sometimes you don't need words

love for the signs
  • aries: i love you because you're fiercely, genuinely, mercilessly yourself. with a whip-sharp tongue and bright eyes, you are all i admire and all i ever want to be. you say what's on my mind - you are like part of my soul. you remind me of who i am, and i'm never more sure of myself when i'm with you.
  • taurus: i love you because you're so warm and soft. i am undeserving of your gentleness, your tenderness, your patience and comfort - but you offer it to me anyway. you hold me up when i'm in danger of falling down, and you make me laugh when i feel like all i'd rather do is cry. you are forever my guardian angel, and i could never be thankful enough.
  • gemini: i love you because you make me feel alive. it's like life comes into focus when you are around - everything is vivid, interesting, beautiful. you're like a shot of oxytocin when the darkness comes creeping in, and i could never get enough of you.
  • cancer: i love you because you feel like home. we may not see eye to eye, but you stand by me when i need it most. you are the rock keeping steady by my side, and there is a quiet familiarity you bring that always puts me at ease. you are my family.
  • leo: i love you because you make me feel like i am the brightest star in the sky. you treat me like a princess, and your vivacity makes my heart deliriously happy no matter the circumstances. you are the light of my life, radiant and unforgettable.
  • virgo: i love you because you are like stable ground in the middle of an earthquake. you ground me, see into me - not past me like so many people do. you help me feel okay when things feel anything but. you are unchanging in the face of chaos, and i know i can always turn to you.
  • libra: i love you because you never push me too far. i don't feel like i have to act around you - unlike others, you don't expect anything from me, and it's a freedom more relieving than words can explain. you let me be without a mask, and sometimes that's all i need.
  • scorpio: i love you because we don't need words. i can count on you to have my back when it counts, and you understand when i need silence more than conversation. you know the importance of quiet, and i appreciate that more than you know.
  • sagittarius: i love you because you see my potential. you are my inspiration, my brilliant epiphany - you make life something fresh and new, filled with adventure and excitement. you make me believe that there is so much on the horizon. with you i could forget my problems - you are irreplaceable, my elixir like nothing else.
  • capricorn: i love you because you try your very best. you may not be able to read my mind, but you put your entire heart and soul into doing whatever you can for me. sometimes it's not the result that counts but the effort, and you prove that to the furthest extent.
  • aquarius: i love you because you bring me back to reality. you not only listen, but you speak, and your honesty means everything to me. you never judge me - instead, you take everything i give you and try to help me with all your heart. your dedication is unwavering, and no matter how deep under i am, you never let me drown.
  • pisces: i love you because you are so damned strong. you've been through so much shit, and yet i know that you'd drop everything in a second to help me. despite everything you've suffered, you still look at life like it's the best thing you've ever been given. i don't deserve your support and optimism, but you have the best heart of anyone i've ever known - and i know that somehow, it's always open for me.

anonymous asked:

Do you think that Iwa and Oiks often fight? They are often bickering that's for sure but really fighting? Do you think they are shouting at each other or giving each other the silent treatment when angry?

Alright headcanon time:

No. Bicker yes, really fight.. no.

I think most fights they have are like the one in middle school that we get in the anime… where Iwa was just fed up with Oikawa being so trapped in his own head that he forgot volleyball was a team sport and that he has people supporting him. Yeah… they’re over real quick.

They butt heads ofc. All the time more or less, but it’s lovingly. Like an old married couple.

For rare real fights: both-ish?… because with Oikawa it’s always both ends of the spectrum. Once again depending on his condition and what exactly they’re fighting about:

1 - There is definitely yelling involved because… I mean.. have you seen Iwa get upset? He’s all up in Oikawas face shouting at him. So that would happen. And Oikawa would probably yell back. No he’d definitely do that because he can’t stand it when people get really aggressively all up in his face. For different reasons. Sometimes it’s just to be stubborn.


2 - Oikawa tries to avoid yelling and fighting by being an asshole. Literally trying to brush off Iwa. Which makes Iwaizumi even angrier because he hates that facade his friend puts up when doing that, basically shutting him out from something that is special to him: The real Tooru, with all his flaws and insecurities, his real thoughts and that genuine smile he rarely shows anyone else but him. Iwa can’t stand that.

I think it’s very obvious that Iwaizumi and Oikawa are both very passionate beings, so yes… they get loud when upset. Oikawa might pout by the end and may be even quiet but the one to give the silent treatment would be actually Iwaizumi. Because he’s always yelling at Oikawa when he does something stupid. Once that stops, Oikawa knows he’s really upset.
Although it doesn’t last long. There is no way Iwa could be angry with Oikawa longer than absolutely necessary. (He also wants to avoid Oikawa starting to cry.. because that would happen. definitely.)

Once again i believe option 1 to be the more common one. (more common.. when they rarely really fight… :D ….)