sometimes they hate each other and sometimes they can be friends

There’s some article that’s supposed to be a hit piece on Lewis, but I found it rather slashy.

Sitting in an air-conditioned room away from the dry heat of the Bahrain paddock, he goes so far as to say this of Lewis Hamilton: ‘I know exactly how he is functioning. I understand him really, really well. All his attitudes. I can tell why he is doing whatever he is doing. Sometimes he annoys me. Some character traits.’

So intense. I love that the know each other so well, and that they can drive each other mad. There’s a certain emotional and psychological intimacy in all those mind games.

‘Lewis and I are going through a difficult period. We cannot totally be friends. We go through ups and downs. We are only speaking when we need to but sometimes we have a laugh together. We have so much to do with each other. We karted together. We are here together.

Sometimes I hate it when they’re fighting, but then this kind of tragic-angsty epicness is so awesome and hot, I don’t mind. lol

After everything they’ve gone through, it was really sweet when Lewis tried to console Nico on the podium.

I think it shows underneath it all they do care for each other. I always replace “respect” for “love” when they say it’s the foundation to their relationship. They’d never admit it, to the public at least, but it’s the truth.


I’m really bad with dates and things (dates, ages, names, anything a normal human keeps track of) , but I’m pretty sure we’ve known each other for like…going on five years? It’s been a while, and I’m a shitty friend to have sometimes because I hate texting and I ghost for weeks at a time, but somehow you’ve stuck around for such a long time and I appreciate that a lot. 

I know we don’t always see eye to eye and both of our anxiety gets the better of our friendship sometimes, but I also know I can depend on you, whether it be for general life advice or otherwise. I was in a really dark place last year (2015, technically) and you were one of the people that helped me through that. I know you don’t see yourself as being an older sister figure to me, but that’s how I’ve always looked up to you as. I hope your job is treating you well and that you know you can come to me anytime you need someone to lean on.

Russia and America are best friends.

It may not seem that way, but they are best friends. They are equal in strength, they know how to give the other a run for their money, and most importantly, they can both do somewhat childish things with each other without having to worry about what the other thinks.

One of those things is playing pranks on the other nations- one of the longest running ones being that they still hate each other.

They manage to pull it off very well, this whole joke of theirs. They have stare offs, they snark back and forth; sometimes America will even whisper out a quick ‘hold your breath’ before punching the other in the chest sending him flying back against the wall.

People fall for it, even as Russia tries not to giggle as he is sitting in his indent in the wall as America makes faces at him from where he is standing a few feet away.

They take it too far sometimes though.

America, armed with a stunt crew and playable sound effects puts a plan into action. This plan will make everyone flip their shit, but they’d get a few laughs out of it too. The grand finale before they call it a truce and just act as normal friends should. Russia agrees and so it goes into motion.

During a meeting in the middle of America’s speech Russia stands up a face of rage in place of his normal smile. Many of the nations jump terrified as his chair rockets back to the table behind the Russian. He stalks forwards swearing up and down in Old Slavic as America backs up towards the windows hands out. Russia grabs him by the collar, practically growling in the American’s face. He throws America back- right outside of the window with a crash.

They are on the 25th story of the building.

Some nations freeze, others scream in horror. A few do nothing. England passes out. America’s scream sounds for a few seconds before it is cut off, a muffled thud being heard from the ground. Canada starts to sob and many nations are taking out weapons ready to jump the Russian.

Then they stop.

Russia is leaning over on his hands and knees shoulders bouncing up and down in laughter. For a moment they finally think he’s lost it until they hear cackling from outside the now broken window along with cheering and clapping.

Outside, America is resting in a safety net he had been thrown into, a Hollywood stunt crew cheering and helping him off of it while the blond was laughing hysterically the whole time. Russia is letting out wheezes. Canada sees red.

America is grounded for 50 years.

Russia for 100.

But- it was so totally worth it.

Junhong was literally trying to look out for fans. Daehyun was going to make a joke and he stopped him. You can take what he said and twist it however you want but remember it was in KOREAN not ENGLISH. He was just saying jokes could hurt fans so keep it between themselves. 

God, some of you people are ridiculous. “I hate B.A.P” “Junhong is the worst” “UNSTAN” really? Because he was trying to avoid hurt feelings? 

Jokes can hurt I get it, but B.A.P poke fun at each other all the time. They are practically family now. You are telling me that you never poke fun at your best friend or siblings? Yeah whatever. And sometimes someone does get hurt. That wasn’t the intention but hey things happen. But you move on from it. My ‘sister’ and I poke fun at each other all the time. Sometimes feelings get hurt (like once in a year?) but we move on because we’re big kids and still love each other. 

Have you people even seen the videos and pictures they posted in Hawaii? They were having the time of their lives, bonding, having a great time together. No hard feelings, just love. 

In conclusion, he was just trying to avoid problems. He wasn’t trying to chastise anyone. And honestly if you took it that way, you need to calm the f down. 

EDIT: Im not trying to excuse any comments said PREVIOUSLY. That’s a entirely different discussion. I’m talking about this instance only.