When? Saturday, Feb 11 at 12:00 pm

Where? Prudential Center Food Court [a slight possibility it will change]

Why? To have fun and exchange silly valentines with all the other homestucks, duh!

What? Are we gonna be doing? Hanging out of course! And playing games like Broken Hearts [Or Tangle Buddies!], Kings Game, Speed Dating, Honey Do you love me?, Card Kissing Game, and a bunch more!!

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I had a dream about a deity called the Hollow God. They could resurrect people but if you broke the rules of resurrection they would empty you out to be a sort of puppet under their control as your afterlife. There were some people who were ‘full’ and acted as priests/servants for the Hollow God and if they messed up they’d be emptied as punishment. Some people were given certain bits of themselves back for doing well and there were like ‘saints’ who were given their whole self back. The Hollow God had several faces, I’m trying to get them all down before I forget.