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Happy Birthday Nightmare and Dream..

Just a short comic to celebrate it.. heh..

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please don’t ask me who i am; my insides are always remodeling or maybe the truth is that there’s nothing to see here. that i’m just reacting to things as they come, no personality to speak of. sometimes i think i’m doing okay but then i look back and realize i wasn’t. sometimes i think i’ve figured out who i’m going to be but it’s gone in the next week. sometimes i get it right but i constantly ask myself the same questions all of the time: why did i say that? why did i do that? why am i like this?


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University AU? What programs would the cast be in? How would Sarumi meet?

I think Fushimi would definitely be in some kind of computer program, probably taking a lot of high level math and programming courses that require you to take extra tests just to get in. He’s also at the university on a scholarship, because even though his family is super rich and could totally give him a full ride to college fuck if he’s using any of their money, he hates those assholes (imagine Kisa was pushing him into taking a lot of business related courses because she thinks those are the most likely to guarantee him a successful future but Fushimi hates all of those courses, because he hates Kisa and he’s also terrible at anything requiring networking or social contact, he’d much rather hide in his room with his computer and never go out). He probably meets Munakata in one of his math courses, maybe he takes something that intersects with Munakata’s degree – Munakata I think would probably be in something like business or political science, aiming to be the head of a company or a government official. Munakata also takes a lot of weird electives, like Japanese poetry and the history of the tea ceremony, Munakata pretty much just loves to go through the course catalog every semester and pick whatever catches his interest. Munakata is also the RA of Fushimi’s dorm and is very solicitous of all the people on his floor, he wishes them all to see him like the big brother that they can all count on and tell their troubles to. And as Fushimi is very troubled Munakata would like to have a lovely discussion about his life over tea, Fushimi’s like ‘no thanks’ and goes to hide back in his own private room where he doesn’t have to interact with anybody.

Yata’s a little harder to think of a degree, since he’s not really big on school and wouldn’t really fit with anything requiring a lot of studying or test taking. I think he’d do well with more practical hands-on areas of study, like if the school has any kind of shop course he totally goes for that. I actually really like the idea of Yata as an art student, like he’s always skateboarding around the campus dragging a bag of art supplies. Imagine his specialty is sculpture and he likes to use all kinds of random items to make art with, like he and Fushimi meet when Fushimi catches him scavenging for parts behind the computer science building (because old computer parts can make for really cool sculpture materials). Of course Fushimi can’t resist mocking Yata for being a homeless dumpster diver and Yata gets pissed, insisting that this is for a project and he’s in the art program, asshole. Fushimi’s like oh, an art degree, so you’re not a dumpster diver now that’s just your life goal. They argue and separate, Yata goes back to complain to his roommate Kamamoto (who’s pursuing culinary arts and a business degree so he can take over his family’s restaurant) about that asshole in the computer building. Of course they keep running into each other after that, maybe Fushimi ends up taking some kind of elective involving creating video games and Yata takes it as well, thinking it would be cool. Except Yata didn’t realize there would be all this programming stuff involved and he’s totally lost, while Fushimi may be great at coding but his creations all lack any kind of distinct or interesting visual style. TA Hisui attempts to convince Fushimi to work with him on creating an awesome new program but Fushimi doesn’t trust that guy, he’s weird. Yata on the other hand has all these ideas that he can’t create on his own, like he sits next to Fushimi sketching out awesome video game levels and characters and Fushimi is interested despite himself.

They end up being assigned to collaborate on a final project and of course have to work together in close quarters for a few weeks. Fushimi initially goes to Yata’s room to work and he is entirely unimpressed with the red dorm, business student and RA Kusanagi is okay but there’s that senior who’s still got the undeclared major always sleeping on the couch in the common room and for some reason Yata thinks this ‘Suoh Mikoto’ is so cool even though Fushimi’s literally never seen him leave the couch. Fushimi doesn’t like having to go into Yata’s cramped dorm room so then they relocate to Fushimi’s, Yata finds the blue dorm alien and sterile, everyone’s very polite and stiff and his RA is just creepy, okay, why does he keep checking in on us and how does he have the key to your room (also turns out that Kusanagi’s girlfriend and fellow business student Awashima lives on the women’s floor of the blue dorm and keeps coming down to work on things with Munakata, Yata almost runs into her boobs twice and nearly dies both times). Yata finds Fushimi’s room sort of depressing, like there’s nothing personal in it at all and when he asks about it Fushimi just clicks his tongue and says that why would he need anything personal, it’s just a place where he lives. Yata doesn’t like that though because he’s starting to think that Fushimi’s actually really cool despite being a jerk and Yata thinks he should have something more that he’s attached to (and then for his final project that semester Yata makes some kind of sculpture that’s like a bird with blue wings and it’s inspired by Fushimi, after he gets his grade Yata gives the sculpture to Fushimi and is like 'you better not throw this away asshole.’ Fushimi clicks his tongue and says that it was probably made with garbage so why shouldn’t he throw it away but of course he keeps it and puts it in a special spot in his room).

“Look, real life stinks sometimes, okay? I’m not gonna lie. But there’s a better way to get through it then denial, and that’s with help from people who care about you. That’s how we’ve gotten through it our whole lives!”


What you think a costume looks like in the mirror VS. what it actually ends up looking like in person or trying to get it on camera

                                          Ruby and Sapphire.

Okay to be honest they only appeared in two episodes but we saw a lot about them.

We learned that Ruby is not just impulsive, she’s extremely easy to anger and she tends to hold grudges for a long time until she burns herself out. I honestly can say that Ruby is the character I relate the most to. I am just like her.

Sapphire in the other hand is very cold and calculating but that makes her ignore others’ feelings sometimes so she can look into the future where everything is okay again.

But even though we’ve seen their flaws that only makes them more interesting characters. You really can see how these two complement each other so perfectly. Fire and Ice, anger and calmness, a conversation. 

Their origin story was heartwarming and had me hugging myself so much. They are the best tiny lesbian couple to ever exist.