sometimes i just cant because of ryan

i literally think about ryan as tim drake everyday, and it’s so exciting but also painful. Like i’ll just feel really sorry for him because he deserves it so much, and i dont wanna hype myself up at all to be let down.

Sometimes i just cant help but think about like interviews and stuff with him and ben while promoting the movie and like tons of other things it would be so cute and funny. i just want good things to happen to him.

thephoenixmythosfamily-deactiva  asked:

I have a late-night question: Does it matter if someone's pain/illness/etc. is "in their head" (psychosomatic)? I have had people try to convince me that I'm "crazy", that I'm not actually sick and that it's all in my head (and sometimes further saying that my pain and other symptoms are all "make believe" because they can't see it I guess). Idk. I've just been thinking about that tonight and I guess it's messing me up more than I thought? What do you think? -Ryan

i think the people who tell you that need to fuck off, an illness, whether mental or physical, takes a toll on you and just because you cant see it doesnt mean it isnt there, pain is pain, rwgardless of how visible it may be.

illnesses are illnesses, all illnesses are valid, youre not crazy, its not make believe, its an illness, you are sick, and your illness is real.