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Saiyuki high school AU…! Because I love high school AUs. Honestly Goku’s lines came from me thinking about my love for spinach so there. I confess. I just had Goku saying it because after thinking this, I thought ‘that’s so Goku, though?’ and I needed a reason for him to say stuff like this so I made a HS AU where Ten was the English teacher because he’d probably assign something like this.

Also…if I wasn’t so sleepy I’d have added Gojyo and Banri laughing, teasing Goku or something but…alas. Maybe I’d do more of these some time! x’)

@holysea: I wanted you to see this, hahaha.

sometimes you just need to remember that you don’t have to be pretty like other girls, just be pretty in your own way. everyone has their own beauty

Have a few seconds?

Hiiiiiii. Um, this is a bit embarassing but I figured it’s worth asking anyway. I need your help, it’s been a very low few weeks for my self estime and I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow, I’m playing at the theatre in front of 500 people but before that I have two hours of driving lessons. My depression and anxiety are not being too kind to me lately and I’m not sure I’ll actually have the strengh to get up and actually play correctly in front of those people. To make it a bit worse (ah!) my driving instructor isn’t exactly, um what could I say, encouraging and supportive, he’s more the kind of insulting you and making you feel incredibly stupid. It usually takes me days to recover from those lessons and stop feeling like I’m a total waste of space

ANYWAY. What I’m basically asking if that if you have a bit of time, send me a positive thing? Could be anything! Something you like about me, a compliment, a quote or a song you like, submit me a picture of kittens. Just yes, I really really need all the positive things I can get xxx

Much much love!


Soulmate AUs are highly problematic

On one hand, I love the idea that everyone has a perfect match out there. On the other, they’re so infuriating because in some of them the pair just meets and suddenly everything is perfect but IT SHOULDN’T WORK LIKE THAT!

You can’t just find your match and immediately get along. You have to work for it. Give me the soulmates who hate each other, who have to grow into their relationship, who can argue/disagree/banter, who have to deal with real issues before they get their happy endings. Give all these things to me. Make it gritty and tough. Make it passionate. Make it FEEL eternal and everlasting and WORTHY of being a soulmate bond.

🌴Some Words🌴

Discouragement is inevitable as a creator. It can be very disheartening to see people who excel more at what you do or succeed more, etc. But art (in all forms) isn’t there for us to use as a way to be the best. It’s there for us to use in order to create something. This idea of not being the best is damaging. Of course it’s important to try and push yourself, get better, improve. But that’s natural. And it comes with time. But don’t strive to be someone else. Take inspiration from the things that made/make you want to be an artist and go from there. But don’t carbon copy. Don’t compare. Because everyone is different and everyone is meant to be different.

I can’t tell you how many styles I see around instagram that look exactly the same. And while the style might have been cool the first time, it gets so boring to see so many people doing it. I think that’s when I started to realize that I don’t want to be like someone else. And if that means my art sucks then so be it. What I’m trying to say is…don’t fall under the weight of other people. We are all on the same playing field. Just trying to create. And being authentic and true to yourself as an artist is far more important (and creative) than just trying to be like someone else because they’re popular or better. And I’m very guilty of all these feelings. But I feel like, for now, I’ve had a semi-breakthrough from them. Because I realize (and keep realizing) that at the end of the day, I’m most happy when I’m drawing what I want and how I want. And I hope any creator can feel the same. 

We’re artists. We’re insecure. I get it. But it’s so fun to create…and nothing should stop you from doing so. 

ohhhhHhhhHHH maN

Okay I don’t usually post OCs but this is a nice collab, I made the lines and this was colored majestically by @plukan and I JUST COULDN’T KEEP IT HIDDEN LOOK AT THEM COLOURS U GUYSSS

This is my OC David as a child- he’s a medium, and whenever he fell asleep as a baby he ended up astral projecting, which could be scary as fuck but hey sometimes you could actually meet pretty chill ghosts who just look scary and need a hug.
(Please don’t repost or reproduce my design)


You look hella pretty, Armin

because sometimes you just need pillow forts and fairy lights and not destruction, blood and chaos
(i’m sorry he’s not exactly putting them in, it just evolved into something like this) (i’ll be drawing more eremin anyway so)

Closed RP//Wandering Corpses

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It isn’t so unheard of, that the inhabitants of that damned old estate may occasionally be found away from their typical haunts.
The beasts were not really gated in, and the bloodsuckers of the courtyard seemingly found their way into all nooks and crannies of the place-
In fact, it happened to be that those damnable whining insects that had, out of sheer annoyance, driven one particular resident of the ruins out of its place, stumbling frustratedly out of a pair of rotting wooden doors.
His usual drinks, stolen from the cellar below the old household, had been interrupted by those wittering pests- Their droning and chittering echoed through his skull and rattled his teeth, eventually driving him out of the place altogether.

It was an infuriating affair, and one he did not wish to return to all that soon.

But what was the skeleton to do while he waited for their eventual evacuation? He couldn’t just stand on the hillside, dawdling like a drunkard (despite the fact that he was, indeed, currently fairly tipsy);
Rather, shelter would be appropriate, as the air was heavy with the threat of rain, and he did not enjoy the feeling of waterlogged bones.

The nameless fright pondered, in his stupor, as to what he could do while he awaited the evacuation of the ruins bloodsucking guests-
But the sound of distant music, the chattering of voices, and the flickering yellow light of oil lamps duely answered his question. He spies the hamlet below, through the thin, creeping fog.

Now wouldn’t that be fun? Music, and drink, and no rotten insects!
The thought of the reaction of the residents there didn’t cross his mind, though- granted, he didn’t actually have one any more…
But memories of old festivities and the promise of a tavern held him strong enough that whatever ‘mind’ he may have, was convinced.

And so the courtier made his way down to the hamlet, staggering across glittering wet cobbles, and slipping into a shadowy snickelway with his immovable corpses grin, and a distinct lack of far brighter ideas.

After seeing that Hinoka and Camilla’s support is about Camilla teaching Hinoka to sew and about their differences from each other all I could think of was Camilla and Hinoka teaming up in a cosplay AU. Like Hinoka is great at making armor and working with thermoplastics while Camilla is tantamount to a professional seamstress, can make any big ballgowns they want to wear, etc.

Together they are an unstoppable team and maybe they fall in love along the way

Time Lapse - TheFatRat (IMPOSSIBLE REMIX)

I’ve been doing alot of nightmares lately. Nightmares where I die pretty often, and where ocasionally my family members die as well. When my holidays started I got to rest much better and they stopped. But today I took a nap as a break after working on the Ink pages and another nightmare happened, but it was probably worse; my father was dying in the street and I kept calling anyone for help, everyone was ignoring me scream. When I called the emergencies they laughed at me.

So yeeeep, great time, I woke up with teary eyes. I didn’t really FEEL anything? Except being extremely tired.

But sometimes, you just need a very few little things. Like a pretty nice music, and a little guardian that watches over you. Since Ink plays the flute, just imagining him playing for me is so relieving. Q//w//Q <3

I keep saying to people that Ink is very special. He’s different from any other character I had before. He always shows up when I feel bad. I created him when I felt bad. His backstory popped in my head when I felt bad. And now well, you can’t say these are coincidences anymore.

Maybe I really do have an angel watching my back <3

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man, people just need to chill out sometimes. i think you're pretty cool, you're alright in my book, dude. -piss

W-wow, t-thank you!!!! S-Sorry about your name though….