sometimes you're adorable

Be the person Phil Lester would want you to be.
—  Toomanyshipsxx

Watching season three of Buffy is so weird sometimes because whenever I see Angel and Wesley in the same scene, all I can think is, “Ohhh, you boys have no idea what kind of ride you’re in for together.”

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He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the jeonghan to my jisoo, aka @junghan!! ♡♡♡

have i ever told you how you’re one of my favourite friends online because you really are. i love how we met because of seventeen but then we discovered that we have more mutual interests than just seventeen along the way and wow that’s kinda incredible because you’re just incredible too?? i love it whenever we have skype calls because you never fail to sing for me and i love your singing SO MUCH and im still waiting for that full version of severely sung by you and our skype calls always last so long somehow??? like ???? i just love it and you too?? ANYWAY, happy 18th birthday hannah!! (do you feel old yet) let’s hope we can have more skype calls in the middle of the night where you sing to me and i share a picture of you on snapchat this year and maybe you can get me to make more minimalist posters for you! ILY ♡♡♡