sometimes we just need reminders on how to be brave

Thoughts on: Following Heart - The Shark Conservationist

Last night, JacksGap uploaded the second instalment of their new series, Following Heart. This time, it shares a story of a girl from a little island in the Bahamas and how she is making a difference in the world’s perspective on sharks.

I thoroughly enjoyed the video. The way it was narrated and filmed was pure quality. But behind all of that observations, I have been inspired by Jillian Morris and her organization, Sharks4Kids. I loved how she got the idea that not all sharks are dangerous and scary. The world made it seem like that, but she thought differently. And that’s rare nowadays. How a person would step out of the world’s perspective and stand for what he/she personally believe in.

Sometimes, we’re too caught up with how it is in here. We tend to go with what everyone’s doing, just because everyone’s doing it. But deep inside, we all have our different opinions, views, and thoughts on the things around us. By being so influenced by the world, we forget to speak what we believe in.

Jillian’s story reminded me to be brave, and not to be locked in by the world’s constant voices telling you what you need to do. But for once, stand up for what you believe in.

So thanks to JacksGap for finding another great story that is definitely worth sharing. Props to the team who put up this whole series. I’m so looking forward for the next instalment.

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Watch the video I’m talking about here

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