sometimes their fur is blue

I’m rather drab.

I spy with my little eyes...

Let’s assume that Darren did the Good Derby interview from his home in NY (an intuitive leap, but not very long one). (x)

The whole interview I was focused on spying on the things at the background. Notice the brown square on the closed door behind Darren (added an arrow pointing to it). Does this look like a cat door to anyone else except me? I mean the height, size and shape would be quite perfect fit for that. I cannot really think what other it could be. If your eyes are seeing something else, please do tell me! 

Now the real question is why would Darren need a cat door in his apartment, since he does not have pets and has said to be allergic to cats? 

I would know one furry little guy who would very much appreciate a cat door. Someone who perhaps travels sometimes with a certain blue-eyed gorgeous guy. Now if only the fur ball would have casually walked behind his back and use the door (after perhaps looking at the camera and winking at us), it would have made my day.