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Hello Studyblr Community ♡

My name is Laura and I’m 20 years old

I’m trying to get back into studyblr-ing as motivation for myself I really hope this works out

About me:

I’m from Germany and now in my 2nd semester at University.
I study Environmental engineering and Korean in my spare time.
At the moment I’m finding University very difficult because I guess the school I went to before wasn’t the best, so I failed my Maths and Chemics exam even though I studied a lot for that. I took 3 exams last semester and I hope I didn’t fail the other one as well :(

With this blog I plan on focusing on studying (obviously😊) but also mental health and such because that’s one thing I tend to struggle with from time to time due to my past.
I’ve gotten bullied for years and also harassed.
For the most part I’m over it, but sometimes it still gets to me (I watched 13 reasons why which made me realize a lot about all of that.
Anyways other than that I’m happy :)

I listen to metalcore and kpop (boy groups and blackpink) and sometimes I also go out. I don’t really enjoy the music there but it’s fun regardless.

I may be asexual (not really sure yet) and panromantic.

Why I’m starting this studyblr:

I wanna make studying more enjoyable for myself and like I previously mentioned also deal with my ‘problems’
I want to do well (better) and at the moment doing well is not something that’s happening.

I’m sometimes shy and may suck at convos, but I’d love to make friends so please say hi!

Anyone, if you want to say hello please do I’d love to talk to people and make friends!❤

nct dream as tumblr blogs

this also ended up kinda like nct dream as tumblr mutuals but only a lil bit 


  • honestly he probably only made the blog to promote his tracks on soundcloud bye
  • he came for the promo, stayed for the memes
  • meme master 9000 ????

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[BTS] Reaction To You Being His Idol GF Who Every Idol Wants To Date

Jin: He wouldn’t mind that every idols wants you, cuz in the end it’s him you’re with. Also who wouldn’t want to be with someone as charming as him? Jin knows that you love him and only him. You only have eyes for him and he trusts you so he doesn’t even think twice when you talk with other idol guys. I mean come on who would cheat on princess peach, huh? You tell me, who would??

Suga [Yoongi]: He doesn’t know that all the other idols like you and want to be with you too. The only thing he thinks about when he’s with you is using you as a pillow. When he’s not touring, training or anything else that focused on his career he just wants to sleep. And who is better than his GF to use a soft pillow?

Rap Monster [Namjoon]: He would just use this as an opportunity to write a new rap and diss everyone. You’re his and no one else’s. Every night he would remind you that you’re his. He would feel so proud having a GF that all other idols want too. What did he do to deserve a great GF?? He would thank the Gods everyday.

J-hope [Hoseok]: I think he would kind of get insecure and jealous if you would talk to other guys too much. Especially if those idols are seen more handsome. His GF has to ensure him that he really is the only one she had eyes for. But he would brag to the other members that his GF is sooo cool that even their sunbae’s [their seniors] want her!

Jimin: He would be the same way like J-Hope as in feeling insecure. He would be so possessive. I think it would even be the reason for them breaking up. He needs a GF that only has eyes for him and he can feel comfortable around. Not someone who could be stolen from him any moment by other more handsome or popular rivals. 

Taehyung [ V ]: He would brag soo much omgg, you guys don’t know. He’s a people’s person so he would just become friends with everyone that’s after his GF. And since he is instantly likable the other idols would back off and let him have his GF for himself.

Jungkook: He would be like a mix of Tae, jhope and Jimin. Bragging, and trying to befriend his rivals. But also feeling insecure because his GF would get too much attention from the opposite gender. He would sometimes feel like he’s not good enough for her. 

Thanks for the request anon! Hope everyone liked reading it :) Some feedback would be awesome if you have it :D

-Admin Tae

anonymous asked:

MYSTIC BOYS AS A KPOP GROUP PLS like would Jumin be the rapper? What would they be like? I've had this scenario stuck in my head ever since it came up on your blog forever and a day ago

~I don’t know anything about kpop tbh…so I googled the dynamics of “groups” and the roles and I found a few things on the titles so here you go I hope you like! Also yes, I know Jumin would be an amazing rapper and I headcanon him as liking rap music

  • Real Leader: V –Sometimes has features of badass, parent and boss
  • Maknae: Yoosung –Youngest
  • “Face of the Group”: Saeyoung –Frontman. Even literally the one whose face is just synonymous with the group name. The one you think of.
  • Parent: Jaehee –Mother, Father or caretaker of the group
  • Badass: Saeran –the one who won’t hesitate to take things south when they see fit. A lot of group members screw around, but this is the member who, for one reason or another, if they really got serious, everyone would cut it short. Typically the member who pulls the serious, stoic or rock like expression or demeanor very well.
  • Boss: Jumin –The one who runs the roost and can command respect. Has control and takes responsibility. Tantamount to a “ring leader”
  • Most Popular: Zen –Self-explanatory lol everyone loves him

I think this is the most beautiful thing I have ever received in my entire life. Thanks @stitch-xiu-up, I will use this meme as my new blog note book.

Hogwarts AU where muggle-born Sehun teaches a super enthusiastic Tao how to use a cell phone to take selfies tho.

.゚☆ Following Spree ☆゚.

like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog!
I’m looking for some blogs to follow b/c not only do I not follow many blogs but most of the ones I do follow post a lot of similar content (×_×)

Must Be ~
a pastel/aesthetic blog (pink is ideal but sometimes I follow for nice content and not just someone to reblog from)
sfw (no ifs ands or buts, even if it’s tagged, what you think is nsfw and what I think is nsfw might vary)
not a ddlg or cgl blog (or any other version of that kinda blog)
not inactive for more than a month at a time (unless specifying a hiatus, I get school/life stuff can get in the way)

Bonuses ~
don’t post a lot of fashion
don’t post a lot of text (including pictures with just text)
don’t post kpop
post anime
post art
post food
post your own content (not all the time, but like I said, I see a lot of the same stuff)

No following or time limits, I periodically unfollow inactive blogs so even if this post is 3 years old I’ll still check it

Hoseok : Hi there, I’m Hoseok, as you see. I’m neither cold, nor a sweetheart. I’m just indifferent. Sometimes I may act like an asshole and sometimes like the purest human in the world. I’m a cannibal. Yup, you read that right. I’m a fucking cannibal. My friends are not weireded out about this, because they are freaks as well. I have just one rule, do not piss me or will literally eat you.


Follow these people because their writing is like 10/10 and better than my lazy ass who’s not gonna post anything for the next few weeks because of finals and a vacation

@kpopmademyday -highkey I check this blog every single day because their writing is that good. They upload daily too so that’s a plus
@chipsandwaffles -creative af and like their nct stuff is 10/10. They’re the reason DoYoung has been rekting me. Eloping with Doyoung was just too cute
@squaresreact -this is one of my favorite nct blogs because all of the admins are nice af and admin Luna’s voice is kpop worthy
@exobtsimagination -one of the first blogs I followed when I got tumblr tbh. I need to catch up on some of their scenarios but my favorite was the Mafia!Chanyeol one
@shinee-texts -for the kings of kpop only quality material must be made and this person is making them
@iskpoptrash -yo she’s the real MVP tho. Congrats on 2k followers btw.
@exoterrestrial-fantasies -another one of one of the first blogs I follow and I have no regrets
@monbebeswish -for all your Monsta X needs come to them. Reason why I don’t have a Monsta X bias anymore
@moonbinny -they have one of my favorite writing styles TBH. Infliction is my favorite series
@kpopangst -if you’re looking for a good cry here you go
@galaxyscenarios -choigiwa
@lolbtsaus -YAS SLAY! have I ever mentioned how much I love AUs and bad boy!Yoongi and the street racer AUs are going to be the death of me
@picficskpopstyle -fics are so great that I get shook over them
@real-kpop-imagines -it’s true
@sexonextdoor -nsfw but content is great
@sexinthelounge -still nsfw but great blog
@seokvie -sometimes nsfw but I love this blog anyways
@vixx17andbtsimagines -I love this one a lot because I need more VIXX blogs to follow
@imaginethesedorks -I present to you a gift from god

Hello everyone! I am making this follow forever as i reached 22K followers a while back, but didn’t have time to make it sooner :( . I want to say thank you to everyone that follows this blog, even though I am not making original content anymore and sometimes I reblog things that are not related to kpop or BTS. To all the blogs that i follow, you guys have amazing blogs and i enjoy your presence on my dash ♡

Excuse the crappy quality gif/banner (the lack of giffing for a long time is showing T_T). Also sorry if i left anyone out, so many people changed their urls throughout the time that i don’t remember everyone clearly…

Also goodluck to everyone preparing or taking any exams!!!

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Hoseok : Jeon Jungkook. He seems harmless. DO NOT TRUST HIS SWEET SMILE. He really loves his axe and sometimes just for fun, he runs after people in our forest, some becoming his victims. He is really quick in moves and strong. He’s crazy. (just like the rest of us) He always wear that mask, rarely he takes it down.

Suga As a Dad

Can u do wat Yoongi as a dad to a baby would be like!? :) exoticshiningseoul


I decided to do all members!

Baby Version


Originally posted by the-rap-man

  • Always making goofy faces to make the baby laugh.
  • Matching “SWAG” outfits
  • Always makes time for the baby, even when he’s busy with work.
  • Matching underwear….
  • “Yoongi….what are those…..?”
  • “We have matching swag!!”
  • He tries to make the bottles but always fails!
  • Reads to the baby each night
  • Writes secret poems for the baby
  • “What’s in your hand?”
  • Sometimes he even falls asleep with the baby…. all the time…in the crib…
  • Doesn’t trust the baby with babysitters
  • “What if the baby doesn’t like them?!”
  • Never lets the baby out of his sight….

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thank you for the tag @junhoontrash!! 

Rules: Answer the 20 questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: Gabby

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 162cm

Time right now: 2:14pm

Last thing I googled: Pretty U MV (I was looking at the time between comebacks heh)

Favorite Bands: SEVENTEEN, BTS, The Neighbourhood, Purity Ring, Oh Wonder, Marina and The Diamonds, the 1975, 

Favorite Solo Artists: Beyonce, Lorde, Yuna, Chance the Rapper, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Carly Rae Jepsen,

Song stuck in your head: Boy - EXID

Last movie I watched: Kimi ni Todoke

Last TV show I watched: W: Two Worlds

When did you create your blog: I’ve had this blog since 2014 but I shifted to being a kpop blog around July 2016 ?? I think

What kind of stuff do you post: SVT, BTS, some other groups sometimes (SHINee, Victon)

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t even think it reached a peak??

Do you have any other blogs: yup! I don’t use them as much though :///

Do you get asks regularly: no ?

Why you chose your URL: it describes my boy jun

Following: 446 (I rly need to follow more blogs)

Posts: 1716

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Pokémon Team: Valor

Favorite colors: I like pastel colors hmm

Average hours of sleep: 10+ hours if there are no classes, 6-7 if there are

Lucky Numbers: no number is working out for me rn

Favorite manga characters: Sawako Kuronuma

How many blankets do you sleep with: 1??

Dream job: I don’t know what I wanna do in the future tbh I’m thinking of working for a PR agency but ??

Dream trip: I’d wanna go back to Japan (maybe stay in Nara or Kyoto?)


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Dating Jaebum

Jaebum is a pretty chill type of boyfriend, so he brings you out to cafes, shopping, walks along the streets. Lots of selfies, cute texts and some skinship. Sometimes his hand would brush against yours while walking and he’ll take that opportunity to hold your hand which you found really cute.

anonymous asked:

hi! i just started a new k pop centered blog, and i want to get people to follow me, but i'm not really sure how to do that. i was wondering if you had any suggestions? thank you so much!

hi!!! so I will try my best to give you some tips on how to get your kpop blog out there and gain followers based on what I’ve been doing, I hope this helps! ~

  • post a lot of stuff, whether it be gifs, pictures, kpop reactions or scenarios, or really just anything, sometimes I just make little rambles and post my thoughts about BTS and it ends up getting quite a few notes
  • you should try to be active as much as you can, this doesn’t mean you have to be online every second of the day, but you should try to be on as often as you can, and if you’re not making content you can just reblog things
  • TAG EVERYTHING, tagging is the best way to get people to notice your posts, whenever you post something you should always tag it, so like if you posted a BTS gif for example, you should tag it with #bts along with tags of the members names and anything else that you think is relevant to the post – this way people are able to see your content and find your blog through the tags (remember Tumblr limits you to only 30 tags per post)
  • this one’s kinda obvious, but follow lots of other blogs! Most of the time they’ll check out who’s following them and follow back if they like your stuff
  • talk to people, whether it be setting up some sort of ask game on your blog (like kpop ships) or anything of that nature, and also message other blogs to get to know them as well which can help you gain mutuals if you make friends with them
  • lastly, I wouldn’t ever get frustrated if something you post doesn’t get any notes or followers, it happens sometimes and it’s nothing to get upset over, you just have to keep going and posting different stuff

~ that’s all the essential advice I have, I hope this is helpful and good luck with your blog!!! ~