They both can’t cook very well but when it’s just the two of them, Matsukawa can make some nice ramen, and Iwaizumi is great at ordering food

•They switch it up a lot but most of the time Matsukawa is the big spoon bc Iwa likes to be held (but sometimes Mattsun will be little spoon bc being held by those nice arms is always a pleasure)

•They are work out buddies. Mattsun refuses to run with him in the morning, so he’ll go to the gym with Iwaizumi during the night.

•They both love reading and a lot of the time they’ll read to each other

•Mattsun likes to shower Iwaizumi with kisses bc it’s fun to see Iwaizumi get fluttered in public

•Iwaizumi giving Matsukawa piggyback rides is important

•Matsukawa feeding Iwaizumi like the gross couple they are when they’re on dates

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Whats it like being an artist? Also what program do you use?

i don’t think i can really answer that since i’m not professionally doing or making money off of what i do? idk i draw for fun, it’s all fun and games for me. sometimes it feels good other times i feel like  i’m literally tearing my eyes out and when i get sick of a drawing it keeps circulating and i want to personally put hotrocks on my dick. but yeah being an artist is pretty cool.

when i’m on the computer i use firealpaca, but when im doin like things on the go with my phone or sm shit i don’t wanna get out paper for i use tayasui sketch ii and adobe sketch.

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Hi! I just wanted to drop by and say that i love your art, and i've been having trouble drawing eyes and i was hoping you might be able to make a quick little tutorial? pretty pretty please!

Hi, thank you very much! I’m not sure if I can really help because I draw eyes cartoonishly, and I’m not good at tutorials so this is just an example of how I do it, but hopefully it’s okay.

I think the best thing you can do is look at and draw from references for practice, just google “eyes” and you’ll get plenty of results with the different types/shapes.

For the process, I don’t think the order matters too much but I find it easiest to go upper lash line -> lower lash line -> iris/pupil

So mine usually go like this -

Or sometimes I just draw a circle first

I didn’t go into angles and stuff because there are lots of better tutorials online that cover just about everything, so I recommend looking around!

I really wanted to draw Petyr in more violet colored attire after seeing this

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Hi Viria! I want to make an art music video like your PJO ones but I'm not sure if I have the talent, time or patience. How long did yours take to make? how many frames are there? Did you draw it digitally or traditionally? Any tips? Please help meh :)

Oooohh If you’re ever up for a project like that make sure you have lots of free time and also make sure you won’t burn out from it way too quickly. You can only roll with it if you’re patient and stubborn enough;)

The longest I’ve ever made was Nothing left to Say for heroes of olympus, I think. That one contains 46 frames and I was drawing it for a few months. I mean, with projects like this you don’t usually sit and draw it from the wake to the sleep (although in some days you do). Sometimes I didn’t draw anything for it, sometimes I did a few in one day, when I was finishing I drew more because I wanted to see it done too much.

First you hear a song and you feel like it fits a lot, then you start walking with it and listening to it over and over again thinking it through and coming up with a plan and ideas for each line. (draw the plan ! to make sure you won’t forget it.)

I mostly drew it digitally, but whenever I was listening to it outside I had a sketchbook with me and I had those little plan panels in it whenever I didn’t want to forget it. Sometimes it happens when you’re about to sleep too. The best ideas come when you’re either about to sleep or in the bus, so make sure you have a sketchbook nearby.

Once you’re done with a plan, I would advice not to come to the details too much. Don’t pull all of your energy in one single panel because there are much more. Try to capture the general feeling. If you’re using lineart regularly and you know it takes you long time to complete, DON’T. You will burn out from this most likely this way. Colour underneath the sketch(as if it was the lineart) etc. Be more messy. Precision isn’t as important here.

Also, keep in mind at first you will be pumped up to do it. When you hear the song and some moments fit SO well you get goosebumps. But then later it no longer has the same effect and it’s normal. The more you work on it the less you’re going to be “impressed”. So you work like this, but in the very end when you know you’re close to the finish the second breath will open and it is going to be KSDJLSkdj again:”D 

Sorry if it is so vague, I hope it helps! Good luck to you, you’re strong!;)

Oh no. I did the creepy creeper artist thing.

I’m so sorry. I haven’t done that in like…years.

Hopefully you aren’t offended by my terrible attempt at drawing your face.

I’m sorry

But your profile

it beckoned me


I could not capture it’s awesome. But I tried. But I failed. DDDD:

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um, hi? i've been wanting to ask this for so long, but since i'm really shy, um, i couldn't. anyways, i'm not that much of a beginner in drawing, but i always feel like they're terrible even if my friends say they aren't. i feel really guilty when i use references or i copy something. i also can't seem to get the hang of anatomy and it's getting frustrating. should i just quit?

I don’t think so. 

The question is really not if you get frustrated with the result, but more as if you enjoy the process.

Drawing is suffering. Probably every artist feels as if their drawings are terrible at one point or another, and sometimes those “points” seem more like dark holes. But I prefer to think there is a way out, and the hard work pays off.

Would you stop watering your plant if that asshole didn’t grow as fast as you wished? If you wouldn’t because you still want to see it bloom, then don’t quit drawing. 


YJ DOODLE MASTER POST (click for full-size)

aka what i did in english this quarter. haaaa, i hope i don’t fail.

A bunch of these were actually done in the opposite order I uploaded them (like…pics 3-8 were all in reverse order), but hey. 

But when I rp a character, like I do Artemis, I try and draw them so I can a) experiment with facial expressions and shit and b) make sure I have their costume/mannerisms/ect. down. 


  1. Mirror/Snow thing. I posted this earlier, but I wanted to keep all my english doodles in one place. |D
  2. This one was actually from French and I’m pretty sure it’s been on here as well, but I for some reason still had the file on my computer so hey.
  3. OT3 WEEEEW. This started as Wally and Artemis height studies and I added Robin for good measure, although I didn’t spend as much time on him as I wanted (aka before class ended)
  4. …Yup. It’s a torso. Torso practice, I guess.
  5. HALF A FACE. 
  6. …I dunno, I wanted Artemis with her hair blown back, but she ended up looking way older than in the show.
  7. This was just to get her proportions right, although I made her head too small, ahhhhh. Artemis has some hella long legs, guys. 
  8. WAITRESS ARTEMIS. I had this whole scenario in my head I would love to write out, but alas, I can’t write fanfic. It’s basically some undercover mission in a fancy resturaunt.
  9. THIS IS WHERE MY ATTENTION IN CLASS DROPPED SIGNIFICANTLY. aka one of the first ones i drew. when i basically used an entire page as a doodle. Yeahhhh, I started a copy of this in another class, but didn’t have the notebook, so I just drew another one. Artemis looking bored as hell in Gotham Academy.
  10. fffft, personal fav of mine. I tried to get a little more realism in there than in the show’s animation.

i’m sorry but who the fuck gave you the permission to CROP other people’s artworks and USE them as reaction pics for your text posts
honestly it’s infuriating seeing you people “validating your feelings” by using stuff that is not yours, especially when you use them to express negative feelings (sometimes even depressive or suicidal thoughts)
and i don’t care if it’s for your “kin type”, no one will die if you use regular emoji/kaomoji or even nothing
i can understand if it was a joke/meme picture created to be a meme on purpose, but art/fanart? nah dude.

i’m not even talking about my art, i think who’s been following for a long time knows that i completly devalue my work, but that’s not the point

in my opinion, this is disprectful towards the artist’s feelings that were put in that drawing or doodle. simply shameful



No background ‘cause I seriously am just so lazy and bleeeh.


This was stuck in my head for a while, woooo. I just have this headcanon of Artemis doing spring cleaning or something because man was her closet getting messy and she stumbles upon this old teddy bear. It’s just memory lane all of a sudden, and it’s one of the few moment when Artemis simply breaks down because she’s remembering the times she had held that bear as a child. She’s remembering her sister (please tell me we all know it’s Cheshire at this point) leaving, and she’s remember her family pretty much being ripped apart, all thanks to her dad.


Yeah, in my headcanon, it’s the same bear we all saw in Homefront.

Artemis © Young Justice

See it at deviantART:

Help me out with happy Touhou girls lovin’ girls!

As the title says, I’ve semi-recently started doing a Help, My Wife Touhou series. Just a silly little thing I do in my free time when I feel like it. A lot of people seem to enjoy it, so I definitely plan to continue it.

However, I’m limited in what I can think of when I go through posts to draw. So sometimes ideas are scarce here. 

This is where you come in! Here’s what you can do to help me out:

  • Go through help-mywife and find a post that reminds you of a couple
  • Come to my submit box and submit the link with the pairing, or message me directly and let me know who you’re thinking of
  • If I like it, then I’ll use it and credit you in the post via description on the particular image you helped with! [NOT the general photoset description]

That’s it! Pretty fun, right? I’m trying to make this as diverse as I can so a lot of people can enjoy it, so even pairings I’m not a huge fan of have a chance. If this goes well, I might do this again so other people can participate.

Thank you so much if you decide to participate!