sometimes you just have to lay on the floor

caregiver space advice ♡

just like littles, it’s difficult for caregivers to get into their space sometimes so here’re some tips & tricks !!

start with downtime | whether they enter little space through excitement, an age regressor, or just because they want to, spend the first 30 minutes doing calm activities with your little. lay together on the floor while coloring, cradle them with a warm bottle, turn on a cartoon while you sit together in bed. easing them into little space will help you ease into your space as well & having a calm atmosphere will give you more time to register your role.

skim through actual parent blogs | some days, caregivers aren’t in the mood for responsibilities. you need to be responsible at work or college so admit it: you get tired. actual baby bloggers don’t have a choice because their little is always little so looking through their articles can motivate you & help spark your need to care for something just as precious as an actual baby.

talk in 3rd person | refer to yourself as your title. a lot of caregivers do this anyways, but you can never have too much of it. ask your little for kisses, tell them you love them & are proud of them, baby talk, etc. in 3rd person while they’re transitioning into little space.

please remember that what works for me might not work for you. these are just tricks that help me get into caregiver space faster/easier so try them all or pick & choose. don’t give up if some don’t work out, you’ll find aide eventually, i promise !!

Loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)


1) Tell them what’s real. Have them tell you what’s real. Whether it’s the color of their shirt or how much they are needed.

2) Be there. Just be there. For them, or with them. Sometimes the most calming thing can be laying in bed (or on the floor!) with them in silence. Just having another person with them.

3) The little things means everything. The actual idea that you have taken a second to not tell us, but show us will be something we hold onto. (Personal note: someone very special to me sent me a flower gram at school in February for Valentine’s Day, I still have it.)

4) Reassure them constantly that you love them. Keep them in the loop of your life, even if it’s just a text saying you love them or what you’re up to today.

5) They will think you’re angry with them for no obvious reason to you, and then you’ll get annoyed that they think that. Don’t. Our minds have a way of making us think any and everyone hates us.

6) They will push you away. They’re scared. It is nothing against you. Typically, it means they’re scared of how close you’re getting. This is a great time for hugs (with consent!)

7) They will love you. They feel so deeply and sometimes it’s so, so hard but they will never ever want to be without you.

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Hey <3 I really liked your Seventeen as Neighbors especially the Joshua one. Can I request Mark Jb and Jinyoung as neighbors?

i don’t write for got7 but i did a jinyoung neighbor thing for the au game so,,,
also they all look really good recently,,,,,gosh i love got7 

Jinyoung’s can be found here –> (x)


  • doesn’t really speak all that often, but is really polite. as in, to older tenants he always bows respectfully, to people his age he always smiles and nods, and to the kids he’s just super sweet bending down to ruffle their hair and laugh at whatever they tell him
  • and like he’s really athletic like you never see him use the elevator, he always runs up the stairs even though his apartments on the 10th floor 
  • the building you live in also has a park right across the street and if you wake up early enough you can look out of your window and see mark working out, doing pull ups on the monkey bars and whatnot
  • (sometimes in the summer he does this shirtless and let’s just say you’re not the only person looking out of their window completely mesmerized LOL)
  • has a cross on his door along with a little sticker of the taiwanese flag which were all sent to him in his first care package from his parents when he moved in alone
  • he’s really casual, you can see that in the way he dresses mainly in basketball shorts and hoodies, but his apartment is just the same. as in he’s got like no actual decorations in his apartment just work out equipment, his computer, and his bed,,,,
  • like he’s got photos of his family hung  up on the refrigerator but like ,,,, a proper table? nope. a wardrobe? don’t need it. a mirror? the bathroom has one don’t need another one LOL
  • and there’s another thing about mark,,,,he really ,,,,doesn’t know how to do laundry properly
  • and you’ve noticed this because you guys both do laundry really late and you’ve bumped into him a few times and every damn time you see him putting his lights and darks together and forgetting to change the waters temperature
  • and one day you see him standing there, looking down at a pair of jeans and you’re like “they shrunk didn’t they?” and he turns around to look at you and he’s like “how did you know?” and you’re like “because,,,,,you always put your jeans in hot water,,,,,you shouldn’t do that,,,,”
  • and marks like what you can change the temperature of the water?? and you’re like boy,,,,,,so you go over and carefully explain what all buttons on the machine are actually used for and mark sheepishly confesses that he thought everything was just good in its default setting and you’re like unfortunately,,,,no 
  • and you start putting your own clothes in and mark goes over to the dryer and once again begins to just dump everything in there
  • and you hurry over like “no for this you also need to sort everything out-”
  • and before you know it you’re back to explaining 
  • and mark listens, nodding along but then you make the mistake of looking up at him while you’re talking and he’s got his lips parted, tongue peeking out because he’s really concentrated on what you’re saying
  • and he looks,,,,,,so good and if you shift your eyes just a bit you’ll notice that the shirt he’s wearing is pretty loose and you know there’s his chest-
  • and you’re like “hand dry- dry - dry - dry,,,,” you basically stutter and have to catch yourself
  • and mark meets your eyes and sees your cheeks are red and he doesn’t even have to know why he just stands up straight and gives you a grin like “should i zip up my jacket, is it that distracting?”
  • and you’re like ASFDHJLDA what nOO,,,um,,,,,,as- as i was saying-
  • and mark laughs and you’re like oh god im so embarrassed 
  • but he’s like not laughing /at/ you he’s just like he thinks you’re really cute getting sidetracked by him
  • and he’s like “keep going, im listening” and when you’re done you’re like,,,,im gonna go,,,,hurry over and do my own laundry and maybeneverlookyouintheeyesagain
  • but before you do mark is like “let me thank you-”
  • and you’re like there’s no need, really but then he does something that makes you hide your face he lifts the hem of his jacket and shirt just a bit to flash his stomach and you’re like WHAT,,,,,and he bursts into laughter again
  • before apologizing and he’s like “sorry, sorry teasing you is just really fun - you look cute, but i mean it let me thank you by taking you to dinner sometime?”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,,o,,,,,,ok,,,,,but seriously mark tuan keep your shirt on from now on
  • and marks like lmaooo ok but are you sure you don’t want another peek- and you’re like do nOT make me throw this detergent bottle at you


  • has the prettiest pet cat that always sits by the window and waits for jb to come home 
  • and sometimes you see it when you pass by and she’s so pretty,,,with bright blue eyes and you wave but then get embarrassed because PLEASE she’s a cat she can’t wave back
  • jb’s an avid reader but he keeps all his books in stacks on the floor of his living room and bedroom and he doesn’t have a proper bed, just a lay out futon 
  • and his kitchen, the places where you should be storing like plates and what not - full of books,,,,,like he eats out at the restaurants near the building and sometimes just lives off triangle kimbap for a week
  • he doesn’t really decorate but he does sometimes tear out a photo from a magazine of a pretty place like the forest or the amazon and puts it up because he likes nature
  • the problem is when youngjae gifted him a plant ,,,,he over-watered it and it died
  • now jb can’t live with the regret of hurting another plant so he just puts up photos LOL
  • and you know him on like a casual basis ,, like you both are the youngest people on your floor and also like you guys sometimes see each other at the local take-out places so it’s like on a hi/how are you/bye basis
  • but you,,,,,,really like jb
  • if not for the fact that he has a cat LOL but also like you like his personality because although on the surface he sometimes seems so stoic you’ve seen his warm smile, the one that comes out when he feeds stray animals or  is really immersed in a book
  • and you’ve seen him walk into trees and poles because he can’t pick his nose up from his book
  • and you’re like how can someone so undeniably, inhumanly handsome ,,,,,,be such a goofy person,,,,,,
  • but also whenever your eyes meet jb’s, even when you just say good morning to each other in passing, your heart speeds up and you just can’t,,,,,,you can’t do anything but look away in embarrassment 
  • until you find yourself walking home in horrible rain, muttering that the wind is so strong and that your bags going to get wet but you stop because in front of you is jb,,,,
  • jb on his knees in the middle of the street, hastily shoving things into his bag and under his arm and you step closer to see that someones abandoned a crate of old books outside of their doorstep
  • and jb is desperately trying to get them all out before the rain soaks them through
  • but he’s also wearing nothing but a long sleeved t-shirt so his back is drenched in rain and with this wind,,,,you’re worried he’ll catch a cold
  • so you come closer, leaning the umbrella you’re holding over jb so it covers him too and he notices, looking up in surprise and you meet his eyes and !!!! you apologize for coming over you just didn’t want him to get anymore wet
  • and just shakes his head and tells you that you should hurry home because the rain is getting worse 
  • but you stand there and wait as jb tries to get all the books and you use your free hand to put some in your own bag to help
  • and you don’t see but the corner of jb’s lips pull up into a small smile and once he has gathered all the books he’s like “let’s run so we get home quickly”
  • and you try to keep the umbrella up high but sometimes it knocks jb’s temple, but he doesn’t complain, he’s so thankful for you but you keep squeaking out apologizes like oh my god,,,, and he’s like no no it’s nothing
  • and once you’re indoors, jb shuffling around for his key he asks if you’d want to come in maybe,,,,,since you also are carrying some of the books 
  • and when you do you’re a bit shocked by how many books there really are and you’re just like ,,,,giggling because there’s empty coffee mugs balancing on books and there’s cat toys everywhere and uneven photos of flowers on the wall and like
  • you look at jb, whose trying to tidy up and stutters that he has no tea is water ok?? and you’re like “i won’t stay lon-”
  • but then the cat comes out and curiously weaves its way between your legs - meowing and jb’s like “you can pet her, she’s asking you to”
  • and you lean down, hand trembling a bit but the cat just nudges your palm with her head and your heart is EXPLODING because she’s so CUTE AND SOFT and 
  • jb is like laughing all of a sudden and you look over like ??? and he’s like “not to be rude, but you’re literally glowing - i didn’t know you liked cats so much” and you’re like “i like your cat so much, she’s so gorgeous”
  • and jb blushes like you just complimented him and not the cat but it’s cute he’s like “,,,,,yeah she is,,,,,pretty,,,,,”
  • and you sit down, the cat making a comfortable home in your lap and jb comes over to pass you a mug with water and you’re like “i don’t want to overstay, but she’s,,,,she’s asleep,,,,,,i don’t want to get up-” and jb is like “it’s fine no you can stay!” and he leans over to drag over the books he brought
  • and you notice how he’s still wearing his wet shirt and you’re like “um,,”
  • but then he looks at you and you freeze again because his eyes are such a deep brown, so clear that the light makes them look almost like stars, and your words get caught in your throat
  • and he’s like ?? and you’re like “s-s-s-shirt your- shirt is,,,,,wet,,,,,,,cold,,,,,,you’ll catch one,,,” and jb reddens a bit and he’s like oh let me go change,,,,
  • and you guys are both blushing now and you distract yourself by picking up a random book until jb comes back in another shirt and it’s like
  • you two are so awkward, but somehow like there’s something really cute and jb mentions that his cat doesn’t grow fond of people so quickly but with you it’s different
  • and when she finally wakes up, skipping out of your lap and walking over to find food you say your goodbyes but jb is like one sec
  • and he comes back with your umbrella and he’s like you almost forgot it here and you’re like “you should keep it!! you don’t have one do you” and he’s like howd you know 0: and you’re like “you don’t have much in your apartment,,,keep it,,,,”
  • and jb hesitates but smiles and thanks you but right as you leave through the door he goes 
  • “come back soon, i think my cat will miss you.” (he’ll miss you too) 

He had been turned in the turn of the 1800’s.

A handsome man had taken him by the arm, lead him on a magical evening of dancing, dining and wining. Then on the stroke of midnight leaned down for a kiss on the neck and had gone for a bit instead. However, the creature had not realized that he was a soldier and part time dancer and he beat the life out of the creature. The bite, infected with the curse of the living undead, changed him and he found himself among the ranks of the undead soon after.

For some time, he adjusted to the best that he could. He learned, he made mistakes, he picked himself up and he ran like hell from hunters when they found him. Through the years he got good at hunting, carefully pacing himself so he would not end up like those that drowned themselves in the stuff and practically begged to be slaughtered like squealing pigs.

When he found himself comfortable with how he was operating he found himself bored. Sure he could become a brilliant business man who could charm his way into fabulous and ludicrous wealth, he could live out his days as the nightmare of humanity, he could work to the fulfillment of humanity and perhaps learn the skills of doctors and cure ailments that could kill.

Then the War of 1812 happened.

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A Night In (charliesfairy)

Genre: Smut & Fluff

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

#55: “It’s just you and me tonight.  I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

Requested By: @goddessofdestruction

is this too long to be a drabble? oops

     Quiet nights in with Jimin was all fluffy hair, cuddling, laughing, lots of hand holding and backhugs that sometimes turned into more.  You were planning to keep it limited to appropriate skinship because the boys were still in the dorm with you, but you weren’t able to keep it that way for long.

    Jin had walked into the room about on hour ago to find you two laying on the floor together, Jimin face down and your back pressed against his as you stared at the ceiling and talked about whatever came to your mind.  He was confused but not surprised to see you two in such a weird position and laughed at you, causing you both to jump which resulted in you falling off Jimin and hitting your head on the floor.

    “We’re all going out for dinner if you guys want to join.” Jin offered, completely ignoring the commotion in the floor because he knew you were going to decline anyways.  Who could really blame you, though?  You hadn’t seen Jimin for weeks! With the invite in the air, Jin left, shutting the door behind him, offically telling you that you were alone.  Jimin smirked and hovered over you, leaning down to leave a short kiss on your lips.

“It’s just you and me tonight.  I was thinking we could have a little fun.”

    “Ah, get off me, Jimin!” you laughed and playfully hit his chest, making him fall back. “Get off!”

    “Aish, Jagi, no need to be so mean!” he said as he rolled onto his back beside you and started to clutch his chest in a comical fashion, “You’re making my heart hurt!”

    Another hour flew past, filled with laughs and giggles and stupid little games you conjured up.  You were now sitting on the bed together, you in Jimin’s lap.  He had his legs loosely crossed so you could sit comfortably, and you were facing him with your legs wrapped around his waist.  It was all filled with innocence.  You were just talking about random things that popped into your head, but in the middle of you talking about something you had written the other day and what it meant to you, he kissed you.  He pulled back with his adorable, embarrassed smile on his face.

    “I’m sorry, jagi, I just couldn’t help it.” he explained, “You’re just so beautiful when you talk about things you care about.  I could get lost in the way you look when you’re like this.”

    You felt you’re cheeks grow red, and you couldn’t fight the smile forming on your lips.  His hands found their way up your sides slowly, his eyes following them, as if he was trying to scan your body with his fingertips so he could remember it forever.  When his eyes met yours, they were no longer the light shade of chocolate they were before but rather darker and filled with lust.  He brought your lips together again, and his grip on your waist tightened.  The kiss soon turned more heated, lips being bitten and hair being pulled.  You were both fighting for dominance, and when you started grinding your hips into his, earning a soft whimper from him, you were sure you had won.  But he wasn’t letting that happen tonight.  He flipped you onto your back and drove his hips into yours harshly, making you gasp loudly. 

    “Not tonight, babygirl.”

Mob Headcanons

It’s here, it’s finally here. the one you’ve all been waiting for and the one I’ve been having the most trouble with. this isn’t exactly the end of the series, but i wont be able to write these kinda long winded hc posts as much unfortunately

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • really, really likes clouds
    • has a tendency to just stare out the windows during class and just watch the clouds go by.
    • sometimes will go outside and just lay in his front yard, staring at the sky.
      • ritsu sometimes joins him with a book to read and Mob loves it
  • has Tunnel Vision
    • basically, when he’s focusing on something (which is kinda rare lmao) the whole building could be collapsing around him and he wouldn’t notice.
      • it’s so hard to get his attention when he’s like this
        • “Hey, kageyama-kun. Kageyama! Mooooooobbbbb.” “Suzuki, oh my god, leave nii-san alone. this is the longest I’ve ever seen him read a novel.” “Riichan, he’s reading a manga.” “…..oh.”
  • doesn’t often understand jokes, especially Shou’s
    • good thing Ritsu is usually there to poke mob in the shoulder and explain it to him
    • Teru is shit at explaining jokes because he usually starts snorting and chuckling half way through
      • mob doesnt mind tho seeing Teru laugh is better than any joke in his opinion
  • also, when he tries to tell jokes, it has a 50/50 chance of working
    • half the time he just starts giggling before he can get to the punch line
    • the other half he just sits there with a small, expectant smile on is face
  • considering how he has repressed his emotions for so long, he has trouble putting a name or recognizing both how he’s feeling and how others are feeling
    • sometimes he’ll say something that hits a little too close to home, or will be a little too blunt, but he honestly doesnt mean it. He just doesnt know
  • Will show up at Spirits and Such after school, sit on the couch, and sigh really loudly
    • Reigen will instantly grab a glass of milk and ask what’s wrong (if it’s chocolate milk or not depends on how loudly he sighed)
      • “okay kid, what happened today? Make it quick, we have an appointment in ten.” “Tsubomi looked at me… across the street.” “Oh wow, two days in a row! You’re on a roll, kid!”
  • doesnt really get it when someone flirts with him…. at least, not right away
    • will suddenly start blushing at midnight because holy shit Teru called him handsome
  • has a tendency to sit on his hands when theyre cold
  • those stim videos (paint mixing, kinetic sand, etc) really calm him down, but Ritsu had to limit how often he watches them because he started floating into the sky one day
  • his Bisexual Awakening was more along the lines of “oh hey, Teru’s smile might be nicer than Tsubomi’s”
    • he doesnt really put a title to his sexuality/gender tho. Searching for a label that fits him kinda stresses him out so he is just cool with Whatever
  • “Nii-san, how can you eat that? Didn’t Hanazawa-kun make it?… doesn’t it taste bad?” “mmmm…. yeah, but Hanazawa-kun was so happy, I couldn’t say no.”
  • has a tendency to just…. lay on the floor. Right in the middle of the room. especially on days where getting out of bed is a little tougher than usual
    • “Hey, boss! where’s– is Kageyama-kun okay?” “Oh? Yeah, he’s having one of those days. Give him a few minutes.” “ah, okay.”
      • teru likes to lie with him sometimes and talk about his day to fill the silence (mob never says so, but it helps.)
  •  “Hey little brother, check out this song.” “Ahh, okay, what– is this Smah Mouth?….Did Suzuki put you up to this” “no…. Yeah. Don’t tell him I told you!”
  • Mob is the most prone to Shou’s Shitty Pranks, because it’s the perfect way to rile up both Teru and Ritsu in one go
  • has issues with self worth quite a bit
    • basically doesn’t want to be more trouble than he’s worth, (and he doesnt think hes worth much in the first place) doesnt want to be a nuisance
      • he’ll say sorry a lot for this, but no one really knows the reason
  • twiddles his thumbs a lot, hums to himself, gets lost in his head quite often
    • likes to fiddle with the hem of his shirt, always is That One Kid who is clicking his pen in the back of the class
      • basically moves his hands a lot subconsciously
  • at some point he adopts reigens weird Hand Movement Thing and Reigen is??? so old proud? he’s like some dad that just watched his son score his first goal in soccer
  • after….. recent events (the Cursed Arc) he always makes sure to tell how much he appreciates people.
  • sometimes, when he goes too long without seeing friends or family, he starts to fear that he is still in the world Mogami trapped him in
    • hates to be alone now because of this
      • sleeping alone in his room is a nightmare the first few nights

Love isn’t always the stereotypical thing. It isn’t always coffee dates and deep conversation about religion and philosophy. Sometimes it’s eating chinese take out on your floor because you don’t have a couch and you’re too poor to buy one. Sometimes it’s getting lost in the city and you took a wrong turn on your way to dinner and you get in a fight because you’re both hangry and exhausted. It’s not always cuddling during your entire nights sleep. Sometimes it’s laying, facing away from each other, with just your toes touching or your butts pressed together, under separate blankets because you know the night would result in an endless blanket tug-of-war. It’s not always “making love” or “fucking” every night or whatever synonym for sex you prefer to use, sometimes it’s getting high and watching 10 episodes of Broad City while you rub your partner’s belly because they binged too much on munchies and feel nauseous. It’s not this picture perfect, giggling, smiling, holding hands all the time. It’s riding the wave of emotion with your beloved. Sometimes, sadness, anger, hurt, anxiety, confusion, stress exist. You can’t just walk away. 

Love isn’t this perfect picturesque, overly romanticized concept. It’s nice theoretically, and sometimes it can be that way. But honestly, the flaws and the imperfections are much better. I had this hyper-romanticized idea of relationships in my mind and for a while fought against anything that wasn’t exactly that. What i’ve found… is that the unexpected and the unpredictable truly make a bond special.

Request: You feel what I feel (Alec Volturi x Reader)

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“Eyyy lookin’ good Mrs Cullen!” You grinned with a wink as Bella smiled, rolling her eyes and pulling you into a hug.
“I’m glad you came.” She said into your shoulder.
“Of course i did! I wasn’t going to miss my friends wedding!” You laughed. “Edward, take care of this one will ya? I am a human who will make your life hell if you don’t.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Edward smiled placing a hand on your arm with a gentle squeeze reassuringly as Bella turned into his side.
“Oh psht! Come here you!” You said pulling Edward into a hug who smiled and rubbed your back before pulling away. You briefly looked behind Edward to catch a dark haired man’s stare. Clearly he was a guest from Edwards side. “Edward, who is that? He’s been eyeing me weird all night.” 
Edwards eyes drifted to the man before smiling. “That’s Eleazar. He sees something in you but isn’t sure what it is yet. He thinks you’re gifted.” 
“Huh…well atleast i’m not going to be eaten. That’s always a plus.”
The two smiled at you as you moved away from them and caught up with Renee. All whilst keeping in mind your flight in a few hours.

You didn’t have time to change and left just before Bella and Edward did. You took a taxi to the airport, bags in the trunk and nervously tapped your wrist.  You would be staying with the Volturi for a week. You had met them when rescuing Edward and they seemed as eager to keep you alive as you were. No one really knew why though. 

Settling in wasn’t easy yet was a smooth transition. No one gave you a hard time but they weren’t exactly welcoming either.
 After a few days you befriended the last person you’d ever think of. Alec. Well, befriended was a strong word. You were friendly to him and he was decent back to you. It often lead to you two talking for all hours of the night as you lay on the balcony floor. It took a lot of convincing for him to actually lie with you on the floor. You had to promise you’d never speak a word of it. 

This particular night, you two were having your usual long night chats. You moved your head in time to the music in the distance.
“They do that every year. We don’t know what the occasion is.”
“Sometimes there isn’t, it may just be a music festival.”
“I wouldn’t call it music.” Alec grimaced.
“I thought living for eternity meant you’d have to adapt to stuff like this.” You smiled teasingly.
“Like hell.” Alec gave you a look. “Anyways, we watch it every year. It’s strange yet oddly entertaining to watch.”
“You like watching the humans dance together?”
“I like the difference in times, this wouldn’t happen in my era.” He said.
“Then I’m glad you get to see it.” You smiled at him and he returned a small smile. “You’re a good friend (Y/N). That’s something you don’t come across much here.”
“You consider me your friend?”
Alec seemed to contemplate it. “I’m not entirely certain-”
“It’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself.” You patted his hand that was next to yours. “I can say that your my favourite type of person without actually calling you a friend and vice versa?”
“…you say the most peculiar of things…but I like that one.” Alec smiled.
 “Want to go down and watch them?”
Alec thought about it. “Oh, why not?” 

 Demetri and Jane were already at the entrance doors. They were out of sight and peeking and the sea of humans.
“Why don’t you guys go out and experience it for yourselves?” You asked.
“We can’t.” Jane mumbled staring at the crowd.
“I’m not saying join in, I’m saying why don’t you actually stand outside and watch. You shouldn’t have to hide behind a door. The vampire trio looked at one another in thought.
“We should stay in the shadows…” Demetri said.
“We’re going to do this?” Jane said with uncertainty.
 “Look, I take full responsibility if you get in trouble.” You assured her. “I just think you guys should be able to really experience it.” A grin grew on your face. “Either way, I’m joining in!” You quickly darted out and ran into the sea of people. The three stayed in the shadows but did come outside. No one seemed to notice them, everyone was too involved with themselves.

You looked at Alec as he watched you move to the music. You wore a captivating smile. It was like you had been a bird in a cage and now you were finally free. He was broke out of his trance as you moved forward to grasp Alec’s cold hand and tug him into the crowd of humans. You pulled him close to you, sensing his discomfort. You mouthed the words of the song to him.
‘’Coz, i had a fire,
Passion and desire,
Now all i require,
are circuits and wires
Inside was an ocean,
Of soul and emotion’
You lifted Alec’s arms into the air with yours, fingers slightly interlocked. You moved closer to him with a smile and swayed with him to the music. You brought his arms down slowly around you which he then lightly gripped your hips. “We should get back.” You whispered and Alec nodded. You didn’t break your hold on one another and walked backwards out of the crowd. 

Jane and Demetri were gone and Alec walked you back to your room. “I’m sorry, I hope you didn’t feel to uncomfortable out there. I wasn’t thinking…” Alec slowly shook his head. “It was risky but I enjoyed myself. Perhaps it is healthy to take a little risk every now and then.” You smiled. “I’m glad you had fun. I did too.”


Here, have a story from like two years ago that I edited recently. Hope you like it.
He shuddered as she spread him, biting his lip as he saw her grin at him in the mirror. She pressed two fingers into him, and he squirmed from the feeling and the embarrassment of seeing his own face as she did it.

Ooh, he hadn’t been expecting her to jump him like this when he came home, but oh god, he wasn’t ever going to deny his mistress. She was always so slow, under the pretence of not hurting him, but he knew she was just using the excuse to drag it out and force him to beg for it (not that he really minded it).

He shuddered as she slowly stretched him out, wriggling her fingers around inside him. She was so good at this, covering the back of his neck with kisses as she worked. She gripped his hip, pushing her fingers all the way inside while looking him in the eyes.

The desire he saw in her eyes made him squirm and whimper, but she quickly pulled her fingers out, to his disappointment. She kept them just tracing the outer ring of muscle, despite his best attempts to push back onto her. He whined slightly, biting his lip and trying to plead with her using only his eyes.

“Come on, the mirror is so you can see yourself, not me. I want you to see how beautiful you are like this, taking in every little detail of your face when I fuck you senseless.” she murmured, smirking at him. She always loved playing with him, seeing how far she could push him, how desperate he could get. As always, he folded to her demand, and looked back at himself in the glass.

He barely stifled a gasp as she finally pressed them in deep enough so they could reach his-oh god yes there…

His face was pink, and his breath came panting out onto the glass, slightly blurring his features, keeping him from seeing the thin line of drool that he felt fall from the corner of his lips down onto a spot just above his left collarbone.

She reached in front of him and wiped the glass, pressing a leg in between his to open him wider, causing him to press forward a bit. He hissed as the head of his cock hit the cold glass, trying to shift it away but only succeeding in rubbing it around more, amplifying the sensation. They’d played with heat and cold in the past, and those memories combined with what she was doing to him had his knees feeling weak.

Finally, the fingers were gone and he felt so empty. He thrust his hips backwards, fascinated by the way his pupils dilated as she slowly pressed the already lubed strap-on into him.

It was slow and sweet, leaving him panting as each of the ridges “for his pleasure” pressed into him, especially when he clenched down.

He moaned, shifting as her left hand reached around to slowly rub him, and he moaned as he closed his eyes to feel the sensation. He gasped as her nails suddenly dug into his hips a little harder than he would have liked. His eyes snapped open in time to see her red lips mouth watch as she gave her first thrust, a slow but powerful roll of the hips that had him gaping into his reflection.

No matter how many times she took him, each new time she did it, it felt so intimate. He knew that it was her, and only her that could do this to him. Even if his mistress gave him permission, he would never seek out another dominatrix. She was so good at this, and she seemed to know exactly how to position herself.

He moaned, feeling slightly disconnected from the man in the mirror as she repeated the process, building a rhythm that wasn’t too hard, but wasn’t quite gentle either. His mistress was so strong, and he wanted her to hold him down and fuck him like his life depended on it.

She started thrusting harder, the sounds he was letting out making her self-control feel tenuous at best.

She made sure to tell him that she loved how good he was being, praising him in between kisses to his shoulders. She pressed his chest into the mirror and pulled his hips back, forcing him to lean back into her thrusts even more. She then pressed into him from behind, arching so she curved into him just enough to put her smirking face in his peripheral vision as he moaned louder, releasing a garbled mixture of god, oh yes, there, more, so good, please, and a great deal of sounds that weren’t even words.

She couldn’t help but wish that she had an extra hand so she could pleasure herself as she watched him fall apart in the mirror. Even if he wasn’t completely aware any more that the man in the mirror was him, it still seemed to turn him on even more, and he rutted back against her desperately.

She didn’t know how she’d gotten so lucky as to find a pliant toy that still had some sense of shame, but he was so fun to tease. It made the victory of him finally submitting to her feel all the sweeter.

He was so close, feeling his entire body heating up as she continued thrusting. She changed positions again, moving only one arm to wrap around his waist while the other one came back to his cock. She was becoming just as frantic as he was, starting to simply grind into him, purposely assaulting his prostate. He felt his legs tremble as she bit into his shoulder, continuing to jerk him off.

His legs finally gave out as he came, leaving a sizeable stain on the mirror. He whimpered as she continued to play with him for a few moments. He continued to stare dazedly into the mirror at the thoroughly debauched man when she pulled out, carefully supporting him as she pulled them both into a more upright position.

She then turned him around, letting him sit down so his back was against the mirror. Despite what had just gone on, it was still cool, and it was a very refreshing sensation. He stared as she pulled the straps off her hips, tossing the toy carelessly onto the bed. She was dripping, and she wanted him to help get her off.

He happily leaned forward to help her. One, then more of his fingers pressed inside her, and he kissed her clitoris. Still slightly dazed, he tried to give her more pleasure by humming as he worked it with his tongue. She was trembling, and it made him proud to see that he could make her feel so good, especially after what she’d done to him.

It only took a few minutes to make her cum, the both of them then just laying next to each other in a boneless heap on the floor.

He whined in protest as she got up, pulling him up onto the bed with her. She smiled when he finally came up next to her. She kissed his forehead pulled him close, deciding that she’d definitely have to try this again sometime.

Submitted by @myqueenmarceline. Also, holy shit you never disappoint with these stories.

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Viktor, who has never gone to university, fusses endlessly during Mikhail's freshman year. Yuuri futilely tries to explain that it's normal college stress. Mikhail appreciates the support but bans Viktor from the study between the hours of X and X once finals start. "But Yuuri he's had far too much coffee and I heard him printing things at 4am it's not healthy!" "You know he wants to be a doctor right?" "Then he should know this is bad for him!" Yuuri saves the discussion of med school for later

I have the idea that they probably move back to Japan just before Kyo and Koichi are born (Hence the Japanese names, because they’re the first children to be born in Japan) and that Mikhail probably attends university in Fukuoka, so like he’s not always home but he tries to visit on the weekends and every time he’s so stressed and Viktor sees so much of Yuuri in him that it’s kind of insane?

Yuuri knows what he’s going through, objectively, because yes he was also a college student once upon a time. But Yuuri and his Viktor Nikiforov-obsessed ass decided to major in Russian with dual minors in Russian literature and European history, so he can’t quite relate to Mikhail’s more specific pre-med struggles. 

However, he does understand that sometimes when someone is laying on the floor surrounded by empty coffee mugs, books and the stench of death, that all you can really do is let them lay there and sometimes pat their back and make a shushing sound. It takes a lot of trial and error to convince Viktor that sometimes you just have to Let It Happen.

Can't remember where I got this but please read

Loving someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

1) Tell them what’s real. Have them tell you what’s real. Whether it’s the color of their shirt or how much they are needed.

2) Be there. Just be there. For them, or with them. Sometimes the most calming thing can be laying in bed (or on the floor!) with them in silence. Just having another person with them.

3) The little things means everything. The actual idea that you have taken a second to not tell us, but show us will be something we hold onto.

4) Reassure them constantly that you love them. Keep them in the loop of your life, even if it’s just a text saying you love them or what you’re up to today.

5) They will think you’re angry with them for no obvious reason to you, and then you’ll get annoyed that they think that. Don’t. Our minds have a way of making us think any and everyone hates us.

6) They will push you away. They’re scared. It is nothing against you. Typically, it means they’re scared of how close you’re getting. This is a great time for hugs (with consent!)

7) They will love you. They feel so deeply and sometimes it’s so, so hard but they will never ever want to be without you.

the silmarillion + wolf pupy tweets
  • Eru: regardless of how anyone feels about it, things continue to happen
  • Morgoth: place your most powerful gems, jewels, and amulets into a box, you should sense strong energy emanating from within, then send the box to me
  • Manwë: just because i caused the problems doesnt mean i have the solutions to them
  • Míriel: i have to lay low for a while, by that i mean lay on the ground and not move
  • Fëanor: learning from mistakes is for people who recognise that they make mistakes. i dont give a shit
  • Fingolfin: it happens to the best of us, the best of us such as me, out of both of us im the best one, probably too great to give you usable advice
  • Finarfin: the "drama" fiasco is over, we learned nothing from it and nothing changed but we can safely say it is over for sure i hear that
  • Maedhros: its time to forget the mistakes of the past and start making the mistakes of the future
  • Celegorm: survival tip: you can sleep in an unattended birds nest for free
  • Caranthir: have to stop saying "how am i going to kill my way out of this one" everytime there is trouble going on, or at least not out loud
  • Curufin: instead of saying what you are all thinking i say what everyone would be thinking if they were as cerebrally intelligent as me
  • Finrod: you have to be cruel to be kind, no wait the other thing, you have to do nice things. phew, could have caused a lot of problems
  • Galadriel: some say killing people is the answer to the problems, me personally i think killing people is bad to do because im not a horrible monster
  • Fingon: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • Turgon: hey kids, i know youre struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • Aredhel: dont speak i know just what youre saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
  • Eöl: if someone betrays me i will turn on them with revenge in a second, sometimes even before that, its just the way it goes in this drama life
  • Maeglin: maybe i am the one to blame, on the other hand maybe every one else is the ones to blame
  • Luthien: looks like things are always happening once again
  • Turin: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • Nienor: i am going to lay completely still on the forest floor until either things start going my way or i disintegrate into nothing
  • Elwing: "i'll take this to my grave" - me, holding a bunch of jewels, gems and amulets
  • Sauron: there are few things in life that can't be achieved with occult dark magic
  • Erendis: if you want something done you have to just forget about it and move on with your life, theres no point in expecting anything from anyone
  • Mîm: sometimes the only real friend you have is your countless enemies
  • The Silmarillion, as a whole: its all fun and games until its not that anymore

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I've been feeling really sad lately, so how about Seijou trying to cheer up their S/O?

same dear, same… I hope you feel a little better soon though! 


• he will make a cozy chill-out place out on the balcony where you two sit down and look up at the night sky. Silence, crying, talking, silence. No matter the option he will be there 


• he will hold you close as you both lay on his bed. He’ll let you vent to him and then both of you will probably fall asleep, later he will wake up before you and prepare a surprise to cheer you up


• he will ask if you want to talk about it if you say yes, he’ll listen, if not then Plan B-  food, sweets, movies, books, a walk in the park, he’ll whisk you away on an adventure to cheer you up. 


• he has quite the movie collection and the day is still young and so are you. He’ll make your favorite food and anything you may want. All the cuddles and hugs


• he’ll take you out on a date night and then watch super stupid corny romance comedy movies that just makes you both cringe and laugh


• he will lay on the floor with you, music in the background as you two just let your thoughts wander. Sometimes music just needs to speak louder than your own words


• when you hurt- he do too. He will wrap his arms around you and listen to what you have to say, if it’s silence then that’s okay. He will be there for you no matter what


• if you need to cry he will have his arms open, he’ll let you vent out all your feelings and then make you some tea to warm you up.


• he’ll take you out and let you take out your feelings on a boxing bag. Just out with it, your frustrations, sadness, anger, everything. Keeping it all inside will only break you, it’s okay to let go.


So having OCD and BPD is … horrendous… Imagine your mind going wild. All these scenarios and thinking about every possible way you can clean your room and how your going to do it and you just obsess and you look at your room and you can hardly see the floor your garbage is full there is food plates and wrappers everywhere and you absolutely hate it. It triggers the fuck out of you. Wondering why I don’t just clean it? How because I have OCD I should just be able to make it perfect? No because that’s when the bpd comes in. Sometimes the world is fine but the second I’m now emotionally upset (seeing a dirty room and obsessing) I shut down. I feel every emotion all at once and I don’t know how to shut it off. I lay in my bed and hope the depression doesn’t consume me or my terrible thoughts that are running through my head won’t make me absolutely snap and I can still hold onto myself. It fucking sucks. Everything works against each other.

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Oh wow what's poppin' hunnie? Can I request some sweet ass SFW (And if you can, NSFW) headcanons for Noctis spending a rainy night with his S/o?

I love this soft prince so much let’s do this 

Rainy nights with Noctis are typically peaceful. He’ll sit curled up on the couch playing video games in the dark while you sit by the window and read a book from the light of your phone. Usually, there might not be anything different about rainy nights, although sometimes the mood strikes you to turn off the games, put down the book, and just get tangled up in each other.

But when it’s a thunderstorm and the power goes out? That’s a whole different story. Where Noctis was just playing a game on the tv, there’s now blackness all around and he’s screeching because he hasn’t saved in hours. You laugh at him, of course, and remark that your book can’t lose power and you still have your phone. Noctis immediately snatches your phone from your hands and plays music to fill the silence. It’s on shuffle so sometimes the song isn’t what you expected it to be.

You light a bunch of candles and leave them around the house so you two can actually find your way around, but it’s pointless, really, because you just take a seat on the living room floor with a candle off to the side. You don’t really go anywhere besides there and just chat and drink tea that you heated up on the stove. Both of you are laying on your stomachs, and Noctis has his forehead almost touching yours; he smells so sweet.

Thunder rumbles outside as lightning illuminates the room, and the song shuffles to something a little more risque. Noctis laughs softly, but he’s feeling it. It’s dark, you’re alone, and there’s nothing to do but each other. He’ll cup your face gently and pull you in for a kiss before he demands that you sit up so he can pull you into his lap. Your legs are wrapped around him, keeping him close, and the kisses become more and more heated and frantic. When he shifts to lay you back down onto the fluffy sheepskin rug, you feel his erection brushing against you, and it only makes you that much more excited.

Noctis is the king of love bites, and you know you’re going to have a literal ton of them within minutes of having your shirt removed…but it’s just you and him and nothing else matters but the slow, sensual love between you that night.


Naps are super important to littles! It’s what keeps us happy and well rested. Without naps, we would be cranky little balls of fire. We tend to get more bratty and naughty if we’re really tired. Here are some things to remember about naps!

-Keep a tight schedule: if you let your little nap whenever they want, their sleep schedule will be messed up and you don’t want that. Try to give them a time that is easy to work around. If they have work or school, give them a nap right after. Its stressful going 8-9 hours without having long breaks in between activities.

-Dont force naps: Maybe your little isn’t tired when they’re supposed to be. But that doesn’t mean you force them to take a nap. You help them get sleepy by getting their energy out. If you force a little to nap, they’ll be bratty about it. Play tag with them or go to the park for a quick minute. Just something with a lot of physical movement.

-Make them comfy: A little needs to be comfy to sleep. If they dont want to sleep in their bed, make a little mat on the floor with pillows and blankets. Or lay them on the couch with soft, fuzzy blankets. Put on some lullabys to help them sleep.

I hope these quick tips help you with nap time. I know how difficult it can be sometimes trying to have a schedule for naps and stuff. I love you all so much and have a wonderful night 💜💙🐱

Avengers Preference: How they sleep


Clint: Clint is the cuddliest by far. He loves to pull the sheets over your heads, wrap you up in his arms and tangle your legs together. Often, he’ll talk to you until you’re asleep, murmuring sweet nothings against your hair. In the morning you wake up so entangled, it’s hard to discern which limb is whose.

Pietro: This man is a speedster both in and out of the bedroom. When Pietro finally talks himself to sleep, chaos ensues. His sleeping patterns resemble that of a tornado because of his restlessness. More often than not, you wake up finding both Pietro and the sheets on the floor.

Steve: You love to hear his steady, thundering heartbeat, so Steve is perfectly content when you snuggle up next to him and lay your head on his chest. It’s perfect for the late night talks you often have while he drags a hand aimlessly through your hair.

T’challa: He’s confident that your sleeping form will never leave his side, so T’Challa opts for linking a single hand with yours as you both drift off.

Tony: He’s not much for snuggling. Just knowing you’re in the bed with him is enough. Sometimes in the middle of the night, he’ll just lie awake listening to you breathe, thankful that you’re safe and content.

Scott: He lays sprawled over your body. Scott likes how you run your fingers through his hair, coaxing him into your own private paradise. He falls asleep listening to the steady beating of your heart.

Thor: Thor is wary of his own strength, as well as his tendency to roll around like an earthquake while asleep, and so he makes sure to leave you plenty of space while you sleep. That doesn’t make the atmosphere any less intimate, however. You fall asleep peering into those adoring blue eyes.

Bucky: As he occasionally still struggles to sleep, you take it upon yourself to make Bucky as comfortable as possible, snuggling into him like his own heated blanket. The skin contact calms him, and he loves to wake up to it as well.

Sam: In some looser version of spooning, Sam will drape one arm over your turned body, sometimes rubbing soothing circles around your stomach. On colder nights that arm will drag you into him for warmth.

Never Ending Ride Joker x SideKick!Reader

Warnings: Abusive behavior (that’s what you get for dating the Joker), Swearing, Hitting, Unhealthy relationship (not surprising is it?)

Summary: Reader is in a relationship with Joker, like in Harley’s place, and there has been awhile since she (can actually be a male!reader or gender neutral as well since there is no mentions of sex) has seen him after a gig that went wrong. Will he come back for revenge or to company his love with good intentions? 

The joker also goes with the (h/c) of choice cause I really didn’t want to make this to be based on one specific joker. It could be Jerome, or Suicide Squad Jared Leto’s joker or from the animated series or movies. Your choice. I hope you enjoy this and tell me if you’d like more fics with harley kind of reader (I already have one request of reader having Harley based history and story in general of being Joker’s therapist in Arkham so there’s that) ENJOY 

I had never been feeling this bored in my whole life. Just sitting in my apartment, staring at the walls and the ceiling, switching positions, walking from a furniture to the other. Laying on my bed, sitting on my couch and sometimes lying on the floor. Occasionally sighing out loud due the torturing dullness.
   I played with my (h/c) silky (h/l) hair my eyes lifeless and my mind occupied.  
   Once again I started questioning my own decisions. It wasn’t like I regretted any of them, I guess, it was just that if I had chosen other vice I wouldn’t be here and alone. But would I be here at all. Not here here, but here. In the world, alive.
   So much had been going on just a couple of weeks ago, but after that. Nothing. I haven’t even heard of anyone who was part of the operation back then. Not them and most importantly, not him.

   Just breaking in to the old chemistry lab, no biggie. It was nice and almost nostalgic if you think about it. Even if it had only been two years since the last time we were there stealing some chemicals and messing with the security guards it was still some what treasured memory.
   But not everything went as smoothly as we planned, no, everything turned to shit the moment the lights turned on. So they did have motion sensors on the lights, who would have guessed? And if that wasn’t enough it also alerted reinforcement of guards. We had taken down the couple that were patrolling at the factory but the new group was more than we could handle and not just that, of course Batman had to come too.
   After running around the mill for about an hour, collecting everything in need and what we could carry the flying rat found us. We had been lucky with the guards, I mean me and him, others had just disappeared or probably arrested but of course our luck ran out at that second when the man dressed in black leather and a cape arrived. Taking my mallet with out even thinking I charged at the bat and swing the heavy weapon at him, but swiftly he dodged and the mallet hit couple of boxes, trashing the wood in splinters and getting stuck. I tried pulling the thing off, trying to swing it over my shoulder but it was stuck in place and I had to move fast if I didn’t want to end up in jail.
   I turned and dodged, knowing Batman was going to hit me down and managing to get some space in between us. I also looked a little around myself. That bastard! Of course he fled. Leaving me to deal with Batman again, alone! Ugh. Like every other time. He leaves, I end up in jail, break out, he collects me from god knows where after I’ve made myself in the headlines how much I had tormented cities and stole money and then end up in this position again.
   ”Not this time!” I growl madly, my eyes glistening in the dim light and taking a hold of the mallet, with rage I pull the the fucking thing up, swing it across the air and hit Bats in the head. He doesn’t lose his consciousness though, but he does wobble the few next steps. My time to shine. I don’t have time to kill the guy, but I do knock him off his feet, hopefully making some critical damage to his feet, and taking my exit.
   I’m in the second floor of the building and it’s not one of those two to three meters high floors, no, this is a chemistry lab. An old factory. It’s high enough for me to die if I jump. Oh well, time to call for my reinforcement.
   I take the phone I had in my back pocket and go through the names humming nervously and gazing over my shoulder every second. I then notice my phone’s screen go black and in a blink of an eye there reads PUDDIN in big bold letters with buttons for answer and decline. I of course answer the call and in no time, before getting even a chance of answering he starts yelling in the phone.
   ”Where are you?” His raging. His completely losing it and I can feel my heart beat speeding. ”You better be with the Batman keeping him off my tail!”
   My reply has no confidence on it, I stutter and smile nervously at my end of the line. ”I was just going to call us a ride.”
   ”What?” He snaps and I flinch at the sharpness of his tone. ”You better turn back and find the bat, keep him busy. I’ll get the ride and you better find him fast because I will kill you with my bare hands if he finds me first!” Then the line goes silent. I feel despair filling my body. I take a deep breath and turn my back to the open sky, staring at the door where I came from to the roof.
   The wind starts blowing fast, my hair moving with it and I hear a loud noise from behind me. I turn around, scared it’s Batman with his plane thing, but see a helicopter. It has to be our ride. No. It’s his ride. I’m not supposed to be here, I’m supposed to be left behind to keep Bats busy. The pilot’s buddy hangs half out of the copter, calling for me.
   ”You guys needed a lift?” He yells over the noise.
   ”Yeah, but he’s still inside!” I yell back. Then I hear a police car, I head to the rail of the roof and gaze over. Shit, there’s Gordon. Things are going way too fast forward. The game’s almost over. I feel my insides making turn in my stomach. This will not end well.
   ”We can’t stay here and wait for him!” The guy yells at me. ”I’m not going to take a risk of ending up in jail. We gotta go now!” He then straightens his arm, extending it towards me. ”Come on!” I’m scared. I’ve disobeyed his commands many times this night already and from here there might not be chances of going back.
   ”He’ll kill us!” I yell over the noise, it’s almost deafening.
   ”He’ll kill us if we let something happen to you!” He shouts. ”Jump! Now!” He’s command hits a nerve. I feel a rush going trough me. It’s maybe the harshness of his voice or the loud noise, but I throw the mallet behind me, charge at the copter and take a hold of the man’s hand. With that we leave. And after that night I never heard of them.

   I keep staring at the ceiling. I’m lying on the floor, on my back in front of my sofa. With lazy eyes, wondering thoughts I sit up. I start to stare at the wall. What if I had stayed? What if I had went to look for Batman? Would I have found him? Would I have ended up in Arkham again? Or would’ve I ran into Joker and got my head blown off? What if he got arrested? Almost hoping it would be true I play with the thought. He’d be locked up for awhile, but soon enough breaking out. He always does. He’d come for me and kill me. But if he didn’t get caught, where was he? Or was…
   I jump up from the floor. He couldn’t be dead, right? That would be all over the news, wouldn’t it? I… What would I…
   I grip the sides of my head, going through the thought of loss and emptiness, panicking like mad.
   What do I do? It’s my fault! If I would’ve stayed-!
   My thoughts and panic are interrupted. There is a loud knock on the door. I turn my head to the direction of the source of the sound but do not move. Should I go see who it is? Or just stay here, and wait for them to go away? But to my surprise the next sound is not something that I expected. There is a key now, on the lock of my door, turning in and giving slowly and agonizingly access to the person to my apartment. I grab my mallet, a wooden one, next to the doorway of the kitchen and swing it over my shoulder, getting ready for a fight.
   ”Honey, I’m home!” The voice is happy and high pitched, it sends a spark go through my brain, instantly I let the mallet fall on the floor and cry happily ”Puddin?” Tears are forming in the corners of my eyes and I charged at the man at the door way.
   Before I had even taken a hold of the thought of losing the psycho, he appears at my door, with a smile on his face like nothing had happened. Overjoyed I was. Of course. Not seeing him for too long I missed him more than I like to admit, but he probably knows it. Every memory of the night we were separated slip from my head and all I want is to hug him and kiss him!
   He smiles wickedly, he doesn’t look any different. He hasn’t any cuts or bruises on his face or any marks of a fight. I start to rethink what had happened. Probably nothing. He just got away, took his time and headed home. Home. To me.
   His (h/c) hair was messy, slightly pulled back and his pale skin glistening of sweat. Had he been doing something before he got here? His clothes were a bit wet, the weather in Gotham had never been that good and rain wasn’t something that surprised the citizens. It had been clouded for weeks now and raining from day to day with out breaks.
   He shuts the door behind him with an aggressively loud bang and turns to scowl at me and then I notice I have acted to hastily.
   I’m right in front of him, only couple inches in between us and he swings the back of his right hand across my face. I fall on my ass with a loud thud and end up rubbing my now red, hurting cheek. The tears in my eyes now staining my cheeks.
   ”You stupid bitch!” He snaps and readies his hand for another hit. He slams my other cheek, making me fall on the floor, on my side. Then he walked over me, positions himself on his knees and takes his hands on my neck, putting pressure on his fingers he squeezes my windpipe until I can’t do nothing else than gasp for air.
   ”You couldn’t follow my simple orders but left me handle all those idiots all alone and if it wasn’t enough you also stole my ride!” He put more pressure on my neck, I moved my hands on the floor, trying to grab something. ”It didn’t take me long to find those brutes though, but don’t worry, you’ll see them soon enough!” He laughs maniacally, the sound so familiar to me that it feels like it hasn’t really been that long since the last time I heard it.
   Then I feel something on the end of my fingers. There’s a baseball bat under my bed and I grab it and aim to the clowns head. He yelps and falls off of me, some hair falling over his face, I jump up, a little dizzy and take my time to breath evenly again, still holding onto the bat.
   ”Why you little…” He growls as he stands up, pulling the loose strands of hair back from clouding his vision, glaring me. There is a long space between us and with the bat in hand I keep it that way, or intend to.
   ”I waited for you!” I snapped and swing the bat at his direction, he of course dodges it easily and I take a step closer, heading for a good target and space. ”I told them to wait!” With another swing I hit his right shoulder. ”But it was too late!” I snap and lift the bat over my head and swing it at his head, but he slips right past me, and behind my back he goes. I hit the floor with the bat, hear a loud bang and lift it up again. I turn to face him.
   ”Oh so it is my fault the gig got ruined?” He holds his hand over his chest like he is offended. A glint in my eyes I react to his words.
   ”Yes!” I groan. ”You left me with the Bat, again! You always do that you asshole!” And I let the bat fly through the air this time hitting the wall. Why can’t he stay put! ”And I’ve had it with how things go! I help you out, I get caught, I break out on my own and then you show up when you see me useful again!” I pull the bat over my head again, readying myself when the Joker pulls a gun from his pocket and pulls the trigger, firing and blasting the bat in bits.
I throw the holder of the remains of my weapon over my shoulder and head for my mallet but before I get even close to the thing, Joker snatches me and pulls me close to him. Before I can do or say anything he smashes his lips against mine.
   The kiss is forceful, but passionate. Even if I tried I couldn’t get myself free from his hold. A part of me wants to try though and another part, well, the most of me missed this.
   I let my body relax, leaning against him and feeling his arms wrap around my waist, trapping me in place. It’s not intimidating. No, not anymore and I can feel myself fully enjoying the embrace, taking a hold of the back of his jacket with my other hand and the other burying my fingers in his hair and pulling him closer to me, even though there was no space between us.
   It takes us minutes to get ourselves pause our make out session and with a dizzy feeling in my head, a stupid grin on my face I stare at his eyes as he pulls away from me, only just a little, not letting me go of his arms, but so we can breathe.
   ”I’m sorry honey that our little date got ruined back then.” He smiled at me, his fingers playing with my hair. ”But next time do as daddy says, alright?” His comment wakes me up from the venomous effect of the kiss and I frown.
   ”But I would’ve ended up in Arkham.” I say softly, pouting like a kid but keeping my voice down, not wanting to anger him again. The situation had died down and ended nice enough and I didn’t want to push my luck. ”Again.” I added quietly.
   Joker only grinned at me and caressed my cheek gently. ”You would’ve gotten out in no time.” He said, but knew that wouldn’t calm me down so he continued. ”There is nothing that will keep us apart and you know it. Otherwice I wouldn’t be here now, now would I?”
   I laughed and nuzzled close to him, my head on the crook of his neck while his arm was around my waist loosely. ”Now, it’s been long since we had fun, hasn’t it?” He hinted, which made me giggle. ”Why won’t we relax and have fun just the two of us for the next couple of days, huh?” The thought made my body tingle, there was nothing I wanted or treasured more than alone time with my Joker.