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I reserve my right to feel uncomfortable reserve my right to be afraid
I make mistakes and I am humbled every step of the way
I want to be a better person I wanna know the master plan
Cast your stones, cast your judgement, you don’t make me who I am
—  Sometimes You’re the Hammer, Sometimes You’re the Nail, A Day To Remember


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Now please don’t think I am scared of or anti-technology, in fact it both amazes and frustrates me. I am far from a Luddite taking to a computer with a hammer, well sometimes, but there are some parts of technology that I could do without. I am talking specifically about the auto likes, auto followers and auto DM’s on Twitter.

Almost every time I post an article or daily blog I will receive a notification a second later telling me that someone has liked, retweeted or commented on this. Now please don’t think I am bragging in fact it is quite the opposite; this will be a company targeting a keyword that I have used such as ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘business’. At first I would follow the account because of their like but very quickly stopped when I understood their tactic. They are trying to illicit a human response, a like or follow, with a system set to auto-pilot.

The other example of is auto DM’s when you follow someone. I have read the auto DM’s of three people. Only three of the 1,810 people that I currently follow. When I receive a DM stating “XX person sent you a link” I don’t even open the message. To have people open and respond to your DM’s you need to respect them, their time, needs and wants. Almost no one on twitter wants a link to your site, training course or sure fire way of earning an income at home. Also if you have set up your profile correctly the follower would have already seen this information and links in your bio.

Now let me tell you about the three that I did open and respond to even though I knew they were auto DM’s. The first was when I followed @begosite and received the message “Are you the DIY type of person, or would you rather someone else do things for you?” There was no link, no promotional material even though this is an account for a DIY website builder. This lead to a very interesting DM conversation about outsourcing and what work as an entrepreneur or business you could or would outsource. It also lead me to follow all of the accounts linked to this; @bruceandeddy and @butchewing and receive a similar auto DM; “Would you rather see us as giant corporation or small business?”

Now aside from being another interesting topic for a blog post some other day these accounts went to the time of posing an interesting auto DM question, then taking time to converse in depth once I answered instead of spamming me with promotional material that I would resent.

I have said on the Work Smart Show podcast that I don’t mind advertising if it is interesting and relevant to me and in the same way I don’t mind auto DM’s as long as they are engaging and not self-promoting.

So I give you this challenge; do you have a auto DM? Is it engaging or simply more of your site and contact details? Take time today to work this into an engaging question and then answer the responses. What have you got to lose? After all have you honestly ever made a sale, gained a listener or fan through an auto DM?

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Can you help me understand the difference between what the Development team does and what the new Play Design team is setting out to do?

Design takes a blank page and figures out themes and mechanics. Development then hammers it into a functional set. Many cards are changed. Sometimes mechanics are changed. Development does extensive work to make the set playable in many formats. Play Design then takes the file and balances it for all the various formats we support, especially Standard, Booster Draft and Sealed. 

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scrolling through your blog right now is like reading a manifestation of my brain on crack cocaine

sometimes i pount the hammer for zest and all that comes out is the gel i applied there. for only 3 easy p


I got a cute commission from the artist of the adorable Enderbro blog, Greys, (See the first picture!) and I got to thinking…. Vyyr CAN be a bit of a drunk sometimes, considering he can get strong enough stuff.

That strong alcohol comes in the form of Wolfblood Moonshine, made by an odd blacksmith named Luka in the story Vyyr is from, and it is almost pure alcohol. And that shit is STRONG! Takes two glasses to get Vyyr drunk, and he’s hammered at three, and completely drooling-on-the-floor sloshed at four. Vyyr is generally a very calm drunk that will just flop by the fire and purr like an overgrown cat or tell long stories about his young days.

Luka could advertise as “Wolfblood Moonshine; So strong even an Enderman can drink it!”

Anyway, as I see it, Vyyr thought it would be amusing to see how much Wolfblood Moonshine Steve can handle! A little drunk already, Vyyr is HIGHLY amused by the human asking for more when he can barely stand on his own two feet!
I imagine that once Steve realizes he has a potential drunk-buddy, he might forgive Vyyr for showing Enderbro how funny it is to put a flower crown on his head! xD

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hi so i really love H obviously but the whole tension between him and zayn and your speculation that it's probably about his family's islamophobia makes me really sad. I loved their friendship and it WAS v obvious that there was tension toward the end but i just don't want to believe that their friendship ended bc of HARRY of all people being a douche like that would break my heart. idk why I'm sending this I guess I just...I do not want to overlook what Harry did and let it slide but also +

+ I really thought he was a better person than that. I never even HEARD of the flag incident, shows you how much people push important problematic shit out of the light and not pay attention to it. I guess this was kind of a rant, not sure, but thanks for reading anyway? I love your blog xxxxx


hey sweet anon! so first off im sorry if my tags upset you 😔 im not harry’s biggest fan and sometimes im a bit too blatant about that and can end up being kinda mean

but more to the point, here’s a video of harry with the israel hammer x if it’s something you wanna see for yourself. i vividly remember it being an issue for all of a day in the fandom and then it getting brushed away and forgotten even before zayn tweeted #freepalestine about 3 weeks later (the barcelona show was july 8 and zayn’s tweet was july 27)… the connection between those incidents and the earliest evidence of tension between z & h were only made by a small subset of this fandom, it wasn’t an issue that got heavily scrutinized… which i personally have always thought was a bit of a shame because it wasn’t just the flag/hammer waving, there was a pattern of support for israel by harry

if i remember correctly harry follows/has interacted with an israeli soldier turned model on instagram, so that’s one thing. his friendship with ben winston has brought forth evidence of his support for israel (on more than one occasion i wanna say?), but frankly i dont have receipts for any of that and it also shouldn’t necessarily be confused with harry’s demonstrated interest in judaism. those two things arent equivalent… also gemma’s comments on twitter after the charlie hebdo attacks were really troubling. she not only retweeted a prolific islamophobe she then proceeded to defend her islamophobic position, and this is what chooch was getting at in her ask from yesterday.

but yeah… i just think it’s troubling that you hear people talking about louis’ use of the n word, liam’s duck dynasty incident, zayn’s backyard teepee, etc. etc. but RARELY about the hammer incident or the israeli soldier thing or the gemma tweets which ALL happened more recently than the things i mentioned with zilo. (and for the record this isn’t me being like ‘let my faves off the hook’, it’s me saying ‘stop letting yours off’ if that makes sense?)

in the end you and i and everyone on here have the exact same info about what went down between zarry, that is to say we know nothing. BUT i dont think its fair to brush this conversation off as nothing, and the urge to do so in the first place kinda comes from this harry-does-no-wrong ‘thing’ in this fandom, and zilo in particular have always received the exact OPPOSITE treatment.

*sigh* im off on a bit of a tangent, im really sorry im so goddamn long winded. it’s really cool of you to be acknowledging this discussion and recognizing that harry maybe did something wrong, but at the same time try not to be upset about something that is complete conjecture by a nobody blogger like me on tumblr dot com! 😝 

the downfall of zarry (which in and of itself is speculation! plenty of people would disagree with my interpretation that their friendship appears irreparably ruined) is undoubtably super duper complicated and IF the islamophobia/israel support DID play a role it was probably only a part of the whole. zouis, larry, their personalities, their views on obligation and the band and freedom, and lots of other things probably contributed too, so don’t fret about zarry ending because harry was a ‘douche’ especially if it would break your heart because YOU anon are what’s most important. YOUR happiness and emotional wellbeing is way more important! YOU deserve to be happy always! i 💖 you and i appreciate you sending me this message! feel free to come off anon whenever and talk to me about this that or the other! seriously, lets be mutuals, yeah?