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There For You

Imagine: Comforting Mark after you’ve both had a bad day.

Pairing: Markiplier x Reader

Word Count: 942

Warnings:  None, except slight swearing.

(A/N): Wow! 22 notes on ‘Accusations’!? That is crazy! Thank you so much! Okay, so anyway, here is a Markiplier imagine. If you happened to be living under a rock and don’t know who he is… Then go and check him out. He’s a Youtuber on, well, Youtube. He’s really awesome and funny.

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Aftershock - Chapter 1 - greatestheights - The West Wing [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Nobody hurts on purpose.” On the morning of Christmas Eve, Stanley Keyworth talks to five White House staffers about Josh Lyman.

He was thinking about Noah again. It was hard not to.

Sometimes, Leo would study Josh and see Noah Lyman flashing through. It was funny. The kid had never seemed to look much like his old man when he was growing up, and really, he still didn’t. Josh had his mother’s coloring, her eyes, her smile—right down to the dimples. He was loud like her, in all the ways that Noah had not been. When Leo thought of Josh Lyman, he thought of hurricanes. Concentrated passion and fierce intelligence; a force capable of destruction, true, but also startling, almost breathtaking, in its chaos. Besides, once you knew how to harness Josh, once you understood him, it was obvious all that energy was swirling around a center of intense focus.

sometimes i just wanna drop off social media drop out of the fandom disappear into society and live my mornings as one of those fitness girls and my days exploring and traveling and writing and my nights on adventures and at parties and out at dinners but then i realise if i deleted social media i’d have nothing to entertain me at work and here we are