sometimes you pause at just the right moments

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"I would say this to your face but I think it'll be more.. Fun to guess who. You're not a coward. You did the right thing to save your people. Others just.. fail to see that sometimes. I think your actions make you rather heroic."

Anonymously tell my muse something you’d never say to their face.

     It takes a moment for him to fully register the fact that they weren’t joking. A hand moved to cover his mouth, letting it sink in all the way. Taking a minute to compose himself, his hand soon moved away.

     A smile came to his face as he finally responded. “I, thank you, very much.He paused a moment before he continued. “Lady Robin, is this you?He had another guess if it wasn’t, but he felt she was more likely to say it before the other would.

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  It’s the tremble of lips. The exhale. The inhale, the fitting of chains in his head. It’s amazing really how the clarity of his memories comes back when Tessa is around. He knows, he outright knows what she is ( that cosmic cube that should have been at the bottom of the ocean) and the memories that come with being around her are sometimes a blessing. Not a curse, he remembers happier moments, and sometimes the history that books don’t know about him. 

         “:You’re a gift you know that? I remember so much just by standing here with you. It’s.” He tries to find the right words. “I’m able to remember my mother, and I never thought I’d remember that.” A man with no memory is worse than a man that is dead.  But he pauses for a moment. “Why have you come around here again?” 

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How the hell d'ya get a screencap will his eyes closed..?

Jack blinks a heck of a lot, and sometimes he’ll hold the blink for an extra moment as part of his expression, if that makes sense. It’s just one of the expressions in his range, this extra-beat blink, usually right before he responds to or explains something. If you make a couple attempts at pausing in just the right frame, sometimes you can catch him with his eyes shut. 

And as a bonus you occasionally get mid-blink caps that make him look high as balls. XD