I understand why a lot of people hate him and sometimes I want to punch him but I really can’t bring myself to outright hate H.P. Lovecraft I mean

the man was afraid of salad.

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…

things tim drake has said
  • “i know i just rewatched star trek but will you rewatch star trek with me”
  • “bruce breaks the no names in the field rule the most tbh. remember the debacle with jason? ‘you can change, jason’ ‘its my fault, jason’ ‘jason, dont kill the joker, jason’ holy shit keep it on the down low b” 
    • “tim you…. werent even there. how do you know that” “i spy on jasons vent blog sometimes. i like to send him anon hate.”
  • “one time i was falling to my death and i was like ‘at least bruce will be proud of me’ and my therapist tells me thats ‘unhealthy’. whatever that means”
  • “i actually have a rule. no one can mention kons death but me. the rule is called ‘tims a hypocrite’”

Entire Fandom: Karamatsu is painful, gross, slutty and completely unnecessary.

Other Matsus:

Me: Haha, yeah, he definitely is the worst.

Izuru: I love my brother but sometimes, I also hate him.
Nanami: … Oh. Game over.

This is gay and I’m not sorry.

hey, so, quick question:

why is it that when dean is being mocked, belittled, verbally torn apart, or violently beaten into hamburger meat by a loved one the fandom jumps to romanticize it by calling it “tough love” and acting like he “needed” it…

…but when dean so much as expresses a negative emotion regarding other people’s bad decisions or a dislike of the way he’s being treated, the fandom instantly labels him “a whiny hypocrite” or “abusive”


sometimes i still miss him even after everything he did to me. i think part of me is still in love with him and i hate that about myself.
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You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.
—  Kane and then Bellamy accepting it. Thank God someone FINALLY friggin’ said it to him!! Like jeez. I get it, Octavia is important to him, but she shouldn’t define him like this. Sometimes, I really hate Aurora Blake… For putting all that crap in his head. I seriously thought Bellamy was gonna pull an Octavia and jump into the rain.