sometimes i just cant because of ryan

crabby-scott  asked:

fahc fluff: sometimes the crew has to lay low which really sucks for michael because he gets really antsy and needs to go out and blow things up. on those days (1/2)

(2/2) when he cant but needs to jeremy (and sometimes ryan) will take him out to find old cars in the dessert to beat with a bat.

aaahhh bless you!! I love this idea! Especially when Jeremy and Ryan take Michael on days Michael is also just feeling angry, that kind of anger laced with anxiety and fear, that seems to flow through your veins that you just need to GET OUT and Michael was never very good at keeping it in for long and if he doesn’t get some way to release it, he’ll blow up at everyone. and its never very pretty when that happens. So beating up old cars with old baseball bats is a much better way to help Michael work through his shit. Its probably Ryan’s idea at first, he knows the kind of anger Michael fumes with and knows Michael needs a way to just be able to destroy something with his own hands. but then Jeremy starts coming along and soon its just Michael and Jeremy going out in the middle of nowhere, driving old cars that just barely get them there, beating the shit out of it until its a shell of parts that can’t even be reused, and calling the others for a pickup (usually Ryan).

to add more on thoughts on: Jeremy and Michael both have histories with underground fighting rings. those kinds where you get slapped next to an opponent and told to just go at it, nearly beating each other to death, fighting dirty when you need to, fighting like your life depends on it because in that moment it does. Michael did them more because he enjoyed it as a way to make money, Jeremy because he needed the money desperately at the time. And every once in a while Jeremy and Michael will disappear for a night only to come back in the early morning, bodies bruised and noses lined with dry blood but handfuls of cash and a shared grin between the two. It worries all the others to no end, but the boys will not give up their “fight club nights”. Plus they know that if anything were to happen, they’d have each other.