sometimes you just want to draw something relaxing and not at all dramatic you know

Moon thru the signs 🌙
  • Aries: emotionally comfortable in the thick of firey adventure, extremely uncomfortable with stagnation in life, things always need to be exciting, they are on the go go go towards new life, will shake things up even if that means they have to ruffle some feathers, they can't sit still with the concept of boring.. Feeling bored is something they have no patience for. The sense of Self is a strong component to their emotional balance.. "What do I need right now? Will this feel right for me? Is this what I want to do?" Aries is all about personal will. They need to feel like they are expressing that will in ways that ignite their passion. Being forced into exerting energy towards something they don't care about is a deep root of distress. Emotionally quick tempered, their emotions are always evolving and morphing into something new..their emotions hit them like fireballs that encompass their entire being.. In the heat of their emotions that moment is the biggest and most intense moment ever ever ever !!! ...for a few minutes.. Then they're onto something new. When your Aries Moon is flying around on fire in the heat of their emotions, sit with them and LISTEN to the experience they are having. A deep therapy for the Moon here is to be able to express their emotions to you within their personal "I" experience. They matter a lot to themselves. Hold space for this.
  • Taurus: slowww and calmmm, Apple pie and lemon balm... I've seen this placement be wonderful and disastrous.. These people are comfortable in their home, in sensual pleasures, earthly delights. In a lower context they are way too attached to the material world, they will acquire so much random stuff that they don't know what to do with themselves but they feel like they need all the stuff.. If they ever got to a moment where they needed something completely random and they didn't HAVE that random thing.. Well that would be distressing for them. While their dependence on the material world can hold them back at times, it is absolutely admirable just how deeply in touch with it they are. They take the home very seriously, they are ones who will just stay home and be grounded instead of going out and running around in life.. Like a happy bear in its cave.. Within that cave there they are listening to awesome beautiful music, making great food, working with herbs, stacking wood, loving their good company.. Why would they ever want to leave that ?? Because there's a whole world out there moon in Taurus.. A whole world:)their emotions hit them on a bodily earthly level where they process and move through the emotional realm with the help of the natural world.. A moon in Taurus needs to be connected with nature more than any other moon.. They are the grounded ass f**kers.. They are emotionally comfortable BEING grounded.. So on the flip side when they can't find grounding or comfort in their material home they are in a state of perpetual chaos..
  • Gemini: emotionally comfortable anywhere and everywhere!! As long as they're having fun and being stimulated by interesting things it's all good! Moon in gemini's really can and will talk to any sort of person. They are comfortable in any situation they are in. Moon in gemini's often have to learn how to find a home within themselves, they could be all dirty playing music on the side of the street with a nice hobo, or they could be in a rich million dollar apartment around a ton of people they don't know.. Where ever they are, they are super curious and interested in everything happening.. Happy to be there..Needing that stimulation from all things interesting.. They are very socially adaptable folk.. They know how to dissect conversation and meet people where they are at.. Which often entails them wearing a mask and not being their truest self.. Being who someone wants you to be in a situation.. It can be distressing at times once they realize how much energy they put into connecting with ones on a shallow level, it takes a lot out of them, they have to bring it back and realize.. Yes this is all fun and good but they ones who will feed my soul are the ones who KNOW my soul.. As for emotions.. It's mutable so the experience of emotions is very impacted from the rest of the chart but this conscious moon energy really rationalized and intelecualitzes emotions.. Sometimes they box their emotions up for a rainy day.. They need to learn how to let themselves feel emotions, they have emotions but they are literally capable of making themselves not feel them.. A way a moon in Gemini would relax and calm down would be through researching, chatting, and thinking about thing.. Here the moon lives within the mind. (My placement)
  • Cancer: to put it simply, uncontrollable emotional state. This is a beautiful thing.. Moon in cancers have an emotional inner world that renders a fine work of art.. So many colors. What they experience in the waters of human emotion is special and unique because the moons archetype is fully at home here.. The moon is felt deeply in this person.. There's so much beauty.. But the conflict here is that the cancer moon doesn't have control of their emotional state, so it can be really difficult to do things because their FEELINGS are first priority.. They are likely to feel more comfortable within the comfort of soft lights, warm tea, nice fireplace, and loving company. However this is fully dependent on the rest of their chart. Water signs are fluid. Maybe they are more emotionally comfortable partying and having adventure because of a Mars in Aries and a sun in Saggitarius.. no matter what influences their emotional world goes so deep. They care. They want to nurture. They FEEEEEEEL. The moon is integral for these people, its important for them to connect with the moon through ritual or meditation.. This will help balance their emotions.. Even if they don't understand it on a conscious level, creating a personal relationship with the moon will subconsciously help them with emotional balance. A moon in Cancer wants to make you feel safe. They want to take care of you and your emotions. They will give so much... Sometimes too much.
  • Leo: these ones feel comfortable in the spotlight, whether that is within an intimate relationship, their family, their social sphere, or literally on a stage.. their comfort state lies within broadcasting their life for all to see. They have a need to share everything.. they want to share themselves, share their experience, their relationships, even the clothing on their back. This moon energy is so warm and generous. In return, these ones need a lot of admiration, attention, and affection in their relationships, they need to feel validated through being so expressive or insecurity will arise. Moreso than other Leo placements, the Moon here truly needs that attention from others, their emotional state depends on it. They draw life energy through being among different influxes of energy and shining their bright creative light within it. As for emotions, they are dramatic, hopeless romantic sonnets of internal poetry for the ones they love, dramatic boisterous crying when a sharp chord is struck, or totally uncontrollable angry fire rage when provoked. A series of extremes. They must channel their emotions into creative expression, they must have people who can give them the attentiveness they need in their bouts of emotion. Pushing them away will hurt them. They want to be close to you, themselves, their life.. they don't want to feel separate and distant. You'll find your moon in Leo being the life of the party, the friend in the group who brings all of the creative fun, their light is strong.. Its their emotional state. This placement has its challenges but I find it so beautiful.
  • Virgo: A strong need for everything to be in order, for life to be in order in all of its finer details. Whether the moon in Virgo reaches that or not reveals their level of emotional balance. They are going through life on the outside looking in. Anylizing, discerning, critiquing, this will either be deeply channeled inward, outward, or both. If you meet a Virgo Moon who does have their life in order, looks put together, has a clean organized place to live, is actively working and integrating into the structure of the world.. They are probably emotionally balanced.. And their emotions express themselves as a steady stream of relaxation due to a success of implementing order in chaos. So on the flip side.. If you meet a Virgo Moon who, to put it simply, does not have their shit together.. They are likely extremely ungrounded with their emotions scattered everywhere and nowhere living in the mercury depth of their overactive mind. They process their emotions by THINKING, they need to understand everything about what it is they are feeling and why before they can ever reach a state of peace in that feeling. Overthinking, irrational worrying, vicious self criticism are shadow elements to this placement. This is a very challenging place for the Moon. The moon is the fluid intuitive waters of emotion and Virgo is the Mercury virginal energy of mental structure and organization fine tuning life to be perfect. They don't exactly mesh well together in their natural archetypes. However, if an individual has a well aspected Virgo moon or learns how to make good use of this placement.. its an extremely competent energy. Their life will be ordered and structured to the 9's.. No worry will ever need to surface about anything because they have their shit together in the most perfect way. And in that state they experience ultimate relaxation.
  • Libra: to feel emotionally comfortable these people need a balance. They need to feel like there is a balance in their workplace, relationships, home life, and within themselves. They need to feel like there is an equal contribution on the part of everyone involved in every aspect of life, that everyone is contributing equally to establishing a balance. If it's imbalanced there is distress.. A distress that either causes emotional turmoil or a distress that motivates them to mediate the energy of the imbalanced situation. They have a very calm and .. Well.. Balanced approach to their emotions. It hits them in an intellectual way where they really observe everything they are feeling and transmute it into a steady stream of balance. They could repress emotions because of this. If emotions are going upppp and doowwwwnn they are gonna try and pull it to the center and push it forward. A continuous evolution of feeling. This steady stream causes them to have challenge with experiencing intensity of emotion.. To experience the full spectrum of emotion.. They don't want their emotions to hold them back or bring them out of alignment in any way. Hence, the repression.. And repressing anything leads it to bubble up and explode... That's where the intensity comes in.. When the bottled up and down emotions are forced up to the surface they HAVE to face it and deal with it or else they feel unable to move forward. Another component to this placement is that they Deffinetly feel emotionally comfortable and fulfilled with Venusian things.. They are gonna really value art, atheistic beauty, the beauty of ones soul, physical features, and emotions.. Because it fills THEIR emotion to experience such pleasure. The pleasureful side of life integrates with them on a deep level. They are likely to be pretty romantic in relationships, they completely romanticize and paint their love emotions like a beautiful painting of exquisite design.. Whether the reality of the love experience lives up to that is either their emotional challenge or their emotional exaltation.
  • Scorpio: INTENSE EMOTIONAL WORLD. Uncontrollable deep waters of emotion like moon in cancer.. Accept in a life or death kind of way. Emotions go to the core of ones soul. "I LOVE you." "I HATE you" "You have BETRAYED me" "I NEED you" Nothing is shallow or superficial in their emotional world..they are literally incapable of that. These people will love you to death, litterally. There is a likely hood for possessiveness with this placement. A likelyhood for nothing to be taken lightly. I remember I was babysitting a moon in Scorpio girl one time and she dropped a bunch of cards or something and they were scattering everywhere inbetween the couch cushions. I watched this girl get so distressed, heavy breathing, intense look on her face, super not at ease as she was trying to collect everything that just fell apart. My Virgo self completely cleaned up and organized the cards for her. She was passionately thankful that turmoil was taken care of for her. These people are very perceptive.. They have a really acute sense of awareness in their surroundings.. The psychic eyes.. They pick up on the subtleties around them.. They are empathetic to the energies in their life. There is a strong possibility for metaphysical psychic ability with this placement of they are exalting their energy. A moon in Scorpio on the light side will have a deep power and capacity to have such an amazing passionate colorful emotional world. A less evolved moon here will be experiencing such intense emotions they can't help but burn bridges with people. Their emotional needs and requirements are strong. With this placement they are also likely to keep their emotions very secretive from the world. They don't think anyone needs to know what they are feeling. This can cause deception and being super guarded in themselves. On the flip side, there is a powerful opportunity for transformational beauty when they do open up their inner world to someone. I'd say overall moon in Scorpio is awesome but it's extremely challenging. Like the moon in any water signs- emotions come FIRST.
  • Sagittarius: ahh the endless explorers of life. These individuals need a sense of expansion in their life to feel emotionally fulfilled. They need hope, inspiration, purpose, a promise of adventure.. Of growth.. Of a new horizon. They are comfortable in the action of expansion, whether that is going to a new place, learning something, or integrating into new relationships. It's hard to emotionally pin them down. They are on the move in their fluid state. In a relationship they need some who can hold space and swim with their currents because of they are in a flux state of perpetual evolution in regards to their emotional world. Like moon in Gemini or Aries.. They are so forward directed with going towards some new energy with their emotions.. They can be flakey. With these folk there can be room for emotional shallowness. Not always, but Saggitarus is the one who wants to have fun! They are the lighthearted archers prancing through all of the parties and people and foreign lands. It is a potential challenge for them to get caught up in some dense, heavy, stagnant emotional turmoil. They don't want to experience turmoil, they want to be having a good time! However, this is a fire sign.. The heat of their emotions DOES hit them. It's not like moon in libra where intense emotions come in and immediately get brought to a neutral line of balance. No, the intensity of emotion IS there. It's a matter of them taking the time to let them go deep into uncomfortable emotions. They would rather not be concerned with uncomfortable emotional depth at all if they didn't have to. But they have to deal with it or they will totally explode into a fire ball of saggitarius aggression. Give your little moon in Saggi some space in the heat of emotional turmoil and know that with a gentle touch and soft heart they will come to a place of opening up their emotional world with you.
  • Capricorn: Emotions here are very guarded. This is a hard placement for the waters of the moon. One may even fear their emotions with this placement, they may be mechanical and cold in this sense. Their emotions will not be tolerated if it's holding them back in anyway. Their emotional comfort lies in knowing they are competently moving forward into success with their life. The feeling of having their shit together is key for emotional balance. A moon in Cap won't want to be held back due to their emotional world. This is powerfully beneficial because they can really get shit done without having to deal with any of that cancer moon emotional stuff. However unless there is water in other places in their chart.. It leaves them in a place of emotional lack. They just aren't capable of feeling to the extent that others do because they don't let themselves. And that can be a conflict in itself because maybe it would give them a deeper feeling of competence if they COULD feel how others do. They really need to feel safe and secure and sturdy before they open up their inner world to someone. You have to win their trust to get to break that shell. This placement has a lot of good potential but also an immense possibility for challenge. With any moon, especially this one, that is all correspondent to the other aspects in a chart.
  • Aquarius: Emotionally comfortable in the realms of individualism.. they like their own kind of music, their own style, their own unique "fit" into the world.. They are emotionally satisfied in their inner world of "ME". Not "me" in the bright beaming self-centered way of Leo, no, its in the sense of "I am standing here feeling so different than all of you people" Whether they find solace or distress in that.. its a deep archetype that they feel. These people are living on the outside looking in- they are extremely extremely observant. They often they feel separate and detached out in the world, observing, putting all of the pieces together like mechanical machinery. They are very interested in life, in you, in your thoughts, in why things the way they are. They are taking it all in. With their emotions they need a lot of space to process it. They can really distance themselves from their emotions and the people who are making them feel emotions. Emotions are a lot for them to intellectually grasp, they want to grasp and come to an understanding of every facet of it, and they need time on their own to do this. Theres also room with this placement for close mindedness towards other ways of doing things. There is a likely hood for these people to feel they are doing and handling things they absolute best way possible, better than anyone else, they know how to handle their emotions, their life, their inner world. Its possible for arrogance and ignorance to be found here. Maybe they do really know how to handle their inner world better than how you think they can..... But also maybe... They really could use a word of advice. Theres a rigidness to this moon placement. These people find self-justified satisfaction in doing things exactly the way they think they should do it, it eases their emotional realm. There is room for complacency in arrogance here as their is room for extremely positive inner innovation and evolution of self.
  • Pisces: Your inner world is the ocean. Where does it begin? Where does it end? You don't know, actually, no one knows. Your emotions are the definition of fluid. Interchangeable and uncontrollable. You are melting into your emotions. When you fall in love, you FALL in LOVE. When you feel sorrow, you FEEL sorrrrrrowww. Emotions are so real for you. You feel your emotions in your blood. Your emotional world is operating in the dreamstate. You are comfortable in ethereal experiences, the surreal beauty of nature, the most amazing poem recited at a word slam, looking deep into the eyes of your lover. Life just holds a more surreal note for you. When you feel emotionally comfortable, every single particle of who you are integrates into a peace and calm of giving everything to the moment of emotional comfort. When you feel emotionally uncomfortable, red sirens are going off in your being, everything is viciously not okay. You might have issues with boundaries, you let people in so deep into your emotional realm and you share so much. Yet, when you draw a boundary, you aggressively instate it into being. You want what you want, you may disregard what is good for you, or you may draw every boundary in the book to make sure whats happening is good for you. No matter what situation you're in- good or bad, you're in it for the feeling, for the essence, the energy. Moon in Pisces will bring you into a different world.
Fuel to Fire (intro)

Stucky x reader

Notes: fluff, tattooing, some angst, smut (m/m and m/m/f) 

Summary: Living their dream, Bucky and Steve run their tattoo shop ‘American Ink’ together, happily married for several years and business is going well. When a girl walks into their shop and inevitably into their lives right after they’ve received some exciting news, they have no idea how their lives are about to change with some harmless but straight-forward flirting. 

A/N: This is the introduction to the tattoo-shop AU, a Stucky x reader story that could be compared to my earlier series: Savages. I have no idea where this is going or how long it’s gonna be. I’m just gonna see where it takes me. 

“Buck-.. you think we’re gettin’ boring?” Steve muses, his arms behind his head, relaxing against his pillow as he stares up at the ceiling.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ, Steve” Bucky groans, popping up somewhere below Steve’s belt, pushing his hair away from his eyes. “m’Tryin’ to suck your dick here, you mind?”

“I don’t, actually” Steve grins. “I was just thinkin’”

“Yeah. I know” Bucky shuts him up, pinching his husband’s side, earning a yelp in turn. “Stop it and let me suck your pretty cock”

“Baby, c’mon, hold on a minute, okay?” Steve pleads, putting on his best pouting face and big blue eyes.

Bucky groans, rolls off his husband, “Okay, okay. Stop with the eyes already. What’s on your mind?”

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Venus as a Boy

Do you ever think about all the different kinds of guys out there? I thought maybe it would help my followers who have a hard time figuring out their type; people who just don’t know what they want in a guy. I will make a girl one later as well.
I wanted to make a post about men and their Venus signs; how they are romantically.
The information I’ve gathered is based off real interpretations as well as friends I’ve studied with these Venus signs so here we go (keep in mind that these aren’t afflicted by other forces. Somewhat pure and complimentary forms of the Venus signs)

Venus Signs in Men

Venus in Aries

Playfully teasing, he might say things like, “I know you want me.” You find his immaturity somewhat charming because deep down you know he needs you more versus you needing him like he makes it out to be. He is addicted to your love. He wants to be listened to, but you may need to teach him to listen to you sometimes. Dates are spontaneous and often fill the whole day; he might start it off with something active, yet romantic like skating. Then go eat at his favourite restaurant, maybe settle into the night with comfortable clothes and a movie. He might even suddenly get you up again at midnight to go star gazing! He wants to take on every day with you fresh and playfully.

Venus in Taurus

Every second he is with you, he has to feel you and have his arms wrapped around you. The perfect date to him would be either going to a restaurant or making you dinner, give each other a good massage, enjoy a bath, and then just cuddle. Comfort is very important to him, he wants you to feel comfortable at all times; he never wants to push you. He doesn’t find high energy activities to be as fun as other people think, he would rather just sit together and enjoy each others company. He wants you to know that you can depend on him and he won’t turn around and change on you.

Venus in Gemini

He’s charming and witty. In his company he just wants to see you laugh and smile which he seems to make you do so effortlessly. I hope you enjoy a talker, because he can go on and on about just about anything. Things are hardly taken seriously, everyday has to be fun, care-free, and spontaneous. Social activities excite him so expect lots of coffee dates, parties, movie nights, and video games. You’ll know he’s comfortable with you once he starts inviting you to family get-togethers; he loves his family and he loves you!

Venus in Cancer

He is a sentimental lover, his eyes well up and his heart flutters when his mind focuses on you. He is sensitive/receptive to your thoughts and feelings, he knows when something’s up. He is the type of guy to show up with your favourite things on your off days. He will be extremely protective of your feelings as well as his own. He prefers for you do make first moves because he doesn’t want to overstep his boundaries. He will definitely want to do some family oriented activities with you; the closer he gets you to his family, the more he appreciates your company and wants you apart of it. He is definitely what you would consider the sweet and sensitive type!

Venus in Leo

His love is indeed dramatic and passionate, he could practically break out into song about you. He has it all envisioned in his mind, a happily ever after with you. Every single moment, good or bad, is taken to heart. For someone who is as fiery as he is, he does wear his heart on his sleeve; he isn’t afraid to show you exactly how he’s feeling. Dates have to be high energy and exciting; prehaps a beach day, a concert, or a show would satisfy the need for sharing excitement with his lover. If you want your everlasting days to feel like you are being spun round and round like Jack and Rose, he’s your prince.

Venus in Virgo

He remembers your favourite colour, favourite meal, the way you bite your lips when you’re nervous, how you prefer sunrises over sunsets, he remembers the small things .Taking care of you and listening to you is number one, he wants you to feel comfortable at all times. He’s insecure and a little nervous around you because he cannot believe he has you. He strongly desires to serve you and finds every way to make you love him more. He is bound to take you out some where nice and pull the seat out for you like a gentleman.

Venus in Libra

He is extremely smooth with everything; the way he walks, the way he talks, the way presents himself to you. Even the way he looks at things, it’s alluring. He sees the beauty in things; he sees the beauty in you. He is the type of guy that will write you a poem or sing you a song so effortlessly; it makes you wonder how sincere it was. The sincerity is definitely there though, he’s inspired by you. He treasures love expressed through words and sharing so a perfect date to him would be going out one on one at a restaurant or just relaxing just about anywhere, a park or coffee shop maybe?

Venus in Scorpio

His love runs deep and intense. You become his obsession, he wants to feel not only you, but your soul. He’s easily jealous when you’re around other guys. His desire is not to control you, but he definitely watches your every move. Mutual trust is held at the highest octave for him, he loves to be able to tell you anything without worrying. The perfect date to him could be checking out quirky shops and cafes. He has a dark an alluring energy to him as if he’s a vampire or something. You will be endlessly curious about this mysterious side to him that you’re so attracted to.

Venus in Sagittarius

His contagious laugh and interesting stories to tell is what draws you in. You also can’t help but find it adorable how he’s so good with animals. His lust to travel with you sparks his being. He wants to see the world, with you. Whether he’s the athletic type or not, dates must be adventurous in some way. Maybe hiking or going to some sort of museum or zoo would fit the ideal date to him. This is the type of guy who will constantly encourage you to achieve your dreams more than other people would. He wants to see your life at its fullest. He also wants you to know that he is a lover and best friend

Venus in Capricorn

Your his princess and a princess deserves royalty! He comes off as serious and maybe even a little shy, so expressing how much he means to you may come from the small things like surprising you with coffee. Fully confessing his love to you may take a little time, but when he finally shows you, it will be extremely sincere and special. Showing his prized possession off is also very important to him so expect to be invited out to all of his very important affairs. The ideal date may include shopping and dining at fancy restaurants. Occasionally he’s going to surprise his princess with luxurious gifts!

Venus in Aquarius

Definitely not the type to want everything to constantly be lovey-dovey. He likes air to breathe, he wants to have everything just laid back. Not everything has to be serious, things can be as if your friends, but with the occasional romantic gestures. He is the type to stir up deep conversations on just about anything like, “Do you think aliens exist?” or “How are we as humans affecting our world right now?” He’s quite eccentric and uniquely opinionated. He wants to pass on his care-free personality to his lover because who cares about tomorrow? We are us now. The perfect date to him is definitely going to be something out of the ordinary so be prepared for anything! Also be prepared to have a long discussion about it afterwards.

Venus in Pisces

Very sensitive and compassionate lover. He craves a deep connection with his partner and picks up emotional cues very easily. He definitely enjoys a partner where he can drink in the world with them, gaze at horizons and stars together. Often he will express his wishful thinking and humour to you to get everyone’s mind off of life’s troubles. He prefers the simple things in life over the luxurious things so a perfect date to him would include camping, picnics, going for walks, or simply just napping together. Get lost in each other’s eyes, get lost in each others dreams!

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Part 2!

A/N: Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here and it gets wild as heck lol. I had too much fun while writing this! I’m sorry for the super long update and I’ll be posting more stuff later! I’m on a roll today! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

 Warnings: Angst. Mentions of sex. Everyone pretty much goes bonkers. 

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“Ms. Y/L/N,” Friday chimed.

With a small groan, you forced your eyes open. It was supposed to be your day off, meaning you could sleep as much as you wanted for as long as you wanted. Why was she calling you now?

“Yes, Friday?” you murmured. She always found a way to bother you, especially during nap time. Delta’s needed more rest than everyone else, but of course, nobody knew that but you. You hadn’t told anyone about your true status yet.

“Mr. Stark requests your presence in the common room.”

With a tired groan, you threw the covers from your body and sat up.

What could possibly be going on this time? Did Tony blow up another suit again? It took weeks to get the oil out of your nails, much less your skin. Did Peter run out of webs mid swing again? You loved the kid almost like a little brother, but the kid needed some kind of rockets in his shoes for safety. You made sure to scold Tony on that; he wasn’t exactly a responsible crime fighter. You understood now what Pepper went through.

You slipped on the nearest form of clothing you could find before making your way towards the common room.

The sounds of hushed whispering rung throughout your ears. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Was Tony having guests over? Why didn’t Friday mention that to you? Looking down at your clothes, you felt a blush break out on your cheeks. You were nowhere near dressed for guests. It wasn’t anything near provocative, just an oversized sweater and leggings, but still. You didn’t like drawing attention to yourself and you strongly disliked strangers.

Entering the room, you spotted the entire Avengers assembly. Literally.

You recognized Thor, who stood taller than everyone else, speaking with Bruce Banner quietly. You spotted Vision and …were that Scarlett Witch? Jesus, she was even prettier in person. You may or may not have read her file religiously.

You saw Hawkeye standing next to the redheaded assassin herself, Black Widow. Immediately, you felt your instincts kick in slightly. She was a suitable alpha, no doubt. Her red hair made her pale skin seem almost vibrant and those eyes…god she was so perfect. With a subtle shake of your head, you pulled your mind out of the gutter. As nice as she was, you were still wary of the woman. She was extremely intimidating.

In the corner of the room, you spotted Falcon and Ant Man standing side by side. You could tell how nervous the two looked about the whole situation. You couldn’t blame them, from what you heard about the whole airport thing that happened in Germany, you’d be a bit nervous, too.

You smiled when you spotted Peter standing by himself, his hands in his tucked into his pockets casually. At least you knew him. Even though Peter was a newly legal Beta, he still remained one of your closest friends. He didn’t know about your whole…status problem yet, but he something told you he knew there was more to you than what you were telling him. But being the polite person he was, he decided not to push it, to your relief.

When Tony entered the room, everyone instantly got quiet. You had a feeling you’d be receiving some really bad news this evening.

“Alright, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I called you here,” he began, clapping his hands together. You could spot the subtle sweat beading across his forehead. Why was he so nervous? “I can assure you right now, I’m not dying!”

Everyone seemed to relax a little bit at the news. Jesus, he had a way of being the biggest drama kind on this earth.

As Tony continued, you felt someone’s eyes on you. Ignoring it, you kept your gaze on Tony.

“Why are we here, Tony?” Rhodey asked, crossing his arms over his chest. A cliché alpha mannerism. You snorted softly at the realization that your instincts hadn’t kicked in at the sight of him. Maybe he wasn’t as alpha as he thought he was. Alphas were so fragile underneath the whole macho exterior.

Again, you could feel someone’s eyes on you. And it was honestly irking the life out of you. You couldn’t possibly focus on Tony while whoever it was stared at you like that. With a causal turn of your head, you caught sight of Natasha glancing over at you. Her blue eyes were set on your body, trailing them up and down. Suddenly, you felt so small.

You felt the arousal slowly growing between your legs, making you blush. Before she could look back into your eyes, you looked away quickly. That wasn’t a very practical idea after all.

“We’re here because I’ve decided that I was a little bit hard on Rogers,” he admitted, avoiding everyone’s gaze. But when he looked up at everyone’s smirks, he sighed.

“Okay, maybe I was a bit dramatic about it.”

Someone let out a snort.

“What I’m trying to say is, I was wrong. Incredibly wrong about the entire situation. Rogers, although he can be a little shit sometimes, is a strong asset to this team. And without him, we’ve pretty much got nothing going for us.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, much to his dismay.

“Hey! I did pretty well those couple of ti- anyways,” he cleared his throat. “I’ve decided to try and make things right; for the sake of the team. I offered Cap a place back on the team.”

Everyone let out small approvals at the news. You even cracked a smile. This was so mature for Tony, you were so proud of him.

“He agreed to come back on one condition.” Everyone practically leaned in with anticipation. Peter even stood on the couch to get a better view.

“He’ll come back, but only if Barnes gets a place, too.”

You felt like one of those cartoon characters. Your jaw practically dropped straight to the floor. Peter instantly looked down at me with wide eyes. But Rhodey, though…he was not having it at all.

“Are you high?!” he shouted, clenching his fists in fury.

“I wish I was,” Tony said under his breath with a sigh. “No Rhodey, I’m just trying to fix things for once.”

“And by fixing, you mean letting the man who killed your parents live under your roof?”

That’s when shit hit the fan.

“Hey, Barnes was brainwashed!” Scott shouted. “He didn’t mean any of that!”  

“Oh yeah? Well, why didn’t he just walk away?” Rhodey retorted. “He could’ve at any point. He’s a damn master assassin!”

You glanced over at Peter, feeling a bit fearful. He gave you a reassuring smile, patting your shoulder gently. You absolutely hated confrontation. Especially when it involved your work.

“Tony!” Rhodey exclaimed. “At least think about this for a couple days!”

“Yeah, about that,” Tony said, glancing at his wristwatch. “I kinda already agreed to it. They should be here any minute.”

Your eyes nearly flew out of your head. You weren’t too sure about this. You knew Steve was a trustworthy man, but this Bucky guy…you were a bit wary of this. The only thing you knew about him was that he murdered a lot of innocent people, including Tony’s parents. Tony told you the entire thing personally after he’d nearly drank himself to death one night.

“Mr. Stark,” Friday chimed again. You all instantly went quiet. “Mr. Rogers and Mr. Barnes have arrived.”

“Oh, cool,” he sighed. “Send them in, I guess.”

The elevator chimed mechanically, opening swiftly.

That’s when you felt it.

Your vision instantly blurred, creating kaleidoscope like patterns. You placed a hand on whoever was near you for support. Whoever the person was, they placed their hands on your shoulders, steadying you. The next thing you know, you’re on the ground surrounded by everyone. You feel hands cupping your face, forcing you to look up. Natasha stared back at you, her blue eyes widened with worry.

The heat between your legs was unlike anything else you’ve ever felt. It was almost unbearable. You felt a wave of arousal hit you at full force, preventing you from thinking straight.

Natasha leaned in far too close, inhaling deeply. Her eyes snapped open, her eyes completely dilated.

“Delta.” She whispered, licking her lips hungrily.

“Delta.” Peter repeated, his eyes dilating as well.

“Delta!” Wanda gasped, prowling closer to you with matching dilated eyes.

“Delta.” Sam followed behind her, his nostrils flaring.

You looked over at the elevator, past all the people slowly crowding around you.

Bucky’s eyes were completely dilated, his breaths coming out in short puffs. He was the one. He was the perfect mate and you wanted his knot and you wanted it now. You didn’t care if everyone watched; you needed him more than anything. You didn’t care who was in the way of your alpha.

“WAIT WHAT?” Tony practically squeaked, staring at you with wide eyes. “What do you guys mean delta? She’s not…oh no.” he inhaled, catching your scent of wild berries and pine trees. Of course you were a delta. Jesus, he was so stupid not to notice. You had no scent up until now.

Natasha dipped her nose into your neck, inhaling harshly. You let out a small whine, gently trying to push yourself away from her. It was no use. She was an alpha, far too strong for you.

Bucky let out a growl, snapping everyone’s eyes from you to him. The gears in his metal arm shifted threateningly as he clenched his fist harder. Your eyes instantly went to his, begging silently for him to take you away.

Before anyone was able to touch you, Tony scurried past everyone and snatched you away from Natasha. Well, he tried to.

Natasha grabbed ahold of your legs as tight as she could, planting her feet onto the ground to prevent him from leaving. “God damn it, Romanoff!” he spat. “Get your shit together before I make Fury fire you!”

In a flash, Thor scooped the redheaded woman up from the ground and threw her over his shoulder despite her angry shouts.

“Ah, I remember my first encounter with a delta!” he laughed, snatching a kicking and screaming Wanda up as well with his other arm.

Tony began dragging you away as fast as he could, trying to dodge the crazed people that darted towards you.

Peter had managed to grab onto your arm, only to be snatched up by Clint and thrown into one of the coat closets. “Jesus,” Clint sighed, placing a chair in front of the door. “You guys are so embarrassing.”

You caught a glimpse of Bruce running out of the building, his body shifting inhumanly large. Oh god, he was hulking out. Vision and Sam were practically rolling on the floor as the android gathered the man into a headlock. “Let me go, you fucker!” Sam spat, wiggling in his grasp.

Suddenly, you felt a cold, metal arm grab onto your ankle, tearing you away from Tony’s grasp. You cried out with glee at the sight of Bucky practically dragging you through the hall, ignoring Tony’s shouts from afar. You jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you away. Bucky raced down the hallway, zooming through the halls for any empty rooms. He didn’t care if it was a janitor closet, as long as he could get his knot inside you and fast.

You dipped your head into his neck, pressing small kisses along the warm flesh. He let out a growl, kneading the flesh of your behind. You let out a small squeak at his actions. Bucky smelled like heaven. His scent was a mixture of cinnamon and the ocean, your favorite two things combined into the perfect alpha. You tangled your fingers through his hair, breathing in his scent as if it were oxygen.

“Rogers!” Tony’s voice echoed from down the hall. “Get your friend before he impregnates my successor!”

Suddenly, you and Bucky were on the ground. Steve’s shield rattled against the ground beside the two of you. Bucky let out a string of curses as he stood. Before he could get to you, he was tackled to the ground by Steve. The two men wrestled on the ground, throwing punch after punch.

Not knowing what else to do, you crawled towards the men and pounced onto Steve’s back.

“What the hell? Get off Y/N!” he shouted, stumbling backwards. Before Bucky could get to his feet once again, you were snatched from Steve’s back and hauled away from him.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? You’re like rabid bunnies on Viagra!” Tony exclaimed, dragging you away with all his might.

You cried out as you got farther and farther away from Bucky. Your heat slowly became more and more intense the farther you were apart. You watched helplessly as Steve planted his shield on his friend’s back and sat on it, preventing him from following this time.

You reached out and grabbed onto one of the door handles and tried to pull yourself away from Tony, only to have him swat your hands away. Turning the corner, the last thing you saw was Bucky lying helplessly beneath Steve.

Tony practically threw you into the first bedroom he found.

Unfortunately, you completely missed the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. You picked yourself up and cradled your bruised arm, snarling at Tony. The older man let out a sigh of relief, plopping down onto the bed. It was a spare bedroom, but it would do for now. He just needed to rest a bit. He really did need to get back in shape soon. Gosh, Pepper would be cackling at him right now.

“You are such a handful, you know that?” he sighed, watching you intently.

You glared up at him, your eyes still dilated completely black. You were still in heat. Great.

Tony let out a small chuckle, staring out the small window. You let out a small growl.

“You know, I remember these days when I was a kid.” He recalled, watching the birds fly past the building. Your eyes widened. What was he talking about?

“You see,” he said softly. “My mom was a delta, too.”

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Fic: Cold Comfort (Velora, Vex, Percy)

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

Major spoilers for Episode 115.

Two years after the battle with Vecna, Velora returns to Whitestone for several long-overdue conversations.

Cold Comfort

Velora stops at the shrine to the Raven Queen first, padding cautiously into the room, the stonework ice-cold beneath her bare feet, and says, softly, experimentally, “I hate you.”

The shrine is empty at this early-evening hour, and so her words echo louder and more certain than she means them to. She swallows shyness with the remembered taste of ashes on her tongue, pushes past the heavy stench of blood in her nose and mouth, and says it louder, her voice cracking on the shout. “I hate you!”

There are no ripples on the surface of the small pool of blood, no dramatic flurry of feathers or dark wings curling around her. It’s just a cold, stinky room.

She clears her throat, rubs her face to stop her lower lip quivering, and says, “Thank you,” before turning on her heel and starting the long, slow trudge up to the castle.

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Public Humiliation (Yuta x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) It’s ya girl, Ry, back at it again with that smutty goodness, now kinkier than ever! Let’s all be honest: Who here has been personally victimized by Nakamoto Yuta? Everyone? That’s what I thought. What better way to celebrate our combined demise then with some kinky Yuta smut? Enjoy my little nasties!

Originally posted by royalyeol

You felt your face blaze with heat as the audience members burst into fits of laughter, practically busting stitches while you fought the urge to run off the set.

“Oh my, Yuta,” the television host chuckled cordially, eyes crinkling at you in sympathy as you looked down at your hands folded in your lap in shame. “It seems your translator needs to brush up on her Japanese quite a bit, don’t you think?”

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*Daveed Diggs x reader
*Word count: 1206

Summary: You and the rest of the original cast are hanging out at Daveed’s apartment for a little cast party when somehow, Oak gets the dumbest idea to play seven minutes in heaven, and now you’re stuck in a closet with Groff and Daveed doesn’t like that very much and basically iT GETS WILD K

A/N: Okay, so I’m ALMOST finished with part two of Broadway, but of course, I ended up getting writers block right in the middle of writing it and now I can’t seem to think of any good ideas for it and then this fic happened. Requests are open and I’ll try to get Broadway out sometime this week! Love you guys :)

Warnings: Um the usual ,,, cursing and love confessions whooP


Originally posted by wegotitmadeintheshade

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” You mutter as you take off your most precious possession, a diamond necklace your mother had given to you when you were younger, and put it into the beanie that Oak was holding out to you with a smug expression.

“Relax, Y/n/n,” Groff teases as he puts his watch into the beanie, using your childhood nickname that you despised. “Yeah,” Daveed snickered, sitting on the other side of you. “It’ll be fun.” You scoffed, blowing your hair out of your eyes as you turned to face Daveed and Groff with an incredulous expression. “Yeah, for you guys.” You huffed, crossing your arms and trying to ignore the blush that decided to make an appearance on your features when Daveed slung an arm across your shoulders.

Of course, that blush didn’t go unnoticed to Pippa and Lin, who simply looked at each other and smirked, before turning away and facing you two again.

Eventually, everyone had put an item into the basket and now Jazzy was drawing an item from the beanie, and when she finally pulled it out, everyone groaned when she pulled out Anthony’s bracelet, “no fun,” Renee complained, shaking her head before laughing a bit at the irony of Jasmine pulling out her boyfriend’s item.

“Whatever, let’s go,” Anthony laughed, leading Jasmine to the closet. “Don’t be too loud, you two! We’re still here!” Lin whooped, snickering a bit when you leaned across to smack him gently on the shoulder.

Seven minutes later, both Jasmine and Anthony walked out, Anthony with a smug expression and Jasmine with her cheeks tinted pink and disheveled hair. Oak whistled, winking playfully at the two.

“Alright, Groffsauce, it’s your turn.” Oak called out, handing the beanie to Groff so he could draw something from the beanie. He then pulled out your necklace, which made him immediately stand up and bow in your direction, using his fake British accent he used every night, “M’lady,” he teased, holding out his hand for you to take.

Of course, you didn’t notice Daveed tensing up when you took his hand and allowed him to lead you to the closet. “Don’t go crazy!” Anthony laughed, high fiving Lin and Oak, whereas Daveed just crossed his arms and muttered bitter words under his breath, which made everyone turn their attention to him and laugh.

“What? You don’t like it that your girlfriend is in the closet with Groff right now?” Lin cooed teasingly, pinching Daveed’s cheeks which made him groan and slap Lin’s hands away. “Shut up, she’s not my girlfriend,” he pouted, and it was obvious that he was upset.

“This is a stupid game anyway.” Daveed muttered, running a hand through his wild hair. “Chill out, D.” Renee rolled her eyes, “you’re acting like a child. You know they don’t like each other romantically and nothing’s gonna happen.” Daveed sighed, he knew it was true, but there was still this lingering feeling in him that wouldn’t go away.

After the seven minutes were up, you and Groff walked out, Groff sporting lipstick on his cheeks and forehead, which made everyone whistle playfully. “I’m never cleaning my face again, my love.” Groff sighed playfully, pretending to swoon as he took your hand and batted his eyes. You both sat down and you cupped his face, “I’ll love you forever, my dear.” You pretended, trying not to crack.

Daveed couldn’t take that and immediately stood up, muttering something about grabbing a drink and storming off, his fists clenched.

You frowned, removing your hand from Groff’s and looking at everyone, “what happened?” You wandered, making everyone shrug, yet you knew that from the expressions they all had, they knew. But you didn’t push and only sighed, getting up to go find the man and ask him what was wrong.

You found him, pouring some vodka into a shot glass and chugging it immediately, slamming the small glass cup onto the marble counter. “D?” You wandered, moving towards him and gently placing your hand  on his bicep, frowning up at him. “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head, rolling his eyes and muttered something, though you couldn’t understand.

This went on for a few more minutes before you got annoyed, pulling away from Daveed and glaring him. “Daveed, look at me right now.” He groaned, setting the glass he was ready to drink down and looked at you with a stone cold expression.

“What’s up with you? You were fine before me and Groff went into the closet.” You ranted slightly, “and now- now you’re acting like a child! And I don’t know how to help you!” You threw your hands in the air to make it a bit more dramatic, narrowing your eyes at him.

“God, it’s nothing, Y/n. Just leave it alone.” He growled, shaking his head.

“But it is something.” You argued back, stepping a bit closer to him which made him narrow his eyes as he took a shaky breath.

“Fine, you really want to know?” He cracked, making you nod your head. “I-I, I love you,” he laughed, no humor lacing his voice as he spoke. “This is so cheesy and stupid but when I saw Groff pull your stupid necklace out of that stupid beanie, it was the worst feeling in the world.” He continued. “And I know you would never date him and he doesn’t like you romantically but it’s still an awful feeling-”

“Daveed, shut up.”

He stopped, looking down at you with a hurt expression when you pulled his face down to meet yours, pressing your lips to his.

It took a few moments for him to reciprocate but he finally did, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you up onto the counter, kissing you as if he stopped, you’d be gone.

You both eventually, and reluctantly, pulled away to catch your breath, smiling breathlessly at each other.

When you both went back, hand in hand, you were greeted with this scene~

“Who the hell put a deck of cards in the beanie?” Oak groaned, frowning at the deck in his hands which made Lin sheepishly raise his hand.

“What? Did you seriously think we would make out? Nuh uh. We’re gonna play Go Fish for the next seven minutes.”

“Why do you even carry a deck of cards with you?”

“You never know when you’ll need them.”

“You’re so weird.”

“I know.”

Preferences: When You’re Sick

I just hit 4,500 followers today and I’m super sick rn so I decided I had a lot of inspiration for this particular preference because its just what I want right now

Requested by @dreams-of-feysand @writergash and some nonnies

Preference Tag List: @dreams-of-feysand @runesandfaes@autumn03 @fiery-feyre @januarystears@caitlyn-blackwell @starzablaze @writergash @illyriangoddess @wyrdtoyourmother @perks-of-being-a-lunar @justbooklover @aelinxfeyre @queen-archeron@twirling-pages​ (Let me know if you want to be added to this list!)


You have a fever, so Rowan uses his powers to keep you cool when you’re overheated or warm when you have chills. He keeps fresh air circulating the room to help your overworked lungs and has an ice pack constantly ready to soothe your pounding headache. He fusses over you all day and it’s the most adorable thing ever.


He takes you to the cabin when you are sick, both for fresh air and some alone time to get better. The cabin’s magic takes care of both of you and without responsibilities and plenty of sleep, your health improves fairly quickly. You get back to Velaris a week later even though you were only sick for three of those days. That alone time was definitely used to it’s fullest extent.


She makes you into a roll of blankets and then realizes that she didn’t leave you enough room to move your arms. So then its a process of unrolling and re-rolling so she can hand you the steaming cup of tea she’s been keeping warm –and proceeds to keep warm enough so that it soothes but does not burn your throat. When you’re done, she provides an abundance of books to read and says ‘bless you’ literally every single time you sneeze.


The King of Adarlan gives you a massage when you are sick in bed. With both his magic and physical hands, Dorian rubs your shoulders and feet until your body is completely relaxed. He then proceeds to kiss up the length of your body and you honestly completely forget about your pounding head and screaming throat. Especially when Dorian takes it upon himself to place a sweet peck right on the tip of your red nose.

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Chillin’ (Richie Tozier/Reader)

Originally posted by saintalia

(A/N: Ya’ll imma need to start writing Stranger Things fics just bc there aren’t enough It gifs lmao. I was tempted 2 take this gif and just draw glasses on it. Anyways I’m tired and this is bad bc of it. It doesn’t fit any of the things I said I wanted to write today so like idk why im i like this lmao. Oh well don’t hate me. The title is stupid bc this is stupid and im stupid)

Request: “hey can i get a richie x reader imagine where they’re both really bad trashmouths and idk they’re sitting in bed talking just exchanging cuss words and what’s happened lately and maybe some cute kisses??”

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Bill Denbrough: Sketches & Polaroids

Request  → “ Bill x Reader where her parents fight all the times and her and bill have been friends since they were little and her parents fighting gets really bad so she sneaks out to Bills house and she finds a bunch of drawings and polaroids of her and Bill and he reveals he loves her and it’s super fluffy and cute?” for @supertoastrisesagain

“one where the reader has a crush on bill and doesn’t know how to tell him for fear of ruining their friendship so she just starts avoiding him, and eventually he just corners her and she has to confess and bill just kisses her” for @ayatoiloveyou

“Can I request a Bill x Reader imagine where they’ve been best friends since childhood and they finally admit their feelings/crushes to each other? Super cute and fluffy”

“Bill x Reader where richie tries to set them up but just creates a domino effect of awkward situations? fluffy ending”

A/N  →  four in one! pretty nifty right

Pairing → Bill Denbrough x Reader (She/Her)

Warnings  → mentions of a bad homelife, me putting detail into things that didn’t need that much detail, and not enough detail into things that did. the usual.

The cold autumn air stung your cheeks. It was frightening, walking in the dark, especially in the short lengths between streetlights. Dull, old, Derry streetlights. You sniffed, and dried your eyes again. You appreciated the quiet though. It was better than listening to your parents scream themselves hoarse at each other.

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in which michelle jones grew up with dorks for parents and doesn’t want her friends to find out. 

one | two | three | four (THIS ONE!) | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • michelle absolutely adores her parents. do not get her wrong. they have always been there for her. when she scraped her knee after falling playing tag. when she broke her leg trying to jump from a swing that got too high. when her older brother told her that she was too lame to hang out with him and his friends at his eleventh birthday party. her lower lip trembled as she ran to her father and cried into his arms.
  • they’ve always had her back and have tried to give her the best life they could.
  • that is, except when the opportunity to embarrass her in front of literally anyone arises.
  • “oh, you’ve got to hear this story about michelle when she was seven. she was still wetting the bed, and…”
  • “michelle loves reading. it’s so funny though because she refused to pick up a book for the longest time. until we got her everyone poops!”
  • “she likes being called mj now. but once she said, ‘that’s me. mj jones!’ her father looked at her and laughed. ‘okay michelle jones jones.’ she blushed and ran away. she’s so precious!’
  • “michelle started wearing bras! she resisted at first, but then her best friend got a bra so she just had to do so.”
  • her parents love her. really, they do. it’s just that they think everyone wants to hear about all the stories of michelle growing up and fumbling about, trying to figure out how to be the woman she is today.
  • okay
  • so maybe she’s still fumbling a bit. but no one needs to know that! especially not her father’s boss! or her mother’s coworker! or the lady working at target!
  • they just overshare, and it just so happens they have a lot of information to share about michelle. which would be fine. but usually she’s there and has to endure that moment when the story ends and the person who’s just heard something completely and utterly embarrassing about her glances over, some with a slight red tinge of second hand embarrassment on their cheeks, and give her a once over before smiling briefly and going on with the conversation.
  • so michelle loves her parents. but she tries not to deal with them around other people if she can help it.
  • which is why she is absolutely mortified when they inform her that peter parker and ned leeds are going to be coming over for dinner because it’s about time they met the people she spends so much time with at school.

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Champagne [Gladio x Reader] [NSFW]

Hi my name is Saph and my specialty is writing fic for people who are having a shitty time of it. This time around is for @cupnoodle-queen ;o; chin up, Mish!!!

Also tagging: @louisvuittontrashbags @hypaalicious @vashiane @sonsoflucis @xnoctits @insomniascure @noxfreyas @sailormars109 @wolfgoddess77 @paopuicecream @ultimoogle @taconinja7 @misssarahdoll @elloquench @ffxvhoe @roses-and-oceans @themissimmortal @cherryblossomcheesecake @me-yasato @kidolegend @the-lucian-archives @thegoddesseos@fortheloveofeos

Hyperboles be damned: this whole week had been a crick in your neck.

And speaking of which—you thought you were starting to get one from all that desk work. Gods above, sorting through all that paperwork had been brutal; you don’t know what you would have done if not for those occasional supportive text messages from Gladio. Whether it was a picture of a thumbs-up gesture, or a simple You’ve got this, baby girl three-quarters of the way through your shift, the gentle buzz of your phone every so often was more than enough to put a flutter in your stomach, or make your face light up.

(You knew it did, every time. You didn’t even have to look in the mirror to know.)

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The Town of Forgetting: VI

Slow Burn!Richie Tozier x Fem!Reader

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

Summary: It was just a simple “get ready to fight an all powerful evil entity” night with Richie when your dreams are corrupted by IT. When you wake up though, Richie seems to have had the same nightmare. You watch him twitch madly and scream his lungs out as the clown stands over you, feeding on your fear. The problem is, what if this is one nightmare that you can’t wake up from?

Warnings: Blood, violence, lowkey description of mental breakdown, some good wholesome angst and comfort. 

Words: 2,558

Previous Chapter                                                           Next Chapter

“Why are you holding trash bags?” You ask in a bored voice, not looking up from the map of Derry’s sewer system that you were looking at. Without even trying, you knew Richie brought trash bags. The smell was awful, like rotting food and a dead animal or two. “Get them out of my room. Now.”

“Damn lady, chill for a sec,” He mutters while holding a pencil between his teeth. “I’m workin’ ‘ere.”

You snorted at his terrible imitation of an Italian mobster. Although you’d never admit this, Richie’s small impressions and jokes were a bit cute. Slowly, the faded auras above his head were becoming brighter, more colorful. You look up from the multiple charts scattered on your bed and all over the floor, eyeing his work with slight interest as he struggled to cut holes in the bags with a pair of scissors.

“Please tell me those aren’t breathing holes,” You say, scribbling a note on the map of Derry. “I told you, we aren’t gonna fucking kidnap them.”

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Hello hi yes this fic is inspired by a thing I kind of just found out wasn’t quite normal?? So everything in it is kinda based off my own experiences lol. Basically I associate almost everybody with a different colour, and I can see/feel the colour in my mind if I think about it when I’m with the person. Bad explanation, there’s a whole post on tumblr with me rambling on about it with another person though. So I’m sorry if it doesn’t make much sense? Oh well, it was fun to write. Anyway, on with the story, hope you enjoy it!!

@fosterdawgfan @mylasagnaisraw @princeyandanxiety @angstymelon @frustratedwaffle @evilmuffin (hope y’all are ok w me tagging you, if you want on or off the tag list just tell me friendos)


Ever since Anxiety had first come into existence, people had a colour. The colour was just… there. Almost everybody had a colour, as long as he or Thomas knew them. Be it bright green, dark greyish blue, vibrant yellow, popping orange, deep purple, dark red, people just had a colour! Anxiety barely ever paid attention to it, actually, because after all, it was all just in his mind. It wasn’t like he physically saw the colours he just… felt them.

If he thought about it hard enough, he could see what the colour was, could imagine it perfectly. Anxiety still didn’t know why some people had specific colours. Nobody was ever quite the same, no one had the same shade or hue. Sometimes people just didn’t have a colour, and Anxiety had no explanation for that. They could be one of Thomas’ oldest friends, yet there would be no colour for Anxiety to associate them with. Sometimes it was hard to tell what the colour really was; sometimes it was all unclear and blended and muddy, and it made Anxiety’s head hurt if he thought about it for too long. He usually tried to ignore those colours after a while, if the person was somebody he could associate a colour with then eventually it would get clearer.

Sometimes the colour changed.

Emotions and feelings seemed to have a lot to do with it: how Anxiety felt about the person, if the person was showing one strong emotion in that moment, etc.

Sometimes Anxiety had to know the person really well to get a strong colour, yet sometimes knowing them well made the colour harder to define. No stranger had a colour. People he knew only vaguely sometimes had a colour, but it was usually darker and less clear. Every colour came with a different feeling. Sometimes the colour was unexpected, not what one would typically associate the person with. It wasn’t like he chose the colour, although he did sift through options trying to figure out exactly what the colour was. He didn’t know why some colours were what they were, although sometimes Anxiety wondered if he took it from appearances, like blue eyes, or simply knowledge of the person, like favourite colours. Sometimes Anxiety convinced himself it was all fake.

He thought about it for too long, managed to convince himself that it was all fake, unreal, that he was making it up. That he was forcing himself to think of a colour whenever he saw a person because he wanted to be special, unique. That he simply chose a colour and stuck it to the person. Felt like it wasn’t real because who the heck gives people a colour? And it couldn’t be that rare, different colours were associated with different things all the time, like yellow with happiness, etc. Anxiety often convinced himself that he was lying to himself, somehow.

But Anxiety couldn’t deny the fact that every time he saw Roman, he felt colour.


When he paid attention, or one of the other’s was doing something particularly strongly, their colour shone through.

Morality was light yellow, or maybe white. Bright, energetic colours. Shiny and like sunlight, intense. Loud and popping out at you, happy and cheerful. He was constant and solid, rarely switching from anything but those bright colours.

Logic was blue. The shade changed depending on what he was doing, however. If he was pondering the universe, giving facts, teaching people etc then he was dark blue, almost navy. Interesting and intelligent, deep and intricate. If Logan was playing, either a game or with a toy (usually a Rubik’s cube) or being childish with Morality, then his colour changed to something like orchid blue.

But Prince, Prince was red.



Sometimes, he was pink. The red would pale, dim down, become more peaceful. More relaxed, less vibrant, a soft happiness and contentedness with whatever was happening. Prince changed to pink when he was in his own little world. Curled up in a pillow fort, eyes shining, absorbed in a Disney movie he knew off by heart. Drawing and colouring, humming peacefully to songs as he allowed his creativity to flow loosely and freely.

And sometimes, when he was upset, he turned dark orange. Clashing and violent, chaos, a turmoil of distress. Anxiety always knew, and Prince’s colour always turned orange, because Roman never hid when he was feeling bad. He was loud and vocal, distressed voiced ringing through the mind, upset expression lingering on his face. He was unafraid to say when he felt unloved, unworthy, unimportant, etc. He was orange.

But Anxiety loved Prince’s normal colour. He loved the red.

Roman was scarlet, like his sash. Bright and loud, explosive and always right there, booming and expanding, a rush of crimson whenever the boy was being dramatic. The red was passion; bright and loud, strong and steady, fireworks. Loud voices and excitement, hand gestures and energetic feelings. Bright, unabashed smiles, full of excitement and delight, nothing held back or covered. Eyes twinkling in joy, his very personality loud enough to overpower everything else, the vibrant red practically emanating from him. Endless and energetic, wild and free and dramatic. That was the boy that Anxiety loved. He was red. Roman was red.

Love was red.

Tastes Like Love

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,925 words

Notes: So…it’s been too long…LMAO. I haven’t been happy with my writing lately and I can’t seem to put any ideas into words but last night I got this little idea and ran to write something before it escaped! It’s not much but at least it’s an update. Here’s the visual of the cookie I mentioned down there, if you want. Happy (belated) Valentine’s day y’all! <3 Enjoy!

It’s around 9 in the morning when the team finally lands at the Avengers facility, having flown an all night flight after a mission in a remote place in the globe. Everyone is just so tired and so damn sleepy that the usual formalities are forgotten and Steve settles for a late debrief, after they’re all rested and fed, at least.

All Bucky can think about is taking a shower and hitting the sheets.

He knows it’s Valentine’s Day and he knows that it’s likely that his doll would be anxiously waiting for him to come home, but the idea of a shower and a nap is just too appealing for him to pass away.

That is, until he finally arrives home.

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Follow My Lead

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut (very light), Implied long distance relationship.

Wordcount: 2200ish

A/N: This is the first time in ages I have written something not SPN. The trailer from Chris’ coming movie Gifted threw me into a full blown Chris crisis and it wouldn’t end (no thanks to @blacktithe7) so I tried to write it away.

My main fandom I write for will always be SPN, but I am also not promising this will be the last time I write for Chris.

Thanks to my Chris Evans pusher and awesome friend Erin @blacktithe7 betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You felt the first rays of the morning sun hit your face, and you reached across the bed, surprised to find it empty.

Your eyes fluttered open, and you looked around the room. You frowned as you sat up, wrapping your still naked body in the sheets as you took a deep breath. You knew he couldn’t be far, but still, you were a little disappointed. You had hoped to wake up still wrapped in his arms and spend the better part of the day right here with him.

Your eyes wandered the room. You had barely had time to appreciate the cabin last night. You had only had eyes for Chris as soon as you arrived.

This place belonged to his family, and he had invited you up there for the week since you had barely had time to see each other lately. Both being actors and working on different schedules was hard on your new relationship. Still, you loved each other and were both determined to make this work.

You looked around the room and smiled. The place didn’t seem huge. The bedroom was cozy and homey and suited Chris perfectly. You could only see the bedroom right now, and you barely remembered what the rest of the cabin looked like outside these four walls. You had barely gotten through the door last night before you had been in his arms.

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Electric Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my lovelies!!! Technically, I’m still on hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics). It’ll probably be another week until I am Officially OFF Hiatus. HOWEVER. I wrote this and I just kind of love it and want to share it and then I heard the song on the radio today so I took it as a SIGN that I should post it. I hope you like it!! Any feedback in any form is appreciated. I love you guys!! I’ll be back for good soon!! :) 

Song Inspiration: Electric Love by BORNS


Electric Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Characters: Reader x Bucky, Tony, Sam, Clint, Natasha

Summary: Reader’s powers keep her from getting too close to anyone, until Bucky makes a surprising discovery. 

Warnings: near-death experience mentioned, mostly fluff, a tiny bit of angst?

Word Count: 1933

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“Hey, if it wasn’t for me, you both would’ve died, alright? Whose idea was it to knock down the power lines anyway? I can’t believe you both stepped in that puddle at the same time…” you trailed off, laughing about it now but still shaken by the sight of Sam and Clint motionless outside the HYDRA compound.

Sam smirked, “Well, I guess it’s lucky we have a walking defibrillator with us at all times, eh, Y/N?”

You had sent small electric shocks to both of their hearts to get them beating again. “Yeah, lucky I took pity on you instead of letting you die of your own stupidity,” you said with an affectionate smile.

A laugh erupted around the dinner table as the team finished eating. Bucky caught your eye and sent you a smile, which you returned. The former-Winter Soldier was one of your best friends and you were grateful to have him. The whole team, in fact. The past few years had been rough for you so finding the Avengers and being asked to join was a Godsend.

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How To Say “I Love You”

Patton had a lot of feelings. So far, so obvious, he knew, but he felt like it needed to be said. He had a lot of feelings, and often didn’t know what to do with them. He’d make little drawings or cards for the others around the holidays, be a mother hen if they were sick, the works. But in between those times, he often felt a little lost for how to express the overwhelming emotion he got from watching the others be themselves.

Roman was probably the easiest person to subtly share his love with. Patton was always ready for a dramatic duet, or a Disney movie, or even just a moment where the two of them were doing two separate things on the same couch.

One day particularly stood out in Patton’s mind, where Roman came to him, red in the face and panting, saying, “I-don’t-know-what-you’ve-done-yet-but-you-gave-me-an-amazing-idea-thank-you.” He hugged Patton tightly and then ran off somewhere, if Patton had to hazard a guess it was to tell Thomas about what he had come up with.

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Muse - s.r.

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pairing: steve x reader (she/her)

summary: he’d never admit to anybody but himself how enamored of her he was - it’s not like he needed though, considering everybody on the team, including her, knew about it. however, he could never muster up the courage to do anything, his 40s’ persona taking over his captain america confidence. instead, he chose to admire her every detail, momorizing from afar every curve of her body, every smile she had, how her eyes lit up when she talked about things she liked - and put it all on paper. sketches of her that took over pages and pages of his sketchbook - up until the day she found out and he knew there was no going back.

warnings: some slight sexual action, movie reference, swearing, angst if you put like a magnifying glass on it, fluff, nsfw gifs

word count: 3.2k

n/a: hope you guys like it. it’s my second piece and i really like it, who doesnt love cute shy!steve right. also, the reader doesn’t make a real significant/solid appearance until like the halfway, i decided to write this one as mostly steve monologuing with himself. if you guys want a part two with smut, let me know.  ♥

✤ gifs found on this blog. doesn’t belog to me & if the owner wants it down, just contact me. x

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Steve sighed softly, his eyes roaming the room and stopping on her figure. She was laughing wholeheartedly, showing Sam something on his own phone. He guessed it was – what’s the name of that thing again? Mimi? Meemee? Meme? Ah, yes, meme. The way she was moving her hands enthusiastically and showing his friend something on his phone screen meant she was explaining that meme thing to Sam, just like she’d done to him countless times before.

She was so pure, so simple, yet so beautiful and unique. Her mere presence was enough to light up the room she was in, to lift his mood – in fact, he was so used to her that he could barely remember the days before her arrival at the compound and, subsequently, at the team. All he remembered was that the days were longer, darker, duller. He couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he fell in love with her nor when he realized and admitted to himself he was enamored with her, but he knew that every time she did the bare minimum – such as breathing – he’d fall deeper on that hole people called love.

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Traiterous Heart, pt. 2

Thank you for all your feedback! :) I’m so glad you liked it. 

I almost died when I realized I used the WRONG FUCKING NAME the whole time. Omg. Apologies. Idk why but I think I just got it wrong once in the beginning and then my brain was like ‘yep, that’s right, that’s his name, yes’

I’m embarrassed. 

But hey xD enjoy part 2, this time with the correct name! Yay! 

There is a lot of crying, because, hey, coming out is emotional af. So be warned. Also, tw: mild homophobia.

read part 1 here

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Sherwin can’t believe that he gets to stare at Jonathan without having to be ashamed now. And he can’t believe Jonathan, sometimes, catches him when he turns around in class, and his whole face lights up when he smiles at Sherwin and it’s beautiful.

Sherwin blushes and smiles back and then Jonathan blushes too and Tildy just sits next to Sherwin and giggles.


As nice as it is to know Jonathan likes him back, and as nice as it is when Jonathan hugs him in the morning before school and that they sometimes hold hands when noone sees, it’s still not easy.

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