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How about UT US UF SF come across their kid being bullied only to find out this has been going on for sometime.The reason they didn't say anything is because the kid was trying to be tough like them. (Bouns if the kid starts crying at the end.)

UT!Sans: He’s pissed. Look, do what you want to him, but leave his kid out of the equation. He tells the kid that it’s not weak to tell him something like this. Once the kid calms down, he calls up the parents of the bully and lets them know what their kid is doing. If the parents are apologetic and promising to fix it, he calms down and gives Toriel a heads-up to maybe just keep an eye on them in the classroom. If the parents deny it, or say that kids will be kids…..the passive aggressive wrath of PTA Sans will be heaped upon their heads.

UT!Papyrus: He comforts the kid as best he can, and tells him that they can tell him everything, and that won’t be weakness. He takes them to have a long talk with the bully. If that doesn’t work, the parents. If that doesn’t work, the principal, and up the chain of command until it works.

UF!Sans: Cripes, he was hoping the unwillingness to express emotions would be something he didn’t pass on. He’s unusually gentle with the kid while he’s calming them down, and tells them they need to tell him when shit like this is going down. He actually stays pretty calm when he’s in front of the kid, but then goes to his s/o and just rants. He can’t attack the bully, but there is a very large part of him that wants to. In the end, he just shows up at the parents’ door and tell them he can’t speak for the consequences. Oh, he won’t do anything. But while his s/o may have put the kid under strict orders not to abuse those powers, his kid knows how to fucking defend themselves, and the next time it happens he’s given them permission to break a few minor bones.

UF!Papyrus: Normally he’s all for emotional restraint, but his kid is his little heir. Nobody gets to mess with them, not if he has anything to say about it. He calms the kid down and thanks them for telling him about it. He makes a special point of dropping the kid off at school the next day. He fixes the bully in a gaze, long, deadly, hard…that’s a gaze that’s going to haunt their nightmares. After that, all his kid has to do is threaten to call their dad, and they back off.

US!Sans: He tells the kid he understands a need to preserve their reputation, but in this case, it’s absolutely okay. He invites the bully over with their parents to the house (while his kid is with Asgore or Alphys) and has a long talk with  them about it.

US!Papyrus: He just sort of holds the kid for a while, letting them know he’s gonna take care of this. He has a talk with both Asgore and the principal about it, asking them to keep an eye on them, as well as get in contact with the parents. If he gets any wind that the parents are ignoring this or brushing it off, they are gonna be on the receiving end of a long and highly sarcastic email.

SF!Sans: He compliments the kid on wanting to be tough, but lets them know that in this instance one needs allies. He teaches the kid a few moves to defend themselves, and tells them that if it happens again, throw an elbow. If they do it once, they likely won’t have to do it again. He also lets the principal know.

SF!Papyrus: It kind of breaks his heart, honestly, and he tells the kid that it’s not a weakness to tell him about stuff like this. He talks to the teacher and the parent, and for a while he makes a point of picking up the kid and dropping them off. He makes long, menacing eye contact with the bully every single time, and hiwle he’s not quite as terrifying as Boss, you try dealing with 6′11″ of pissed off edge staring right at you.

The Honor and Pressure of Being M. Night Shyamalan

“When I think about what I want my career to be, it is often not the filmmakers that I look to as my heroes – and I do have tons of cinematic heroes – it is the Agatha Christies of the world. It is authors that were happy telling the same type of stories over and over again but with different feelings,” he says.

“I think sitting here right now, I can see myself doing many of these,” Shyamalan continues. “But you never know, sometimes you need to do something different so you clean the palate, so you are like, ‘This is an honor to make these movies.’”

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this is totally random but, what lion do u think u would be given based on what allura told us from episode 1?

OOoohh, what a fantastic question! Thank you so much for asking it!

I would say 75% chance yellow, 25% black.

I’m not terribly aggressive or brave or adaptable, but I’m kind, and I’m good at supporting people with words and deeds, though I do sometimes get lost in my own worlds and my own projects and forget to engage outside my comfort zone. When I get passionate about something, though… Yeah. There was a whole fundraiser at my church that is still going strong today that started with me and my best friend when we were like ten. I was the one who wanted to do it, and she was the one who would actually ask people for money because I was too shy. If I met an enslaved race of people and had both the power and the opportunity to DO something about it, I would be all over that. I relate to Hunk a whole, whole lot, and not only because of the weight thing. 

Also, on a more superficial note, I enjoy cooking, especially for my friends and family. I’m not a chef or anything, but I like trying new recipes and even making my own. I love the culture of food and the way it brings people together as much as I love it for flavor and satisfaction. And all the times in my fanfiction where Hunk rambles off a bunch of food science? That’s off the top of my head. I barely do any research at all. I watch a lot of recipe videos and cooking shows purely for entertainment, never intending to cook any of the things, since my diet is rather restrictive at the moment. I think me and the yellow lion would get along super well. Plus, I’m not a good fighter and I’m not very mobile, so I would be appreciative of all the armor. (And I get motion sick, just like Hunk. Here’s hoping that Yellow has special inertial dampeners.)

Less likely but also possible would be Black. I don’t particularly enjoy leading, and if anyone else was available who was better suited for it, I would be happy to bow out. But if needs must, I can rise to the occasion. More than once I’ve been thrown into a small group to do a project, and when no one else took control I kinda sighed, bowed my head, and started discussing what we wanted to accomplish and how to split up tasks. I’m the oldest of eight and was Managing Editor of my college newspaper for two and a half years, so I have some experience. I’m much more the soft-spoken, you-can-do-it-and-I’ll-help-you kind of leader than the aggressive, lead from the front kind, though. Ah, I think I have some things in common with Shiro, too.

Again, thanks for the question! That was fun. I spent like all day thinking about it.

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I like to imagine that sometimes Brian gets antsy and needs to stretch his wings and fly but doesn't want to go alone and asks Dan if he wants to go with him.

Ahhh theyre always tucked away flat against his back and after awhile, he gets this gnawing feeling in his chest. And Dan notices it fairly quickly; the involuntary twitches Brians wings make when hes focused on something. Or how his feathers begin to stick put unevenly, like hes been stressfully picking at them.

“You wanna go to the beach for a minute?” Dan says, patting Brians shoulder. His voice his nice and upbeat, melodic (hes a bit too good with that voice of his), and Brian is already feeling a whole lot calmer.

The kids got a way with words, what can he say?

Brian could easily carry Dan transformed, his strength seemingly limitless. But Dan is already diving into the ocean, eagerly waving back at Brian.

Theres an odd sizzling sound, air crackling for a split second before Brian is shooting into the sky, wings flared open and feathers rustling against the wind. Hes almost completely invisible against the darkened skies, his halo being the only noticeable thing lit against the background.

Dan lazily swims beneath him, watching Brian do literal acrobatics in the sky. Spinning and flipping, body lean and graceful as it cuts through the quiet night. Hell occasionally land and walk on top of the water next to Dan, three eyes lit up in excitement, chest heaving from exertion. The gold bands around his body are bright and illuminating, drawing tons of marine life towards the surface (which Dan happily interacts with). They chat up a bit before he takes off again.

Hell be in the middle of soaring through the sky when he notices Dan beneath him, bioluminescent scales glowing underneath the water. He catches his attention and gleefully waves up at him, and Brian finds himself so, SO grateful events fell through the way they did. So many minor decisions throughout the course of his entire extended life could of resulted in a vastly different path, but instead hes here, quietly hovering in the sky with this wonderfully gentle soul keeping him company.

Not every Angel gets to be this lucky.

plus was thinking today thats its like a superpower that happens sometimes controllably and sometimes not, when you are like magically invisible. most of the time i dont particularly want attention and am fine w existing stealthily and escaping notice by anyone and so in that regards it is exercised deliberately but sometimes i say something like a joke with several people around, and nobody responds or reacts to my presence, sometimes just to emphasize it i just keep talking and change subjects and say things that would catch peoples attention if they, who are within 10 feet of me, were hearing any of it, but nobody looks at me or says anything back or acts as if my presence is providing any of their senses with any stimulus at all. the involuntary invisibility. on a related note i am talking to myself on my blog today even more than i usually consider myself talking to myself, on account of i’d like to ignore and distance everyone so i dont get mad abt it all. its either a maintained distance or no connection at all w me rn like if i get too affectionate re my concept of anybody i inevitably get too annoyed by them….and thats why you never see me recommending myself as your new best friend

when “no means no” comes up, you hear guys say “oh, but sometimes girls play hard to get” and like…. i guess, yeah.  men & women both can be really bad at being honest about what they want.  but just consider your options.

  1. the other person says “no” and means “yes” –>  you back down –>  they learn that if they want something, they have to clearly express themselves
  2. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you back down –>  you’ve successfully respected their boundaries 👍👌
  3. they say “no” and mean “yes” –>  you ignore them –>  you’re perpetuating a pattern of bad communication & ignoring boundaries 👎 & given that you aren’t a mind reader, it’s really just luck that you haven’t coerced an unwilling person into sex
  4. they say “no” and mean “no” –>  you ignore them –>  you’ve committed sexual assault 🚨🚨🚨 do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars

unless you care more about getting laid than not assaulting people, respecting people’s “no”s is a win-win situation.  don’t be a potential rapist

In my class we have a worm day. If they promise to be gentle and not tug, they can hold one of those beautiful squiggly caretakers of dirt. The wonder they have for it is so real - and I say, did you know they have 5 hearts and love you with all of them. Then I say, “are you holding a boy worm or a girl worm” and they guess. They are all right, and they are all wrong, because worms are both. And I say that. I say, “they are just like people; sometimes not a boy or a girl but something in between, or sometimes they’re both on different days. And they still love you with all 5 hearts.”

“Cool,” says one kid. “I don’t want to be a boy, I want to be a girl sometimes.” And I say okay.

Children are taught fear. They are taught that the worms are gross. It isn’t until they’re a few years older than my class - up in 3rd or 4th grade - that they start shrieking at my little worm friends. They won’t play the silly games or sing the silly songs or even promise not to tug. A fourth grader hears my lesson about gender and says, “That’s so weird,” and suddenly I hear from the mouths of these beautiful children, “Yeah,” “this is weird,” “No, mine is a girl.”

It is not the 4th grader I blame. It is the person in her life that saw something beautiful and ruined it for her. It is the “put that down, it’s gross,” “you don’t want to get dirty” “there’s us and there’s them.” I want to show her - without the humble little blind noses of worms, we are nothing. We need them. Did you know if they grow a belt they’re over a year old! Spent tunnelling through the secrets of roots. I want to show her: it’s okay if tomorrow you feel like a boy or maybe something neither, something different that is entirely you.

But fear, once discovered, is not an easy stain to get out. We say, “What will we tell the children” and forget - the children already heard. They heard you snickering about the person down the street. They saw you talking to your friend about “those people”. And they internalize it, burrow it into them. We don’t tell the children, we model hatred until the children can’t hear you, can’t hear you declare, “do as I say, not as I do.”

Later the 4th grader goes home. “Ugh,” her mother says with a shudder, seeing my box, “I hate worms.”

Something that took forever for me to learn with fanfiction dialogue.

it’s okay to make your character stumble over, and to think about their words.

It’s okay to give characters speech patterns and let me tell you why;

It’s natural.

Every single person has a speech pattern. We all speak differently, we speak like our personalities and it’s a good way to get to know a character.

Something I’ve noticed in YA books in the characters speaking without filler words like ‘well’, ‘anyway’, ‘like’, ‘literally’.

And remember: it’s okay to use these! Make your dialogue more realistic, and more human!

Sometimes, people talk slower, and have to think about what they want to say.

Sometimes, people stumble over their words because they’re anxious.

Sometimes, people talk really fast and blur their words together because they’re afraid to forget what they want to say!

Selective people prefer not to talk at all, and like to stay mute for their own safety or comfort, and the best you can do is respect them for choosing it.

It’s okay to use phrases like, ‘yknow’, ‘uh’, ‘uhm’, ‘mhm’ because it’s how we speak in the real world.

It’s okay to have characters hum in thought, or use their body to portray that they’re thinking!

Some people fiddle with something in their hands while thinking!

Some people bite their lips in thought.

Some people hum under their breath while they think.

Silent ways of telling the reader that your character is thinking words that they’re not ready to say yet!!

It’s okay to have your character repeat words and or phrases when excited and when they can’t contain it! Sometimes, we just get so excited, that we aren’t thinking about how many times we say things.

It’s okay to write a character repeating themselves, especially if they want to get their point across to someone/if someone didn’t understand their point in the first place.

Non-verbal replies!!!

Shrugging of the shoulders, incoherent mumbles, hand gestures, use the power of writing to describe a reply or phrase with facial expressions, or physical movement!! Silence is okay too, if it’s needed!

Silence can speak just as much as words!

Dialogue is important.

Dialogue that flows and is human is i m p o r t a n t!!


i want to say something about my art, because some people just talk to me like “wtf your drawings don’t have face” and sometimes i feel like people don’t look at art with opening mind. you have to be sure that your eyes are looking at something new and different every single moment, and you have to be free to think in all the possibilits. i love the human face. we have so many different eyes, and mouths, and so beautiful expressions, but i feel like we lost our sense of feelings when we just look at someone thinking of their beautiful faces. especially when we are in a relationship, and that’s why i like to draw so many couples in love. when their just forget about the face and body and look at your heart, and your mind. you all are beautiful, but when we realize that our soul is more beautiful, our lives turn into magic. i can’t explain how do you have to feel when you look at my drawings, but i wish you see your friends, your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your heart and not just with your eyes. we have history, we have feelings, we don’t have just a face. think about it.
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3 Signs Your Little Feels Ignored

Little Space is a confusing, sometimes chaotic place to be, mentally speaking. And it means that sometimes things you might recognize and be able to better verbalize when NOT in that headspace are sometimes more confusing, more of a general feeling instead of something you know how to say. As a result, here are some signs your little might be giving you that should help you understand or be aware that they might feel like they’re neglected, or at least that you aren’t engaging them in ‘little space’ and are just sort of ‘along for the ride’ (like when they want you to treat them little and you tell them ‘ok’ or something equally non-committal) 

  1. They whine without obvious reason
    It might sound like a whine, or generally unhappy sound, or it might be very specific to something you’ve heard before. Whatever the case, random, unexplained and poorly misunderstood whining is a good thing to note.
  2. They want your attention, but seem angry or sad when they get it
    Usually a sign that they don’t feel you’re interacting properly, this almost always coincides with unexpected tantrums and general frustration. And it’s actually pretty reasonable…
    Imagine that you showed someone a thing REALLY important to you…your favorite movie, with favorite actor, while doing your favorite hobby/activity…and imagine they were texting and nodding and simply saying “OK” the whole time. That’s how this feels. And NOW you know why it upsets most littles. Probably almost ALL animals.
  3. They go distant
    The thing is…most caregivers are intense, hard-working people with a LOT of love to give. And they’re STILL less loving and affectionate than most littles. So when your little suddenly changes, stops calling, texting, chatting, skyping, or cuddling…you either f***ed the heck up in some very specific way, or they feel ignored and no longer believe it matters. It’s ALSO completely possible they’re depressed, anxious, sad, tired, or just low on emotional/physical energy…but it’s always important to figure it out when someone (particularly your little) changes in personality and focus quickly or suddenly
On Tradition

My great-grandmother used to say that tradition was tending a flame, not worshiping ashes. She also used to say that just because something was always done, didn’t mean it was always right.

Just because tradition says that there are strict gender roles in your religion, doesn’t mean you have to accept that. Just because tradition says that the divine expects this or that of you, doesn’t mean you have to agree to that. 

When people cite tradition, sometimes they’re really saying, “We don’t have a good reason, except that it’s always been this way.”

Fight for what you want your religion or your magickal tradition to be. Don’t just accept that because it has always been one way it must always be that way.

You want to be a High Priestess but everyone says you can’t be because you’re trans? Do it anyway. You want to hold the so-called “masculine divine” inside you at a ritual, but you’re a cis-gendered woman? Do it anyway. 

Make a new fire and tend that one. Don’t worship their ashes. 

if your passions and talents hurt no one they should be accepted by the people around you. you deserve someone in your life who gets why you stayed up until one in the morning finishing that chapter, who shakes their head and says you should really get more sleep, but who asks how it went. you deserve friends that want to see your art and are proud of you for making it. you deserve being honored sometimes: “she’s the best at math,” “he’s our actor,” “they’re honestly freakishly good at knitting.” you deserve people who listen and remember what you love.

and be that person for others. when someone lights up about something only to stop themselves from talking, gently push them. promise them you’re listening. and listen. be the person who tells them it’s okay that the stuff they make is weird as long as they create. we live in a world where loving things is seen as weak. that it’s lame to enjoy things. but let people triple-text you about their headcanon theories. you’ll find that you’ve surrounded yourself with happy.

Casual reminder that if you don’t like something that somebody else likes, you should probably just shut up and leave them be. You can just blacklist whatever it is you don’t like it or unfollow them; sending them anon hate isn’t going to solve anything and is just going to make you look like an ass. As long as they’re not doing something harmful (and I have seen people draw/write harmful things in this fandom), then why bother them? Let them have their fun, and retreat to your own corner and have yours. 

And even if they are doing something harmful, then point it out to them in a calm and polite manner, and explain why what they’re doing is harmful in a rational manner. Name calling, telling people to kill themselves or delete their blogs, making hate blogs, and just cursing up a storm in general isn’t going to solve anything, and again, is just going to make you look like an ass regardless of your intentions. Take some time to calm yourself down before messaging them. They’re not going to listen to you or react well if you’re being overly hostile. 

Treat other people how you’d like to be treated, always. There’s never a good reason to be a dick


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

Doctor Strange spoilers:

Can I just talk about how clever the climax of Doctor Strange is? Like I swear this is the most clever third act in all of the MCU films. We have a guy who really doesn’t want to kill anyone, he only kills one character out of complete self-defense and technically it was Christine that killed that character unknowingly. But that death means something and he just doesn’t want to kill anyone else and Mordo tells him that they have to kill sometimes and Strange says, “You lack the imagination” and Mordo says he lacks the spine and a lesser movie would’ve had Strange learn that he has to kill in order to save the day and have Mordo be the one that got the final word BUT NO because in that climax he DOES use his imagination and NOBODY DIES and he does it through the one thing The Ancient One said kept him from greatness: failure. And he fails over and over and over and in the end saves the day. It was magnificient and I love this film so much. 

Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Into The Unknown (Piano)
  • Over The Garden Wall

Into The Unknown - Over the Garden Wall

It’s been a while but here’s a piano piece from yours truly, your cool cat Josh~ Last night after a grueling night at work, I took the band and my coworkers to a trip… Into The Unknown~

Ooh boy, was I overdue for an OTGW piece but here. I played it out of being so tired and wanting something sweet but somber to finish the night off, and why not play them a song that reminds me of a special friend who helps me get through nights like this sometimes, heh. You know who you are, but this ones out to you, thanks for loving this show and I hope to spread it more myself!

That’s all I really gotta say, its fun playing music from this show and I plan to learn more when I have time. The band said it was a cute song and my coworkers are always happy to see me show off, I guess!~ Can’t lose my edge with the piano after all, but I haven’t given up. I played one or two more songs after this but they weren’t significant enough to record lol. For now, let’s enjoy this time in the Unknown, my cool cats. Thanks for listening, I love you all~

Percy Weasley

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I remember you saying a while back about the colors that RGBs screen drips meaning something, and I wanted to take a stab at what their meanings might be! (This was of course after I checked your shops and noticed your 'Colourful Personality' print) Yellow- fear/anxiety/cowardice/nervousness Blue- Sorrow/Sadness/basically all the 'down' emotions Green- joy/excitement/exuberance/playfullness Magenta- Curiosity/smugness maybe/possibly flirtatiousness too Red- Anger/Frustration/Annoyance

You got it! That’s a good summary actually because they all contain a bracket of emotions rather than being limited purely to one, so yes; while the individual instance is dependant on context the staple category for each is-

  • yellow = fear
  • cyan = sadness
  • green = happiness
  • magenta = curiosity
  • red = anger

please understand that people with avpd have a lot of trouble being honest about their feelings, and will sometimes even go to great lengths to pretend theyre okay

this can get very overwhelming, and a lot of the times we really do want to say that something is bothering us, but we feel like we would be a burden if we ever did mention it

i know its a lot of work, but it would seriously mean so much to us if you could cooperate with us on this and help us open up on what’s upsetting us