sometimes we forget they are real people just like us

something expressed as echolalia does not automatically make it less genuine or real. 

a lot of autistic people struggle with words for things, and even those of us who can use our mouths to say words (whether some or all of the time) often have a really hard time knowing what to say in many situations, or knowing what another person wants us to say. 

other times we may know what to say or what we want to say, but are having a hard time making the words come out of our mouths, fingers, hands, or eyes. echoing what someone has said to us is sometimes the easiest way to facilitate this happening. 

sometimes echoing is like being in rehearsal for a play, forgetting your line, and yelling “line!” to the stage manager who then tells you what you’re supposed to say next so you can repeat it in the scene. 

sometimes we echo because it’s fun or it feels good. this doesn’t make the words any less real, it just means that we’re maybe not saying words in the same way other people might say those same words. 

most non-autistics aren’t good at “listening” (whether with ears, eyes, or hands) to what we have to say when it comes to the ways we might express certain things. sure, you may be fine with it when i repeat song lyrics over and over, or repeat a word you just said because it feels funny on my tongue, but when it comes to things that are seen as “important” suddenly that willingness, that “acceptance” falls apart because for some reason a string of numbers is “cute” or “cool” until you want us to say “i love you” and then that same string of numbers becomes “i just wish i could sometimes hear what i need to hear.”

i don’t know what you need to hear. or maybe i do but i don’t know how you want me to say it. if you want me to say it - and if you want me to say it your way - you might have to tell me first. how does that make it any less real than if you hadn’t? 

please explain, because i’m tired and it’s getting real hard to keep standing in this echo chamber that seems to defy the laws of physics. 


Tatiana & Larissa: Couple Q and A | pt. 1

State your name, Age, and how you identify:

T: [blue bandana and glasses] My name’s Tatiana Spurlock. 24, I guess imma AG or a stud. Whichever. I don’t care. 

L: [White hat] Larissa Bowman. 23. Lesbian. I like to think I’m just me, but if I had to put another label on top of that label, I’d say Verse Stud.

How long have you too been together?

L: It’s been a year and some change.

T: Some strange change. 

L: Shut up

How did you two meet?:

T: We met at a park. My basketball went flying off the rim, and into her hands. and then the music swole, and deers and birds flew out from the forest surrounded us–

L: Don’t listen to her. We met at the park,, and I stole her ball. Then we fought for it. And I won. 

T: Nigga, wasn’t no fighting.

L: We met at the park. Simple enough. 

Who wears the boxers, and who wears the briefs?

T: I like boxers. ‘Rissa steals mines.

L: I do. But I have better taste in underwear. I’mma boxer brief type gal.

What is your favorite thing about your partner?

T: She cook good.

L: That’s it?

T: *chuckles* She got a great smile. And she’s patient. Unlike me.

L: Well, you are as funny as the day’s long. Never short of something smart to say. I like her protective instinct. Always watching out for hers.

T: Always. 

Pet Peeves?

L: She’s stubborn. Like to be in charge 24/7. Sometimes I wanna put it down for her too. That’s my baby, after all. 

T: Well shit I was just gonna say She forgets to put the shower thing down when she done. When I go to clean the damn tub, I get sprayed with water! Every. Damn. Time. 

Biggest struggle being together.

T: I would say…I guess dealing with what niggas have to say about us. Because people always talk, or are confused about us. Some people think we just friends, and get a real surprise when they see us out. 

L: I agree. I lost a friend over it, but I’m glad they are out of my life. If they can’t respect my love for Tatiana, they aren’t worth it. 

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What's your take away in regards to CS from the denver con thank you for the videos. :)

Sometimes I think those of us in fandom feel like we’ve had to spend years fighting for legitimacy for our ship in the midst of fandom drama, shipwars and angsty storylines and we forget that Captain Swan is like this huge, important, pillar of the show. However, it is!  It’s not just us. It’s a real thing, and people just accept and consider them a foregone conclusion. Emma and Hook. Two characters who belong to each other, end of story.   They are loved by a lot of people. No more fighting for legitimacy, no more actors worrying about shipwars before mentioning them, all the actors can talk about them and casually refer to them without worrying about backlash, because they are this huge real, irrevocable part of the show. That is awesome. 

By the by, pretty much every actor loved shooting the musical, and several refer to it alternately as the “Captain Swan Wedding.”

PSA for Newer Fans of Hetalia

For the past few days, I’ve been seeing posts urging people not to do fanworks regarding the recent terrorist attacks on Paris. I feel like I need to put my two cents in.

For those you who do not know, it is generally frowned upon by the fandom to do fanworks of a very recent tragedy.

I understand the recent attacks are upsetting. Art can be a way to express those upset feelings, so it’s tempting to use Hetalia to express feelings of sadness, grief, or shock.

But, as a fandom, we must remind ourselves that Hetalia and reality are two separate things. It’s a fine line that sometimes seems to blur, but we must do our best to see that line and know when and when not to cross it. Especially with a series that occasionally deals with some touchy issues, such as WWII.

What has happened here is something that’s very real and very painful in real life. Please, Hetalians, use your empathy and best judgment, and out of respect please keep the people who are hurting in mind. France has just experienced a national tragedy. Please, don’t use this event to write fanfics about your OTP or something like that. Please, don’t forget that there may be people browsing AO3 or trying to forget the gloominess of real life by reading fanfiction that won’t remind them of the French tragedy. Please, keep in mind how sensitive people are to the Paris attacks right now.

If we can do that, we’ll become a much better fandom.

Ok so I see people all the time like “I wish Eadlyn treated the boys better and its so annoying how shes so full of herself” but that really gets on my nerves because maybe Eadlyn needs that. Maybe she has to tell herself that no one is as powerful as her every morning just to get the confidence to go up and face the world. 

She has the whole country’s future on her hands, and a bunch of people hate her. One suitor told her she was selfish and a terrible person, she had food thrown at her, and she feels like her own brother doesnt care about her anymore. She’s obviously extremely self conscious, and her life is slowly unraveling. The country is falling apart, and her mom just had a heart attack. 

Imagine if you were her. Now imagine someone calling you selfish. The person who calls you selfish is someone who watched your parents meet, who watched you come into the world, and is watching you mature and become an adult. That person is kind of like your old, friendly next door neighbor. How would that feel if they called you selfish, or annoying? You would feel terrible. Now I know that Eadlyn isnt real, but the point im trying to make is that we shouldnt just discredit her from one book. She deserves more than that. 

Eadlyn is just a maturing adult, who is still trying to figure out her place in the world. I guarantee that you can relate to that. Everyone makes mistakes, and I think that some people forget about that. Eadlyn has faults, as does everyone, and you cant blame her for that. She’s very self conscious, and sometimes that gets the best of her, but doesnt that get the best of all of us? Maybe I like her so much becuase I can relate to her, but I feel like we can all relate to her in some way or another, so please stop looking at her like shes a selfish bratty person. She tries as hard as she can, and we have to give her credit for that. Sorry for the rant guys, im not in a great mood. 

Thoughts from an outsider...

A few thoughts on Taylor and Calvin’s relationship:

1) To be in a happy content relationship you do not have to be happy-go-lucky and posting pictures on Instagram every day to be in a happy steady relationship 

2) If taylor did indeed look upset it could be for a number of reasons, something could be going on with her mom or another family member, she could have had an argument with a friend, she could just be really really tired (she travels a damn lot), or they could have had an argument…even the steadiest and most in love couples do. 

3) Just because they are not pictured together does not mean they have broken up (no matter what the haters and media say) ex: Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together for over 16 years, it took 6 years for there to be romantic photos of them and she never posted pictures on Instagram until after their child was born, more than 12 years later. We should feel lucky we have gotten to see all that we have. They are real people too and it feels like people sometimes forget that.

4) Look, just because they are celebrities does not mean things have be perfect all the time, nor do they have to look that way. If they really do care/love each other then whatever may or may not be going on has nothing to do with us. 

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Alright so everytime our school gets a new student they assign them to a group of students so that that group can like show them around but omg its's so annoying we got this spanish girl who can barely even fucking talk english and she follows us around like a sad lost puppy everywhere. IIt's ruining me and my friends reputation to have her around. This probably sounds rude but idfc it annoys me and I don't know how to tell her to go away because she doesn't seem to listen. aidhuhhs help.

Is this real even?
Sometimes I forget that people have the ability to be this cruel.

Let’s just take a minute. 
Try and see past your own nose and put yourself in this girls shoes.
You’re in a new school where you know nobody, where you can’t join in on everyday conversation because you don’t know the language well - and people make fun of you for it. You’re assigned ( pawned off) to a group of people who you feel hate having you around. You feel like an inconvenient burden. You make zero friends and you get to go home and probably cry because you hate it here and then you get to wake up and repeat.

Honestly, how can you be so ignorant.
Nobody likes to be the new kid - especially when you feel that no one understands you or likes you.
Responding to your comment “ She follows us around like a sad lost puppy" 
What the hell else is she supposed to do? She IS sad and she IS lost and you’re supposed to be in the position to make her feel welcome and instead you do quite literally the polar opposite.

Can you imagine how she feels in all this? 
She knows that you dislike her for no good reason.

And as for your reputation, I think you’re doing a pretty great job of ruining it on your own.

If you can’t handle respecting her and helping her to the best of your ability then by all means, go to your principal and admit that so she can hopefully put with a group who will show her kindness and understanding.

I doubt I even opened your eyes a bit. 
But this is low. 

If the rumors of luhan leaving EXO are real then we should support him because we’ve seen how fucked up SM is. NO he is not a traitor. I know, it will hurt, but think that aybe he is hurting much more, we forget sometimes that idols are people too, just like us, they might be pretty and may look perfect but their lives are harder than ours and we should support them even if they want to leave the idol lifestyle. I lvoe you luhan and if it is true you are leaving then i understand, just remember that we, exo l’s will be always there for you.