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well-then-i-was-wrong asked:

20, 13 and 9

9. Have you found any music that relates to your craft or that helps you work and express?

Enya lol, Muse helps sometimes, Celtic music, some Screamo. It depends on my mood. Whatever helps people.

13. Do you have any ‘witchy’ things you do daily?

Really witchcraft is within all we do, but art making is a big thing for me. Anything I put a lot of energy and focus into, which is normally art, my body, and my blog.

20. Is there anything in particular you study or know a lot about?

I know most about most. As a Wiccan I don’t work with curses, hexes, and influential or harmful magic. I also personally don’t work with demons, spirits, hedge witchery, death magic, sanguine magic, Voodoo/Vodou, and other types of craft. I always try to give people a link in the right direction because I do like to learn about new things. 

ML characters on tumblr

Marinette: Reblogs cute graphics with encouraging words, animal videos, LOLcat-level memes and fashion inspo. Sometimes posts pictures modeling her designs that always get lots of notes even if they’re just mirror selfies 

Adrien: Surrealist shitpost hell, reblogs every single post from justbaduns, never posts selfies because he doesn’t want his blog to be connected with his modeling 

Alya: you fucking know what she blogs about

Nino: Posts pictures of his music setup and makes tons of joke text posts, mostly reblogs music. loves the what are thoooooose and John Cena memes

Ladybug Official: Reblogs graphics about safety and kids’ fanart, adds nice comments. Posts whenever areas have been cleared of akuma. Sometimes reblogs from Alya to make her happy but not often enough to be suspicious.

Chat Noir Official: Runs a submission-based blog for headcanons about Ladybug and confirms every single one regardless of accuracy. 

And the fear sets in, in an instant.
Too much of myself gets exposed.
This is where I go at my weakest,
When I don’t have to be scared to tell the truth.

Tend to do my best when everything goes wrong.
That’s why sad songs make me happy, ‘cause I don’t have to feel alone.

—  ADTR~ Sometimes you’re the hammer, sometimes you’re the nail
10 Tips for Better Lyric Writing

  1. Have a theme. Themes don’t make your lyrics boring, they make them cohesive. Think of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and its whimsical sky references (clouds, birds, stars, chimney tops). It’s about world-building that sweeps the listener away.
  2. Try to stay away from perfect rhymes. Day and way. Run, fun, sun. They sometimes ring as childish, especially if the context is not interesting enough. Be more adventurous and less strict (fade and wait, mine and kind, crazy and maybe, etc.).
  3. Make the context interesting. If you are singing the same old love song, say it in a different way. Build from real memories, real conversation, or unusual metaphors.
  4. Put the rhymes in unusual places (internal rhymes, in the middle of phrases). It adds meat to the bones of your song.
  5. Change up the rhyme scheme. An example from Pat Pattison, “Mary had a little lamb, fleece was white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, she sold the fleece to pay the rent.”
  6. Put the emphasis on the right syllable. As much as I love Alanis Morissette, she has an annoying habit of misplacing accents, making it incredibly awkward and difficult to understand (“an un-for-TU-nate slight,” instead of “un-FOR-tu-nate” in Uninvited). If you are dead-set on a lyric that stresses the wrong syllable, don’t be afraid to change the rhythm to set it right. You can also add or take away unimportant words like “that” or separating contractions. Personally, I know a lyric is right when it sounds as if I could speak it naturally.
  7. Make your choruses more general than your verses. This is not a hard rule, but it helps to “change scenes” after your verse.
  8. Be ruthless about clichés. Speak your lyrics aloud to spot them. When you find them (and you probably will), try changing only one word to something unexpected.
  9. Keep writing different versions of the same section. You can always go back to the original, but you never know what you’ll come up with on try #5.
  10. Don’t be afraid of the tools in your arsenal. Get a thesaurus. And a rhyming dictionary.  Even if you don’t use the words you find, they can sometimes inspire other ideas. So can novels, newspapers, facebook updates, and people-watching.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. So here are 10 songs that I’m listening to lately and I will tag 10 people to do the same.

I was tagged by charityowens, and damn girl but i like your music taste!

  1. Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Mac
  2. Arcadia - The Kite String Tangle
  3. You Say - George Morgan
  4. Mess is Mine - Vance Joy 
  5. Younger - Seinabo Sey
  6. Worthy - Jacob Banks
  7. Last Train (Daktyl Remix) - Dawn Golden
  8. Charlie Boy - The Lumineers
  9. Full Circle - Half Moon Run
  10. Love Me Again - John Newman

A rather eclectic mix i will admit… 

I tag ifyoucantrun, cat0fthecanals, themonkeyjinn, always-chocolate, todreaminscarlet, midgardian-lokidottir, xboredsleepycrankyx, beermestrengths, bravenlarked and manycoloureddays (found any new tunes on your travels darlin?)

Tell me the top 10 on your playlists!


eyes like bullet holes and mouths made of knives ; for the femmes, decked out in their finery of spikes and leather and the blood and bone of their enemies, as they ride to conquer the patriarchy with steel and wit. [8tracks]

you don’t get me twice - sleigh bells. gold trans am - kesha. rabbit hole - natalia kills. miss nothing - the pretty reckless. don’t give up - the noisettes. black sheep - gin wigmore. rebel girl - bikini kill. help i’m alive - metric. one girl revolution - superchick. get lucky - halestorm.  glory and gore - lorde. the bullpen - dessa. lipstick & guilt - melody thornton. muse - o.c.a.d..  i hate boys - christina aguilera.

You can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc. and write down the first 20 songs, then pass this on to 10 people. One rule: no skipping.

Thanks midgardian-lokidottir for the tag! <3 (Also, I saw ‘What You Don’t Know’ in your list - Dollhouse theme music!! :O Have you seen the show?? AMAZING!!)

1. 1:42 (Danger)

2. Fade Away (Zack Hemsey)

3. Miss America (James Blunt)

4. Payphone (Maroon 5)

5. The Storm (Boy & Bear)

6. Russian Attractions (Sebastien Tellier)

7. Love Runs Out (One Republic)

8. Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You (Arctic Monkeys)

9. Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion (Oliver Tank)

10. Fortune Teller (Maroon 5)

11. Mufasa (Laidback Luke & Peking Duk)

12. Paris (Magic Man)

13. Right Time (Tigertown)

14. Smokestacks (Layla)

15. Charlie Boy (The Lumineers)

16. I Love You (Oliver Tank)

17. A Taste Of Honey (The Beatles)

18. Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen)

19. Skyfall (Adele)

20. Glow (Ella Henderson)

I just realised I’d love some new tunes, so I'm fishing for recs here! <3 bravenlarked manycoloureddays xboredsleepycrankyx todreaminscarlet teadrinkingbibliophile beermestrengths theyoungestzerogmechanic ellathedevil <3

i'm wearing the crown: a junko enoshima fanmix [x]
  • red lips, dsl remix { sky ferreira }
  • mirrors { natalia kills }
  • pavane { superpoze }
  • mowgli’s road { marina and the diamonds }
  • mercenary { crystal castles }
  • i am the best { 2ne1 }
  • color on the walls { foster the people }
  • judas, dj white shadow remix { lady gaga }
  • i didn’t mean it { the belle brigade }
  • apocalypse please { muse }
  • that’s not my name { the ting tings }
  • how { the neighborhood }
  • untouchable { sky ferreira }
  • lolita { lana del rey }

( boiling society. ) ( x )

01. burn the boats - bnlx 02. i can’t fix you - the wans 03. so real - clear plastic masks 04. helter skelter - the howling tongues 05. all them witches - charles william 06. like a mountain - timber timbre 07. famine - crown 08. bones - father mountain 09. box with a gun inside - angry bees 10. bats in the belfry (live) - dispatch 11. hazey (bloody remix) - glass animals

top 5 songs you heard this year

1.     Which Witch / St Jude - Florence and the Machine

2.     River Lea - Adele

3.     Broken Arrows - Avicii

4.     The Lads That Were Reared Amang Heather / The Two Sisters - Robyn Stapleton (

5.     Boolavogue - as performed in the lively music sessions at the Father Murphy Centre, just down the road from my house-sit in Co. Wexford, Ireland