sometimes you just need a hug and a yacht and your love's severed head

Inception (Pt. IV)

Plot: Bucky sees Y/N share those forever alone posts from 9GAG on Facebook but he’s too shy to ask you out. But Natasha has a plan… (this is an AU where everyone is happy and no one hates each other and pepper is still with tony)

In this chapter: Y/N had a dream..

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Wordcount: 1.2K+

Warnings: none for this one!

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Natasha found Y/N in Wanda’s room as she headed back towards her room. They were sat cross-legged on Wanda’s bed. She could see Y/N’s mouth moving, Wanda’s eyes wide and eyebrows raised, hanging onto every word Y/N said and acknowledging her with the occasional nod. Natasha wasn’t going to let herself miss out on story time that’s for sure.

“Shouldn’t you be at the gym now?” she asked. Leading questions always led to deeper answers.

“About that.. you should hear about Y/N’s WILD dream last night,” Wanda chimed in, trying to suppress her laughter.


“I’d tell you but you have to promise not to laugh,” she hushed, shooting daggers at Wanda through her squinted eyes.

Natasha kicked the door shut. “Spill.”

Y/N described at length how she was on a yacht with Sam celebrating their wedding anniversary. Everyone was apparently very happy for them. He even bought Cristal and had rose petals scattered all over the bed, so she went along with it because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. All while feeling incredibly disgusted and confused at the thought of being with Sam romantically. She cringed when she related how Sam tried to play footsy with her under the table while they had dinner on the deck. And how he hugged her and fell asleep while she remained tense and wide-awake on their bed, praying he wouldn’t wake up so she didn’t have to oblige him with kisses, or worse - some love-making. 

But for some inglorious reason, Bucky came and rescued her from her misery, defying physics, riding a black horse across the ocean to whisk her away while Sam was asleep. Not that it was a situation to be “rescued” from but she climbed out of the circular window on the boat and BAM the horse brought them to Target to buy grapes.

Natasha’s lips remained pursed and tense as she stared at Y/N in wonder.

“This means she’s into Bucky, right!” Wanda exclaimed.

“No! I don’t know! This is weird UGH my skin is crawling. I don’t even like Bucky that way,” Y/N snapped.

Natasha rolled her eyes. “But you certainly think of him that way. Do we need to remind you of what you said about him last night?”

“NO! We’re just friends!”

“Friends don’t bail on training sessions together,” Wanda quipped. 

“I just need some space away from him right now. Until I get my head sorted out. Just help me, help me avoid him or something, warn me when he’s somewhere so I don’t have to bump into him pleasepleaseplease..”

Natasha sighed, “that is so juvenile.”

What’s a stressed-out but ridiculously motivated young woman to do when she doesn’t want to confront her feelings? She buries herself in work of course!

Y/N spent much of the following week holed up in the lab – the only part of the base she knew Bucky had no business in. She went through several designs and upgrades for her utility belt, surviving on pop tarts and instant noodles for the large part. She only joined the team for dinner once because it was Pizza Part Friday Night.

They knew something was up, but with Natasha threatening to break their ribs with that look in her eyes from across the table, no one peeped a squeak about the elephant in the room.

And when Bucky asked, she only taunted him with “Y/N had a weird dream, about you.”

“What dream?”

“It’s not my place to say. If you wanna know, ask her yourself,” she answered coyly.

He rolled his eyes. “I don’t even see her anymore. Where the hell is she anyway?”

“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t have the guts to straight-up talk to her about it anyways.” And Natasha was right

Of course, it was impossible to avoid him for long, even if the base was the size of Disneyland or there about. When she saw him in the kitchen, she ignored her hunger pangs and headed back to the lab again, ignoring him as he called out after her. It’s not that she didn’t feel bad about the ice wall she had inadvertently erected between them. He deserved an explanation. But right now, her instinct was to flee and not fight. 

“Y/N! Wanda said I’d find you here!” Peter greeted cheerfully. He mustn’t have sensed the tension around the base. “Haven’t seen you in a while,” he chuckled, “I uh.. need some help..”


“Eh.. advice actually, girl stuff,” he admitted.

Here we go again,’ she thought to herself.

“Wanda said you give great advice,” he continued, voice softening as he fiddled with the notebook in his hands.


Turns out Peter and Kamala did have a thing going on. What do you know? Tony’s matchmaking attempts did have some success. Peter was afraid of Kamala’s parents and didn’t know how to broach the subject of actually taking her out on a proper date, especially when they were pretty conservative.

“Awwwww Peter,” Y/N gushed. “First of, it’s great that you’re keeping her parents’ opinion in mind, gotta respect them after all. I think you should continue hanging out with her, like maybe here, so they won’t feel too uncomfortable about it. OH! Or you can have dinner at their house, let them get to know you first?”

Y/N was really impressed with how mature Peter was, though he was still a bumbling fool at times, especially around females. If only she could say the same about herself (or Bucky) – grown-ass adults who couldn’t get their shit together.

“Whoa-o-kays, that’s gonna be a little intimidating but I guess it’s a good move. Thanks Y/N! Can’t believe you’ve been single your whole life, you know just what to do!”

Her face fell.

“Oh, um, shoot, that’s not what I-uh- I mean you’re so great someone’s gonna be happy to have you um wait- no uh- you’ll definitely find someone soon!” he stuttered awkwardly.

“Don’t worry about it, Peter,” she replied faintly.

“Uh, sorry and thank you! You’re still great though! I’d date you if I were older!” he called out as he walked out of the lab.

Now left alone in the lab once again, the weight of all those years – having never been asked out on a date, seeing her high school crush go to prom with her cousin, dishing out relationship advice to her friends though she never had any experience, watching Legally Blonde and yearning for her own Emmett – made her crack.

It’s been a while, but she shared another meme.

“Reasons to date me: 1. No one will try to steal me from you. 2. Sometimes I’m funny.”

Bucky woke up to a barrage of notifications on his phone.

Natasha liked your comment.
Steve liked your comment.
Wanda liked your comment.
Sam liked your comment.
Tony liked your comment.
Scott liked your comment.
Scott replied your comment.

What comment?!

Date me. Lol.

“WHATTHEDAMNHELL! STEVE. NATASHA. SAM. WHO DID THIS? I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YOU!” he screamed as he threw open his door, banging on theirs as he stormed through the hallway. “‘LOL’? REALLY?!”

“WASN’T ME,” Sam yelled through his door.
“NOT ME,” as did Natasha.

“STEVE. WHA-WH-WHY HOW DID YOU.. STEVE!” he called out, but received no response - Steve was out on the track with Y/N.

“Do you think she’s seen it?”

The three of them stood before the large glass wall of the living room that overlooked the field outside.

“Probably,” Natasha nodded. “But you should be worrying about what Steve will say to her in person,” she added as they looked out the window, observing Y/N as she ran laps around the track with Steve barking next to her.

Did Steve say anything to her? Or did she ask him about it first? And when did Steve do this? What is he saying to her right now? Why are her lips moving, what is she saying back to him? Are they talking about Bucky? Did they see him looking at them?

Bucky let his head hit the wall as he sighed in defeat, leaving an imprint of his oily forehead on the otherwise clean glass. “What do I do now, Nat?”

“Date her. Lol,” she smirked as Sam chortled behind her.

im sorry i pulled the dream-used-to-accelerate-plot trope, i usually dislike it but foreal this happened to me when i was younger and i woke up FREAKING OUT so i think writing this is gonna help me let that go. 

also, that meme the reader shared did happen to my friend christy when her senpai shared (urgh)