sometimes there are less feathers sometimes more

I have this terrible habit when making art. I think so much about it that I often talk myself out of starting anything because I don’t have a fully developed plan. In other words, I don’t take risks or allow myself up to make mistakes. I will stop working on something if I don’t like it or even just one aspect of it if I can’t “fix” it. It’s that perfectionist procrastination : I’d rather make nothing than something less than what I think I’m capable of at my best. This means I make a lot less than I’d like. So something I’m going to try to do this year is to not do that. To allow myself to fuck up, make shitty sketches, keep working on pieces even if I may not like the result and work in ways outside my comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be ‘good’ for it to be beneficial. Sometimes the results will be more pleasing than I expect, sometimes not. But either way, I think this is something I should do. So enter this turkey vulture. I took something I’m completely inexperienced drawing (bird/feathers) and drew in a manner I’m not accustomed to (no planning throughout, mixed media, unwieldy brush pens, realistic color) and I’m actually really happy with it. So here’s to more of this. To expand my repertoire and capabilities as an artist and learn to not feel like everything I make has to be my best. So I can grow and reap the healing benefits making things has on my Fucked Up mind and body.