sometimes to stay alive

  • me: i'm severely mentally ill and at times my symptoms are so debilitating that they drastically hinder my ability to function in our demanding ableist society. sometimes staying alive is all i can manage to do, which regrettably means i don't have energy or time to perform societal obligations such as work school and communication though i desperately wish this weren't the case
  • them: so........,,,,,,...;;, you're lazy

it just occurred to me that the phrase “stay alive” to a regular person means nothing, it’s almost like saying “hey don’t forget to intake oxygen” to them it doesn’t matter. but for us it means something so tender and special. its this thing that carries a meaning for us as individuals and as a group and each meaning is just as important as the other. “stay alive” is something we say and think so often as clique members sometimes we forget what ELSE its come to mean and i think we deserve to rejoice that meaning.