I DUN GOOF’D and thought Playing for Bees was to be posted today and not three days ago???? Here’s…a thing idk I liked the colors.

Sorry @transmigratory and @makapedia I made an oops and forgot to contact the @resbangmods.

srsly guys I loved this fic so much and I’m currently digging Kat’s playlist right now. In retrospect, I was probably in over my head when wanting to do resbang this year; between work, class, and a long-distance relationship, my mind was admittedly very rarely on this collab, and for that I apologize.

Oh well. Bygones be bygones? lol

So I learned yesterday that Ginny’s wand wood is Yew, the same as Voldemort’s. I thought that was cool, so I doodled a 5th year Ginny, not focusing on her OWL studies at all.

(I did actually paint in detail most of the background stuff, but I genuinely thought it looked bad, so I resorted to my usual of just laying down colors everywhere. At least it feels more unified and less monochrome.)

Oh hey here’s another thing I doodled because why not? In all honesty, I’ve always viewed Soul and Maka as actual hipsters, so why not draw them as one?

I tried a different style because it’s literally been two years since I’ve seriously drawn in an anime style, and I like it. I hope this style sticks with me. The gradient tool is a wonderful thing that let’s me be an even lazier artist. 

No background because I’m a lazy fuck.

I have an AU about this involving the green beanie Soul is wearing. It was originally Maka’s, she found it for like $2 at a thrift store a couple blocks from home and she liked it because it matched her awesome green Converse. But then one day as she and Soul were hanging out (idk probably listening to the Punch Brothers or Neutral Milk Hotel or the Wombats and writing poetry or something) and his hair was just going crazy, getting in his face and shit, so Maka grabbed her beanie and gave it to him in hopes of taming his hair a little bit (it didn’t help). When they were heading home, Soul tried to give it back to Maka and she was like “no, no, you keep it. I like it, but I don’t wear it that often.” So Soul kept it and now he wears it all the time because not only was it a gift from the girl he’s, like, madly in love with, but it matches her eyes. Because Soul’s a little poetic dork when he thinks people aren’t noticing.

Eyy. It’s that sketch of Ginny I did like a week ago lol. She’s all colorful now. :3 

I’m really hating tumblr’s update. I literally cannot add periods once I write any length text. All the periods were added before I even started writing. God this sucks.

As always, Ginevra Molly Weasley will always be my original queen. She’s literally my favorite character. Of any fandom. Ever.

Bruh. This brush is freaking amazing. Just saying.

Anyways, here’s some SoMa goodness. Felt like experimenting with their souls’ colors. Because they’re complementary colors! Fucking symbolism, man!!

Still experimenting with this style. I definitely like it, though. This will be a style I refine, most definitely.

Also I will always headcanon that Maka has freckles and Soul has dimples you cannot take that away from me ever.

So… uh… Here’s a thing I doodled because tsarodat’s Office Babies gives me feels. Soul and Maka drinking coffee before work, this one was mainly inspired from the one where Maka started crying because of the Red Wedding and so she went to Soul’s apartment at, like, 2 am and then they woke up and had coffee and then they realized they were going to be late for work and Maka was freaking out but Soul was pretty damn cool about it.

I’m sorry. Office Babies makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.