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where the sun and stars meet


Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader (oh my word, she’s done it, she’s written a non-Lin fic, holy moly, we never thought this day would come)

Summary: He knew you well enough to know when you were forgetting to breathe.

Note: i fell straight into rafa hell and apparently this is how i decided to handle it lmao. @fragmentofmymind and @alexanderhamllton had to deal with my yelling about this so go give them extra love THEY DESERVE ALL OF IT I LOVE THEM A LOT. 

okay omg i love you guys and i hope you enjoy the garbage, feel free to come yell at me about it <3

Word Count: approx. 4500? (guys it’s a ONE-SHOT ARE YOU PROUD)

Being a twenty-eight year old woman living in Los Angeles could be tough.

In six years of residence in the city of stars, you had realized that sometimes the lights weren’t so much sparkling as they were blinding. Blinding of the goals you’d set out to achieve, the paths to get there, the hope and promise of a state drowning in sunshine and smog. Although you had never expected it to be, the journey wasn’t easy.

Sure, you’d had plenty of dancing gigs during your time there so far, but your heart was in choreography and you were determined to keep working until you made that goal happen. You knew that you were talented, that when you were in your flow you could tell stories and string together phrases and characters with even the most subtle pieces of movement. Every once in awhile, though, you lost your flow.

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nerd-most-likely  asked:

So I'm writing a novel. You know how it's just best to poop out the first draft basically ASAP? Well I'm writing and now that I'm getting to the end of it, somehow I find out much to my own damn surprise that it's actually in first person of this prophet who's fault it basically is for every ounce of the problems protagonist and crew have had. I've been writing in what I guess was assuming it was third person. Is this weird? Or do I need to go back and rewrite at what was a 3 am sleep drunk?

Isn’t writing fun? 

This is not weird at all. In fact, it’s completely normal. I’ve been working on my novel for a good three years now, and my current antagonists used to be the good guys. And my former antagonist became a good guy, and then became ambiguous, and then kind of became a bad guy again. Obviously things can change drastically as you’re writing a novel. 

But sometimes you just gotta roll with these punches and find intrigue in it. Our creativity ebbs and flows, and it’ll go in directions we don’t expect. One way I find enjoyment in it is being able to look back at where I started and see how far I’ve come. The journey our stories go through act like journals of our writing progress, without us actually having to journal. Won’t it be fun in years ahead to look back and see where your story began?

I don’t think you have to rewrite something just because it didn’t turn out how you expected. But you may have to take the time and see if you “come to your senses” or if this new direction is in fact the new direction. Was it a temporary moment of sleep-deprived insanity? Or was it a new idea germinating, only needing some encouragement from you to grow?

Considering you asked this question several weeks back (my apologies), I’m sure you might know by now how you feel about it. Who do you think the protagonist is? The prophet? Or the ones the prophet is causing problems for? What’s more, are you dealing with an “evil protagonist,” or do you think the motives or your prophet have changed to the point where this character is not the evil one, but the other characters are

In my little personal story up above, I mentioned that my antagonists changed throughout my writing, and this was a result of my exploring their motives more. Originally, they were simply background support for the protagonist. When I thought about why they were helping my characters stop the antagonist, it all came across as really self serving, and a lightbulb hit me late at night and I took their self serving motives and actually made them into malicious motives. And a new antagonist was born. And they were far more interesting as an antagonist than as background support for the protagonist. It was a huge change, but it excited me, so I went with it. 

So @nerd-most-likely, I think you should evaluate the motives of your characters to see what it is they really want. Once you can clearly state what each side wants, try to figure out how those wants affect the other side, and then further, what they will do about it. For example, what does the prophet want? And how exactly do those wants create chaos for your other characters? You alluded to it a LOT of chaos for those other characters, but was it intentional? What is the prophet going to do it about now? Try to help them, or continue to create more problems? 

Once you have that detailed out, look at it from the other perspective. What do those other characters want? In this case, solving all the chaos the prophet created could be part of it, and in achieving that goal of solving the chaos, is the prophet affected? Do they have to “defeat” the prophet to resolve the problems? 

Through this process, you might discover that both sides are truly at odds with each other. One side needs the other to fail in order to succeed. <<When this becomes true of your story, you’ve defined a protagonist/antagonist dynamic. Now you just have to decide which is which.

There’s potentially two stories you can tell here. The prophet’s story, and how the other characters’ actions affect that story; and the story of the characters, and how the prophet’s actions affect that story. You get to decide which one appeals to you more. Regardless of who the “evil” one is, you get to choose whose story sounds most fascinating. Even if the prophet is the one in the wrong, that story could be the better story. There’s no rule that says you can’t write stories from the perspective of the villains. You might even decide to write from both perspectives, so readers see both sides of the story and have to decide for themselves whose side they’re going to take in the end. 

As far as point of view goes, switch to first person if that feels more comfortable for you. I’m a huge advocate of staying in your comfort zone with point of view, and only challenging yourself if it’s something you want to do. It’s unusual for a story to use both first and third person perspectives, but it’s not non-existent. Storytelling is about experimentation, so experiment! 

I hope this was helpful! You are certainly not alone in dealing with drastic story changes as you’re writing. As frustrating as it can be to back track and change things you’ve already written, it’s also kind of cool to see the way our creativity…creates things. It’s not instantaneous - it’s a process that requires patience, and sometimes you have to put the pause button on “focus” because the attention span of creativity can be next to nothing. 

So just go with it! Good luck with your story :)


Everything is Alright

Request: Hi!I was wondering if you could do and imagine where y/n and dan are just fooling around a singing/playing piano kind of like in truly madly deeply where they are singing to the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore. I would love you forever if you did this

Word count: 842                      

Warnings: Fluff af

Welp this was so fun to write like seriously. You better love me forever now (jk jk)

Can’t help falling in love

Tear in my heart

Everything is alright

Originally posted by vodkamille-blog

It was a relaxed evening. Dan sat at his desk, eyes focused on the laptop in front of him, scrolling through Tumblr and YouTube. You were settled on his bed, phone in hand, occasionally glancing up to see what Dan was doing. This had been going on for almost three hours now, and you were beginning to grow a little bored. A small grin flickered along your lips, and you leant down from the bed, grabbing one of your most prized possessions.

You stroked your thumb along the strings once, quiet enough that Dan didn’t hear. Everything sounded okay, so you took in a deep breath, positioning your fingers on the Ukulele strings to form a chord.

“Wise men say only fools rush in,” You started in a soft voice, noticing Dan jump a little before glancing over. You pulled your eyes down to the ukulele, knowing that if you looked at him you would be too embarrassed to continue. “But I can’t help falling in love with you.”

“Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?” Dan’s voice replaced yours, making your lips pull into a large grin.

“If I can’t help falling in love with you?” You joined in, finally pulling your eyes away to meet Dan’s. He was smiling gently, turned away from his laptop.

“Like a river flows, surely to the sea, darling so we go…” Dan jumped from his seat, sitting down at the piano. “Somethings were meant to be!” You continued to strum furiously, new piano chords filling the air to accompany the ukulele.

“An-nyŏng-ha-se-yo!” You yelled, Dan playing the keys just after.

“Sometimes you gotta bleed to know,” You strummed your ukulele to act as the drums as you sang together. “That you’re alive and have a soul!” Dan glanced round to grin at you, not even needing to look at the keys.

“But it takes someone to come around to show you how!” You jumped up, standing on the bed, aggressively strumming, biting your lip.

“She’s the tear in my heart! I’m alive, she’s the tear in my heart! I’m on fire, she’s the tear in my heart! Take me higher, than I’ve ever been!” You jumped around the bed, Dan slamming the keys down before shifting to a much more gently rhythm for the next few notes.

“The songs on the radio are okay.” You stepped down from the bed, turning in Dan’s direction.

“But my taste of music is your face!” You screamed at each other, Dan getting enough time to throw your baseball cap at you, moving your head to catch it on the top, cheering before resuming with the song.

“But it takes a song to come around to show you how,” You sang, but Dan had changed the chords, making your heart stop. You dropped your ukulele, covering you mouth with your hand.

“I can’t believe you actually learned it!” You exclaimed, ‘Everything’s alright’ from To the Moon playing.

“Of course,” Dan smiled, shuffling over in his stool so you could sit next to him.

“Short steps, deep breath. Everything is alright.” Your singing was so calm relaxed to the previous song, head leaning on Dan’s shoulder, watching his long fingers move gracefully over the keyboard.

“Chin up, I can’t, step into the spotlight.” You felt Dan’s eyes hover on you for a minute, making you blush and almost stumble on your words.

“She said, ‘I’m sad’, somehow without any words. I just stood there, searching for an answer.” The adrenalin had filtered away, leaving your heart warm. You’d always wanted do this with someone.

“When this world is no more, the moon is all we’ll see. I’ll ask you to fly away with me.” You shifted your gaze to see Dan already looking down at you again, a grin spreading across your lips.

“Until the stars all fall down, they empty from the sky, but I don’t mind.” Dan smirked back at you.

“If you’re with me, everything is alright.” You voice fell to a whisper, leaning in and pressing your lips to Dan’s. He continued to play for a few notes, before pulling them off to embrace you in his arms. You giggled as you pulled away, Dan sneaking another kiss when you realised, somehow, the piano to the song was still playing. You frowned with a confused smile, sitting up but still wrapped up in Dan’s arms and peeked toward the door.

“Phil!” You yelled, and he jumped away, phone in hand, music flowing from it and ran. You sighed, shaking your head and looking back at Dan.

“He’s probably going to put all of those photos on twitter.” He chuckled, and your rolled your eyes.

“Who cares. As long as I’m with you.”

“Everything’s alright,” He finished, kissing you. You held his cheek and pulled away for a minute.

“That was so cheesy.” You commented.

“Do I have to quote Phil is not on fire as well?” He grinned, before you allowed him to swoop back in for another kiss.

It’s supposed to be cheesy.

The Mrs. - Part Two


Summary: The day of the exhibition is finally here! You’re nervous, and anxious, and for some strange reason, excited. Of course you become less excited as the time for the hunt nears and you realize you’re an embarrassing girl who is going to have a hard time keeping her crush a secret.

Part One

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My dashboard is filled with nature photography and gifs of cute baby animals because sometimes I just gotta chill. But let me tell you, there is nothing quite like looking at a mewling kitten and then getting slammed by a wall going off about bring sprites back. Why the fuck is that still a thing, anyway? I thought that entire argument died. Christ.

Anyway, if I’m 100% honest, reading DR lets me unwind faster than anything else. Keep the salt flowing, guys. 

the-sun-and-the-muse  asked:

Erm, it's me, I've got a question. Sorta. Do you have any tips for poets and writers? Like getting your ideas out and flowing?

You just gotta like write. Any words even if they don’t make sense or go together it’ll help get something going. I would also try listening to music/watching films/ viewing art so that you can find something that inspires you. Try following some prompt blogs and answer the prompts even if you don’t like what you write. Honestly, write stuff that isn’t even good. Sometimes you have to get through all the bad stuff first and then you’ll write something worthwhile.

anonymous asked:

Hey, would you maybe be up for a super quick tutorial on how you do your backgrounds? More specifically the ones that look all skoopy in TC's house(when he's at the washbasin)? I know next to nothing about digital art but I wanna learn and I looove your art style! I wanna see how you go about laying different colors down, deciding on palettes, brush sizes/strokes, etc--the whole process, really--for your beautiful ethereal backgrounds! Love you and your art!

Whoah! Ok, thank you! This is quite a loaded question, though–I will do my best to try and help you though! WARNING: This will be a long post…

  • Brushes: I usually prefer painterly brushes for background work. I like going for that old animated film look–where characters/main objects/foreground are lined, but the backgrounds are painted. I use primarily Helen Chen, Loish, and Kyle T. Webster’s brushes. Helen’s and Loish’s were free on their social media links. My go to is a general rough texture brush + a finer tilt brush. Sometimes I only use one brush.
  • Colors: This is a hard one. I usually have to study a crap ton of photographs/concept art. Again, since I go for more of an animated look, I collect and study animation concept art, matte paintings, and color keys.
  • Process: In the rough stage, I work out all the panels/general shapes. Sometimes I change layouts mid process, sometimes I don’t–sometimes you just gotta follow where the painting leads! With this page, the panels were more sectioned out, but in the end, I had them all flow together. I thought that suited the montage/memory feel that I was going for. Ahem, anyways…

Then I lay down basic shapes/color flats with the paint bucket and gradient tool. The stage is usually done via mousepad, since it helps me think in big shapes, not finer details. 

The colors are super basic at this point. I just want to see if the page reads/lighting works/etc. 

I finished the character colors and start working on rendering out the basic shapes. I will usually make a few new layers (like for the circles, etc) and merge down as I go. 

Adding the details/rendering is the most time consuming, but all I can say is, get some photo reference! I had a picture of the Box 5 door on Safari and just kept looking back and forth at it for texture reference.

Another example:

(box 5 is not /that/ wide but composition….)

I painted one chair and duplicated/flipped/trimmed it for the others. 

Gradients, tweaking, using the blur tool + adding more contrast?? The finishing stage is all over the place for me.

Anyway, that was SUPER long but I hope that helped explain a little bit of my process! I’m still learning and finding new shortcuts everyday. Baby steps… <3 

BTS and you studying late at school

“Can you do another reaction where you and each of them are studying late at school, and they lean in and kiss you? You can do gif or written!” @fashionisgood

I am first doing it written but if I get many requests to make it a gif reaction, I will consider your requests! Enjoy!~ ♥


Kim  Seokjin:

“I don’t understand a thing…” You sighed, rubbing your temples. “Our lesson is not clear enough…” You sat back in your chair.

“What should we do?” Jin, your classmate with whom you were doing most of your homework, spoke up. “It’ already late…” Your eyes wandered around you, the school library you’ve been staying in for hours was nearly empty as the window showed the falling darkness. 

“Wait, I’m gonna search for a book, it must help us.”

You stood up, pushing your chair with your legs and made your way to the high science shell. “Wave propagation” was the subject you were searching for, hoping so badly there will be a book about it there. Your slender fingers skimmed the edged of the shelves where letters were written on. “K”

“Kerosene; no thanks!” You mumbled.

You continued your way to the right, slowly getting closer to the W you were looking for.


“Radiation, I don’t need that either.” You sighed.

You took some more steps to the right but you bumped into one of the only person that was left into this big library.

“Sorry.” You got embarrassed until you lifted your head up and realized it was your classmate.

“Is this the book you’re looking for?” He showed a book named ‘Everything about wave propagation’.

“How could you be that fast?” You blushed as he was not behaving as usual.

“Instinct.” He closed the gap between you and made you turn so your back was against the wall shelf.

He lowered his hand which was holding the book so his chest was touching yours. You’ve never been this close to Jin, his charms and his beautiful features were even more obvious as he was looking straight at you.

Your heart pounded into your chest so hard you swear he could feel it beat in his rib cage. That’s maybe why he leant on and gently kissed your lips. As you were having your very first kiss, you could not describe how awkward yet wonderful and exciting it was. Jin’s thick lips pulled away, leaving you breathless as butterflies were endlessly looping in your stomach.

Min Yoongi:

Tomorrow was the theatrical representation of a play you had the first role in. Yet, you were not even close to be ready. You didn’t know your script well enough to be at ease while playing it. Thus, you asked to your friend, Yoongi, to help you out. He generously accepted to help you utill the school would close for the night, not minding if he would consequently have to finish his own homework late at night.

After practicing some scene of the play, Romeo and Juliet, Yoongi finally criticized your actress skills. “I don’t think you’re ready for the scene 5, Act 1. We should practice it more.”

“Are you sure? I though I really was ready for this one.”

“Yes I am! Come on, don’t lose any more time.” He pressed.

He took your hand, his script in the other. “Your hand is like a holy place that my hand is unworthy to visit. If you’re offended by the touch of my hand, my two lips are standing here like blushing pilgrims, ready to make things better with a kiss.”

“Good pilgrim, you don’t give your hand enough credit. By holding my hand you show polite devotion. After all, pilgrims touch the hands of statues of saints. Holding one palm against another is like a kiss.” You shifted your look from your friend’s pale hand to his face.

“Don’t saints and pilgrims have lips too?” He slightly smiled.

“Yes, pilgrim- they have lips that they’re supposed to pray with.” You innocently replied.

“Well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. I’m praying for you to kiss me. Please grant my prayer so my faith doesn’t turn to despair.” Your friends eyes were genuinely begging you. Yoongi were a really good actor.

“Saints don’t move, even when they grant prayers.”

“Then don’t move while I act out my prayer.” Yoongi put away the script from his face, and leant on to kiss you. Well Romeo did kiss Juliet even though this kiss felt like you truly were Juliet, and Yoongi truly was Romeo.

“Now my sin has been taken from my lips by yours.” Romeo: no; Yoongi continued.

“Then do my lips now have the sin they took from yours?” You could barely say without stuttering, your body feelings were uncontrolable for some unkown reasons.

“Sin from my lips? You encourage crime with your sweetness. Give me my sin back.” Your friend said before you kissed again.

Yoongi pulled away first and started to talk about your skills again. “I think you should quit this role.”

“Should I? Am I that bad of an actress?” You sadly pouted.

“No. You’re mistakening it. You should quit this role because you can’t kiss any other guy when your kiss feels like magic to me.” He lightly flushed and so did you.

Jung Hoseok:

“I brought some food and some chocolate for you!” Hoseok smiled as he put the plastic bags on the table. As you were finishing your group work and as it was getting late, Hoseok walked out of the library and went to the closest supermarket to get some food.

“Nice! Thank you!” You cheered, instantaneously leaving your work to the side.
“I am so craving for chocolate right now!” You took a bite.

“I know right! And I was so craving from some orange juice!” He smiled.

“It feels so good to eat!”

“Wait, you have something on the lips.” He got closer to you and crashed his lips against yours.

“Is it gone now?” You chucked.

“Yes.” He pretended.

“I didn’t have stained lips, right?”

“Right…” He timidly admitted that he just acted like that so he could have a reason to kiss your lips.

Kim Namjoon:

“Ok, this is simple, look!” Namjoon stood up and stepped behind you. He knelt to the ground so it was more comfortable for him to show you how to solve this equation.

“So you have to develop, then you gotta pass x to the left and isolate it.” The pen was going quicker than the flow of this rap god. You frowned, sometimes looking at what he was writing, sometimes looking at his handsome face.

“Understood?” He looked at you with a concerned look. You knew he would explain it for you again and again until you will be understanding what he was saying.

“Not really.” You shyly admitted.

He took the time to explain you one more time and when you finally understood, he stood up.

“Don’t hesitate to call me again if you ever need my help!” He smirked, his cute and sexy dimple showed up.

“I won’t.” You smiled.

“Good girl.” He smiled before tenderly kissing you on the cheek.

Park Jimin:

“Hey! Don’t you think you forgot something?” He grabbed your hand as you stood up, walking away from the seat that was next to his.

You were previously sitting in fornt of him but you came beside him so he could teach you how to draw this thing you badly needed for your optional subject; art.

“What?” You turned around.

“You forgot to thank me.”

“But I did say tank you.” You were confused.

“Indeed, but I was not expecting this kind of reward. I helped you after all.” His voice lowered, making your heart skipp mutliple beats.

“What should I do?”

“As a girlfriend, you should kiss me.” He looked up to you.

You could not be more flustered. Your fluster was translated on your reddened cheeks.

You leant on to quickly kiss his cheek.

“Not like that.” He whined before pulling you to sat on his lap as his hand was still holding yours.

You immediately turned your head and stared at him with popped out eyes.

He put your arms on each of his shoulders. “Like that.” He closed the gap between the both of you and pressed his thick lips against yours.

Kim Taehyung:

“Should we take a pause? I am tired of overthinking this freaking subject.” Taehyung said.

“No, we souldn’t. We have already done one about 10 minutes ago and we won’t finish it if we keep on taking pause.”

“Ok.” Your boyfriend easily sighed.

He at back in his chair, his long legs touching yours as his eyes wandered in the room.

“Look who is coming right behind you!” He suddenly half shouted, pointing at someone behind you.

You turned around to see who it was and sighed because no one was there.

“Seriously Taehyung-” You turned around but his lips unexpectedly caught yours, taking your words away from your mouth.

Though you were surprised, you closed your eyes anyway because what was sweeter than your boyfriend’s lips? You couldn’t think of nothing else when his tongue was softly brushing yours, giving you chills down to your spine.

“That’s right.” He pulled away, sitting back on his chair. “We should work.” He frowned as he took back his ballpen in his hand, starting to write something already.

You chuckled because of his annoyance yet cute gesture. He shifted his eyes from his lessons to you and drew a smirk on his lips when he saw you smiling at him.

Jeon Jungkook:

“Should we do a game to be motivated?”

“It sounds nice, what kind of game?” You curiously asked to your boyfriend.

“If we don’t finish an exercise in an amount of time we will be choosing before starting it, the one that finishes the last will have a forfeit.” He casually explained.

“Ok, let’s do this.” You agree before Jungkook and you chose to do this algebra exercise within 15 minutes.

As you struggled on the first part and left about 5 minutes on the first question, you could not finish on time when your boyfriend surprisingly finished 3 minutes before the end of time.

“I am sure you cheated.” You pouted with your arms crossed over your stomach.

“No I didn’t.” He laughed. “So, your forfeit is to kiss me.”

“There’s no way I am kissing a liar.” You looked away.

“I had done this exercise yesterday, that’s why I took some advance on another exercise and pretended it was the same as you.”

“You’re such a cheater.”

“Who never cheated in algebra?” He grined. “Now, come on, give me my kiss.” He teasingly wiggled his eyebrows.

“Fine!” You huffed and eventually leant on the table to kiss his nose.

“Eh!” He pouted. “On the lips!”

“Sorry babe, cheater can only have this type of kiss.” You brightly smiled.


Here it is everyone, please let me know if you liked it? :) It will really mean a lot ot me! Comments about the imagines are welcomed! Love you all! xx ♥

“You know, Evans sometimes you just gotta go with the flow”

“Yes Black, and sometimes you have to fight the flow like its a stupid, arrogant brat who is trying to bewitch your shoes to trip you up every time you deny his constant attempts to ask you out YES POTTER I CAN SEE YOU OVER THERE.”

—  Lily has eyes everywhere
How I view the signs

Aries: literally sweethearts. They poke fun at you a lot but only out of love

Taurus: tree huggers. Boho babes. Really good hair and style.

Gemini: my flighty babies. Ilysm omg. So silly.

Cancer: I get you. I really do. I feel your vibes hard. But sometimes you confuse me a lot? Why do you keep so much inside?

Leo: Queens and kings baby. They know what they want and how to get it. I admire you guys. I really do.

Virgo: Cute. Silly. Why do we all laugh at literally everything? Or is that just me and the Virgos I know? Knows what to do but always does the thing they shouldn’t anyway.

Libra: Princess. Like Anne Hathaway kind. You are perfect. And way too sweet.

Scorpio: moody butts. Ily. You hold grudges for too long. Sometimes it’s better to let shit go ya know. You’re really helpful and great to talk to. You give good advice

Sagittarius: how are you so chill? How does one go with the flow like you do?

Capricorn: a little too salty/sometimes/. You guys have the weight of the world on but you gotta realize you can’t force other people to carry that weight too. But I love your sarcastic humor and your steady quiet hardworking attitude.

Aquarius: so interesting and full of ideas all the time. Really big talkers. Super generous. You give me that hippie vibe.

Pisces: my other half ❤ I love the mix and mingle we have. You guys are so funny. And come up with the craziest conspiracies and scenarios. Your minds are so open.

anonymous asked:

How do you get yourself out of writer's block?


That is how I get myself out of writer’s block, I write. 

This can mean a few things. 

It can mean I spend three hours staring at the wall, lamenting about the cruelties of my brain just not giving me the goddamn words to write this goddamn story until I finally get some words down or it means switching to another project (and sometimes it means bouncing between ten different stories until I find one that I click with in that moment) or it means writing random words/sentences until something makes sense or it means I start blabbering on about anything and everything (which usually leads to about 2983 words of useless nonsense that I just put under my deleted scenes heading).

Sometimes this is me:

It also helps that I don’t let a day go by that I don’t at least write 1000 words. At least. That is my minimum, and that’s a very low, gracious minimum, ya’ll. It’s easy to reach for me, which means I can’t make any goddamn excuses.

And when the flow is going, I don’t stop. I barely stop to pee.

Morpheus knows:

And this is just important to remember because it’s true as hell:

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit brick walls just because of some weird fear. Sometimes it’s because a story didn’t get that many comments, or because I got feedback I perceived as negative, or because I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as what I wrote the day before.

You just gotta keep writing, even if it’s all blibbity blah nonsense.

But, the good news? I’ve discovered that in those blibbity blah nonsense modes, I have written some really cool stuff that I use later in a story, or even in an entirely different story. 

Something I thought was shit one day is gold the next.

(Random note: Delete nothing, not ever. I keep everything I write, especially when I do rewrites.)

And this is just good to remember too:

Just write something, every single day.

It doesn’t matter if it’s crappy or if it’s not on what you think you’re supposed to be writing, just write. And always remember, your first draft? Is not the final draft. What you put down on paper doesn’t mean that’s what you’re going to post. Some days you write the story exactly as you want it, and others you write something that is so far from what you wanted that you need to get through four drafts before it’s postable.

Just write, man, write every single damn day.

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can you do a 4/4 blurb where you're like dating or "getting there" and you're really awkward and shy (and how you two would be like when you cuddle or make out or do it the first time) pleaseeeeeeee

so lets say you and ashton were in high school and you guys we’re a new couple and it was still a little awkward and you still were getting comfortable with each other and stuff and tonight was gonna be your first date so he planned to take you to a movie or something stupid and stereotypical like that but it would still be super cute so you would get all done up and he would come to your door to get you and when you opened the door you’d be looking supa fine and he would be like zone out for second and mutter “woah” under his breath and get flustered and his cheeks would turn red and you would giggle and shout to your mom or dad that you we’re leaving and then you two would walk to his car and he would open the door for you and then go around to his side and at first the car ride would be a little awkward because neither of you knew what to say but after a few minutes you guys would get into a really comfortable conversation about a mutual interest like a band you both liked or something. so you guys would get to the theater and go up to the counter thing, and you guys probably agreed beforehand what movie you were gonna see so you would ask for the tickets but you wouldn’t be sure if you were paying for yourself or not because sometimes you do sometimes you don’t it depends so you would get your wallet out cause either way its not a huge deal, and its probably safer to assume that you are and ashton would see you get it out and be like “no! no no i’m gonna pay for you” and you would be like “are you sure?” cause movie tickets are expensive and he doesn’t need to do that if he doesn’t want to and he would playfully roll his eyes and say “of course” and get your tickets and popcorn and you two would go to the theater and sit down kinda near the back and watch the movie and fast forward to after it was over. you two would leave the movie theater and he would turn to you say “hey, do you um, do you wanna maybe go for a walk or something?” just cause he really wanted to spend some more time with you and talk to you a little more and so you would say “yeah, sure!” and you guys would walk around slowly for a while through some park and it would be really pretty out and your shoulders would just barely be brushing and you two would be talking about who knows what and after a while your chatter would slowly fade into a comfortable silence and you guys would just be quietly enjoying each others company and ashton would probably just be thinking to himself how amazing you were and how badly he wanted to go on more dates with you and he would really want to preserve the moment so he would timidly reach out for your hand and intertwine your fingers with his and you would squeeze his hand a little to reassure him and out for the corner of his eye he would see you smile to yourself and he would start smiling too

you would have been dating luke for a month or two, and you two would have gone on plenty of dates already so you would be pretty comfortable with each other but you guys still wouldn’t have gone much father then holding hands yet just cause you gotta go with the flow sometimes so you guys would probably plan a movie night at his house because no one was gonna be home and not like you guys were planning to have sex or anything (but hey if it happens it happens) but more in the sense that it would be good alone time and you guys could talk more openly and no one would really bother you. so you guys would just be lounging around on his couch all cuddled up and cozy and you would be watching some movie and luke would’ve probably zoned out a while ago and he would just be watching you not really paying attention to the movie and he would just quietly admire you for a few minutes and you would notice and look up at him and smile and he would dip his head down a little, slowly cause he didn’t want to accidentally freak you out, and you guys would both gently lean in and kiss really softly and it would feel all tingly and special and you both would want more and so the kiss would become deeper and more passionate and he would gently lean you back on the couch and make out with you for a little bit and his breathing would probably get heavy and he would really really gently roll his hips into yours and whimper a little bit and you two would just make out like that for an hour or maybe two who really knows cause i don’t.

Not everybody has such an abundant flow of cash thrown their way, okay? Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, so if you’re going to make some pitiful comment, or laugh at me, just do it and get it over with. I’ve got other tables to serve.

I will say one thing. One thing I did regret when I was on this show is I didn’t enjoy it enough. And I think one thing is you get so stuck in your head and you think about every little detail and sometimes you just gotta let it go and just flow and be in the moment and never forget to enjoy the process.
—  Zendaya to Marla Maples