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Jimin when you're upset with him

- you’d rarely ever get upset with him because
- 1) he’s kind of pretty intimidating at times so you’d be scared for his reaction to you mad at him (you’d feel like he’d be either completely annoyed with you or would lash back at you)
- 2) he’s jimin, smol mochi jimin, how can you be mad at him?
- so if you’re upset, it’s over something serious
- he’d react completely opposite of what you’d expect
- “y/n, please just talk to me about it”
- he’d do anything to get you to let out your feelings, but wouldn’t push you too much
- you’d find it easy to open up to him
- but depending on the topic, sometimes you’d need a little time to cool down before talking about it and he’d be okay with that
- he wouldn’t try to act cute to get you to change your mood
- he’d take it seriously and handle it very maturely
- then after you forgive him, that’s when he’s act cute
- “i knew my baby couldn’t stay mad forever”

Sometimes you just need to take a step back, relax and trust that things will work out. Allah will take care of you. Just give yourself a little break please

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How do you tell the difference between an irrecoverable story problem that needs to be tossed out and one that can be tweaked and fixed?

When you get to somewhere in the story and you realize you wrote yourself the equivalent of slamming your car into a ditch. you get stuck. no matter which way you turn the wheels, you are stuck. it happens. it happens to everyone. your favorite writer? it happened to them.

 as Billy Wilder said: if there’s something wrong with the third act that means there’s something wrong with the first act.  

I also think that sometimes characters scream at you from the narrative to help them, to fix the mistake (s), sometimes you can’t see it until it’s too late, sometimes you need your editor or collaborators to point it out to you, 

but keeping an open mind and heart, being really honest with yourself as you produce, and not being afraid of the delete button is a good way to live

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can you do bts reacting to their s/o having offensive humour (like filthyfrank) and not knowing when to stop? (lmao my humour is so bad, causes some awkward situations) Thank you~

Lmao! Yes! I’m sorry this is late, but my laptop is acting weird. When i saw this I got so excited, so I hope you enjoy.

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BTS Reaction To You Not Being Able To Control Your Offensive Humor

Jin: When he first met you, he was surprised at how filthy your jokes were. He didn’t understand how someone like you could say such things. He’d find them funny sometimes, but lately it’s been getting out of control. When you would say something provocative in a sexual way at the wrong time he’d be pissed. Expect a whole night of him telling you how wrong you were and that sometimes you need to learn how to control what you say.

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Yoongi: Your humor and the way you presented it was one of the reasons why he was attracted to you. When you’d reply with one of those jokes, he’d start cracking up. If you were to do it in a professional environment, he’d be shocked. For example, at a dinner and they ask about your favorite scene in a certain movie (Forrest Gump) and you say something offensive, he’d spit his drink out in surprise. “Baby!” You’d just shrug your shoulders and he’d chuckle quietly, letting you know that maybe this wasn’t the best way to make a first impression.

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Jimin: This smol bean would be cringing every time you made a joke that was distasteful. When you’d do it in a situation where it was not the time or place, he’d be a little upset and flustered. he would pull you to the side to let you know that today, right now is not the time for your jokes and he’d want you to tone it down a bit.

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Hoseok: He too would love that this was a part of your personality because it balances your relationship out. When your jokes would come out at the wrong time, he would be flustered and stuttering over his words. He’d have to take a breather because this was too much for him. he’d apologize to whomever you guys were talking to and would pull you away. “Ahh why would you say that to them?” After they were out of sight he would laugh a little and shake his head.

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Namjoon: Every time you’d come out with your jokes, he’d be chuckling but would feel bad afterwards. The jokes you would often repeat were offensive and sexist. When the jokes come out in a event where everything you say or do is watched, he’d scold you in private. “Yah,” he’d say,but chuckle a little. “These people are always going to be watching what you say so you have to be careful.” Overall, he wouldn’t mind as long as you didn’t do it in places where it could affect his image.

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Jungkook: He would love your humor because in some ways he can relate to you in that aspect. When it came to serious situations he wouldn’t know what to do. At first he’d chuckle, because he thought it was funny, but considering the situation, he’d chuck it up and tell you that it wasn’t very nice to say. He too would apologize and keep it pushing.

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Taehyung: This boy, when he first met you, he didn’t know someone could have such jokes like the ones you have. Tae can be serious at times so when you said an inappropriate joke at the wrong time, he’d chuckle in embarrassment. He’d cover his face and sigh thinking, ‘Why does she have to be this way?’ After the event he would talk to you and let you know that not everybody is going to be okay with your humor so maybe you should wait for another time.

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Send in more requests y’all. I do anything and everything so don’t be afraid to ask. Some I may not do because the context isn’t clear.

Dean Winchester leaves his home town of Lawrence for a road trip without a clear goal or direction. When his beloved car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the handsome tow truck driver, Cas saves him. Dean is on his way again a few days later, but he can’t get that quirky guy with his blunt honesty and those deep blue eyes out of his head. He soon learns that to find the right way, you sometimes need to turn around.

(Summary courtesy of @procasdeanating)

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Dating Youngjae would include:
  • okay so you would be dating this cute boy 
  • like i said in Dating Daehyun Would Include be ready because on dates there’s about 90% sure Daehyun will be there too 
  • sometimes on dates you would feel like its not your and Youngjae’s date but like Youngjae’s and DAEHYUN and you’re like ?????
  • “me or Daehyun”
  • “listen gurl dont put me in tHIS KIND OF SITUATION OKAY”
  • coffee dates, a lot of them
  • remember when Daehyun and Jae made a song called “bubble tea”???
  • he would be singing it whenever he bought himself this or you for yourself
  • “bubble bubble bubble tea! bubble bubble tea! tEA!!1!” 
  • “shut up”
  • family dinners i mean you, Youngjae and the rest of B.A.P
  • boys would love you, especially Yongguk i feel this
  • because you would always take care of Yjay, feed him and put him in his place when there’s a need to 
  • cause he’s so wild sometimes you know what i mean 
  • and you would cook for them, bring them food to studio, clean their dorm 
  • listening to music together until 3 a.m.
  • he would always sing for you 
  • expect amazing hugs from Yjay
  • if he could be would be hugging you 25/8 
  • pda!!1!!!
  • in public always holding hands, back hugs, kisses on cheeks 
  • but in private he’s all over you 
  • even around boys 
  • he would always want to show you how manly he is 
  • and he would want you to always fangirl over him 
  • “hey y/n have you seen my new pic on instagram??”
  • “yea its nice”
  • whenever he catch you staring at him he would smile and say something like “do you like what you see?” or “i know you think i’m cute but its not nice to stare at me like that”
  • telling jokes all the time and laughing out loud
  • What do you call a sad cup of coffee? Depresso!!!
  • Why was the cellphone wearing glasses? Because he lost all his contacts!!!
  • What do we call a crying sister? A crisis!!!!
  • you would always laugh at them because they’re stupid to this point it makes you actually laugh so hard 
  • netflix and chill ;-)
  • making out a lot
  • at your apartament 
  • at his dorm 
  • in the studio when there’s nobody except you two 
  • in kitchen 
  • and also
  • did i mention kisses
  • i mean i am truly in love with Yjays lips like 
  • they looks so soft and how could you not want to kiss them?
  • he would kiss your forehead
  • lips
  • cheeks
  • hands
  • lips
  • neck
  • tummy
  • shoulders
  • lips lips lips 
  • he would always be ready to do everything for you
  • even if you’d want a star from the sky
  • he would try to give you this 
  • sooooo
  • Youngjae would be an amazing, super loving, funny, cute boyfriend. you would be his whole world he would love you to death. 

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Blurbs - CLOSE

My depression is not usually red painted lips stretched taut over pointed teeth. Neither is it the sickly-sweet smell of rotting fruit. Nor a too-large shadow, lifted off the floor and on to my shoulders as a heavy cloak.

Most of the time, my depression is a quiet rain outside my window. A soft and comforting shield from the noise of the outside world. A constant alternative soundtrack that I am more familiar with than the sound of my own voice. It is a crack of thunder at 3:38am, half-waking me, and it says to me in a soft voice, “you don’t need them”.

It does not say “you need me,” and it does not say “you need rest”, and it does not say “you need help”, although sometimes I think that all three of those may be true. And because it does not say any of those things that I feel may be true, I do not respond.

It quiets after that and lets me go back to sleep, a thousand muted raindrops outside of my house, and I am dry and inside and warm.

At 9am, I will open the doors and bring an umbrella, but umbrellas are not a house, and my depression will say “you don’t want this,” as it wets my sleeves. It is right, I think, but that doesn’t change that I am going to do it anyway. The rain does not make the world stop. My depression does not make me stop.

Of course, some days there are thunderstorms. Some days I am snowed in, trapped in my bed for fear of turning to ice if I leave. Today, as most days, it is spring showers without May flowers.

At 1pm it is no longer the rain. Perhaps it tires of waiting outside; perhaps I tire of silence. The outside world’s noise is a harsh necessity that I tolerate more than anything, but it is also a welcome change. My depression asks me “why?” It is an innocently voiced question, a child who has been denied. It is old enough to listen to rejection but it is not old enough to guess at why, and even if I allow time to pass me by while I indulge its questions, it will not age and understand. At 1pm, I question why myself, and again I do not answer it.

At 5pm we are both tired. I am tired of being difficult and it is tired of not being listened to. At 5pm it is no longer the rain, nor a child, but an ugly and black thing in my veins. A twisting mass of dark scribbles that wriggle and scrabble inside of me like a live colony that I am host to. A pressure blooms inside my chest, an increasingly desperate desire for escape from every decision I have ever made. My depression pushes at my skin and squeezes my heart and steals my focus for its own, trying to leave me behind, and gods would I let it if I could. It has not yet managed to escape, but at 5pm I worry that it might. I flee desperately and lock myself away somewhere safe. I am a werewolf and my depression is a full moon.

There is no relief for either of us then, a hour lost to screaming matches between the two of us. We are jilted lovers. We are warriors. I wield a sword of responsibilities but depression is in me, and nobody can win this battle. It is settled when I am too tired to fight or listen, a fog on the field that forces both sides to retreat.

At 7pm, warmed in the dying rays of the sun, my depression is almost me. It settles warm and heavy against my skin and brushes gentle fingers over my eyelids and breathes softly, silently. It does not complain, and I do not chastise it. We are both chasing something the other wants to push away, and we have both lost today.

At 11pm, in the deafening silence of my room and my failures, my depression is a dog who knows it has done wrong. “I’m sorry,” it whines as it curls close to me, “this was supposed to be better.” I do not forgive it but I have nothing and nobody else at 11pm, and I am so very very lonely in the silence of my room with the sound of self-isolation pattering outside my window. “Okay,” I say, “it’s okay. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow neither of us will be upset.”

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Could I please get some Renji fluff? I really need a hug <(-▪-)>

aww anon, of course! *hugs* I hope you feel better! I don’t know what you’re going through but if you ever need to talk you can message me! Sometimes just ranting about things really helps…

 You didn’t specify if you wanted head canons or a scenario so I’m going to make some head canons but feel free to make another request if you would like more! Also, I’m having some trouble tagging stuff lately when I answer it so Ill go back through and tag everything as soon as I’m finished with some asks! Anyways, I hope you like it!!!

I can see Renji being super simple especially on a first date. Renji would take time to get to know you and it would take some convincing from Rukia before he finally asked you out on a date. Something simple, like a picnic with a nice walk along the beach in the evening. 
Renji would be really shy but he would try really hard not to show it…He would stutter on some words and do that thing where he puts his hand to the back of his head when you ask him a question. 
He would really want to hold your hand too but it would be while before he actually gets up the courage to do it and it’s so subtle too. As the two of you are walking along, he casually and slowly slips his hand against yours and pulls your hand closer to him.
If you look up at him he’ll be looking right down at you with a smile on his face and pull you closer into him so he can hold you while the two of you walk. 
Once its all said and done he’ll walk you back home and stand at your door really awkwardly for a second before he tells you goodnight. If you want a kiss though, you might have to go for it yourself. He’d really want you to by the way
Renji would smile halfway through and wrap his arm around you gently before the two of you pulled away. He would explain to you how happy he was that you had gone out with him, and he would ask to do it again some time soon. After it was all said and done Renji would be a gushing mess and he’d be smiling the entire day after, thinking of you and waiting for your next date.

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I wouldn't think you're a failure if you move back to Florida, and I honestly don't think most people would, either. Sometimes you just need to be somewhere else for a little while, and it doesn't mean coming back is a bad thing. You've been in Boston for 3(?) years. That's not "failing."

Three winters! I’m coming up on three years proper in July. And mostly I agree with you. My therapist asked me last time if I thought moving back would mean failing to me personally and I don’t, really. I think it’s mostly because I don’t hate it here. I really like it here. I love my friends and the MFA and all the theater and concerts and there are a lot of wonderful things I have here that I absolutely would not have in Orlando. 

And yet, still the pull. I think it’s that this move would not feel like escape like my move up here in the first place did, but like coming home. But it’s hard to explain that to co-workers and the like. I’m not even sure if they’d let me move back company-wise. I mean, I think they would. It wouldn’t technically cost them anything, and my co-workers do ask if I’m moving back whenever I come in. But. Always worried about what people will think, the KL story. 

That said, it would take a lot of planning and money saving, even more than the move up since I’ll have to buy a car. So it’ll be a few years before it can happen. Right now I’m thinking just start saving money and planning and see if this feeling goes away or gets stronger. Worst that happens is that I end up with a savings I don’t need to use, so really I’m better off either way. :p 

you are not obligated to
  • be someone’s counselor and help them with all their problems if its bad for your mental health
  • be there for someone 24/7
  • remain friends with someone who emotionally drains you
  • maintain negative relationships because you’ve been close for so long, because you’re related, or anything else
  • do anything that makes you unhappy or puts your health at risk

It’s Kevin time *gets hit in the face with a chair*


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