sometimes you just have to hug yourself

       (FLASHBACK~! 4 years ago…)

Chat:  We should just… hang out sometime!  Just… to bond, y'know? We should become better friends.

Ladybug (blushing intensifies): I’d like that… But… what do you want to do?

Chat:  I don’t know… what do you like to do with your friends?

Ladybug:  Well… I like video games!

Chat:  Me too!  But wait… I don’t think we can get away with sneaking a television out of our homes.  What else?

Ladybug:  Well, I like fashion too.  Sometimes my best friend and I give each other makeovers!

Chat:  Youuu… want to give me a makeover?

Ladybug (excitedly): Oh!!!  C-can I???

Chat (caving at the first puppy-dog eyed look from LB, chuckles): Knock yourself out, Little Lady.

Ladybug (stops breathing, gasps, squees dramatically, hugs him): Oh Chat, I can’t wait!!!

       (Later On…)

Ladybug: W-wow! Your hair is so soft! Are your parents like hairdressers or something?

Chat: Haha, nothing like that. I guess I’m just lucky?

Ladybug: Totally! I’d kill to have hair this soft!

Chat: I could buy you some of the conditioner I use.

Ladybug (whispers): I love you…

Chat: What?

Ladybug: What?

Have a little sneak peek at what’s coming up on the next part of our When Duty and Desire Meet collab for our Older!Chat AU: Ladybug and Chat Noir’s origin story!  This drabble was written by both @midnightstarlightwrites and myself! <3

The Lego Batman Movie Sentence Starters

“DC. The house that Batman built.”
“Get yourself ready for some…reading.”
“Batman is very wise.”
“Yeah, I’ve got an extra ab.”
“We are transporting 11 million sticks of dynamite, 17,000 pounds of C4, about 150 little cute little classic bomb-type bombs, and two best friends, and request permission to fly over the most crime-ridden city in the world!”
“I’m a loser at home, and I’m a loser at work.”
“You should be terrified.”
“All the C-grade villains have broken into the energy plant!”
“Dear gosh, you destroyed the ___! You have thought of everything!”
“I just wrote a song about how I’m gonna kick all of your butts.”
“Get it together, guys, you’re making me look bad in front of Batman!”
“Save the city or catch your greatest enemy.”
“You think you’re my greatest enemy?”
“I like to fight around.”
“I’m okay with you fighting other people.”
“Remember, kids: If you wanna be like Batman, take care of your abs.”
“Were you looking at the old family pictures again?”
“I don’t talk about feelings.”
“Your greatest fear is being a part of a family again.”
“Tuxedo dress up party!”
“How am I supposed to get ___’s respect when I’m working with these human farts?”
“I’m just so jazzed to meet you!”
“I hate everything you just said.”
“You won’t get to fight any of this anymore.”
“Riddle me this: …what just happened?”
“There are no more vigilantes allowed.”
“You need to take responsibility for your life.”
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Hello secret camera!”
“You’ve been watching too many Lifetime movies and drinking chardonnay.”
“Chance of failure is 110%.”
“Sometimes to right a wrong, you have to wrong right.”
“How dare you tell me how to parent my kid I just met.”
“Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”
“I’m trying to give you a big old hug.”
“What’s the vigilante position on cookies?”
“It’s weirder if it’s not your son…”
“Somebody get this man some pants.”
“You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself.”
“I got thrown in this heckhole on purpose!”
“I’m gonna go start looting.”
“Ask your nerd friends.”
“Who’s the greatest villain of them all now?!”
“I’m rubbing my butt all over your stuff.”
“Rename this the buttmobile.”
“Do you ever get scared?”
“This is not a family trip.”
“It’s 100% lava.”
“Why did you build this thing only one seat?”
“Last I checked I only had one butt.”
“For a loner, you sure like movies about relationships.”
“Good news, our bathroom problem is solved.”
“We are just one big happy f…raternity of people.”
“I don’t need friends.”
“I swear I’m a good guy.”
“I was trying to protect them…”
“Are they really the ones you’re protecting?”
“Don’t do what I would do!”
“You’ve gotta let me go down there and save them!”
“I don’t even know why you bothered coming back.”
“…I was afraid.”
“I was afraid of feeling the pain you feel when you lose someone close to you.”
“Saving this city is too big a job for one person.”
“Who’s laying down those funky beats?”
“Okay, ___. Bring the pain.”
“As I predicted, we’re doomed!”
“You had me at shut up.”
“How are your abs, bro?”
“Sometimes losing people is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you stop letting them in.”
“This is my family. But it’s your family too.”
“Do you have a knife? Because someone needs to cut the tension between us.”

Got7 Reaction: You Sleeping W/O A Bra


“ Hello! Since you guys said you would be taking reactions. coudl I request got7 and bts or which ever one your more comfortable doing, reaction to finding out tehre girlfriend doesn’t sleep with a bra on? Thank you!💜 “

- Anon.  


Jackson walks into your bedroom, looking to surprise you while you’re playing on your phone, but he finds you fast asleep, one of your bras sitting on top of your hamper in the corner. He’d raise his eyebrow and smirk, being the cocky dork he is, and sneak up next to you, gently pulling down your covers so that he doesn’t wake you. He strips down into his usual sleeping attire and crawls in next to you, holding you close and chuckling, not thinking much more of it and just glad to have you back in his arms, and drifts off to sleep.

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Yugyeom would be in the kitchen at the early morning attempting to cook breakfast for you both as a way to show you he loves you. Not to long after the food starts cooking you would wake up confused, thinking maybe your mother had come to visit, but then remembered that your boyfriend Yugyeom had spent the night, but had insisted he sleep on the couch to give you your privacy since you haven’t been together very long. You, without thinking, walk out into the kitchen in nothing but your tee shirt and shorts, obviously not wearing your bra, and hug Yugyeom from behind. Being the innocent maknae he is, he probably wouldn’t even realize at first that you weren’t wearing one. He’d turn around and kiss your forehead and look down at you, and that’s when realization would hit him and he’d tilt his head and knit his eyebrows in confusion but also starting to blush a bit. That small movement would then cause you to realize and pull away and cross your arms flustered and explain that you had forgotten to put on your bra due to you being tired. He’d just shrug and laugh, calling you cute and return to cooking while you ran back to your room to get properly dressed.

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Jaebum would be attempting to make you breakfast in bed for your anniversary. He snuck around your kitchen trying to be as quiet as possible as he attempted to make you pancakes and eggs. After a few minutes he had finally succeeded and decided to look around your kitchen in order to find a few things to better present the dish before pouring you a glass of orange juice and carefully carrying it into your room. Once he got there, he had placed the dish and glass onto your nightstand and decided to wake you up by peppering your face in kisses and humming to you. Once you had finally woke up, giggling at how sweet and cute your boyfriend is, you sat up and pulled the plate onto your lap starting to eat. It’d take a few minutes for Jaebum to actually realize you weren’t wearing a bra due to him being so absorbed in making sure you enjoyed the food. Once he had finally realized though, he’d start turning a soft shade of pink and awkwardly scratch the back of his head and looking around the room now instead of at you. He’d awkwardly sit there in that position, starting to crack bad jokes in order to try and calm himself down and wait for you to finish, and once you had he had said that he would meet you out in the living room once you were ready for your anniversary date while carrying the dishes out into the kitchen so that he could wash them.  

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Jinyoung would just be walking into your new shared apartment exhausted from rehearsal. He’d walk into the bedroom and place his bag in the closet, and attempted to quietly look through his dresser for his pajamas so he could go take a shower and change. Once he had found them, he glanced at your sleeping form, not yet noticing due to the way you were positioned and due to the blanket. Roughly 10 minutes later, Jinyoung had snuck back into your room and was getting into bed, careful not to wake you. He had just wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him which caused you to sleepily snuggle into him, and that’s when he realized you weren’t wearing a bra. Now, at that moment, he would just freeze in place and probably forget to breath for a few seconds, looking at you completely shook. After a few minutes though, he tried to relax himself and forget about it, hoping to just completely forget and avoid the possible upcoming situation in the morning.

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Youngjae would innocently be playing on his computer while sitting on the couch, waiting for you to wake up. He’d be humming to himself absent mindedly when you would walk in and past him, half asleep. He’d finally look up at you once you started making noise in the half kitchen that was situated next to the living room. Being one of the “innocent” ones in the group, like Yugyeom, he wouldn’t notice until to reached up to grab something from a shelf that was barely out of your reach. Youngjae would walk up behind you, blushing like crazy now realizing that you weren’t wearing a bra and grab the item you were reaching for so you could make yourself something to eat. You’d sleepily thank him, not realizing yet yourself, until you notice that your boyfriend keeps glancing at you while giggling and sporting a bright pink face. You chuckled at how cute and innocent he was being and why he was acting like that, but decided to torture him just a little bit longer. as you make your snack, you reach up again for something else on the same shelf, this time going on your toes to reach it, trying not to chuckle since you knew he was shyly watching. You then innocently looked back at him and asked him to get the item for you, which he shyly nodded and got, still trying not to giggle. You watched him grab the object and that’s when you broke into a fit of giggles and laughter which caused him to look at you confused but bursting out into giggles and laughter as well. You then ask him to finish cooking so you can go quickly change.

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You’d be napping in your room while Mark comes over to surprise you. You’re mom would answer the door and instantly pull him in for a hug, having missed his presence as well and knowing you’ll feel a lot better now that He’s back. She’d take him into the living room telling him that you should be up in a bit and begins cooking while talking to him. You’d wake up confused as to why there was such a ruckus in the living area and walk in wearing a tee-shirt at boyshort underwear scratching your head confused. You’d look instantly at your mom and ask what was going on not noticing him falling silent once you entered the room. Your mom would just shrug and laugh nodding over towards your boyfriend whos sitting on the couch trying not to laugh at how cute you are. You’d look at him after yawning and stretching, accidentally making it even more obvious you weren’t wearing a bra and make a very oblivious and awkward ‘oh’ sound once you made eye contact. That’s when Mark lost it and bursts into a fit of giggles and got up, hugging you tightly not even caring you weren’t wearing a bra and shuffle backwards, sitting down on the couch and pulling you onto his lap and returning to his conversation with your mom while you snuggled into him and fell back asleep, more comfortable.

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You’d be lounging on your bed, watching youtube videos and having a lazy day when all of a sudden your boyfriend, Bambam, called. You groggily answered the phone, laziness and boredom laced in your voice. Upon hearing your tone he’d laugh and tell you he’s on his way with food and then hang up after saying he loves you. You’d roll over on your bed and glance at your dresser debating whether or not to get up and put on a bra before deciding it wasn’t worth it, it wouldn’t be the first time he saw you without a bra and it certainly wouldn’t be the last, so you go back to watching youtube videos and impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to arrive. Minutes later, your boyfriend walks in, announcing his arrival as well as the arrival of take out chinese. You instantly hop up and run to the kitchen holding on to your boobs so that they wouldn’t bounce and cause pain. Bambam would open his arms expecting you to hug him, but instead you go over to the cabinets and pull out a plate and chopsticks, serving yourself. Bambam just laughs and pulls out a plate doing the same before playfully teasing you, saying things like 'Sometimes I swear you only love me for the free food’. You’d giggle and peck him on the lips and wink before going back to your room. He’d just chuckle and follow behind, slapping your ass as he passes you and says something like 'you know, if you wanted me you’d just have to say so instead of parading around in nothing but your t shirt’ and wink.

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The Transfer: Part 2

The Transfer: Part 2 (m)

Word count: 7.8k

Genre/Warnings: language, angst, smut, dirty talk

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Hoseok seems too hard to resist. But are you really ready to take   the next step?

Parts: one


You were walking up to Jin’s apartment door. Looking around, wanting to make sure Jimin and Hoseok didn’t pop out anywhere. Obviously they didn’t live in Jin’s apartment complex but you were scared you would end up seeing them on the off chance they would visit Jin randomly. Because that would be your luck if they did. Jimin seemed to pop up everywhere, especially in high school.

The door opened right as you were about to knock and you saw Cassie walking out. You startled her, Cassie jumping slightly making you both laugh, “Sorry, Cass.”

“It’s okay, babe. Hi, how are you?”

“I’m doing great, how are you? You look nice.” you smiled. She was so cute and sweet. She fit with Jin perfectly, they were an annoyingly attractive couple. Honestly, if they were ever looking for someone to hop into bed with them…

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Baekhyun - Play (X)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

; it has always been you. 

A/N: after more than a month of waiting, here it is! the next few parts have already been planned out, hope you’ll enjoy play till the end and after.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

    Eternity wouldn’t be enough to heal this agony, this heartbreak. You’ve realized that the moment his lips first touched yours, and when heaven felt like his body. It would never leave your head, it will never be erased. The familiarity of his body against yours was too strong to be forgotten, too strong to be undone. Your heart ached for him each and every night. Each night was spent by your window, staring at the bare sky, wondering why did it have to be like this, wondering why did you have to fall for him.

    At first, it seemed more like a dream. His body was a source of warmth during those cold nights where you couldn’t find the strength to fall asleep. His hands were a source of light, guiding you through the darkness you were trapped in. His lips were a source of safety as he kissed you softly, knowing that there would be someone to catch you when you fall. But that was then.

     Your heart turned blind to the truth of your relationship, your deal, your play. To never fall in love with each other, that was the first and only rule. The rule you had disgracefully broken, but he was just too much to handle. He was carved to look like an angel, but inside him was a devil. Sometimes, his touching words and tender actions took you off guard. You weren’t used to him being like this, you weren’t used to him opening his heart.

   And slowly, he did. He turned more human by the day, and he soon did become one. Inside of him was a soul that laughed and sang, lively and in love with music that drowned him. His eyes opened up for once, and his lips became softer than ever. His heart has been unlocked, and you were the one who held the key. But he was Baekhyun.

    Flaws like every other human inhabited in him. His was specifically made to destroy you; he was made to make you love him, make your heart swell at the thought of him, make your dizzy head clear when you see him, then leave you. And that’s exactly what he did.

    He played you, he played you well. His hands held your heart with a strong grip, ever so slowly crushing it, allowing you to feel the excruciatingly painful ache as he kissed you, lips so soft unlike his grip.

    And all you could do was to watch him do so, allow him to squeeze the life out of you, believing that it was pleasure, satisfaction, and bliss as he drained your blood with his kiss. You were a fool to love him, you were a fool to let him do so, you were a fool to let him continue.

    It’s been a few days since you’ve seen him. Your bedroom has contained you in its four claustrophobic walls, keeping you away from him. It hurt more than it should have. No matter how many times you’ve walked away after he had left you, you only found yourself walking back to where he left you behind, waiting and hoping that somehow in his heart, he would find a reason to come back, to stay. But he was Byun Baekhyun, and you were just part of his half time heart, his intended play.

    Sometimes, when the pain was too unbearable, Junmyeon would come by, a bouquet of flowers in one hand, while the other went in to immediately hug you, hoping that his arms could replace those of Baekhyun, but deep inside, no matter how hard both you and Junmyeon believed in it, it could never happen. Baekhyun has left his mark, and it was indelible, unforgettable, and forever.

    Junmyeon would lay down beside you in your bed, eyes closed as he sighed. He didn’t understand how foolish and gullible your heart was, he just couldn’t understand how you managed to still love Baekhyun no matter what.

    But no matter how hard he tried to understand, he couldn’t. Not when you were hurting, not when you were suffering, not when you were still in love with him. Junmyeon allowed you to go on though. He was patient with you, his heart still willing to wait for yours to get over that of someone who didn’t deserve a speck of your attention, much less, your love.

    He never tried to stop you whenever you tried to seek after Baekhyun, he never said anything against it, he never went against you. Junmyeon’s heart was caged, and he could not find the key. It wanted to make you happy, make your heart leap and live, so he didn’t try to stop you when you’ve decided to go to rehearsals today. He allowed you to leave your home with your “healed” heart, but he knew the truth, and the truth is you could never forget Baekhyun, not when you knew each line and dip of his body, the curves of his lips and muscles, the sharp bone of his jaw, and the long and smooth expanse of his back and fingers.

    He couldn’t do anything, not when your heart longed to be with another man. He couldn’t do anything at all.

     As usual, the sky was gray, and the sun was hidden behind a series of flat dispersed clouds. A terrible sense of foreboding that you ignored so naively washed over you, but you continued on. Not just in the sense of walking towards the big theater, but the foolishness you were trapped in, this dangerous play with Baekhy- you can’t say his name, you have forgotten, you truly did.

     Lies, what horrible lies you tried to convince yourself into, trying persuade your heart and mind that he was nonexistent, and those moments where his lips fit perfectly into your own were merely tiny fragments of a forgotten dream. The truth was something you could not accept, not when it had hurt your heart whenever it turned blind to the verity of your relationship, just like it was now as you walked closer and closer to the theater, until you had entered the building, its warmth distracting you from the true coldness that surround it.

    One after the other, you ignored those signs of a brewing storm coming your way. You didn’t know of them, you didn’t notice them, believing they were just what the gloomy day brought with it.

    Oblivious to everything else, you spaced out as you walked to your dressing room to get ready for rehearsals. The white walls of your room made you feel lonelier as its colors made the corners invisible, extending the empty room to infinity.

    A tear then another fell before you were sobbing, and the sobbing turned into your ‘healed’ heart breaking once more. Just thinking of him was enough to break you, to crush you into tiny unimportant pieces of porcelain that nobody wanted.

    But all you ever did was love him… at the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong lifetime. You only gave him your whole heart and soul, and he only rejected it. He only broke it again and again, until it was gone and unfixable.

    Your soul was relentlessly screaming at the sight of the void that filled your heart, unable to accept this type of pain any longer, unable to feel anything other than deep regret, deep sorrow, and deep adoration for him. It had forgotten all other things but him and only him.

“Rehearsals start in five minutes, please be on stage now.” You heard someone say from behind the door along with the knock before the person said anything.

    It was time to see him. It was time to show how utterly devastated you are and how badly you needed him in your life. It was time to show how much he left you bare and how much power he had over you. You were in his hands, and he knew that very well. Despite knowing that you fooled yourself into thinking that you could get over him, you continued on, taking a step out of your room and towards the stage; the stage that brought you two together, the stage where it all started, the stage where this play had began.

    A step forward then another, there was only the clicking of your heels against the floor that rang through your head along with forbidden memories of you, Baekhyun, and a broken bed, memories of the night sky and the feel of his chest rising and falling underneath your hand, memories of the hazy sunlight peering through your window and the small smiles he held as he was asleep, memories of how badly he shook your heart (good and bad).

    Nothing was disrupting the quietness your mind has fallen into when you noticed someone in a pair of Gucci high heels leaning against the left wall of the hallway and the familiarity of your heart cracking at the sight of her.

“When will you finally learn that he doesn’t love you? He never has, he never will, Y/N.” How nice, she knew the truth better than you did. Nana, no matter how badly you didn’t want to say it, looked gorgeous as she leaned against the wall, looking at your like a piece of dirt in her way. You were drained of emotions, unable to walk away the thirsty woman who begged for attention she could never have.

    Coldness crept up your arm as you stood in that hallway, being eaten by the inevitable truth of her words. You could not oppose what she has just say, no counter argument nor proof to show that you haven’t lost everything because the truth is… you did, and it didn’t matter if you could face her and spit at her the same exact vileness she had treated you with. Not when winning over her didn’t mean winning over him. Winning back Baekhyun.

“I’m glad this play is ending soon. Baekhyun’s been doing better without you, and once you’re gone, he’ll be back to normal. I’ll- We’ll finally be able to get rid of you, Y/N.” Inside her eyes, her true darkness swelled and spiraled within her pupils. You watched those eyes of her as she walked closer and closer towards you, heels clicking with the marble floor of the long hallway. The coldness of the theater has finally reached your heart, numbing it from the pain, the heartbreak, the foolishness.

“I couldn’t care less, Nana.” Lies. Lies once again to show false strength you could not have without Baekhyun by your side. “I couldn’t care less if Baekhyun loved you or not. I’m over him. I’m over his lies and cowardice.” For a second, you heart believed in your words. For once, it felt hope; hope that it could move on, it could live. Your mouth, however, took it too far. “I can’t wait for this play to end, so that I don’t have to deal with you and Baekhyun anymore.”

     Your legs suddenly woke up, moving your feet forward and away from Nana. An unknown force helped you carry yourself away from her and her malicious soul lacking that of a heart. Although in front of her, you wore a brave mask and spoke brave words, the moment you could feel her gaze burning through your back, tears once again wet the skin of your cheeks. The pain has once again come back because the truth is no matter how many times you’ve tried to forget him, no matter how many times you’ve walked away from him, you would always come running back because the truth is… you loved him. You loved Byun Baekhyun, and love was a powerful thing that could move oceans, create storms, and much more, touch people whether to heal or destroy them, and for you, loving Baekhyun was a poison you needed to stay alive; a healing and deadly concoction you would gladly overdose on.

     You continued on walking till you were at the main stage, awaiting for the director’s instructions, but most of all, awaiting for Baekhyun and his tender touches which never came. It never came because they were left behind the slightly opened door on a long and lonely hallway where two familiar voices spoke against each other. One who he regretted, one who he loved deeply.

     As Baekhyun waited by that ajar door, waiting for the right time to come out, to protect you from Nana, to show you that he loved you, that he always loved you, he heard your wounding words, and he closed the door silently.

“I couldn’t care less, Nana. I couldn’t care less if Baekhyun loved you or not. I’m over him. I’m over his lies and cowardice. I can’t wait for this play to end, so that I don’t have to deal with you and Baekhyun anymore.” His heart was in agony and remorse. He had lost you. He had been blind for too long, he had been ignorant for too long, he had been foolish for too long. Baekhyun hit himself in the chest, right at the heart when the physical pain of the punch was drowned by that of the affliction it felt.

     Why had he been playing you for so long? Why did he not confess to you from the start? Why could he not treat you right? Why did he have to bring in Nana? Why did he have to be like this? Why couldn’t he just love you right? Why?

     Because he was a fool, a terrible person, and Byun Baekhyun. He was blind and deaf to the sight and sound of love, and now, he was suffering the consequences of his ignorance and arrogance. He was losing you, or perhaps… he already did.

     Baekhyun sank into his chair, elbows on his knees and hands grabbed his hair as he looked down at the floor. He could see his tears gathering at the floor, and he wished his mind and heart had done the same when he felt his heart beat faster at the thought of you, wishing he had thought things through and treated you right, wishing he had shown his love instead of his cowardice. His usually melodic voice was deep and croaky as he spoke, desperate for an answer, desperate for a miracle, desperate to have his heart beating and loving with yours.

“What have I done? What am I going to do now?”

daddy's 95 ❖ jongin

word count : 3304 words

admin : - velvet

style : smut, daddy kink, cheating, basically i have a thing for jongin’s skin, age gap - it’s a relationship stepfather - stepdaughter, so if you don’t like, please don’t read (个_个)

(not my gif, cr to the owner)

It wasn’t weird at the beginning, maybe because you were young and didn’t know what was really happening. You were six years old and had just started school, it was all so weird and when the the teacher asked you for the first time what you parents’ name were, you could just say your mother’s one.

Was it because you didn’t have a dad? Well, not really. You used to have a father just like all the other children in your classroom, it happened some months before that you mom and dad parted ways and you were not quite sure why, mom just said that it was for good.

It didn’t last long, at seven, when your teachers were already accustomed to the fact that little Y/N didn’t have a dad, he came into your and your mother’s lives.

Jongin was just like the princes you were used to see in cartoons, maybe without the blonde hair and the blue eyes, but he was probably the kindest prince of all.

He was your mother’s boss’ son, and thinking about it now: the thing was kinda fucked up. But he wasn’t even younger than your mother was.

She got pregnant at sixteen and when you were seven, she was only twenty three, she had just found a job and she managed to not take home just money, but even a twenty five years old Kim Jongin.

When Jongin first came to your house, you and your mother were waiting for him at the door. You probably never saw your mother this nervous and this beautiful. She already was the most beautiful woman on earth for you, but when she painted her lips with red colour and wore the shoes that make her look even taller than she already was, she just looked like a goddess in your eyes.

And probably even in Jongin’s eyes, that when came in couldn’t tear his eyes off her. He couldn’t until he saw you. And you were probably the most beautiful human being he had ever seen in his entire life, even without some teeths and with red puffy eyes caused by the fact that your mother didn’t let you wear one of her pair of shoes.

Right after, maybe in a little less than a year, Jongin became daddy in your eyes and his house became yours and your mother’s.

You were eight when you started sleeping in you new daddy’s house, and in the bed in the bedroom he gave you.

Daddy❞ you called out one night, it was probably half past eleven and he still was in his suit. When he heard your voice, he quickly lifted his head to see you standing by the door. His eyes became soft watching you drag your feet until you were next to him.

I didn’t finish my homework❞ you whispered dropping your gaze to your feet. He probably saw it coming as he chuckled. He knew you better than your mother, and probably better than your own self. The only times you were awake till late was because something about school happened.

And dear Lord, you hated school with all your being.

Sweetheart❞ he called you gripping lightly your wrist ❝why didn’t you finish your homework?❞ he asked taking you in his lap.

’Cause…❞ you started, unsure if it was better to say the truth or stick to the excuse you made-up some time before.

You lifted your gaze, positioning yourself better on his legs. Jongin knew you. He knew when you were lying and he knew when you were scared, when you were uncomfortable or too happy that you might have started crying.

I don’t wanna go to school, daddy❞ you whined hiding your face on his neck. His laugh rumbled through his and your body.

Princess, why do you always come to me? You know I can’t tell you no

At ten you still were “princess” and he still was “daddy”, he still came to your room to kiss you good night, but he started to kiss your cheeks and not peck you on the lips anymore. He was still the sweetest person on earth, he still cared for you more than he cared for anybody else on this world, but he started being always more tired and it was always more unusual to see him next to you for you night-time-talks.

He wasn’t going away, you knew it. Even if your parents started fighting over stupid things, they still cared too much about each other to ever end the relationship they had.

And other than that, Jongin would never leave his princess.

He literally grew addicted to the fact that he was your father, the only man in your life and he wasn’t going to let your mother take you away from him. It wasn’t anything sick or weird, he just really loved you as his own daughter.

When you were eleven your dad and your mom married.

Now Kim Jongin was you father even for the Korean State and on the papers you were not anymore Kang Y/N, but Kim Y/N.

When you were twelve Jongin started leaving the room when you were changing and started giving you your spaces, accepting the fact that you were becoming a little woman.

At sixteen boys started to come around and your insecurities started to surface, forcing you into diets.

It was half past two in the morning and you were seated by the fridge with a big spoon of lemon ice cream and probably the most devastated face you’ve ever had in your all life.

You weren’t sure if you were crying or not, you just knew that you were hungry as hell and you didn’t have a proper meal in - at least - two weeks.

You didn’t see you father approach you, but when you sensed his presence behind you, you let yourself go. He was sitting behind you, his legs at both sides of yours and his arms stretched in a tight back hug.

Your head fell into his shoulder and your back pressed against his chest.

Why are you doing like this, sweetheart?❞ he questioned resting his chin on your head.

You weren’t very touchy with dad anymore, even because it felt wrong, in some kind of ways. Sometimes it just pops in your head that your father is too handsome and when the sick idea that he is not your dad by blood, meaning that isn’t wrong for you to feel some kind of ways, comes, it makes you curl your skin in disgust.

Boys don’t even look at me❞ you sniffed, trying to calm yourself. Thinking about your dad in different ways makes you want to cry even harder.

Jongin pressed a kiss on your hair, then started to get up, taking you in his arms in bridal style. He started to take you to your room, and it didn’t even feel wrong that at sixteen your stepfather is still holding you.

When he reached the end of the stairs he finally spoke: ❝You have your daddy, baby. Why would you want anyone else to look at you?

At eighteen your thoughts about your dad started to go wild, and they didn’t feel wrong anymore. You started to crave for him. You started to wonder what was hidden under his shirt and why he looked so hot even if he was in his late thirties. You started to dream about you father - your stepfather -, you thought that maybe he may see you has a woman too, and not just as his step daughter, you thought of him basically every second of your life.

When you wake up, when you prepare for school, during breakfast - when he’s in front of you smiling -, when you ride to school, during school hours, when you have lunch, when you come back home, when you do your homework, when you eat dinner with him and mom, when you take a shower and the worst: in bed.

It really hurted when you were in bed alone, it hurted your head, your heart, your body, the boiling space between your legs.

When you were alone it was all fun and games, but when he was around it was kind of embarrassing, you couldn’t even look at him in the eyes and you would find yourself checking him out.

So you started to avoid him.

Until he understood something was wrong.

The door of your room slammed shut. You knew your mom was at work till eight pm, and it was just five in the afternoon. The only ones at home were you and you dad.

You took off your earphones and turned around to see your dad walking silently towards your bed, sitting down.

He lifted his eyes and patted the spot in the bed next to him.

In your head curses started to follow one by one, while you raised yourself from the black chair you were on and started drag your feet to your bed.

His face was kind, but his eyes were hard and his jaw clenched in a tight manner. He wasn’t looking at you in the eyes.

You already saw you dad angry, but now you were too sure of the reason why he was angry at you.

When you sat down on your bed, chewing the inside of your mouth, he finally looked at you.

Why don’t you talk to me?❞ His voice sounded way more desperate than what you would have ever thought and his eyes were in despair.

Your gaze fell accidentally on his wet lips, making you silently gasp. Your eyes fluttered closed for a second, but swallowing quickly you reopened your eyes, trying to focus on your dad and not on the way you stomach started to dance at his presence.

What do you mean, daddy?

That word: daddy - still sounded wrong in your mouth, if referred to him.

You’ve been avoiding me for so long, is something bad happened?❞ he was so hopeless, his eyes so desperate that you took his hand.

You felt so sick in that moment, he was sad and you were thinking about satisfying your hunger for him. At least you were not playing him, you really felt something for your daddy, but your mother and some papers were in the middle of you two. Might as well just go for it, Jongin was nice, if he rejected you he wouldn’t tell anyone anyway.

Daddy❞ you called out, and your voice sounded more like a moan.

You took your daddy’s hand and put it on your right breast. If it felt good in your dream, it felt even better in real life.

Jongin eyes grew wide, he didn’t understand what was going on, but took off his hand right away, surprised when he saw your eyes go to the back of your head when you put his hand on your breast.

Wait, daddy❞ you murmured taking his hand again in yours.

You adjusted on your bed, sitting on your knees and placing his big and warm hand again on your right breast. Both of your nipples perked up and Jongin could see them through your white t-shirt.

You weren’t wearing any bra, since you were going to stay at home till the day after, where you were going to go to school. Jongin stayed still on your breast, watching it with his mouth agape.

You swallowed, you knew this was wrong, but you couldn’t care less in that moment.

You squeezed his hand, causing him to squeeze your breast to, Jongin’s tongue darted out of his lips, wetting them.

Y/N❞ he whispered, it was going to be a warning, but it sounded more like a plead.

You other hand snapped to the hot zone between your legs, with you middle finger you brushed your clit, squeezing his hand and your breast harder. A mewl brushed out of your lips and Jongin’s eyes run to your clothed womanhood.

Daddy❞ you moaned a little, opening your legs and grinding a little on your middle finger.

You were going to keep on talking, begging him to touch you, but he was faster.

Jongin’s lips pressed again your opened ones, his tongue started to taste your mouth and if the feeling between your legs was hot, his mouth again yours was even hotter.

You always looked at your dad lips in awe and now that they were on yours, you just felt too good.

Your hand left his on you breast to intertwine with his black hair. You were still kissing when he pulled your t-shirt down, exposing only your breasts. He took advantage of the new skin and left your mouth with a trail of saliva, connecting his lips with your left breast. He took your nipple in his mouth, circling the darker skin and then sucking on your perked nub.

If you didn’t know better, you would have thought that this was one of your wet dreams, where you moaned your daddy’s name and that was right and not wrong as it will feel in the future.

His mouth went to the other nipple playing just with his tongue, flicking it with the tip. His hands positioned on your ass cheeks, taking you with a sharp move into his laps, legs open and you clothed centre was pressing on his hardening manhood.

If your mother finds out❞ he whispered taking your shirt off completely.

You made quick moves, taking off his shirt button by button, throwing it out of the bed and on the floor.

If you don’t tell her, she won’t❞ you moaned taking in the beautiful tan skin you always adored.

Jongin always looked like as if he was kissed by the sun and then someone just poured honey on his skin. You were so in love with the color of his skin. It was so precious.

You pushed him down, so that his back was now laying on your bed. With a shy smile you pecked him on the lips and then went down on his neck, kissing it lightly. You didn’t want to spend time with games, you just wanted to taste his skin. You went down to the base of his dress pants, and just took a long lick of his abdomen, from his bellybutton to his neck, tasting his honey-like skin and his muscular figure. His skin tasted like cream and smelled like the cologne he always used, since you was young. You found yourself drowning.

Princess❞ he breathed when you then returned down with your face, planting a firm kiss on his clothed manhood.

Mh?❞ you looked at him, taking his clothed member - or at least the little you could since it was constricted in his pants - in your mouth, showing him what you would have loved to do.

Come here❞ he whispered looking at you. As much as he would have wanted you to give him a blowjob, he felt like stopping you and praise your body.

As you turned to kiss him, he quickly turned you around, so that now you were with your back on the bed and he was hovering over you. He too quickly took off your pants, you almost didn’t even notice it. He didn’t broke the kiss, he kept on playing with your tongue, but you had to open your mouth to let go a silent scream out when he pressed his finger on your clit, under your underwear.

You started to rock your hips, your mouths were against each other, but you weren’t kissing anymore. You were too focused on feeling his calloused fingers work on your throbbing clit.

❝I didn’t think that daddy could make you this wet❞ he whispered watching your face contort into pleasure when he dipped his middle finger into your heat.

Oh my God❞ you breathed together.

So tight❞ he smiled next to you ear, resting on his side, watching you moan and open your legs even wider for him.

His finger pumped into your core, while some of his finger brushed involuntarily against your clit, touching it just slightly, without stopping the nub from pulsing. And you weren’t sure if the throbbing in your ears was blood in your veins or your clit, but it felt amazing. Jongin next to you was panting, his other hand was now palming his member in his pants.

His finger in your core stopped moving, he took it off and spread your wetness on you clit, touching it with fervor. It felt too much, you wanted to come so bad, but still you couldn’t.

Daddy, please❞ you moaned, knowing that he was on the limits of endurance too.

He took his hand off you, working with his zipper for a little while, then took off both pants and boxers. When you saw his manhood you just smiled at yourself, you knew his skin there would be honey just like everywhere else, but now its tip was an hungry red and no honey color was there to be seen.

Jongin hovered over your body, taking his member in his hand before placing it just between your folds.

You had sex with some boys❞ he started and it was more like an exclamation than a question ❝now you will have sex with a man, baby

You gasped when he slammed his member into your more-than-wet womanhood.

Tell me who’s better❞ he whispered in your ear starting to pump into you.

Even if his first thrust was angry and violent, he then slowed down, trying to compose himself.

Don’t slow down❞ you moaned tracing your thumb over your nipple and squeezing your left breast.

Sweetheart, calm down. Relax. You’re too tight for daddy

His length into you was paradisiac, but almost too big. Your walls were being stretched to impossible, his tip started with brushing everything in you and then stopped there.

Here, baby?❞ he questioned when you let out a rather loud ‘fuck, Jongin’. It was almost incredible the fact that the only one who ever touched your g-spot was actually your stepfather.

Daddy, there please❞ you cried out arching your back. It was all almost too erotic for you. Jongin, your daddy, was fucking you in the bed, his usually combed hair was now a mess and his honey skin was all covered in sweat, his member was deep into your boiling core and his balls slapped against your ass. But his lips, oh his lips, they were the hottest. They were wet and tan, now red for the kissing and they were parted. His eyes boring into yours.

Baby, you’re so beautiful❞ he panted going a little slower, his orgasm approaching and yours was very near too.

You smiled a little, trying to reach your goal and it came too fast.

Jongin furrowed his eyebrows looking deeply in you, one of his hands left the side of your head and went to grab your ass, then he slammed into you one last time.

Your eyes went to the back of your head and you saw black for al least thirty seconds, your body shook from the violent orgasm and Jongin took off quickly his member from your entrance, grabbing it and slamming it into his hand. When he came he let his seed spurt on your clit, brushing his tip on it and helping you ride your last drop of orgasm through the friction.

He took a deep breath looking at your body. You nipples were red from his attentions, your lips red aswell, you womanhood was puffy and swollen from his actions and his white seed was all over your tummy.

Princess, you look gloriously beautiful❞ whispered Jongin, attaching his lips on her mouth again.

oh wow, hope i didn’t make too many grammar mistakes. i’m still trying to improve my english :(((
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Quotes for the BatB Characters

Someone challenged me.  Challenge accepted.

  • Belle
    • “I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.  I’ve learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone.  People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back.  I’ve learned that I still have a lot to learn.  I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  (Maya Angelou)
  • Adam
    • “Sometimes people are beautiful not in looks, not in what they say, just in what they are.” (Markus Zusak)
  • Gaston
    • “You can tell the greatness of a man by what makes him angry.”  (Abraham Lincoln)
  • LeFou
    • “The best love is one that makes you a better person, without changing you into someone other than yourself.”  (Anonymous)
  • Maurice
    • “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”  (Thomas Merton)
  • Pére Robert
    • “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.  The man who never reads lives only one.”  (George R.R. Martin)
  • Mrs. Potts
    • “A mother’s love is unconditional.  Her temper is another subject.”   (Anonymous)
  • Chip
    • “A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” (Paulo Coelho)
  • Lumiére
    • “Life is short. Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile.”  (Mark Twain)
  • Plumette
    • “Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings.” (Victor Hugo)
  • Cogsworth
    • “The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today.”  (Elbert Hubbard)
  • Chapeau
    • “Where words fail, music speaks.”  (Hans Christian Andersen)
  • Madame de Garderobe
    • “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart.  Sing anyway.”  (Emory Austin)
  • Maestro Cadenza
    • “The only love affair I ever had was with music.”  (Maurice Ravel)
  • Agathe
    • “Anything that hurts you can teach you, and if it keeps hurting you, it’s because you haven’t learned.”  (Anonymous)
Nothing Compares

Anonymous: Imagine you used to be really friendly with Matt (muttering into his ear, squishing his face, talking loudly for emphasis, etc) and him being upset when you stop because you think you’re torturing him once you find out how good his senses are

This is a very cute idea, I hope I did okay for you :)

1523 words. Enjoy xx

Originally posted by kinghardy

“I’ve got dinner,” you called, kicking the office door closed with your foot. Karen and Foggy practically ripped their food out of your hands, thanking you and then sitting down to eat. You always bought the food, keeping those three fed and happy.

You brought yours and Matt’s food to his office and put the bag in front of him. “Here you go, Matty.” You jumped up to sit on his desk as you always did, getting out your sandwich.

“Comfortable?” He joked.

You reached over and ruffled his hair. “Yes, thank you.” You leaned your head on his shoulder, reading a case file he and Foggy were working on.

Taking a bite of your sandwich, you listened as Matt started telling you about the case, and how a man was wrongly convicted. He and Foggy were amazing lawyers, you had complete faith that they would help this innocent man.

When he finished explaining, you looked up and kissed his cheek. “You’ll do perfectly, I know it.”

He smiled, “Thanks, Y/n.” After dinner, he sighed and stood up. “We should probably get home, it’s getting late.”

Waiting at the door, you grinned and intertwined his arm in yours, walking home with him.

Matt was your best friend. You were the one that helped him around if he wanted, and the one who gave him a small pep talk before any hearing. Besides Foggy, of course, there were no two people who were closer friends than you and Matt. Sometimes, you’d find yourself getting even closer to him, and maybe wishing you weren’t just friends.

As you got to Matt’s front door, you have him a hug, and pushed his hair out of his face gently. “See you tomorrow.”

He smiled at you sweetly, “Goodnight, Y/n.” You turned around as the door closed, walking back home with a wide smile on your face.

After one day at the office, you headed towards Matt’s apartment instead of your own. Foggy had told you he was sick today, and that was why he wasn’t in. So, naturally, you decided to go and check on him.

You didn’t think anything of it, walking into Matt’s apartment like you did. It was normal for you two. You were best friends, of course you hung out together. But you never expected to see what you did.

“Oh god-Matt?” Your ran over to the couch where Matt was laying, looking worse for wear.

“Y/n,” he hissed, trying to sit up, but it obviously hurt. Acting on instinct, you reached out and helped him sit straight. You looked over his body in shock. Scrapes ran red over his upper body and arms, even his face. Looking around the room, you saw nothing was out of place. Before you could ask him one of the thousand questions running through your mind, he asked you, “What are you doing here?”

“Foggy said, he said you were sick,” you said distractedly, fear for Matt running through your veins. You could not comprehend how he could possibly be so beaten up. He was a blind man, for goodness sake! “Matt, what’s going on?”

He let out a breath, and pat the seat next to him where his feet had been. “I have some things to tell you.”

You sat down with nearly no hesitation, your curiosity, slight fear, and desire to help Matt any way you could taking hold.

“You know in the papers, how they talk about the Devil of Hells Kitchen?”

You nodded, answering with a short, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m ‘Daredevil.’”

There was a long moment of silence. He must have realized you were not going to say anything, and he began to explain himself to you. He told you about his heightened senses. How he felt things differently, how he heard things differently. How he could see without actually seeing.

You took it all in, sitting quietly. And when he was done, with your thoughts running rampant, you stood up. Rifling through the first aid kit on the table, you began to patch him up, slowly but surely.

He didn’t force you to talk, which was a good thing. You didn’t think you could have formed a word. After hearing about what he could do, and about his senses, you thought back to how you acted around him in horror. The loud talking, all your touches and you guiding him everywhere… It must have been an overload of senses for him. You cringed, feeling horrible. Forget about him not telling you he was Daredevil; he should have stopped you from annoying and torturing him.

You cleaned up the last gash on Matt’s arm, and turned to address him. “Okay.” His head turned toward yours in surprise. “You should have told me, I could have helped you.” He went to say something, but you interrupted. “But it’s okay.”

He licked his lips, looking a little wary. “We’re okay?”

You smiled, a little sadly. “Yeah, Matty. We’re okay.”

You left soon after that, feeling a bit numb. Not sure what to think about everything you’d learned, you fell asleep rather quickly in your apartment.

The office the next day wasn’t tense, exactly, but the usually relaxed and friendly atmosphere was gone. Your day was terrible, to say the least. You had no idea how close you and Matt were until now.

You kept your distance from him all day. Sure, you talked. But the simple touches were gone, and you felt like a part of you was missing. You may not have liked this distance, but you’d do anything to make sure he wasn’t in any pain or discomfort-especially from you.

You came back from getting everyone lunch like you usually did, only to find that Foggy and Karen were gone. Biting your lip, you walked into Matt’s office.

“Hey, I brought lunch,” you said, leaving the bag in front of him. You went to leave but Matt jumped up out of his seat.

“Wait, Y/n.”

You turned around to see him walking towards you. You almost reached out and grabbed his arm to help him, but you stopped yourself before you could. It was like second nature to help him, but now you knew he didn’t need your help. You cursed mentally, folding your arms over your chest instead. “Yeah?”

“You’ve been… Off, today,” he said carefully, not wanting you to leave just yet. You didn’t answer right away, so he kept going. “I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you my secret. I didn’t want you to be in danger. I’m so sorry, Y/n.”

You blinked. “No, Matt, this isn’t about you being a vigilante, exactly…”

“But if it isn’t, what else could it be?” He sounded frustrated with himself, and you started to feel a little guilty. “I just want to know, Y/n,” he sounded so upset, and the guilt nearly crushed your heart. “What did I do?” He put his glasses on the desk, now looking directly at you with those damned puppy eyes.

You stared back at him. “No, Matt, it’s not that, honestly. I mean, yeah, I wish you’d told me. And I’m going to worry about you…” You trailed off, watching as he struggled to understand.

“Then what is it? You’re acting different. I don’t know… I miss you.”

Closing your eyes, you sighed in frustration. Your eyes started to sting. “Honestly, Matt? I’m just-I’m probably so annoying to you, and I don’t know why you didn’t say anything to me. I don’t know why you didn’t stop me from basically torturing you. You didn’t tell me-you didn’t need help, I mean, all those times…” You trailed off, looking down at the floor and wringing your hands.

A look of understanding and disbelief crossed Matt’s face. “That’s what it is? About my senses? You’re not annoying, Y/n. Not at all.” He reached out for your hands and held them tight. “You’re anything but annoying,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “You’re funny, you’re kind, and you keep me grounded. There’s so much noise,” he gestured around his head, “and if you’re here… You help me to focus. You’re not annoying, I need you. If anything, you help keep me sane.”

Blinking, you wiped your eyes and let out a small laugh. “Really?” You needed to hear it again, you didn’t believe it.

Matt smiled softly. “Really.”

Smiling back, you reached up and grabbed his face in your hands, pinching his cheek and making him laugh loudly. It was a beautiful sound that you didn’t know you had missed. “Are we okay?”

He kissed your cheek softly in return, making you blush. “We’re more than okay. Promise.”

You stared at him in awe. “You know, Matt, your senses may be good, but you missed.”

He looked confused for half a second, before you brought his head down to yours, sealing his promise with a kiss.

Oliver Queen Imagine

@randomdancer17 Howdy! May I please request an Oliver Queen imagine based on your line prompt 3 with a combo of 1&2 with a rainstorm. And maybe leading to a number 17? Please and thank you 💋

#3 “Don’t fucking touch me!”
#1: “Dance with me”
#2 “This is so cliche”
#17 “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.”

*Doing this one so the characters aren’t constantly repeated*

You loved your boyfriend Oli so much, you really did, but sometimes his stupid ideas got in the way of your relationship causing fights to occur.

You had met Oliver a year ago thanks to your best friend Barry and after your first meeting you exchanged numbers and kept in touch.

It wasn’t until you visited Oliver and his team in Star City with Barry and his team that, Oliver finally decided to ask you out, and the rest of the year together became pure bliss as you basically moved in with Oliver in his home.

But then the fighting began to happen, even over the smallest of things because Oliver never talked to you about it first. You hated that he went on missions risking his life and then came home looking barely alive.

It has happened to him too many times to count and you were growing sick of the constant worry of him going too far and dying on the job. So you decided to express your opinions with Oliver and that didn’t go well…

“I’m saving people’s lives Y/N! Why don’t you understand that?” He shouted angrily as he crossed his arms over his chest.

You bit your lip back at the thought of commenting back if he really did save anyone when so many people died in the process bad or not due to his actions.

Instead, you shook your head, “I don’t care that you save lives Oli, I just hate that you don’t consider the risks you take and how you’re not trying to protect your life! How many times have I come home or went to the base after a mission just to see you badly injured, sometimes barely breathing.” You whispered the last part hugging yourself as a recent memory surfaced.

Oliver tried to move closer to you but you step back and growled, your mood instantly changing “Don’t fucking touch me! I’m still mad at you and you can’t change that.”

Oliver rolled his eyes before he attempted to move forward to you again but this time you ran, ran away, ran out the door and into the heavy rain outside only in your leggings and one of Olivers tops that went down halfway on your thighs.

You turned back around to Oliver who was at the entrance and crossed your arms as Oliver sighed shaking his head, “Y/N, please come back in, you’ll get sick.” He begged but you scoffed moving backwards deeper into the rain, by now you were already completely soaked through and your vision was blurry because of the heavy rain.

Oliver hesitated before running back inside, you grew confused until he came back wearing his sweater and had your raincoat in his hand.

He ran out to you in the rain, his hair immediately becoming soaked as he gently placed the raincoat around you. You gave in and slid your arms into the sleeves as you began to shake with the cold.

Oliver pulled you into his chest hugging you tightly. He rubbed his hands up and down your arms to keep you warm until you pulled away placing your arms around his neck, “I’m sorry for shouting.” You mumbled innocently, you were surprised he could hear you over the loud pattering of rain, Oliver amusingly smiled, “I’m sorry for being careless on missions, I promise to be more careful from now on.”

You smiled and nodded thankfully. Oliver pulled away and grabbed your hand twirling you around. “What are you doing?” You asked giggling as he brought you into his chest, playfully swaying back and forth, “Dance with me.” You bit your lip and smiled as he twirled you once again, this time it sent you into a fit of giggles, “This is so cliché!” You realised as he dipped you down but hovered over you so the rain fell around him and missed your face.

You looked up at him, into his gleeful loving eyes that have seen so much misery and torture, you brought your hand to his cheek as you grazed your thumb over his face, he lightly closed his eyes and you could hear him hum in satisfaction.

He fluttered his eyes open to gaze down at you and then lifted you back up so you were both standing properly, he slung an arm around your shoulder and you leant into him as he led to two of you back into the house, “Let’s go inside.”

Oliver did everything he could to keep you dry and comfortable as soon as you both got in, he made you a wonderful steaming hot bath and laid out your favourite woolly pyjamas for you to get changed into.

When you found him downstairs he handed you a delicious cup of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows which he claimed had been arranged to look like a face but they melted too quickly.

You both sat on the floor leaning against the sofa as you lay in front of the blazing fire that Oliver lit, one of his arms was wrapped around you while to other balanced the cup on his knee, you snuggled into him contently which made him look down at you, a nervous yet excited glint in his eye which queried your interest, “What?”

You questioned biting your lip. Oliver smiled but didn’t answer as he removed his hand from your shoulder and took your almost empty cup as he places both of them on the nearest table, then he faced you once again, “Would you hate me if I made this moment, even more, cliché than it actually is?” He asked as he chuckled nervously gently holding your small delicate hand in his.

You were confused but shook your head, of course, you wouldn’t be angry at him or hate him for something like that. Oliver let out a sigh of relief before moving away and reaching behind a lamp for a small black box, your eyes widened as you realised what it was.

Oliver glanced at you and then with a burst of confidence smiled smugly and proudly as he opened the box to reveal the beautiful ring inside with your gemstone as the crystal.

“Y/N, I know I’m not always the best when it comes to your relationship and feelings but I promise to do better, will you marry me?” He asked to which you threw your arms around his neck happily before kissing him and nodding, “Yes! Oliver, yes I will marry you.” You agreed and his smile grew as he pulled you into a loving hug, “God I love you.”

“I love you too.” You replied before a thought came into your mind which made you smile, “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.” You mused as Oliver’s chest vibrated from his light chuckles, “Well, now you can.” He replied before pulling away only to place his lips gently on yours.

I'd Love to See You Out of That Cosplay

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Request: Hi. This is my first request so IDK for sure if I’m doing it correctly, but any chance you can make a part 2 to the ‘Falling’ in love one you made for Crankgameplays? It was really good.

Summary: This picks up where “‘Falling’ In Love” leaves off. Reader’s phone gets bombarded with notifications after Ethan tweets about her and they run into each other again ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

You can find part one here

A/N: Hey guys, sorry I didn’t post all day even though I said I would, I was social for once. Anyway here she is! As always anything in italics is usually the inner thoughts of a character. Hope you enjoy this one! I was super excited to write this and I’m pretty happy with the outcome!

Wordcount: 1094, bit longer than the first

Requests are open!

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Human Zircons headcanons part 3.

100+ notes on the “part 1″, holy hell guys THANK YOU! I read all tags and just… Wow. 

The idea of “law students” is still @drawbauchery ‘s (and I blame you for this xD)

part 1 is here

part 2 is here

part 4 is here

  • They have the same surname. And if Yellow is amusing about it, Blue is angry. Very. Fucking. Much. “No, we are not sisters. AND WE ARE NOT MARRIED.” (Yellow always adds “yet” and Blue really wants to punch her).
  • Sometimes in the university they are put in pairs to hold a “staged” trial. They always have a deal “if I win, you …”. Blue has “If I win, you’ll leave me for the rest of the day.” Yellow has “If I win, you can’t tell me "no” until the end of the day.“ Well, most often Blue wins and enjoys a quiet day. Exactly until midnight. And, if Yellow wins… You understand everything yourself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Despite everything, Blue can’t say that she doesn’t like it. All embraces, kisses, whispering in the ear, touching. Of course, studying is more important, but sometimes she can take a break. On the other hand, she would rather die than admit it out loud.
  • Surprisingly, drunk Yellow Zircon is sentimental as heck. She just wants hugs and to talk nice things. Blue Zircon doesn’t drink alcohol in public places like clubs or bars. Only at home. Only with Yellow. Their evenings with wine or beer aren’t like “let’s get drunk and have sex”, but a calm sweet evenings with blankets and movies.
  • Blue Zircon in a tie is incredibly hot. With and without her shirt on. *nose bleeding*
  • The reason why the Blue Zircon doesn’t kick Yellow off, doesn’t move to another dormitory and generally agrees to (almost) everything Yellow does, is in that she has never had someone who would protect her and who would rush to her with hugs. She had a difficult life and family situation, and she decided to go to law department in university to study everything and not fuck up in the future, as it happened in her family (and really good lawyers really get a lot of money). 
  • For Yellow, it’s all a family business. She’s not from the rebels who "I’ll go to study for a doctor, and I don’t care that everyone in the family was lawyers.” No, she just went to the university, she even likes it, and because she hears about “law and stuff” for all her life, it is easier for her to study. And, well, “prosecutor’s daughter” sounds cool. She even can live at home, not in a dormitory, but she decided that this way she will learn independence. She strongly likes Blue’s desire to study law, her memory, her ability to set the point of view and prove the facts. They generally have a healthy rivalry.
  • Perhaps after the university, Yellow will recommend Blue to the family office with the words “She’s as good at it as I am.”
  • Or maybe they will open their own office. “Zircon’s law office”. (“Gay Zircons law office” Yellow will say xD)

And I almost forgot:

Simon Curtis – I Hate U

Simon Curtis – Super Psycho Love

Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment

Definitely OSTs to their relationships… omg save my soul

God bless Google Translate for helping me xD

I’m so glad that you guys enjoy this. I think I’ll write more, but tomorrow I’ll have a 2-3 days trip without my laptop T___T

If someone wants to suggest a headcanon, or just discuss the ship or talk or something else – feel free, I’m a very friendly person =))


Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: none  

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

   It’s been days since your fight with Yoongi and nothing seemed to be getting better. There were no calls, no texts, and no voicemails left on either of your parts. You knew that this fight was bad, and that both of you needed to make amends, but you couldn’t get his words out of your head. You left the apartment a hour after Yoongi did when the fight ended. You just couldn’t be there.

A few days had passed and you knew you couldn’t avoid him forever, so you went home.When you walked in everything was back in it’s place. You felt relief at the thought of Yoongi being gone. You weren’t ready to face him just yet. However, as you made your way down the hall to your shared bedroom, you could hear the shower running.

You quickly made your way inside your room and began to pack an overnight bag for your friends house when the door opened and Yoongi walked in. You turned around towards your closet as soon as he faced you. You acted like you were searching for something on the shelf, like you didn’t notice he was there.

“Y/n” he called out

Your whole body ached at the sound of his voice. You wanted to turn around and hug him but your mind only came up with the memories and words from that night.

   “Come on y/n you’re overreacting” Yoongi called to you. Maybe you were overreacting, but you couldn’t help it.

“She was all over you Yoongi, and you didn’t try to stop her at all!” you yelled back.

“We were just dancing, my god y/n fucking control yourself! No wonder everyone leaves you. I’m so tired of having to deal with you! You’re too much to handle sometimes and you make me want to rip my hair out!” his breathing was heavy, and the anger that was in his eyes quickly changed to guilt.

“Baby I-”

“Don’t.” you said, closing your eyes. “Please just don’t say anything else”
You opened your eyes before turning down the hall and grabbing some clothes and your coat before leaving. Yoongi was sitting on the couch, head in his hands.

“Goodbye Min Yoongi” you said coldly.
His head shot up as soon as the door closed and he felt like his whole world stopped.

“Y/n” he called again. You didn’t realize the tears until one fell and hit your hand.
You slowly turned around to face him and when he saw your tears, his heart stopped.

You didn’t say anything as you continued getting clothes. You only stopped when he grabbed hold of your wrist.

“Baby please” he whispered.

You looked up at him and saw the tears in his eyes.

“Please don’t leave again” he pleaded.

At this point you felt angry. How could he say such hurtful things to you but beg you not to leave.

“You said you were tired of dealing with me, so now you don’t have to”

“I didn’t mean that, I swear. Baby I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with you. I love dealing with you. I love having to deal with you in the morning when you literally lay on top of me because I’m the only thing that keeps you warm at night. When you wrap your arm around my waist or rest your hand on my thigh because you have to have constant contact with me or else you feel completely out of it. I love having to deal with you in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep and you just need someone to hold you. I love dealing with you, every single aspect of you. Most of all though, I love you. I have since the day we met. Baby there is no other girl for me and I’m sorry for what I said to you. I know nothing I say or do will ever make up for it, but I can’t be without you. These past four days have felt like an eternity. Please y/n please don’t leave again” Yoongi spoke so fast you thought you had missed what he said; but you knew you had heard every word. You nodded your head before grabbing his hand and kissing him.

“I could never leave you completely. Min Yoongi, home for me is where you are”

snapped strings

on ao3

i dont know what happened today but all my friends started arguing and i spent almost two hours just crying. it was pretty bad. i wanted nothing more than for it all to stop or for someone to show up and just give me a hug

i dont think were going to be ok anytime soon

take some bullshit. the characterizations are kind of shit. i wrote half of this while crying and didnt reread it. im sorry

Marinette lunges for her headphones when she hears him land on the balcony. She wipes her cheeks with the sleeves of her sweater — not that it does much with how wet they are — and pretends she doesn’t hear him. Because she doesn’t want to hear him.

She doesn’t want him near her right now.

He knocks on the trapdoor.

She can’t find her headphones in her mess of a bed. Her phone is on the floor now, where she threw it in frustration after Alya left the chat angrily and Marinette’s tears turned into sobs.

She’s just happy her parents haven’t come up to see what’s wrong yet. She wants to be left alone. She doesn’t want him here.

He keeps knocking.

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For the anon who requested Kiibo, Oma, Amami, and Saihara finding out that their s/o is ticklish. This is pretty cute, and I love this suggestion, Anon!~ Hope you enjoy.



-He accidentally finds out one day when he runs his hand against your side.

-When you let out a small yelp, he got scared.

-“a-are you okay, [s/o]?!”

-He thinks he hurt you.

-You explain to him that you’re just ticklish.

-He doesn’t really get it, since he can’t feel the same things as humans.

-He never really uses it against you, as he doesn’t completely understand it and doesn’t want to hurt you.

✘Kokichi Oma

-He purposely jabs you in the side because he wants to find out if you’re ticklish.

-Once he finds out that you are, oooooooh boy…

-He definitely uses it against you.

-You two will be walking together, talking about something, and he’ll just nudge you in the side.

-Or when you both are in a quiet, serious/important setting, he’ll start to run his hands over your ticklish areas. Especially if he’s bored in that moment.

-Very unpredictable.

-Be on guard at all times.

✘Rantaro Amami

-He finds out accidentally when hugging you one day.

-Before you even have a moment to defend yourself, he has started a full-blown tickle fight.

-You’re laughing so hard that you can barely breath, and he loves seeing you giggle.

-He uses it against you in public sometimes, but not to the same extent as Oma.

-He’ll go to wrap his arm around your waist and “accidentally” brush his hand against your side.

-When he does tickle you, though, he’s pretty blatant about it, so now everyone knows how ticklish you are. Some use it against you and others don’t.

-Thanks, Amami.

✘Shuichi Saihara

-He figures out that you’re ticklish without even having to touch you.

-He asks you outright.

-“[s/o]…I was just wondering…Are you ticklish?”

-He never uses it against you in public.

-If you two are alone, however, and he’s in a playful mood, he might initiate a small tickle fight.

-He can’t help but smile a bit when he accidentally touches one of your ticklish areas.

-He just thinks the way you respond is super cute.

-He never does it on purpose, though, and he won’t tease you about it.

the signs as people i’ve met part II

- crybaby cry
- sexually very frustrated till the grave
- you talk constantly so ppl won’t notice when you actually say something important
- your music taste is surprising, not at all what people would expect of you
- you have a wicked way of convincing people to do the dumbest shit

- less deep and more ordinary than you set yourself out to be
- you can’t stop getting more pets in the house
- you cheat at board games 
- your house has one of the best yards ever, everybody loves it there
- chill on the outside, on fire on the inside

- lmao (laughing my anxiety off)
- god forbid you admit you’re wrong
- you express your emotions in a thousand different ways but none of them are really working out for you
- you can actually do math and taxes
- you have an incomprehensible amount of sneakers

- k-pop fan (don’t fight it)
- you definitely should pick up your damn phone more often
- you’re a fast walker
- your friends feel like they know your family just by the funny stories you tell them, even if they’ve never met each other
- you like to have dinner and dessert at the same time on the same plate

- sometimes you feel inevitably lonely and dependable
- you collect whatever you are passionate about or whatever makes your room look good
- you daydream about being taken certain places
- you always take pics of yourself hugging your cat
- you go overboard on emojis

- big time stalker yet all your crushes suck
- you have a hard time looking people in the eye and prefer to stare intensely when they’re looking away
- you have strong goth tendencies
- you can’t stand having ppl mad at you, even when u screw up big time
- you will remain to be as entertained watching the same movie for the 17th time as you were in the 1st

- you make it seem like your biggest achievement is nothing so ppl can hover over you
- you love fruit, you bring them everywhere
- your cellphone password is 0000
- you push people to talk more just to see how far they can go, often regretting what you get
- you feel the need to make friends everywhere you go

- you say you’re not gonna study for a test but let’s be honest u can study for hours and always try really hard
- you do many other things when you’re driving such as cursing people on the streets and other fellow drivers behind their backs
- you get very mad when people ignore you
- you mean what you say and say what you mean
- everybody comes to you for advice. no wonder

- you accumulate loads and loads of shit bc you think you’ll need it / miss it later
- you will scream at strangers if necessary
- you crave the aux cord. a carefully made playlist also works
- you do things unintendedly and then pretend as if it was part of the plan all along
- you feel really, really sad before you fall asleep

- you are able to scare people off, for better or worst
- you’re quick to acknowledge when you’re wrong and apologize
- you’re sassy AF, especially when drunk
- your mind runs in all caps
- you genuinely do watch the 8 minute youtube video your friend just sent you

- legit like when people throw shade at you, it makes you feel important somehow
- a lover of soft things
- wherever there’s weed there you are
- you can never get enough of bath bombs
- you enjoy a good outdoor hike

- you can go so quick from loving all your clothes to madly hating them in a second, back and forth
- reality for you is what you make of it
- you need to be told and told again
- you are more avaliable on text than irl
- all you need out of life is a hot shower and willpower

Being Trans and Change

As a trans man when I came out a lot of people expected me to change and of course I expected to change too. But the ways in which I needed to change and the ways people thought I should change differed. When you come out people will expect you to change mentally as well as physically. They will tell you that you are no longer allowed to wear certain clothes, have your hair a certain length or style, and many other things. They will also say that you can’t like the colour pink, talk with your hands, shave, bake, sew, hug, cry, and a lot of other things in order to be a guy. That can be really hard sometimes. But the truth of the matter is, that their views on what masculinity and femininity are, do not have to apply to you 100% in order for you to be a man. Heck, they don’t even apply to most cis men. So please remember to just be yourself. Don’t try and force yourself into other people’s molds of who you should be and what you should do. You are manly enough. You are trans enough. Please, just be you.

Monsta X Reaction #20 - Their s/o is extremely clumsy

anon asked: Can I request a reaction for Monsta X to their s/o being clumsy and getting injured a lot? :o (Im a prime example of clumsiness. Broke my leg a week ago by falling down the stairs…)

A/N: OMG ANON I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU’RE OKAY?!? I just fell down the stairs the other day and it really hurts but luckily I didn’t break anything. I’m so sorry you have to go through that TT.TT I hope this reaction brightens your day a little!!

Hyunwoo:  “…Jagi…? Where are you?”

He’d turn around in circles before finally hearing you say, “Down here Hyunwoo.. DOWN HERE!!”

“Baby what are you doing lying on the sidewalk??”

Your shoelace/heel had gotten caught in the drain pipe and you’d tripped and fell, spraining your ankle in the process.

Hyunwoo would be super worried and panicky on the inside, but his face would only show slight concern. If you had trouble walking he’d 100% carry you back to your place or to the doctors. The entire way. Without pause. He’s so worried he can’t breathe anyway so it doesn’t matter to him that he has to carry you because he’s just SO FREAKING WORRIED but you won’t know that until after the doctor sees you and he finally lets out a sigh of relief, admitting that he was completely spazzing out inside.

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Hoseok: Hard core tease. You’d trip and face plant on the floor and without skipping a beat he’d be lying beside you and waving like the gif.

“Hey sunshine. I see you fell again. Are we drunk before noon again?”

You: “Shut the hell up Hoseok.”

And then he’d burst out laughing, poking your cheeks then helping you up. He’d giggle about that for the rest of the day. If you really hurt yourself though, he’d be so freaked out he’d bawl his eyes out while trying to help you and wouldn’t make fun of you until you healed again.

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the rest is below the cut due to the length of the post (EVERY DAMN TIME KAT! I’m sorry I’m long-winded xD)

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Like A Wildflower

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Summary/Requested by: @bacylle“ Can you do one Imagine where the reader is a Hobbit and has a younger twin sister(and they’re just as close as Fili and Kili and do everything together)? They would meet the Company (you can choose how :)) and would join them and the reader would slowly fall in love with Fili but she wouldn’t admit it because she’s so stubborn. But I would like if they come together at the end. And maybe a little fluff? ”

Chapter Summary: You meet the Company for the first time and immidiately become friends with Kili. Fili gets jealous.

Pairing: Fili x Reader

Word Count: 1,423

A/n: This imagine/story wasn’t supposed to have multiple chapters at first but it kinda turned out that way, hehe. Also, this chapter kind of has a slow start, if you now what I mean (a lot of context). Sorry about that, I got a little carried away while writing I guess ;) The next chapters will probably contain more action, so stay tuned :)

“Thorin,” Gandalf said, a slight sense of concern in his voice.

The Company was currently on their way to Rivendell. Everyone seemed to be pretty exhausted and tired. They were in the need of rest and some good food. Even Thorin could have needed a bit of sleep, but he would have never admited that, of course.

“What is it that is troubling you?” Thorin asked with a raised eyebrow. He wasn’t in his best already. He knew that they were on their way to Rivendell, to seek help from the Elves, his so called “enemies”.

“Do you remember what I told you a few days ago? About the two extra members of the company?”

“They are not members of the company yet!” Thorin growled, “I don’t know if I can trust them. I’ve never met them and I know nothing about them, not even their names!”

Gandalf has told Thorin about you and your sister and that you’d wait for them in Rivendell to join the Company. But he didn’t tell Thorin about the fact that you were girls, let alone hobbits. The dwarf didn’t know what to expect, which made him feel slightly uncomfortable.

You and your twin sister Marigold (or Mari for short) have lived in Rivendell, far away from Bree, your home, for about 7 years now. One day, a few months ago, Gandalf showed up out of nowhere and asked you to join the Company of Thorin Oakenshield. The wizard has been to Rivendell before, so you already knew him a little bit. Your sister and you have heard the stories about the Kingdom of Erebor and its fall.

You didn’t hesitate and agreed immidiately.

“It will take a while, but be ready when we come here.” Gandalf has told you that day.


“If you trust me you can also trust them! You will find out their names and everything else you need to know soon enough.” Gandalf stated in a louder tone now, annoyed by Thorin’s attitude.

Thorin muttered something under his breath in response and stepped away from the wizard, knowing that arguing with him wouldn’t be too wise now.

A few hours later the company was sitting on Lord Elronds terrace and had dinner. Meanwhile, you and your sister were out hunting. When you returned to your now-home you could hear voices you’ve never heard before. Voices that sounded like they would belong to some kind of warriors, or men at least. They were laughing and chattering.

You were confused for a moment. Suddenly it snapped in your head. You and your sister exchanged a few quick looks. You could feel yourself getting more excited by every passing second.

“They’re here!” you two exclaimed in unison and ran off towards where the noise was coming from.

You weren’t ususally the type of girl who was squealing around and got excited over a bunch of men, in this case dwarves. But you just couldn’t contain your excitement in that moment.

You loved living in Rivendell but you had to admit that it got pretty boring there sometimes. Finally you could take part in an adventure and do something thrilling and exciting!

Before you approached the company, you stopped yourself. You were just standing there, a bit of a distance between you and the dwarves, and scanned all the new faces. A small smile was beginning to spread across your face. They seemed to have a good time, but all of them shut their mouths suddenly.

That was when you realised that Mari wasn’t standing beside you anymore, but was standing in front of Gandalf instead and giving him a hug.

“My dear Marigold,” Gandalf exclaimed loudly, “I am very happy to see you. Allow me to introduce you to the leader of our company, Thorin Oakenshield.” he continued and gestured his hand towards a quite tall dwarf with black, wavy hair.

There was an uncomfortable tension spreading in the air.

“A girl? Gandalf, is this a joke?” Thorin asked trough gritted teeth. He was trying to stay calm but you could hear the anger in his voice.

The rest of the company was following the situation, tense. You noticed a few of them whispering to one another.

Gandalf didn’t answer the dwarf.

Thorin swallowed hard. “Didn’t you say there would be two?” he finally asked.

In that moment Mari turned around and pointed into your direction. Suddenly everyones face turned towards you. Some of the dwarves eyes widened when they saw you. They weren’t just simply looking at you, they were staring.

You wouldn’t admit it very often, because you liked coming across confident, but you hated being the center of attention. You hated when people were staring at you, especially if you didn’t know them.

Thorin was now looking you up and down (just like every other dwarf, really).

You slowly took a few steps forward.

“And what is your name, if I may ask?” Thorin asked, sounding not as furious as before anymore.

You didn’t fear the Dwarven King, but you had a lot of respect for him. He was now standing right in front of you, only a small distance between you two. His arms were crossed over his chest. He looked quite intimidating like this, you had to admit.

You puffed your chest slightly and straightened your back to look as tough and confident as possible. But let’s be real, how tough could a hobbit possibly look, even if they tried?

“I am y/n, Marigold’s sister.” you answered and bowed.

Even though you and Marigold were twins, you didn’t really look alike. She had lighter, curlier hair than you, your taste in clothing was completely different from hers and, even though she was the younger twin, Mari was about an inch taller than you.

Thorin didn’t reply anything but glared at you in response. He then turned around to face Gandalf again.

“We need to talk. Now.” he simply said and left the terrace, followed by the wizard, leaving you and your sister standing there, surrounded by a bunch of dwarves and a fellow hobbit.

“Well, that didn’t go as planned.” your sister joked. You could hear a few of the dwarves chuckle at her statement.

“Don’t mind him, girls. Thorin is always like that.” an older dwarf with white hair spoke up suddenly. “I am Balin, by the way. At your service.” he continued and gave the two of you a reassuring smile.

“Dwalin, at your service.” said another one. This one didn’t smile though, and looked a bit more serious.

Then, two other dwarves got up from their seats and smiled at you.

“Fili,” said the blond one, “And Kili.” added the dark haired one. “At your service!” they both said and bowed in unison. You noticed that these two looked much younger than the rest of the group. They must’ve been brothers, or related at least.

Fili continued to look at you, even when he was sitting back down.

Kili noticed that and nudged him into his side. That was when Fili broke the eye contact with you and turned to his brother to whisper something in his ear. Kili nodded and grinned from one ear to the other.

You, once again, felt rather uncomfortable, considering the fact that these two were clearly talking about you and you were still standing there like an idiot.

The dwarves continued to introduce themselves one after the other. They all seemed to be pretty friendly.

“Hey, why don’t you two girls sit down with us and eat some food, hm?” the dwarf who introduced himself as Bofur suggested.

Your sister Mari nodded her head and sat down beside Bilbo. The two of them immidiately started talking.

“What about you?” Kili asked you all of a sudden. “You can sit here if you want.” he continued with a cheeky smile on his face and pointed to the spot between him ans his brother.

Because you wanted to be nice (and because you finally wanted to sit down, for God’s sake) you smiled at him and sat down between the two brothers.

You grabbed some food that was right in front of you on the table. From the corners of your eyes you noticed that Fili and Kili were following every single one of your moves.

You turned your head to the right to face Fili, who quickly looked away and rubbed his chin, pretending to think about something important.

You then turned towards Kili, expecting him to do the same. But, other than his brother, he was looking you straight in the eyes, the cheeky smile never leaving his face.

You thought he was going to say something but he remained silent. You knew this kind of behavior.

He was trying to tease you. But no, he wouldn’t succeed.

Kili and you were only sitting a few inches away from one another, now staring each other in the eyes, a teasing grin on both of your faces and neither of you dared to look away.

After a little while you both burst out laughing, almost at the same time.

“I think we’re going to be good friends.” Kili chuckled as he caught his breath again.

“Haha, we will see.” you responded with a smirk. Kili seemed like someone you could have a lot of fun with. You already liked him, but you’d never admit that. You were way too stubborn.

“Excuse me.” Fili suddenly said and stood up from his spot. You managed to catch a glimpse of his face before he walked away rather quickly. He looked annoyed and kind of angry.

You turned back to Kili with a confused look on your face. “Is he alright?”

“There’s only one way to find out.” Kili answered and got up from his spot.

“I’ll be right back.”

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anonymous asked:

s/o that's really cuddly but also loves to playfight with us, uf, ut and mt sans?

US Sans: YES! All the yes! He will play spare with you, but don’t worry, he will never let it turn into actual sparring. You both honestly just roll around on the floor…and it usually turns into a tickle fight. Papyrus films everything all the time and Sans cuts a cute video. Everything is adorable.

UF Sans: He always get’s sligthly startled when you start to playfight. he isn’t used to fights that aren’t to the death or at least until one is gravely injured. But then he just rolls with it, bu in the laziest way possible. he will let you win all the time. “oh nooo….you got me sugar…”

UT Sans: He doesn’t mind playfigthing, but he will continue to cuddle. It’s really hard to make him take part in it. He will also fall asleep in the middle of it. Just lying ontop of you and snoring. Well, at least you can cuddle some more now.

MT Sans: Ahh….he isn’t to much into playfighting, he is a bit to worried that he will hurt you on accident. But he sometimes let’s you indulge yourself a bit. But you will have to do everything, he will jsut lie there and let you win. Mostly lazyness with a hint of worry. But he will scoop you up into a hug right afterwards.