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                                         Reasons I love AvAc! Stony

1. The first conversation that Tony and Steve ever have, they admit they like each other. Steve is just recruited and he wants to run for class president. Tony suggests he just take it but Steve says, “I like you Tony, but don’t ever disrespect the election process.” And Tony smiles and replies, “I like you too Cap, but by now you should know that I pretty much disrespect everything.” Then Tony campaigns for Cap anyway ;)

2. During the Civil War event, Tony made a Capsuit to put on a show for Steve. It was a cute ordeal more than anything, and Tony asks for a hug from Steve. Steve says no, and Tony apparently has a simulator where he’s hugging Steve in it. After, there’s a picture during the news announcement of Steve and Tony side hugging, smiling, and Tony is giving Steve bunny ears. (X

3. Once Tony told Steve that he was his “favorite field commander.” (X)

4. Steve is talking to Natasha about Tony and Natasha tells him, “You two should just get married.” (X)

5. When Ronan came to the Academy for the first GoTG event, Steve said, “I got your back, Tony.”

6. Once Tony told Steve, “What if I told you the internet thought we were the perfect couple?”

7. Tony offers to upgrades Steve’s shield to make it lighter, stronger, and capable of firing energy blasts and Steve replies with, “Thanks, but I think you’re fancy enough for the both of us.” While smiling happily and Tony is shocked.

8. During the Halloween event, Tony had to do a last minute cardboard Iron Man costume because Baron Zemo bought the last Captain America costume. He was going to be Cap! And he’s mentioned dressing up as Cap as a kid more than once. (X)

9. Tony said once, “I mock because I love. Ask Cap, I’ve been mocking him for months.” So….he’s loved him for months.

10. Tony asked Steve for girl advice, and said he was absurdly handsome. So they go working out together at the gym…clearly showing off for each other, and not a girl. Tony thinks he did a good workout, which Steve took as a joke. So he went to the gym with Tony again…I wonder why… (X)

11. They bicker like a married couple.

12. Tony always goes to Cap at the beginning of an event to plan out how to protect the Academy (because they’re leaders and work best together).

13. When recruiting Mockingbird Tony tells her she can trust Steve. Once she tells Steve that, he looks shocked and SO happy about it. (X)

14. Tony makes a blacksmith Iron Man outfit that is pretty revealing, which leaves Steve speechless. Once Tony says he’s a blacksmith, Steve tells him that was his second guess. Steve, what was your first guess you naughty guy? (X)

15. When you get Pepper she asks Steve, “will you keep an eye on Tony?” To which Steve smiles and replies, “I always do.” (X)

16. Tony Stark is such a Cap fanboy. He’s dressed up as Cap, he had Cap action figures, and he even had Jarvis make him Capcakes for breakfast as a kid. (X) (X)

17. When Ultron attacked, who has the mind of Tony, the first thing he did was make a Captain America robot and he calls the Capbot his greatest creation. (X)

18. When Tony finds out about RoboCap he’s shocked and disappointed he didn’t think to make a RoboCap first. (X)

19. When Ultron attacks Tony thinks Steve is going to blame him, but Steve doesn’t. He just encourages Tony and says they’ll defeat him together. (X)

20. During the Ultron event Tony mocks Steve by trying to do an impression of him and he says, “I told you not to build those robots, Tony. We should have been teaching bald eagles how to do the Charleston while balancing apple pies on our bulging biceps.” So Tony was checking Steve and his biceps out. Steve takes it as a joke and says just reassures Tony that they can fix the problem. (X)

21. Tony makes Cap an energy shield but when Steve uses it, it turns into a giant energy ball where Steve runs around in it. Steve knows Tony so well that he tells Tony to get his joke over with. Tony calls him Hamster America, and Steve would be more mad but he said it was a good workout. (X) (X) (X)

22. When Tony encounters RoboCap he says “sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect robot teeth.” He says he’s thought about saying that to Steve sometimes, but RoboCap says it’s too far. Tony then agrees and talks about how Cap is his friend and how polite he is. (X)

23. Tony’s wanted to make upgrades to Steve’s shield for better protection, but eventually he makes him an energy shield instead when Steve is in his Commander America uniform. (X)

24. During the Ultron event while Tony is working on Steve’s energy shield Steve tells Tony that he’s been having a recurring dream about a red dinosaur. Tony smiles and says he wishes Steve was that weird more often. (X)

25. Tony asks Steve, “How do you like my mancave?” (X)

26. Steve tells Tony that he’s more than just his tech. (X)

27. Tony loves Steve’s biceps. He’s commented on them more than once. Telling Steve about his “bulging biceps” and when Gladiator Cap showed up, Tony said he’s seen Steve checking out his own biceps. Steve says he hasn’t and asked Tony if HE’S been checking out his biceps…Tony then says he’s a scientist (which means yes, he’s been checking Steve out). (X)

28. Tony is talking to Peter Quill and Peter doesn’t understand some of the scientific terms Tony’s using. Steve steps in and DEFINES the word, Tony is shocked, and Steve is so proud and says “futurism!” (X)

29. Tony confides in Steve at the beginning of an event and Steve wants to hear it. Tony refuses to tell him cause he doesn’t want Steve to change his plans and says he can’t make all of Steve’s life choices for him. (Tony definitely wants to be a part of Steve’s life decisions). (X

30. During the GoTG2 event Steve’s costume is “Ravager Captain America” and he has a great outfit made of leather with leather straps and he has a mohawk. This leaves Tony speechless, and Tony has never been speechless before. (I’m pretty sure Tony loved the leather, and rock ‘n roll look). (X)

Up Close and Personal

gif is not mine

Title: Up Close and Personal

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,238

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @mylittlesupertimewolf! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

While Sam and Dean were at another location on a hunt, you and Castiel were doing the dirty work.  Which meant that you had to dig up a body and salt and burn it.  You had only known Castiel for a few weeks.  You still felt awkward around the angel, but to be fair, he felt the same way around you.  He never had the chance to acquaint himself with you, since you spent most of your time hunting.

“Are you sure this is the right grave Castiel,” you asked, setting the shovel down on the grass next to the six foot deep hole.  Castiel grabbed onto your arm, hoisting you out of the grave.  “I don’t wanna get this one wrong.”

“I’m sure,” Castiel affirmed.  “This is the man’s grave we are looking for.”  Castiel did a double take towards the grave.  The body you and him were supposed to salt and burn was gone, and the casket was open.

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One year;


Kai helps the reader feel better after everyone around her seems to leave.

Word count: 2049

“Turning you was the worst mistake I ever made.” Damon snaps at you. “God. Our mother giving birth to you was the worst mistake, actually.” He murmurs.

As usual, Damon was drunk. Although when was he not, these days? Every night since Elena died, he came home sulking to himself and he would drink. And drink. And drink. It was getting so out of hand that you and Stefan honestly didn’t know what to do anymore. Stefan was gone out with Caroline, leaving you home alone with your drunk older brother.

“Shut up. You’re drunk.” You scoff, heading upstairs.

“Yeah that’s right!” Damon yells, his words slurring together. “Run away like you always do, you little whore.”

Here was Damon Salvatore, once your best friend, now calling you a whore. Shouting at you because he was lost without Elena. Even though you were a vampire, you were still a lot younger than Damon and Stefan and they still treated you like you were the same age as when you were turned. If you ever let out a single curse word, your brothers would be savage.

“Goodnight, Damon!” You say with fake enthusiasm. You slam your bedroom door behind you and lock it, at least until Stefan gets home. He wasn’t answering his texts or phone calls, typical Stefan behaviour lately.

You crouch down by the door, knees up to your chest and start crying. God, you could be so sensitive sometimes. But this wasn’t just about Damon being a mean drunk. It was about Stefan who was rarely around now because of Caroline, Elena who was dead, Bonnie being awol and Alaric not caring about anyone or anything except for trying to resurrect his dead wife. You felt alone and for once in your life, you were.

You missed watching midnight movies with Matt, Tyler and Jeremy. Of course they had all moved on from you as well. You missed the way Stefan cared for you and Damon’s voice telling you to “wake up, sunshine.” and then cook you pancakes.

Damon can hear your heartbeat speed up and know that you’re crying but you don’t care. And neither does he. You try to hold the tears back but you can’t. You didn’t know what to do anymore.

A text message on your phone lights up your dark room and draws your attention to your screen. You hoped it was Stefan.

Kai: you home?

As much as you loved kai, you didn’t want to answer him. Maybe he could make things better if you explained to him, but now just wasn’t the time.

Kai: can I come over?

It was like kai could sense that something wrong. He seemed to be the only person there for you but now you can’t help but push him away.

Kai: I know you’re in your room. Can I come up?

Kai must have wanted to see Damon about something and was downstairs. How else could he know?

Kai: I can hear you, y/n. I’m coming up.

What? Seriously, sometimes kai could be such a stalker. You didn’t mind though, because he seemed to care about you, unlike anyone else at the moment.

You still didn’t bother replying to him though. For all you knew you were imagining the whole conversation, or dreaming it since you lost track of how long you had been crying in your room, alone.

You look up in the dark, hearing something flick against your window. And again, and again. You turn the light on and open up your window to see if it was raining, or even snowing, but you only see kai down below, flicking pebbles to get your attention.

“Rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair!” He shouts out.

You can’t help but smile a little, even though you were so upset inside. You had to be your best for kai. He has never seen you sad before.

“So can I come up?” He asks.

“Well you’re already here anyways,” you trail off.

Kai climbs the big oak tree by your window and slips in, trying not to drag in the dirt from outside all over your room.

“I figured I would check up on you.” He says.

“I don’t need to be checked on.” You assure him.

“Are you sure? Because I went to the front door to find Damon drunk and I could hear you crying and your heart racing.” His blue eyes pierce through yours, reminding you of all the reasons why you love him.

“That’s usual Damon. I would have let you in if I knew you were there.” You say, the two of you taking a seat at the end of your bed.

“I know but that’s not usual you.”

“What? I wasn’t drunk.”

“But you were crying. A lot. Your heart was beating way faster than it should. You-”

“I stubbed my toe. That’s all.” You say, cutting him off. You wanted to change the subject. You didn’t need his pity.

“You have your door locked, too.” He finishes.

“No I-” it was no good trying to lie. He knew something was wrong.

“Yes you do. And it’s because of Damon, isn’t it?” He asks.

You shrug, not wanting to answer him. He shouldn’t be bothering you like this anyways. This was your house, your room, your night. This wasn’t a time for him to intrude and start smothering you with questions.

“Kai,” you suddenly can’t control yourself. More and more tears roll down your porcelain skin. Sober Damon always called you porcelain and you would always laugh. It wasn’t just because of your fair skin, but because he would protect you like a doll. He never let anyone hurt you. But all that has changed, hasn’t it. You weren’t damon’s porcelain doll anymore. You were nothing but an abused, shy girl who didn’t know what to be doing with her life. A complete idiot.

“Shhh it’s okay.” Kai whispers. No one has ever hugged you like kai was doing right now. He made you feel safe as he whispered in your ear and rubbed his hands in small circles around your back.

And that’s where the two of you stayed for the next half hour. Crying, just letting it all out and him comforting you. Yes, he was giving you his pity but he was also telling you everything you needed to hear. His smile made your room light up a thousand times brighter. The way his voice was so comforting, so peaceful, made you forget all about Damon and his drinking problems and how everyone else left you for trash.

“Here,” Kai speaks up, still keeping his voice to a whisper. “Lets lie down.”

The two of you slouch down on your bed, making the mattress creak. You can’t help but stare up at the ceiling, imagining a thousand tiny stars in the moonlight. But kai on the other hand, can’t help but smile at you.

“What are we doing?” You mumble.

“We,” Kai pauses, tugging his phone out of his pocket. “Are going to laugh. And watch movies and talk. And did I say laugh?”

“A sleepover?” You ask.

“Well I’ve never had one and you my dear Juliet, need some cheering up.” He replies, unlocking his phone.

With one press, a thousand pictures pop up. You don’t pay attention to what they are, except for when he presses an album called “for y/n.”

“For y/n?”

He clicks on the first picture, one of him as a child, no older than five. He had the cutest smile plastered on his face and wore a tiny Christmas sweater with a present knitted on.

“I found all these old pictures right? And i was like ‘man. I know someone who would laugh at these.’” Kai grins.

You observe each picture he shows you, smiling more and more each time. He studies you while you study the pictures, noticing something different about you than anyone else he’s ever met.

There was a sparkle in your eyes, making you all the more beautiful to him. Kai thought for sure he was imagining it but still, something seemed so incredibly amazing about you, like you were an angel.

“And this one is me with my hand turkey.” He says. In the picture is still baby kai, holding a drawing he made. You couldn’t understand why everyone hated him. He was so kind.

“Now I have something even better,” Kai plays a video of himself singing. Not recent of course. Too bad, because that would be such a laugh. Little baby kai was sitting up at the kitchen table along with two younger kids you didn’t recognize, and another girl about Kai’s age.

“Happy birthday tooooooo jo!” He squeals, clapping his hands when his sister blows out her candles.

“You were so cute back then.” You smile.

“Back then?” He asks. “Look at me. I’m still cute, right?” He points to his face.

“Absolutely adorable.” You reply.

“And one more picture for my collection,” he says, stretching out his arm, holding his phone in one hand.

“Smile, Salvatore.” He grins. The two of you look into his phone, and for once you seen how happy kai was. The two of you looked absolutely amazing.

“You’ve got such a cute smile.” The two of you say to each other.


A few more hours pass and you could feel your eyes getting heavy, getting ready to shut down for the night. You and kai were still watching a horror movie but you didn’t know If you would be able to stay up any longer. The only thing keeping you awake was kai screaming every few seconds when something ‘scary’ popped up on screen.

“God how are you not terrified?” Kai asks, un able to take his eyes of his phone screen. “That zombie was horrific!”

Kai pauses the movie and looks at you, letting out the cutest smile possible.
“Tired, sleepy head?”

You nod your head yes, not bothering to open your eyes. You feel Kai’s weight leave the mattress as he turns off the light.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” You ask him.

“Of course not. Why would I ever leave my favourite Salvatore alone?” He replies as he lies back down in your bed.

Kai pulls a blanket over your chest and leans into you, whispering “goodnight, y/n.” He places a small kiss on your forehead.

He snuggles into you, leaving no room in between the two of you. He wraps his arms around you as your head rests on his shoulder.


“Damon? Jesus, what the hell happened here?” Stefan asks, eyeing the room full of broken glass.

“I don’t know,” he mumbles. “I was drunk. I was mad. I couldn’t get up the stairs.”

“You what? You couldn’t get up the stairs?” Stefan can’t help but chuckle at his stupid brother.

“I did something. And obviously so did you, staying out all night.”

“Alright you go first.” Stefan pleads.

“I called our sister some names. Some things that never should have been said. And I could hear her crying and shaking and-” he waves his hand as if he was saying hello.

“I couldn’t apologize. I didn’t know what to do. She’s been in her room ever since.”

“She’s alright now isn’t she? She’s not hurt?” Stefan asks, all his attention drawn to you.

“I guess. I mean I just woke up when you came through the door.”


Stefan and Damon head up stairs quietly, not wanting to wake you, assuming you were well asleep.

“Door’s locked.” Stefan whispers.

Damon hands Stefan the key to your room, something you never knew they had. Stefan carefully opens up the door, the light from the hallway illuminating you.

And there you were, all tucked in, sleep and sound.

“God, I could have sworn I heard someone up here with her you know.” Damon says.

“You were drunk. Of course you did.” Stefan hits him, playfully.

“You think she misses that crazy sociopath?” Damon asks.

Stefan tells him to keep it quiet, even though they’re both still looking at you, and know you’re asleep.

“Well it’s been a tough year for her. He’s been dead for what? Eleven months now?” Stefan questions.

“Today marks the next. It’s been a full year, brother.”

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Hi everyone! Recently I saw a post by @lilyevians about how there should be a penpal network of some kind, and I’ve taken it upon myself to try to put one together. This is my first attempt at a network, so please be patient and bear with me!

thepenpalnet is a safe space to share anything and everything you want. You can tag your posts #thepenpalnet and your post will be reblogged onto the network page!
   You’ll be assigned a “penpal,” whom you can tag in your edits, poetry, etc, and who will tag you in theirs. Your penpal is also an internet friend to chat with whenever. (I know making friends on the internet can be nerve-wracking or awkward sometimes, and this gives you an excuse to make a new friend.)
    (Also, I might create a discord/groupme chat eventually!)

Here’s what you have to do:

- mbf the network ( @thepenpalnet ) and me, the admin ( @whizardwheezes )
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- fill out the form at this post: (please answer all the questions; the more you answer, the better I can pair you with a suitable penpal!)
- send the network ✨ with the url you entered with
- be patient! Results will come, and most people will be accepted to the network :)
- this post must get at least 29 reblogs so that I have enough people to pair up!

Entries will close on April 30th! (I might reopen them again after that)

Thanks so much, and I hope you join us!


(requested by   @toriar1019 )

word count : 3 884
summary :  Kai fights the siren’s mind control because of his feelings for Reader.
* gif by phantom-evil

A week. That’s how long Y/N and her friends tried everything to open the Vault at the Armoury to get back Kai and Damon. None of them was prepared to find the Vault completely empty , none of them could figure out how they got out. Y/N had thought the anguish she had felt during that time was too much but what came next broke her completely. Three months went by before there was even a hint about what Damon and Kai might be up to. Things only got worse from there.
Being separated had always been hard , but this time it was different. Kai wasn’t on some trip for a few days somewhere. There wasn’t a way to find them with a locator spell or anything. It took Y/N and her friends month to track them down and eventually find them at an abandoned slaughter house after a victim was found.
Stefan and Y/N had gone there and had tried to get them back the same second they found them , but things hadn’t gone according to plan. Seeing Kai had been enough to put the pieces of her heart together again and shatter it completely right after specially after hearing Kai say ‘I don’t love you and I never have. Go before I rip your throat out.’ Those words echoed in her mind and they cut deeper than any knife ever could , even though she knew he hadn’t meant a syllable. Kai’s eyes had betrayed him , the way he had held onto her hand for a few seconds before pushing her away - he had done it on purpose to get her to leave. Y/N never gave up hope and seeing him only made her more determined to get him back , no matter what she had to do or who she’d have to go through to make it happen.

Kai couldnt believe what his life had been turned into the past few months. He had spent years trying to be better and learn to control his blood thirst after he turned , had a girl who loved him enough to risk her own life more than once just to save him and just when he was about to get everything he ever wanted he got himself into this mess. All of this had ruined helping people for him. Worst part of it all was that no matter how much he fought , there was no way out. Kai was stuck with Sybil and his least favourite person on this planet who had tried more than once to kill him. It had been months since Kai had been with Y/N and he had wanted to go back for her so many times but knew if Sybil found out about her , his girl would end up dead or worse. He couldnt let that happen.
    “What is he doing?” asked the siren.
Damon glanced at him. Kai was sitting not too far away from them with some paper in his hands , reading or more like pretending to read so he doesn’t have to think about the things he had done in order to keep Sybil distracted and keep his girl safe. Y/N – he suppressed a smile , just her name was enough to make him happy but he couldn’t let it show. He closed his eyes and he could see her smile , even hear her voice sometimes.
    “Catching up on current events.” said Kai indifferently. “The mysterious disappearances are drawing too much attention. Think you can cut back on red meat a bit ?”
Sybil rolled her eyes. “I spent a better part of a thousand years trapped in a Vault. So no , and who are you to tell me what to do ?”
Kai sighed. He was getting tired of being an evil minion , finding her ‘evil people’ to eat , not to mention how fighting the siren’s mind control was getting harder each day. However he was doing better than Damon , who was flying on full cruise control. His least favourite Salvatore didn’t even remember who Elena was now , thats how much Sybil had messed with his head. Kai would rather die than have his memories of Y/N twisted or replaced with new versions.
    “No one , apparently.” he said with a smirk. “I’m going out to grab a snack. Blood bags just dont do it for me as you well know.”
    “Fine , but dont go too far.” said the siren. “There is a housewife living in the house next door , bet she is delicious.”
    “Thanks for the offer, but I prefer my blood a little younger.” said Kai walking past them. “I’m going to look for a cheerleader at the high school or some confused teen at a bar. Oh or a sorority girl. Who knows what I’d find.”
After all those months they were finally close by Mystic Falls. About two weeks ago when he had briefly seen Y/N for the last time , it had been so hard fighting the urge to pull her into his arms , suffocate her with kisses and never let go of her again. The look in her eyes , how they had lit up when she saw him - it was all seared into his mind. In that moment he had felt happy again but then came the look of hurt when he had said all those horrible things to push her away for her own safety. Y/N was stubborn as hell , more determined than ever - it had been his only option to get her to go. Kai had never been more afraid of his feelings for the brave human girl than in this moment. Even after the merge with Luke , he hadnt been that shaken of everything he was feeling. Just the thought of her getting hurt in any way was enough to send him in a really dark place. There was no life for him without her and he was sure if she died , he’d die with her.
Sybil kept digging in his mind and he knew at some point she’d uncover Y/N’s existence. There was only one thing left he could do to protect her , as painful as it might be for the both of them. After all this mess was over he’d go and find her , move away with her, start a new. Kai walked into town , knowing her daily routine hoping nothing had changed and she’d still be going to work at the Grill. He stood a few hundred metres away waiting for her and just like always at the exact same time every Tuesday - there she was. More beautiful than ever with a look of determination on her face. A gust of wind blew out of nowhere (or more like Kai manipulated the weather) and she turned towards him. The look on her face changed between shock , surprise , caution , surprise and love – sticking to the last one. Her eyes widened and she ran towards him not even paying attention to traffic or cars or anything or anyone else in general.
    “Kai!” said Y/N running directly into his arms. “H-how are you here ? Why are you here?”
Kai pulled her towards him , tighter than ever and smiled at her. He could see in her eyes she knows something was wrong with him. Did he really look as broken on the outside as he felt on the inside? he wondered. His hands cupped her face and he kissed her gently for a few seconds. The young heretic couldn’t believe after everything he had said , Y/N had ran towards him like that instead of going the other way , how she hadn’t yelled at him or slapped him or anything.
    “I’m sorry Y/N … I should’ve never gone to that Vault.” said Kai softly, his voice filled with sadness and regret. “I am sorry for what I said to you a few days ago too. We had ears on us –”
    “I knew you didn’t mean it.” she smiled widely at him , not willing to let go off him or move more than half an inch away. “Whats going on Kai ?”
Y/N gazed into his eyes - he looked different - broken , crushed. The way he had pulled her towards him , as if letting go of her would mean his death both scared her and made her happy. Whatever was happening it was probably worse than she had thought.
    “I … I literally cannot say.” he sighed. Y/N looked at him with a puzzled expression.”No , I mean it – whenever I try to say out loud whats going on it comes out all giberish.”
    “Doesn’t matter , as long as you are here. Come on , lets go home —”
    “I cant.” said Kai. “I want to , more than anything but I — cant. You need to leave town. Now.“ he said with a serious look. “Go home , pack up your things and leave. It’s not safe for you here.”
    “Leave ?! No. Not without you.” protested Y/N.
    “I – the siren keeps digging inside my memories , trying to find what I am holding on to.” said Kai , cupping her face. “There is no way to stop her. Her neck gets snapped and she comes back to life 5 seconds later. If something happens to you -”
    “- I’ll die if something happens to you.” she said pressing her lips onto his. Kai pulled her towards him , kissing her as if its the last time he’d ever kiss her.
    “For once in your life, do as I say.” he demanded. “Don’t make me compell you to forget all about me.”
Y/N took a step away from him. Kai wouldn’t compell her , he wouldn’t go that far. Never. Though this desperate look in his eyes made her feel nervous. She understood he wanted to protect her , like always but he wouldn’t cross that line.
    “You wouldn’t…”
    “We both know I’ll do whatever it takes to protect you. Even if it means losing you.”
Tears had started gathering in her eyelids just thinking how just when she finally got him back , he wants her to go away.  No way. There was another way to get him to go with her , because there is no version of her life without him — and that way was walking towards them in that moment.
    “Okay – I’ll leave.” she sighed in defeat.
Kai looked at her with a mix of surprise and heartbreak in his eyes clearly not expecting her to give in that easily and dreading losing her again.
    “But you are coming with me.” she finished , seeing Stefan behind Kai , holding a vervain syringe. A few moments later Kai dropped unconscious. “Thanks for that Stef.”
    “Yeah. Don’t mention it.” replied the Salvatore, holding Kai’s body. “I suggest you two get out of town. Alaric is working on finding out what that instrument is and how it helps us kill the siren. As soon as we figure it out , our lives would go back to normal or as normal as they were before all this.”
    “What is normal anyways?” she wondered.
With Stefan’s help she got Kai onto the backseat of her car. Y/N put the keys in the ignition and drove off as fast as she could not giving a damn about the speeding limits or red lights or anything. Her eyes kept darting between the road and the review mirror , looking at Kai on the back seat. Everything was fine until they passed old Miller Road and he started to wake up screaming in pain , holding his head in his hands.
    “Y/N… stop the car.” he groaned rolling around the backseat.
    “No. We — we are leaving. There has to be a way to get you away from her and out of her control.”
    “I - I can’t l-leave.” he groaned and reached his hand stopping the car with magic.
Y/N hit the gas pedal again , tried the ignition but none of it worked - the car had stopped in the middle of the road. A groan of frustration left her lips. What had the siren did to him ? Kai got out of the car and started walking back into town. Quickly she unbuckled her seat belt and ran after him , catching up in a few metres. Seeing him in pain broke her heart , even more noticing the tears in his eyes. He kept rubbing his forehead , groaning in pain. Y/N placed her hands on his shoulders making him look at her.
    “Kai , whats happening ? Tell me.”
    “I am too far away from her. She is p-pulling me back.” said Kai taking another step towards town. “Get in the car and go before she finds you -”
    “You are stronger than this Kai. You can fight it –”
    “I’ve been fighting it for months now … ”
    “Don’t stop. I will help you. We’ll find a way to break the link , I promise.”
Kai laughed under his breath. “You can’t help me Y/N. I know you love me and want to help but - ”
    “Well , well , well…” said a young woman with short brown hair and brown eyes , standing a few steps away from them. “I was wondering how you keep resisting my control. Pity this girl didn’t listen when you told her to leave. Damon , if you may –”
Damon grabbed Y/N before Kai had had time time to react , holding her in a tight grip ready to snap her neck at a moments notice. Kai tried to get to her but the siren hummed some tune and he stopped in his tracks , visibly struggling to get to his girl.
    “Now , Kai.” said the siren taking a step towards the young heretic who was trying hard to fight her influence and move. “If you don’t want anything awful to befall your girlfriend –”
    “Fiance.” he corrected quietly.
    “– then you are going to do exactly as I say. Both you and Damon are quite resourceful when it comes to picking victims but I think you’ll be a lot more committed when there is nothing holding you back. So , I am giving you a choice.”
Y/N watched Kai stare at the ground , refusing to meet the siren’s eyes. His hands were shaking and she knew that look very well. Under any other circumstance at this point , whoever had gotten in his way would have had their throat ripped out or their head would’ve rolled on the ground. It was a look Y/N hadn’t seen in almost 4 years and made her blood freeze. Her fiance was angry , hurt and scared and whenever one of those emotions took over things always ended badly. Y/N didn’t care what would happen to her , but she worried about what the siren wants Kai to do.
    “What kind of a choice?” he asked.
    “Shut off your humanity and come with me or watch your fiance die.” said the siren , pausing for a moment. “You know what – maybe I will make it more interesting and make you kill her. Imagine this - having to live with the guilt of killing the one person who you love more than anything.”
    “Don’t — don’t do this to him.” pleaded Y/N , stepping on Damon’s foot with force in an attempt to get free. The vampire growled in her ear. “Let me go Damon or I swear … I’ll get to that coffin and burn Elena’s body myself.”
    “Elena ? Who’s – who’s Elena?” asked Damon.
Y/N gulped. If the siren could erase Elena’s existence from Damon’s mind then what could she have done to Kai ?
Sybil laughed. “I see why you love her. Maybe if she was a supernatural I would’ve taken her with us. ” she paused for a moment. “I still can , find a way to taint her soul and kill her , making sure she’ll end up in Hell.” she thought out loud with an amused look. “So , what’s it going to be - are you coming with me or does your pretty girl gets to die ?”
    “No.” said Kai.
    “It’s really not a choice , honey. Turn it off.
    “No.“ repeated Kai.
    “We’ll have to do this the hard way then.” sighed Sybil and grabbed his head , closing her eyes. Kai could feel her digging in his mind , trying to find something else against him. He tried hard not to think about any of the moments he and Y/N had shared so the siren can’t modify them like she did to Damon’s memories of Elena but seeing his girl struggle to get free from the vampire’s grasp pulled one of the memories to the surface of his mind.

     "Interesting.“ muttered the siren , slipping into one of his memories. "I have to say - that must be one of your best works. Taking your entire family down with you. It’s one of the reasons Cade wanted you. Now why is this memory so important to you—”
Kai stood by the entrance , watching himself walking through the wedding disaster struggling because of the werewolf bite. Bonnie showed up a few moments later but he wasn’t paying attention to that , the other him was dealing with that. He was watching out one of the windows , knowing any moment now he’d see Y/N heading towards the barn. Her dress was covered with blood and her hair was messier than ever. Bonnie flew across the room towards one of the walls and Damon showed up shortly after. Kai sat at the podium , playing with a rose in his hands while talking with the vampire. A few moments later Damon left and Kai saw himself looking around with confusion in his eyes. Then he heard it - the sound of one of Alaric’s compressed air weapons. He turned in the direction of the sound seeing Y/N and then Damon laying on the ground with a piece of wood plunged in his back.
    “What ? No 'thank you'for saving your life ?” she said blowing a strand of hair out of her face. Y/N reached for his hand , instead Kai pulled her into his arms for a few seconds. “Lets go before he wakes up.”
    “One moment … ” said Kai  , biting his wrist and rushing to Bonnie’s side. “Don’t you ever forget this Bon Bon.You didn’t really think I’d let you die did you ?”
Y/N grabbed his hand and both of them run out of the barn. Somehow she was running faster than him and he had a hard time catching up with her. A few moments later he stopped abruptly making her stop too.
     "Why would you save me ?“
    "Because — you are
not this monster. You are good and – I can’t let the person I love die. ”
    “What ?” he asked with a hint of surprise in his voice.
    “I love you Kai. You are my future and you can push me away all you want but even if you don’t let yourself see it or feel in general — ” she said softy , placing her palm on his cheek. “ — I know that you see the same. It’s in your eyes — ”
Kai pulled her into his embrace , holding her tighter than ever unable to believe that after all the things he had done , including a few hours ago there was someone still believing in him , carrying about him and loving him.
    “I love you too Y/N.” he said smiling resting his forehead on hers.

     "Ohhh , I see.“ said Sybil , twisting his memory and replacing Y/N’s face with hers.
Kai looked at her with a small smile on his face , tucking in a lock of hair behind her ear.  Sybil smiled at him innocently and leaned in to kiss him.
    "Nice try. You are
not her and I am not as weak as Damon.” said Kai , snapping her neck in a few moments later. 

Sybil opened her eyes , clenching her jaw. The siren hadn’t expected the young heretic to be that strong. Damon had resisted her but she had been stronger , this was new.
    “Well , that was unexpected. Shall we try this again ?”
    “You can try all you want Sybil.” said Kai with a smirk. “I’m not Damon and I am not the monster you want me to be. I’m not this person anymore.”
    “Ahh that’s right.” said the siren smiling wickedly. “Because you love this fragile human girl and your feelings for her are stronger than your blood lust. Shame , she would’ve looked beautiful in a wedding gown. Damon — how would you feel about a snack?”
Damon grinned , purple black veins flashing under his eyes and his fangs sank in Y/N’s neck. The girl screamed , dug her nails in Damon’s hands kicked and tried everything to get free but it was useless. Kai took a step towards them but Sybil hummed another tune forcing him to watch as the life drained from the girl he loved. The only person who ever gave him a real chance even before the merge was dying and he couldn’t even move his finger.
    “Let her go.” said Kai. “I’ll — I’ll do what you ask just let her go.”
    “Kai , don’t. You are stron-ger than you think. Fight – it.” said Y/N struggling to speak.
Kai looked into her eyes , her lips forming four words 'I believe in you’.  He struggled , feeling Sybil trying to sneak into his mind again and get him to let go , but it didn’t matter - all he could hear and see was Y/N. His eyes closed for a moment and he found the strength to flick his wrist snapping Damon’s neck , raising his other hand pulling out Sybil’s heart out of her chest with magic. The moment the siren dropped on the ground his mind cleared and he ran towards his girl , biting his wrist bringing it to her lips.
    “Don’t you dare die Y/N.” said Kai smiling nervously. “Not now …. not ever.”
Y/N wrapped her fingers around his wrist feeling his warm blood trickle down her throat. A sigh left Kai’s lips and he caressed her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her eyes opened and she pulled herself up unitl he wrapped his strong arms around her.
    “You did it.” she smiled widely at him.
    “Only because of you. ” he said softly. “Though that wont last for long unless your buddies figure out a way to hold her down. Until then –”
    “– get in the car with me and we drive as far and fast away as we can.” she finished with a hopeful expression on her face.
Kai smiled widely at her. “Pick a destination , sweetheart.”


Our thing

Word count: 2,393

Request: You always have your bedroom window open for Kai, but when you get into a fight one day, you close it and Kai realizes how badly he messed up

*gif by me

You have always lived close to Kai Parker. You were neighbours from the beginning, but you were ignoring him because of what your parents told you about him. In their eyes he was a terrible human being, a murderer and a complete sociopath, someone who didn’t deserve a good life or a person who would love him no matter what. Sometimes, you spent almost every day watching him through your bedroom’s window, sitting alone on the grass, his back leaned on the biggest tree in his garden, a big treetop hiding him from the bright and hot sun from shining down at him, but somehow a few sunshine rays have always managed to shine through the branches and lit up his face in such a beautiful way, making your heart skip a beat from how beautiful he looked. At that moment, you forgot about everything you were doing and focused on him, the way his eyes focused on one spot in the distance before turning back to the book in his lap, his fingers following the line he was reading.

‘Hello, neighbour!’ A familiar voice traveled towards you, your eyes following it as you lifted your head up and made eye contact with your neighbour and your boyfriend, Malachai Parker. Your heart started beating faster, his eyes still making your heart skip a beat, even though you have been dating him for a while. You have learned to understand why he did all those things in the past and you loved him for who he was, no matter what people said about him. You were sitting on the floor of your room, a notebook laying casually on your lap, your fingers playing with a pen, tapping it against your thigh.

'Hi.’ You muttered and smiled, Kai’s legs quietly coming through the opened window, his feet planting on the carpet in your room, the rest of his body following. He let out a deep sigh and looked down at you, your eyes still glued to his blue ones. He chuckled and crouched down to grab your hand as he lifted you up, making you stand on your feet, before he pulled you into his arms, wrapping his one arm around your body while the other one snaked behind you, placing it gently on the back of your head as he finally locked his lips with yours. The kiss was filled with lust, love and passion, feeling as if you haven’t seen each other in a while. His lips moved perfectly with yours, shivers rolling down your spine and nervousness finding its way into your body. Every kiss you and Kai shared still felt just as special as the first one, sending shivers down your spine and bringing up a smile every time he looked at you in the eyes. He pulled away, but refused to let you go, his forehead pressing on yours as his eyes remained closed.

'I missed you.’ He whispered making you chuckle quietly, his thb caressing your cheek softly.

'We saw each other just a few hours ago.’ He finally opened his eyes and locked them with yours, his lips curling up into a big smile.

'You know I can’t spend my days without you. I have to be close to you, especially when you’re writing something in that notebook of yours that you never let me see. I always find it so mesmerizing, but why can’t I read it?’ He asked gently, his hands drawing small circles on your back, your muscles relaxing at the feeling of his hands caressing you softly. You chuckled and brushed the tip of your nose on his bottom lip, making them part slightly.

'It’s personal, something I like to keep to myself.’

'Have you ever-’

'Written something about you? Yes, I did. A lot of times. Writing about you is my favourite thing to do, describing you, the way your lips curve when you smile or that little small dimple of yours next to your lips.’ You whispered and traced your fingers over every part on his face you just mentioned, admiring his beautiful featires and taking in every single detail.

'Then why won’t you let me read it?’ He asked, slowly pushing your hair with his hand, letting it fall casually down your back, exposing your neck.

'Because it’s like my diary. I have never let anyone read my diary, ever. It’s something I love doing when I’m alone in my room, watching the stars through the window and listening to that light breeze that sometimes echoes through my window.’ you trailed off as his lips slowly pressed on your neck, kissing it slowly, making you throw your head back a little bit, allowing him to get better access to your sensitive skin. 

 'If you feel lonely, you can always invite me over, I would be happy to keep you company.’ He breathed out, his hot breath tickling the skin on your neck. You chuckled and looked him deeply into his eyes before your gaze dropped down to his lips, watching how they parted and how beautiful they looked. You leaned in and pecked his bottom lip only, your thumb brushing it slightly right after you pulled away.

 'You know I would love to… but we can’t. Not here.’ You muttered and somehow got out of his grip, your back turned to his side. After only a few seconds, you felt his hands touching your waist, his fingers slightly digging into your skin.

 'You know that’s not what I meant. I would be fine with just watching you sleep. You in my arms, my fingers caressing your back, just like we used to do it, remember?’ He whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your earlobe. You turned around, your noses brushing against one another because of close you were to each other.

 'We still do that, Kai. Almost every single day, whenever we have a chance.' 

 'Or whenever you’re free to leave this house.' 

 'I can leave whenever I want. I can even move in with you. Today.’ You said, catching Kai by surprise. He looked lost and a bit scared, clearly unsure of what to do or say, he was just quiet, his lips parting every few seconds, looking for words to come out of his mouth, but unsuccesfully. Your lips curved up into a smile, a quiet giggle escaping your lips. 'I’m joking. You don’t have to worry about that, we talked about it before.' 

 'You sure know how to scare the sh-’ you placed your finger on his lips and made a 'shh’ sound, his brows furrowing in confussion. You caught his hand gently and led him towards your bed as you got under the covers. Kai followed you and laid beside you, his arms wrapped around your body while your head rested against his chest, listening to his calm heartbeat. You let out a deep sigh, Kai’s body heat that was radiating out of his body suddenly making you feel very sleepy and tired. 

 'How long can I stay here?’ Kai asked quietly, but had to wait a few minutes for you to answer him.

 'Please don’t talk.’ A quiet chuckle escaped Kai’s body, his lips softly pressing on the top of your head, giving you a kiss that brought up one of his favourite things about you. Your smile. 'Just stay here, with me. Ok?' 

 'Ok.’ His arms pulled you a bit closer to him as you felt safe again in his strong arms. 

 As months passed and your love for Kai only grew stronger, you came to notice how you found it very hard to stay away from each other. There were days when you came home and not even a half an hour later, Kai was already in your room, keeping you company as his arms were so perfectly wrapped around your body once again. The thing that has become your thing through all these months was Kai coming to your house through your bedroom window. You couldn’t remember when was the last time you closed it. Probably months have already passed since your bedroom window was closed. There was simply no need to do it or to be afraid of something because Kai has always been there for you and was ready to jump in and help you whenever he thought it was needed. 

 Your gaze traveled around the room as if you were looking for something, but had no idea what. Instead of finding what you have been seeking for, your eyes landed on Malachai Parker, coming through your window once again, his arms wrapping around your body as every time he visited you. His scent invaded your nostrils, affecting you and making your knees weaker than before. It was a mix of his own scent and a shower gel, that mix a little bit intoxicating. He cupped your face and kissed you deeply, looking a bit worried about something. 

 'Is everything ok?’ You asked him softly, your fingers gently brushing through his already messy hair.

 'Yeah, it’s- I’m fine.’ He smiled shortly at you and took a few steps away from you, looking through the window at all the tars that adorned the sky that night.

 'I’ll be right back.' 

 You walked out of the room and ran fast into the kitchen, picking up as many chocolate bars as possible, along with some water from the fridge, barely stopping everything from falling down on the floor as your hands were completely full. You opened your bedroom door with your foot, a few chocolate bars dropping down on the floor, making you chuckle.

 'I got as many of these as I could and- What the hell do you think you’re doing?’ You said loudly, dropping everything else you had in your hands down on the floor, not caring if it will stain the carpet somehow or not. You took a few large steps towards Kai and yanked your notebook out of his hands, throwing it on your bed, far from his curious eyes.

 'I was just-’

 'You just what? Decided to invade my privacy? Just like that, huh? You just decided it was a good idea to go through my stuff while I’m not here, when I’m doing what I think it might cheer you up since I know how much you like chocolate?’ You blurted out angrily, your brows furrowing in confussion and anger, your heart beating a lot fast than it has before.

 'Clearly you haven’t told me everything. All the stuff you think about dating me.’ He trailed off and walked towards your bed, picking up your notebook and opening it on the page he had perfectly memorized. 'How about this one: I wonder if Kai has ever wondered what would have happened if he didn’t kill his own family. It sometimes scare me, sometimes I’m afraid, but I guess he would never hurt me.' He stopped talking, closing the note book and throwing it onto the bed again. 

 'You had no right to read that. You had no-’

 'I’m glad I did because at least now I know how you feel about me.’

 You have no right to judge me!’ You yelled, your voice cracking at the end, tears fighting to escape your eyes as a lump appeared in your throat, stopping your from talking without wanting to cry. 'That was at the beginning. I know you would never hurt me, I’m not stupid!’

 'I would rather hurt myself than hurt you.’ He muttered, your heart aching at his words. You hated the thought of him huring himself in who knows what way. It was breaking your heart and you didn’t know what to do, how to fix all of this.

 'Did you read any of the good stuff in there too? Or about my problems in the past. That was something I wanted to tell you in person, not give you a random notebook for you to read it from, just like you wanted to tell me your story, you told me not to listen what other people have to say and that I should hear it from you!’ He couldn’t even look at you in the eyes. He looked like a lost child, a child that needed a hug and someone to tell him that everything would be alright. He kept playing with his fingers, obviously fighting his tears and from snapping completely.

 'I’m sorry, I should- I shouldn’t have done that, I’m-’

 'Yes, you shouldn’t have.’ He stepped a bit closer, obviously wanting to wrap his arms around you, but you lifted up your finger, motioning him to stay in place and to not touch you in any way possible. You stood next to the window and Kai immediately knew what that meant. You wanted him to leaved and that was just an icing on the cake for the whole situation. He blinked away his tears and nodded, understanding what he had to do. He climbed on the window and jumped from it, taking some time before he looked at you, his heart breaking when you closed the window that has been opened for so many months, opened for him only as Kai realized how badly he messed up this time. You dropped down on the floor underneath that window and let your tears fall down, burrying your head in your hands, thinking how maybe you overreacted and how maybe you were to harsh on him, but your thought about how he had no right to do such a thing replaced that weak thought, making another tear roll down your cheeks and fall down on Kai’s shirt you loved to wear so much that the colour was starting to fade, but you didn’t care. It was as if you had Kai by your side at that moment, the shirt still having his scent on, calming you down a little bit, but nothing could calm you down like Kai’s strong arms around you, not letting you go until you stopped crying and started smiling. 

 You looked up and through the window as you made a wish upon a star. A wish for Kai to come through that window like he always did and kiss you like you always liked, with his arms around your waist and a soft I love you whispered in your ear.

A Helping Hand

gif is not mine

Title: A Helping Hand

Pairing: Derek x Reader

Word Count: 1,040

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by anon: Derek Morgan helping fix your hair after your hand is broken? 😚 I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

When you broke your hand while on a case, Derek took it upon himself to help you out.  You broke your dominant hand, leaving you in a rough situation.  You wouldn’t be able to use your hand for a few weeks.  Having Derek around was helpful to your daily routine.

You shuffled into the kitchen, letting out a long yawn.  “Morning,” you mumbled, grabbing the waffles from the freezer.

“Morning sunshine,” Derek smirked.  “Sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” you grinned, popping a couple of waffles into the toaster.  “I didn’t accidentally hit you with my cast again, did I?”

“Nope.”  Derek contently ate his cereal as he watched you prepare your own breakfast.  “I just wanted to get my shower in before you woke up, that’s all.”

“Ugh, that reminds me I need to wash my hair,” you sighed.  “I hate having a broken hand.”

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Written to kick off @teamengineering‘s Fitz Birthday Project - the Fitz Wish List! We’re granting Fitz 30 wishes to celebrate his 30th birthday. :D This also fulfills the @thefitzsimmonsnetwork‘s Fanwork Friday Prompt “Surprise.” 

Wish #1: Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

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Post S4 in Space 

“Jemma, we’re going to get caught.”

“No, we’re not. I called in a few favors. And it’s not like we’re doing anything scandalous. We’re just going to the rec room.”

She felt a bit silly pulling him along by his arm, making sure he didn’t knock into any walls or stub his toes along the way. It was nearly curfew, so they really shouldn’t be out this late, but Jemma was determined to make the most of the day even with the few moments of freedom they were allowed by their captors.

“Can I at least open my eyes? I’m not going to walk out into space, am I?”  

“Hilarious, you are,” she replied. “But not yet,” she added, squeezing his shoulder in encouragement. “We’re almost there.”

When she finally managed to guide him down the rest of the hallway and into the rec room, she positioned him in front of the card table at the center of the room and moved to his side, her hand lingering on his shoulder.

“Okay. Open.”

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“Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, how fucking weak I am and shit, well I will get you all back: ultimate fucking revenge here. you people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidance more, treated me more like senior, and maybe I wouldn’t have been as ready to tear your fucking heads off. then again, I have always hated how I looked, I make fun of people who look like me, sometimes without even thinking sometimes just because I want to rip on myself. That’s where a lot of my hate grows from, the fact that I have practically no self esteem, especially concerning girls and looks and such. therefore people make fun of me… constantly… therefore I get no respect and therefore I get fucking PISSED. as of this date I have enough explosives to kill about 100 people, and then if I get a couple bayonets, swords, axes, whatever I’ll be able to kill at least 10 more. and that just isn't enough! GUNS! I need guns! Give me some fucking firearms!”

- In the months leading up to the Columbine High School Massacre, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold loaded up on guns, bullets, pipe bombs, and attempted to make napalm. The two shooters’ ultimate motive was revenge, as they both felt like loners and wanted everyone else to pay. In his last journal entry on the 3rd of April 1999, Harris wrote “I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things.” 17 days later, he and Klebold became the perpetrators of one of the worst school shootings in American history, shooting dead 13 people before turning their guns on themselves.

“Doesn’t a girl like that scare you a bit, Mr. Scamander?” 

Newt gave the man a peculiar stare, “A little.” 

“Then why in God’s name would you be with her?” 

“Because I’ve learned that if something scares you a little bit, then it’s probably a good thing to try, sir.” Newt replied. 

“At least she’s got beauty to her, then.” 

“Being beautiful has nothing to do with looks, sir. It’s all how you are as a person and how you make others feel about themselves. I could care less about [Y/N]’s looks. All I know is that she makes me want to be a better man despite what she may say about me being a good man already. She makes me feel as if I hadn’t known what taking a breath was truly like until she stole mine. You see, sir, sometimes its good to be scared because it means you still have something to lose.” 


first i just want to said Thank everyone for supporting. I still rush my own comic. I hope you guys will that for sure. And that comic will have other character in UT. because I just want them to join in there comic. But that not main character is asriel or other UT characters ^^second i still study about animation for make fighting scene . I confirm that be looking great so much. i think everyone who see my epic pic you know what that looking be ^^.and SORRY everyone . I don’t have money anymore for stay in here . I can stay till next month end. If not have anything better i’ll get back to work in office and have bored life. After that i think i’ll not draw anything. Yup i’ll open donate and commission for get money to stay with your guys >< you know if don’t have that i’ll gone and leave from social media and get back to real life. Hope you guys enjoy your day bud ^^and SEE YAhahaha this gif i make for talking with you guys in sometime ^^

                                         Mental Illnesses are real

Things to not to say to people with mental issues. 

~”Get busy & distract yourself”

‘Ignoring’ it doesn’t help, in fact it may make the situation worse. And it sure doesn’t make it go away. 

~”Do you want to get better?”

This implies that they are staying sick on purpose and that they are happy that they have anxiety/depression/anorexia/ etc.

~”Snap out of it, Everyone feels this way sometimes”

That completely invalidates their feelings and their emotions. 

~”Some people have it worse than you”

This is dismissive + unfair to them. They do not have to be grateful that it is not worse. 

~”If God leads you to it, He will lead you through it”

While everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. I had my own experiences with people trying to talk to me about God. For the longest anyone talking to me about him or church or anything just rose my anxiety.  For someone who may be struggling with their faith or spirituality, this might actually push them further away.

Can I have a Dean x Daughter!reader? thanks! <33

“Dammit Y/N!” Your dad shouted while pounding his hands onto the motel room table, causing you to flinch “I said no! So just stop asking!” He said while slowly looking up at you and Sam from across the table.

You looked at him wide eyed, he had never snapped at you like this before. Sure you pushed your limits, but you were a teenager, it’s what you do. All you had been doing was trying to get him to agree that you could go after the demons with them. He had been saying for months that you needed to take on a demon sometime because he knew sooner or later one was going to cross your path and he wanted to make sure you were prepared. This was the perfect opportunity but he didn’t seem to agree.

Ever since he got the Mark of Cain he had been moody, but it was getting worse instead of better these last few weeks. This demon would have information leading to the whereabouts of Abaddon and the sooner you caught her, the sooner Dean could try to get rid of the mark.

“Dean, calm down.” Sam told his brother when he glanced over and saw how scared you were at the moment.

Dean took a deep breath before looking back at you and his brother but as he looked up he felt his heart break when he noticed the fear that was in your eyes.

Fear that he put there.

Your face snapped him back into reality and he realized just how much he overreacted. He stepped back while rubbing the mark on his arm, realizing that it was beginning to take hold of him without his notice.

“Y/N I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like-” Your dad started but you just shook your head.

“T’s okay dad, I know you didn’t mean it.” You told him, giving him a tight lipped smile, hoping that you’d be able to find a cure to the mark soon so you’d get your dad back.

because the new semester is starting soon, i wanted my first original post to be something useful - so here’s a list of backpack essentials, & really only essentials. i remember bringing way too much stuff to class in my first semester & having back / shoulder aches all the time, so over my first year at uni, i learned what i could go without - & what i desperately needed!

B A S I C S :

  • water.

this one’s obvious, but invest in a 1l / 1,5l bottle. the extra weight is worth it, especially in summer.

  • snacks.

fruit, crackers, cookies. small things you can munch without anyone noticing.

  • glucose tabs.

even for non-betics. don’t underestimate the power of a little sugar when you’re low on energy.

  • phone, wallet  ( cash, ids. )

N O T E S :  

  • a pen & an emergency pen.

maybe two  ( 2! )  differently coloured pens - you won’t have the time to make your notes pretty in class unless you have a very slow teacher. which is rare. trust me.

  • pencil & eraser, correction mouse. ruler is optional.
  • a small notebook or tablet.

you might think some pens & a notepad are enough, but trust me on this one :
1 - sometimes teachers put up their presentations beforehand, & you can view them on the tablet if you have a ) bad eyesight or b ) the teacher goes too fast
2 - depending on their speed, sometimes it’s better to add additional info onto the presentations instead of trying to copy it all down into your notes.
this one depends on the teacher & how much time you have - for some classes, i had to type on the tablet  ( i got a cheap little usb keyboard for it, it’s worth it )  or i would’ve missed some important information, for some classes i only used it to keep be able to go back in the presentations as i needed to finish my notes, & for some classes i left it at home. if you don’t need it, definitely do leave it at home.

  • last session’s notes.

… for each class is usually enough  ( especially towards the end of the semester when things have piled up; unless you’re doing a review session, then bring all ).

E X T R A :

  • the syllabus for each class you have that day. always.
  • your planner. always.
  • books if you absolutely need to.

if you don’t need to bring the whole book, take pictures of the relevant sections.

  • a flash drive. just in case.
  • a charger / power bank.

E M E R G E N C Y   K I T :

  • 1 - 3 band aids.
  • two ( 2! ) packs of tissues; cough mints.
  • deo, especially in summer.
  • for the peeps with periods: tampons / pads. always.

it’ll save your life later. it might save someone else’s life. just always have something for emergencies, alright?

  • for the peeps with long hair: at least 2 hair pins and ties.
  • at least 2 pain killer pills.

& that’s about it. it’ll fill any bag / backpack  ( please use a backpack, it’s easier on your shoulders & it’s better for a ) driving your bike or b ) running for the bus. you will run at least once. )  & depending on how many classes you have that day, it’ll be heavy enough. & @ my fellow readers: i know it’s tempting to bring a book in case you have a few minutes to spare. only do that if you know you will have a lot of minutes to spare. read on your phone. take pictures of the next couple of pages. invest in an e-reader. i know it hurts but your back will thank you for it. ♥


This may sound generic, but I can’t possibly put into words how much my life has been influenced by him. 

He has always been one of my biggest inspirations. It’s his passion that gave me hope that there will be a day when I will overcome all of life’s obstacles and make my dreams come true. He made me believe in a better tomorrow, and even better… he made me believe in myself. Sometimes I feel like my life is going nowhere and my efforts are pointless, but then I try to remember that the struggle will end at some point and things will get better. And it’s much better to have someone to look up to, so you can tell yourself “I can do it too!”.

I hope that one day I will get to meet James, so I can tell him how grateful I am and how much he inspires me.

My parents have been receiving calls from those Microsoft Technical Support scammers lately. Finally I was home from work when they tried calling. The guy went through the usual spiel about how they have been receiving lots of notifications on their end that my computer has viruses. He had me open Event Viewer, which all Microsoft computers have, and tried to claim all of the messages that appear are viruses.
I knew a minute or two later he was going to try to get me to go to x website which would have allowed him to take control of my computer. I told him I knew what he was doing. He literally asked me “How do you know Sir?” So I told him I have a degree in Computer Systems. He apparently didn’t want to believe me the first time I told him. I said it once again, he had a fit and hung up. I managed to keep them on the phone for about 6 and a half minutes. :D
On a serious note, if you do get a call from them, please make sure to waste their time as much as possible. Unfortunately they sometimes end up calling the elderly who often don’t know better.

Warning; Angsty as shit.

You sat next to Newt on the cold ground and crossed your arms trying to hold in some warmth. He sat there, watching the sky, you could see his breath but he seemed unfazed by the cold. You watched him, his wild hair would brush against his face with every small gust of wind, hiding his blue eyes but when the wind would settle they would appear again, looking sadder than before.

You had no words that would make him feel better so you said nothing. Sometimes it was best to let him work things out himself but you knew having someone there was better than being alone, so you sat, and held his hand, feeling so useless.

“He was a real ass, you know. He constantly said my career was pointless and that I should do something with my life. He wanted me to be a war hero like him, but I guess I just was never that brave. I wasn’t a Gryffindor like him, after all.” Newt clenched his fist, but he wasn’t angry.

“Newt, you-“

“But he was always the first to suggest names for the new creatures I brought home to show them. And he was the one who helped me hide the cats and snakes and owls I would bring home. And when our parents caught me with them, he would try to take the blame, but our parents knew it was me and he would just get in trouble for lying.” Newt chuckled, his fist getting less tense.

“He gave me my suitcase, you know” He finally looked at you and you could finally see how hurt he was. His eyes were shinning with tears he refused to let fall. He was trying so hard not to cry. “Yeah, it was right after I got expelled. My parents were furious, so I hid away in my room, so alone. But one day he came in, holding this new suitcase. I guess he never believed it was me, he was the only one, besides Dumbledore. My parents entertained the idea, they didn’t want their child to almost kill a student but they knew it wasn’t passed my creatures. My father never saw how harmless they were. My mom understood most of them, but not all.”

“I think he wanted me to use it for more practical things, but by then he was used to me disappointing him, I suppose. You should have seen his face when I was placed in Hufflepuff.” And that’s when his grin fell, and you could see his whole body start to tense now. You squeezed his hand a little tighter, hoping to relieve some of his pain.

“I feel like I’ve really disappointed him. That he died thinking I was never going to do anything with my life, that my book is just a fantasy. That my creatures are dangerous and eventually going to end up really hurting me. That he died wishing he had a different brother.” His voice cracked and the tears started pouring out of his eyes. Your heart ached for him.

“I feel like I’ve disappointed everybody.” He paused. “Do you ever get that feeling?” 

He looked deep into your eyes for answers. Answers you would never be able to answer, answers only his brother, Theseus, could answer, answers he would now have to find himself.

So you didn’t answer him, you just reached behind you and pulled a small worn out, leather book out of you bag. It was ripped at the edges and many of the pages were dog eared. Some pages had book marks in them and some had been ripped out and placed back in. But it was a beautiful book, your favorite book. And you placed it in his hands.

“Make him proud, Newt.”

FOR THE RECORD; there is NO ONE who wants Newt and Theseus to have a healthy, loving relationship more than me. And I would also like to believe that Theseus is still alive with Newt in 2017, and theyre just sitting in rocking chairs in the newtcase, drinking hot coco, being happy as shit. SO IM SORRY. 

It’s Okay


I cuddled up close to Ashley as he flipped through the channels on the tour bus television. His arm was wrapped around me lovingly and I felt so peaceful in that moment. I never wanted to have to go back into the real world. You can call me cliché, but nothing is better than being close to the one you love.

The door opened and the rest of the band came in making a bunch of noise. My moment of peace was ruined and I groaned. Ashley’s stomach moved when he laughed, and I hit him playfully because he made me have to move from my comfortable position.

“You two are so gross,” Jinxx said rolling his eyes.

“I think they’re kind of cute,” CC defended us. I swear to God he was like a teenage girl sometimes.

“Nope. Definitely gross,” Andy agreed with Jinxx.

“Grosser than dog shit,” Jake agreed.

“That’s pretty descriptive,” I said standing up and stretching. “You’re all just jealous of our relationship,” I gave Ashley a peck on the lips. The guys gagged, but CC awed. At least someone was for us.

I heard a groan behind me as I walked to the kitchen area of the bus. I was just grabbing a water. The groan came from Andy. I had no idea what his issue was, but I think he hates me. I’ve done nothing but be nice to him but he leaves the room whenever I walk in, and if we get stuck in the same room he has to be a complete jackass to me.

“[Y/N], would you please wear pants around the bus,” he complained. I could hear a little bit of lust in his voice though. I think he’s just horny because he hasn’t gotten laid since he broke up with Juliet. And the shirt I was wearing, which was Ashley’s, did not cover my ass.

“I know. Her ass is great. Just thinking about it gets me off,” Ashley responded to Andy giving me a sexy smirk. Andy rolled his eyes and angrily got up and stomped to the other end of the bus.

“Hey, what’s your problem?” Ashley said in an angry tone as he followed Andy.

“Oh shit,” Jake said getting comfortable on the couch that Ashley and I had vacated.

“Wait. What? What the fuck is happening?” I questioned as I walked to where I could hear Andy and Ashley screaming at each other.

CC followed me as I made my way to the other end of the bus. “[Y/N],” he started as I followed Andy and Ashley’s booming voices. “I wouldn’t go back there. Please stop,” CC tried to warn me.

“What the hell do you mean you think you’re in love with her? She’s my girlfriend!” I could hear Ashley yelling. I peeked into the room from behind the doorway. Ashley was red in the face from all his anger, and Andy looked so ashamed. His blue eyes looked downward and his skin seemed so pale.

I stayed cowering behind the door as Ashley went off at him. “I mean, you can’t just come up one day and say you love her! She can’t love you back. [Y/N] is in love with me! We’ve been together for so long. And you’re one of my best friends. There is no way you two could work out as a couple,” Ashley spat at him. Andy just stood there with this wounded puppy look on his face. There were a few moments of silence before Ashley took a breath. He was going to go on and I could not watch.

I turned around and bumped into CC. I mumbled an apology and sprinted off the bus. I didn’t care that I was still only wearing Ashley’s shirt and my underwear. I just needed a moment of silence so I could think.

About a hour later I heard Jake, CC and Jinxx’s voices calling after me. I didn’t respond. I had not gone far. After walking around for a while I sat down in an empty park not far from the venue. But now that I thought about it, they probably wouldn’t look for me here. I got up and slowly started walking back to the bus. I would have to talk to Ashley about this sooner or later.


It had been about a month since the whole “Andy is in love with me” fiasco. Ashley and I never really discussed it, which was okay with me, but Andy hasn’t been able to look at me since. He won’t speak to me or Ashley and the other guys are getting more and more uncomfortable.

At this moment, Ashley and I are sitting on the couch, but not cuddled together like we usually are. In fact, we hadn’t been all cuddly or even sexy with each other since that night. We still consider ourselves a couple, but we don’t do the couple things.

All of a sudden Ashley turns to me and clears his throat. I look up from my phone and smile. “We really need to talk,” he says sternly.

“Okay. What’s on your mind?” I ask sweetly. I brace myself for whatever he’s about to say and hope it’s nothing too terrible.

Ashley looked at me then looked down. He seemed nervous and kind of jittery. What’s wrong with him today?

“[Y/N], I don’t think that we should be together anymore. Like I don’t know… I still really want to be your friend. I just don’t want us to be identified as boyfriend and girlfriend. Just friends,” he finally blurted out. He looked like he expected me to get angry and start screaming. Or overly emotional and start bawling.

I didn’t do either. The thing is, I was kind of relieved he said it. I had been thinking about this for awhile, but I didn’t say anything. I just didn’t feel any kind of romantic feelings for Ashley anymore.

“It’s okay,” I finally told him. That is all I really could say. There wasn’t anything left to say.

“You’re okay with this?”

“I’m okay with this.”


{Andy’s POV}

No one had seen or heard from [Y/N] in six months. That’s how long it has been since her an Ashley broke up. It had been seven since she found out I was in love with her. Ashley and her both said that their break up was mutual, but I blame myself for part of it.

The earlier fact about her being gone for six months is what made her sudden appearance back stage so surprising. She looked tired and a little worn. However, she was still absolutely gorgeous. When she saw that I had noticed her she gave me the tiniest of smiles and a wave.

I couldn’t help it, but my face broke into the biggest smile. She came back! But what if she came back for Ashley? That was probably it. But I was so glad to see her I didn’t care. The rest of the concert went by in a blur. I couldn’t get the thought of [Y/N] out of my mind.

As soon as we thanked the fans for coming out we ran off stage. The guys all hugged [Y/N], but Ashley held her the longest. It was kind of nice to see them together again, but I still felt a longing in my chest.

Finally, I was able to embrace her. I squeezed her tight and smelled her sweet perfume. “Where have you been?” I asked her when I stepped away.

“I traveled the world!” [Y/N] said excitedly. “It’s something I always wanted to do. So I did it.”

I laughed at how enthusiastic she was about it. It was cute, actually. “It’s great to see you again,” I responded to her happily.

“Let’s go get some drinks,” she said brightly. “We have so much to catch up on,” she said to all of us.

Later, we were all sitting at a table in a random bar discussing how life had been for us these past few months. [Y/N] had so many stories to tell us. I barely drank anything because I wanted to remember each word she said.

The two of us stayed there almost all night. At least until closing. The guys had all either gone back to the bus or found a girl and gone home with her. There were not very many people left and the music was playing a little quieter.

“So I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” she said to no one in particular. But I knew she was talking to me. She twirled the straw in her drink and her painted nails drummed softly on the table to the beat of the music. “Do you still love me?”

I nearly choked after registering her words. I was hoping that she wouldn’t bring that up. “If I’m being honest with myself, I do still love you. And there isn’t anyway I can take that back now. I blame myself for your and Ashley’s break up. If you had never found out about my feelings then you two would still be together and,” I was rambling and couldn’t stop, but [Y/N] did. She gently pulled my face close to hers and connected her lips to mine.

I felt the next words catch in my throat. Our lips stayed together for a few minutes and there was no battle for dominance or anything. We just stayed together in a sweet, gentle kiss. But it was so full of passion. And all I could think about was how this is how love is supposed to be.

I pulled away first because a thought struck me: How was Ashley going to react? She looked at me with a small pouty look on her face. Her lips were a little swollen and her eyes had this cute puppy dog look in them.

“What about Ashley?” I asked softly.

“Don’t worry. He’s alright with this,” she says kissing me again. “It’s okay,” she says in between kisses.

“Okay,” I smiled pressing my lips against hers.

When parents spend the entire time being unnecessarily rude at parent-teacher conferences and then finally storm out.

Title: Nurse’s Office

Characters: Lu Han/Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst?

Word Count: 1,664

———————————-   ———————————–  ———————————-

      His eyes are squeezed shut, his breathing shallow. His fists were tight around the bed sheets and he whimpers. A single tear slips from his eye and he sniffs.

      Then, a gentle hand brushes it away, their fingers lingering on his cheek. Luhan would have opened his eyes to see who was there, but the pain was too much and he passes out.

      A groan erupts behind you and you flinch, dropping your pen on the desk. You almost forgot you weren’t alone. Standing from your seat, you walk over to the mattress and look down at your patient. Well, not your patient, but your trainer’s patient. You worked part-time at a high school- the same one you were attending- as the school nurse’s assistant. She often left you alone, since you were capable of doing things yourself, so you were used to it.

      Luhan– you think that’s what his name was, you’d seen him around school before- shifts, so that his body was facing you. He’d been getting sent here a lot recently because of his lung problems, but you’d never had the chance to talk to him because he would sleep the whole time you were on shift.

      Sitting on the bed next you him, you nearly fall over when he gasps. His eyes squeeze tight and his hands shoot out to grasp the blanket. You realize he was in pain as a tear slips from his eye. You gently wipe it away, and for a moment, you think he’s going to open his eyes, but he goes limp and his breathing goes back to normal.

      Afraid he would have another outburst, you carefully place his hands on his stomach and soothingly rub his chest. A serene expression falls on his face and he reaches up, gripping your wrist softly.

      Normally, you would have blushed and pulled away, but you were on the job and didn’t want your emotions getting in the way. You continue this until the head nurse walks in to take over.

      Luhan wakes up a half hour later, his energy replenished and he brings his legs over the side of the bed. The nurse turns and looks at him. “You’re awake, good.” She says, standing. She walks over to him and places her stethoscope on his chest. “Breathe in.” Not fully awake yet, he complies and takes in a long breath. “Breathe out.” She nods, satisfied and goes back to her chair.

      “How long was I asleep?” Luhan asks her.

      “I don’t know, you got here before I did.” She says. “You’ll have to ask _____.” Luhan lifts his eyebrow.


      “My assistant. She has your seventh period, right?” Luhan feels his cheeks become hot and he quickly avoids the nurse’s gaze. Of course he knew who you were, you were the one he’d been crushing on since he layed eyes on you. He nods meekly before standing up. “Thank her for me.” She calls after him as he leaves.

      “_____?” You turn around, your eyes widening when you see Luhan approach you. He hadn’t come back to seventh period until it was practically over and he was staring at you the whole time. You felt a little awkward under his gaze and when the bell rang you fled before he could even get out of his seat.

      You tried to escape but you were caught up in the crowd of students waiting for their bus and you sigh inwardly. Inside the office, you could push aside your emotions for the patient’s sake, but outside… you had a little more trouble with that.

      “Luhan? Do you need something?” Now that you were actually looking at him, he faltered. He lost his nerve.

      “U-uh.. Nurse Soonmyeon said thank you.” He stutters before he runs off.

      “Luhan again?” You mutter to yourself as you open the door to the office. He lay sprawled out on the bed, his eyes closed in a serene sleep. You awkwardly shuffle over to the desk and place your things down, then go over to the bed and sit next to him. Your shift just started so you had a half hour’s work and a half hour’s rest after that.

      Gently, you pull the sheets over his chest and move the hair away from his face. His cheeks turn red and you halt. “Oh my– Are you awake?!” You ask in a fury, standing up. His eyes open, a small, embarrassed frown on his face.

      “Sorry. I didn’t mean to trick you.” He says. He sits up and the blanket slides off his torso. He was wearing a dark blue collar shirt, a strange pattern of tiny white polka dots everywhere on it. The window behind him filtered in sunlight and it made his hair look gold.

      “It’s fine, I guess.” You say, looking away. Calm your nerves, _____. He’s your patient today. When you look back at him, he’s staring at you. “Why are you here today? Is it your lungs again?” You ask softly. He stiffens, like he wasn’t expecting that.

      “How do you know about that?” He asks, looking slightly on edge. You fumble for an answer.

      “Yesterday, when you slept here, you started to grab your chest. It looked like it hurt, so I–” You stop and flush, so you turn away. “Anyways, I just two and two together yesterday.” You pick up your notepad and start the paperwork your trainer left you. Luhan sat there eerily quiet for a moment before speaking.

      “_____..” The way he said it sounded like he was testing it out, tasting it in his mouth. You hold your breath. “So you what?” It was all coming back to him. He vaguely remembered someone wiping a tear from his cheek. Was that her? He wonders.

      “Huh?” You pretended not to know what he meant and hoped he dropped the subject. Your hope fell short.

      “You said that I was in pain, and you.. what?” He looked mildly amused, waiting for your response.

      “I just helped ease the pain a little, alright? Now, leave me alone. I need to finish my work.” You say, turning around in your chair.

      “Ah..!” You turned, seeing Luhan gripping his chest again, his face scrunched up. You stand up, immediately rushing over to him.

      “You’re not joking around, are you? Because it’s not funny.” You gently lean him back onto the bed. His breathing was labored again and you sit next to him. Trying to lull him to relax. You hesitantly reach out for him, you rub his chest soothingly like before. He opens his eyes, surprised, but he doesn’t knock you away. You weren’t sure if he didn’t do it because he didn’t care of because his fists were holding the sheets.

      “I- I’m usually not a- awake when this happens..” He chokes. “I’m scared.” Not knowing what else to do, you lean down and hug him. His body goes rigid at first, but then his hands leave the sheets and he pulls you closer against him, his hands balling the sides of your shirt.

      “Don’t be scared. I’m here.” You say softly, hoping to calm him. You weren’t positive if he could feel your beating heart right now, but you hoped he didn’t. “It’s okay.” You rub your thumb against his shoulder. After a few minutes, his grip on you weakens until his hands fall loose on your waist. His breathing was back to normal and you hear him sigh, his chest rising and falling.

      “Uhm.. Sorry.” He says, letting you go. You pause before pulling away, wishing you could stay like that for a few moments longer, then reluctantly sit up. He stares at you for a second and you get lost in his glossy eyes. He had been crying because it hurt- or because he was scared- and you feel your hand lift up to brush them away.

      “It’s okay.” You tell him. He blushes before grabbing your hand and holding it against his cheek.

      “You did that yesterday too, right?” He asks, his voice barely a whisper. “I remember. It’s kind of foggy- I remember it hurting and then..” He trails off. You find yourself smiling in embarrassment before pulling away and standing.

      “Well, are you better? Or are you gonna stay here?” He doesn’t answer, but instead pulls the sheets over him and faces you. You nod, satisfied, then sit down to finish your work.

Three Years Later…

      “Are you serious?” You ask your boyfriend, slight embarrassment making your cheeks heat. Luhan laughs, a cute, gentle sound you loved to hear.

      “Yes, I really did fake it sometimes so you would hug me.” He says, leaning back on the park bench. You couldn’t believe it.

      “You mean, all those times I..?” You didn’t know how to feel.

      “Kissed me? Yeah, that was a nice surprise too.” He laughs again when you stare at the grass, mouth open in disbelief. When you still don’t respond, he takes your face in his hands and brings it to his, kissing you softly. “Don’t worry, I really was hurting.” He says. You looked like you had forgiven him and he smiles. “The first time you kissed me I thought I should pretend to be so weak you’d start stripping.” You push him away, laughing.

      “God, Lu-ge, you ruined the mood!” He smiles, leaning in again and he traces the hem of your shirt. He hums, a low, deep sound that comes from his chest.

      “Hey, nurse..? I’m in a little pain. Could you make me feel better?” You watch his smile grow and can’t help but sigh in defeat. Luhan was your boyfriend, and you would love him no matter what- even if he was a sick pervert sometimes. You peck him on the lips before pulling him off the bench.

      “The kids don’t like seeing shots, so you’ll have to come to the back room if you want the treatment.” You say. He almost falls over when he realizes what you meant.